9th Feb Latest China Update – Info, Numbers & News

9th Feb Latest China Update – Info, Numbers & News

welcome back to the channel welcome to another video daily updates on the coronavirus situation here in China so as usual first we will go to the numbers so the numbers inside of China are 37,251 confirmed cases there are 28,942 suspected cases there are 812 deaths and there are 2651 recovered patients recoveries are accelerating quite quickly now much faster than the the people who are dying from this virus so that is a that is a really positive sign and it seems the the cases are the suspected cases and the the confirmed cases starting to level off a little bit it’s a little bit early to say but it does appear that way obviously over the next sort of week or so wait we will see more data and get a better handle on that Hubei is still the province with by far the most cases approximately 73 percent of the total cases are in Hubei Province three provinces today have more than one thousand cases and that’s Guangdong Zhejiang and Henan. Guangdong has eleven hundred and twenty Zhejiang has a thousand and seventy five and Henan as a thousand and thirty three within Guangdong where I am Shenzhen now has three hundred and sixty-four cases and Guangzhou has three hundred and four it’s kind of a critical time now for for Guangdong especially because and Shenzhen and Guangzhou many people are returning back from their hometowns into into Shenzhen and Guangzhou and the the train stations and the metros are kind of pretty busy there so this is a key time and it’s one of the reasons why the authorities in Guangdong announced all the measures we just spoke about in my update yesterday okay Singapore has announced more confirmed cases and worryingly two of those cases are drivers one was a taxi driver and another one was a private hired driver and additionally and five British people have been confirmed with the virus and they were at a ski resort in France but they caught the infection of a another British person that they were sharing a chalet with and that British person had recently travelled to Singapore and a wave of panic buying has broken out in Singapore and the the Prime Minister is in appeal for calm. The Prime Minister said that the country is well prepared to deal with the outbreak and that they are much better prepared than when the SARS outbreak killed 33 people in 2003 well I’m sort of asking the question is that is this the start of a bigger outbreak in Singapore what do you think? comment down below. Singapore also evacuated more citizens from Wuhan hand today on a flight so yes they also saw the first death of an American citizen in Wuhan and from unconfirmed reports it was a woman in her 60s also in the USA/ two more evacuees that were taken evacuated out of Wuhan earlier in the week have been taken to hospital with symptoms and a fever and coughing this now brings the total evacuees who have been hospitalized to nine. the outbreak is hitting the travel industry really pretty hard airlines hotels and especially cruise ships there are already three or four cruise ships either confirmed or suspected cases as of yes that they Royal Caribbean cruises and Norwegian cruises, both said they will no longer accept passengers with Chinese Hong Kong or Macau passports irrespective of whether they’ve been in China or not quite an interesting announcement I feel that is. personally I wouldn’t go on a cruise ship you know they’re kind of like floating petri dishes and we’ve seen this many times you know in the past you know you get an outbreak of something because everybody’s so close they live close together they all eat in the same place they all entertaining you know and they’re all in very close proximity to each other they tend to be a breeding ground for viruses and bacterias or not so much a breeding ground but the viruses and bacterias are passed around very very quickly on on cruise ships okay now what’s going on here in China okay so first thing is the Chinese authorities have said that between the 24th of January and the 2nd of February they imported approximately a hundred and fifteen million dollars worth of medical supplies to help with the fight against the core virus outbreak and special they’ve set up special lanes in customs to help you know get that equipment through customs much more quickly and to the area’s it’s most needed the Chinese military of announced they’re calling up any veterans with medical expertise to help with the efforts in controlling the spread of the virus and also looking after sick patients in the last week they’ve sent around 3,000 military medical personnel to Wuhan and they will continue to send more and Chinese authorities have temporarily given a name to the new corona virus they’ve called it NCP. a final name will be chosen by the international committee of taxonomy on viruses at some time in the not-too-distant future. okay so I want to explain the term ‘lock down’ and what it actually means here in Shenzhen and also I think it will be the same in many other cities around China. I want to do this because I think there’s a misunderstanding by people who are not here. what this actual lockdown means it’s not the case that we have to stay in our homes 24/7 if you are not confirmed as having the virus or you don’t have any symptoms then yes you are free to come and go from your apartment most cases you will have to lock yourself in and out you either have to leave your phone number if you’re Chinese you show your ID card if you’re foreign or your passport is recorded and the authorities do advise that you go out as infrequently as possible but as well as that trains and planes are still running you can still travel to different parts of China if you wish. personally I wouldn’t because I don’t think going on a train or an aeroplane is is a good idea at this time because you’re in a closed space where air is recirculated so if there is a virus or germs in the air then there’s a much higher chance of breathing those in as opposed to being outdoors where you know anything that’s in the air will much more quickly disperse. the only time you have to stay put in in your apartment for a 14-day quarantine period is if you’ve been exposed to someone who has been confirmed as having the virus or if you start to get virus symptoms and if you do get virus symptoms it’s important to report to your community administration or go to your designated Hospital. there are a list of hospitals and depending on what your symptoms are that you need to go to. alternatively there are a number of apps circulating here if you look on some of the chat groups that give you access to online doctors. one of the the reasons for this lockdown and this sort of what may be seen by Westerners a bit over the top check in etc is that there’s still people that are not really being responsible and an example of this yesterday or this morning it was brought to my attention there was a post on social media it may have been a Chinese news outlet but is in Chinese so my friend translated it for me but the gist of the story is as a woman in Dongguan she had seven relatives staying with her from Hubei province which is the epicenter of where the virus is and these relatives arrived with her on the 21st of January and between that time and now there was three checks carried out at her complex and on all three occasions she either evaded or lied to the authorities about the where these relatives had come from turns out on the 3rd of February a number of her relatives fell ill and subsequently three of those relatives were confirmed to be infected with the corona virus. what made things worse during this time the relatives didn’t stay in the woman’s apartment they wandered out in the community they went to eat and they wandered around they talked to other people so this is really really irresponsible and the woman has now been charged and she will await an appearance in court where she will receive a punishment because in the last short period of time the Chinese authorities that have now made it a punishable offence to either give incorrect information about your whereabouts or your movements or a lie about give false information so it is now a punishable offence. okay so I want to speak about something now which I do find quite concerning about the corona virus it’s about the corona virus but not necessarily just about China so this is something I read in ‘The Guardian’ which is a British newspaper and a group of academics from Harvard University did some studies on all the flights and the number of passengers that flew from Wuhan to various destinations around the world and they’ve found that the number of cases that have been identified in in Cambodia, Indonesia don’t seem to tally with what they should be seen based on cases that have appeared in other countries up to this point that the document hasn’t been peer-reviewed however it does seem very strange as Indonesia haven’t reported any cases at all and the study also suggests that the 25 cases in Thailand also seems to be quite a low figure in relation to the amount of Chinese people that travelled from Hubei to Thailand over the period that they measured the data. Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest population with a 272 million and reports have questioned the ability of Indonesia to identify and deal with the virus. however Indonesian authorities have said that they have all the necessary resources and can deal with the outbreak. one reason for this low reporting of numbers is because it may be due to that these countries have a warmer climate and it sort of knowledge that viruses don’t don’t spread and survive as well in warmer climates but it’d be interesting to know what what you guys think please leave some comments about this subject down below it’d be really interesting to see. A last bright note to end today’s update is a 35 year old woman who was infected with corona virus gave birth to a healthy baby in the province of Zhejiang yesterday and it’s just in time for the lantern festival and the parents have named the baby Xiao Tangyuan and this is after a snack food that’s eaten at Lantern Festival so I thought that quite warming it’s sort of lovely I think she’ll be quite a special baby when she she grows up knowing she was named after the Lantern Festival at a time where China was going through such a crisis. other good news is that initial testing has shown that the baby has not contracted the corona virus at all which is great. okay so I’d like to thank all of the people who are watching and supporting us and as I said before all the updates we do on the corona voice are getting and demonetized by YouTube so we earn little or no revenue off them if you’d like to support us on the channel put the graphics on the screen for a few seconds now and there’s links where you could support us if you wish to down below in the description. if you liked the video please give us a thumbs up else it really helps the algorithm get us out there and spread it a bit wider to get the factual information out to people if you like the channel please hit that subscribe button and if you really really like us and you don’t want to miss any of our videos coming out hit the bells but as always see you tomorrow and take care [Music]

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  2. Why is everyone saying things like "the outbreak has stabilized" based on Chinese numbers? That is just silly. The communist government will say or do anything to mitigate the economic damage.
    No, better to watch what the Chinese are doing as opposed to what they are saying.

  3. That woman who lied about the sick relatives from Hubei is a good example of what may be happening all over China right now.
    God knows what the real numbers really are.

  4. Thank you for your positive spin on the official data. Always good to get a Caucasian face on the Chinese government data.

  5. How about a link to the scrolling graph in the beginning of this video. I have the John Hopkins one that is up on a monitor in the background. Thanks

  6. What do you think about the other ships? All around the world I mean… I am really concerned… Thanks for all your information!

    There are also different kinds of ships with suspected crew on the map… And they're not counted to nowhere!!! I didn't see them anywhere!! I just noticed that one, because it was a red point next to Cyprus, in the Meditteranean Sea 4 days ago… And now, it's here, at Istanbul, at my city!!! I know, just "suspected" cases, but I' m really curious about that! And are there any other ships like that???

    Here are the links… My intention is not to create fear or panic or whatever… I just want to be informed more about the true facts… They keep telling that "rumors spreads faster than viruses", but since they don't give enough information, the rumor spreads further…

    By the way, I hope I'm just paranoid!






  7. Can you tell your viewers where you got those HD pictures of the aid being flown in? That’s not commonly handed out. If you’re working for the CCP you should state full disclosure!

  8. On the comments section of any recent virus related news on sites such as Yahoo news, you see comments suggesting the number of death being far greater, often to a ridiculous degree. Completely unsympathetic and as if the death of Chinese people aren’t counted as loss of human lives.
    More extreme ones even say it’s some sort of “punishment” and China deserves more.
    I am absolutely appalled by this, I hope these comments don’t represent the opinion of the average Western citizen. I am been a Canadian for 20 years and this incident really opened my eyes on how much racism and hatred are still out there.

  9. コロナウィルスの事でコメントしてます。内容が違っててすみません。



  10. As of this posting, there are 37,609 cases and 815 deaths from 2019-nCoV surpassing SARS final death toll of 774 in 2003. By the end of the day, it would have surpassed MERS death toll of 858 in 2012.

  11. If someone suspects that u have it, they report you and then you are carried off. A communist China is a place we need to pray for and that needs to be honest; for the sake of their people and the world

  12. Unfortunately this virus has occurred under "Perfect Storm" conditions…

    First: The inability or unwillingness to identify the problem by local authorities/CCP

    Second: The outbreak of the virus at the time of Luna New Year travels which has dispersed the virus over a far greater area than what would happen during other times of the year

    Third: The increase of travel within China and between China and the rest of the world due to increased air travel, efficient rail transportation and increased cruise ship use

    China and the Chinese people have suffered through many calamities in their history and I am confident that they will arise from this epidemic. However, I fear that the worst is yet to come and hope for the best for the Chinese People and for the rest of the world…

  13. We don't know yet if the Coronavirus will go away with warmer temperature, this Coronavirus is not acting like other known Coronaviruses. This virus acts more like a SARS virus causing acute respiratory distress. We really need to know exactly what this virus is, and it only will worsen conspiracy theories if we don't get the full answer on exactly the makes up the Coronavirus. Coronavirus can and probably will mutate, could mutate to be more infectious or less infectious. We need the WHO to stop worrying about trade and the stock market and to give us the full truth to save lives.

  14. I expected to hear people lying to authorities. People are either scared or don't want their visit spoiled etcetera but obviously in doing this has jeopardised the control of the outbreak. I can forsee this happening again and again. There's lots of homeless in the majority of cities. Has the government overseen this? This is something we should be concerned about!!

  15. Pneumonia patient refused got Coronavirus test for the unreasonable condition

    02/06/2020, NHK News:
    As many wondering in Japan, ABE government looks reluctantly to check Coronavirus Infection locally. This is because the infection increasing here makes some difficulty for Tokyo Olympic 2020 and business relation between Japanese KEIDANREN and Chinese government, Xi Jinping. Therefore the condition to get the Coronavirus test here is severely limited, see the condition below if you still don't know;
    >>Currently person who can get Coronavirus medical test in Japan must be;

    1) having fever more than 37.5 Celsius, and
    2) distinct abnormality with the respiratory, and
    3) recent visiting Hubei Province China, or cough and fever after contacting some other that have been there.

    If any of above unsatisfied, his/her request will be rejected. Since Japanese government has already stopped visiting Hubei Province, and stopped coming from there, mostly none ordinal can get the test actually. This is the number trick why so few here is, even many Chinese still coming from other places.
    This kind article is only in Japanese,… that's of course though…
    A man working Narita International Airport got sick last month and diagnosed pneumonia. The doctor started the care with various antibiotics but all didn't work and symptom got worse. So the patient wanted the Coronavirus test then the doctor, Fumio Kawaguchi, noticed the request to the local authority. Then the returned answer was "Noooooooooooo!". They said "Because the situation never meets the condition, for the patient never visited Hubei Province China, and no proof of close contact with some people who have been there!".


  16. I have noticed that a lot of poeple back to SHENZHEN for work today, thats not a good news, but these people have to go back for their works and for China's economy. So could you please show you opinion on the impact on China's economy in this and after the epidemic situation. Thanks and take care.

  17. For those who are suspicious about the numbers, you must recognize how hard it is to track the number across the whole province. The best people can do is track what is happening in the hospital. If you think this is not good enough, we can take a look at what CDC did in 2009, in June just two months after the pheic is announced, CDC claim h1n1 as pandemic and stop counting the numbers.

  18. In China epidemiological services enter homes and flats, catching people with fever. Then they go to the next apartment and so until the end of the duty. Coveralls and masks provide security because they are without a virus but ONLY FROM THE INTERNAL SITE !!! So the employees of the services themselves, being in close contact (even often touching the reluctant to go to forced quarantine) certainly transfer the virus to people who are still healthy !!!!!

    Who is healthy – the next time you visit the "catchers" can easily have signs of infection even from the apartment did not leave.

  19. I saw a vid where the people suspected of virus are being dragged into the hospital in isolation. Some are fighting the medical staff big time. I don’t know why they are kicking and screaming ?

  20. Mother Nature is taking care of over population ?
    I’m leery of being in hotels, crowds, and the enclosed airplanes. You don’t know
    Who had been in those places or who was infected… just sayin, this is serious stuff.

  21. There’s no info from Africa yet but their health care system is poor at best. I’m sure they are trying but they’ll need extra help. Hope the supplies are given out soon and not seen as a political problem or loss of face.

  22. Chicom Shill presenting obvious FAKE numbers.
    What's the matter? Afraid? You should be, you know what happens if you tell the truth in China…….you disappear.

  23. How warm is Indonesia right now? As well we should watch those in other warm places maybe the virus can't preform in warm.

  24. Korean woman found infected with the novel coronavirus after visiting Thailand on 19th of January. even today number of "reported" cases in Thailand is only 36. Three weeks before it must have been way lower. What are the of catching Novel Coronavirus in Thailand, if there are only a few cases? Indonesia and Thailand seem to fail at detecting infected people

  25. Well Barrett…..there is a word of truth in the man talking about welding shut buildings haha….life must go on at some point and people will just have to weather the storm…..and survive or not…..there obviously is a return of the biblical plaques ….see documentary?….the big problem is….Man has forgotten the Laws of this Earth….the natural forces of the Planet have balancing mechanism….just as your automobile computer is adjusting fuel and air ratio and sensing imbalances and extremes….and warning you! So we should have taken seriously warnings from Prophets and Taoist Sages and Buddhist monks….but we are most
    interested in making money to our own demise…..and foolish on a personal level. We live in a time of depleted ground water ….expanding deserts…melting glaciers that feed rivers and are not renewed….polluted oceans and failing fish stocks….and yet…the Human sex organs are in full swing ….even in modern countries people are cranking out children as if in short supply….massing millions into mega cities….growing mono crops with chemicals …..and the average Jill and Joe are not alarmed……hmmmmmm….well the wakeup calls are coming….pay attention….THINK….do-not let the Media program you and just do what everyone else is doing….this is no time do follow Mom and Dad….you can…but be prepared to pay the price….do not complain….about situations self inflicted by thoughtless actions. The Earth will bring into balance what we have brought into extremes…..it will reduce population……level structures in overbuilt areas…..rents are too god damn high….but will come down …very soon.

  26. 盎格鲁•撒克逊计划 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d86DRn7T098

    (January 2010) 我们最近收到了一个内部人员发来的11页资料,他现场出席了2005年在伦敦举行的高级共济会成员(Senior Masons)会议,会议上讨论的内容实在令人发指。


    第三次世界大战是将要发生,这是已经被计划了的,它将是核武和生物武器的战争。我们的情报提供人士认为它将在未来的 18-24个月的轨道里开始。

    计划是从以色列对伊朗的打击开始。伊朗或中国将被挑衅而报以核武器回应。 经过简短的核交火,将会有停火。世界将陷入恐惧和混乱里──所有这些都被精心设计好了。


    在核停火期间,是有计划的生物武器的秘密释放。起初 ,这些目标针对的是中国人。我们的情报提供人令人心寒地告诉我们,"中国将感冒"(China will catch a cold)。生物战将会进一步扩散到西方。基础设施将被严重削弱。

    这只是计划的开始。在此之后,一个充分的核交火将被触发:"真正的"战争,造成大面积破坏和生命损失。情报提供人士告诉我们,通过这些联合的计划,实现使 人口减少50%的计划。 他听到了会议上提出的这一数字。

    这可怕的情景已经被计划了好几代了。前两次世界大战就是为这最后的(末日)启示部分设置的──而同样精心策划的2008年10月的金融崩溃事件是为了加速 财政资源的集权化(指精英分子把全球财政货币集中在手中)。

    好象这一切还不够,我们的情报提供人推测,所有这一切被设置来对付即将到来的"地球物理性事件"(地球磁极转换?–译者)──跟我们的祖先大约在 11500年前经历的相类似的事件。如果这个事件发生──不一定像预期的发生在2012年,也许是在未来10年里的某个时间里──我们知道它将摧毁人类的 文明,甚至超过了核战的影响。

    我问了情报提供人:如果有预期中的灾难,那么为什么还要发动第三次世界大战? 他的回答,第一次让我产生了阴森可怖的感觉。

    他解释说,真正的目标是成立后灾难世界。 为确保控制者想要的这一个"新世界"[注意这个词] ,浩劫发生时极权主义的控制结构 必须要到位──以民众将接受并请求他们的借口-在正义的名义下实施戒严令。那些被精选挑选过的到时实行军事管制的国家会让"正确"的人存活下来,并在灾后 的世界里繁荣,开始下一个 11500年周期的循环。过去几代人在秘密的全球范围内所精心策划的,无非是谁将继承地球这一件事。

    谁是继承地球的"正确"人选?白色人种。 这也许可以解释为什么这个项目的名称是 盎格鲁•撒克逊计划。因此,这成为了中华民族的种族灭绝计划的理由──因此,新世界是由"我 们"继承,而不是"他们"。

    我们的情报提供人没有被告知如南美,非洲和亚洲的其他第二和第三世界国家的命运的计划。但他推测,这些国家将被允许保护自己可能 也同样无法生存-或许不是。而西方的极权主义军事政府,白人和民众被设定为继承人。

    这是一个如此罪恶,如此种族主义,如此残忍,如此庞大的计划,几乎令人难以置信。但是,这全部都与许多评论员,研究人员和内部揭 发者在过去几年里揭露出来的事情相符合。 对我个人来说,它是最清晰的画面──为何世界会是现在这种样子的,为什么秘密会被保护得那么厉害:它也许全都是关于种族优越的。第四帝国(德国法西斯)仍 然健在。

    令人惊讶的是,我们的情报提供人并没有悲观。他强调,像我们和许多其他的研究人员和评论员所做的一样,全球各地的意识正在迅速地觉醒,这些计划中的 事件并不是不可避免的。今天他透露出来这些信息,目的就是能有一个理由让我们密切地联合在一起工作,提高我们所有人对真正的威胁的认识。

  27. Wow – the updates started off well and just get better and better – your channel is becoming more professional and also somewhat inspiring with each upload – not an easy subject to report on but I think you are direct and also educational about China as well as the coronavirus in general and the effect it's having throughout China – the experience in a nutshell makes for interesting information.

  28. aussie news says Indonesian dont have spesific reargent to quickly identify specific virus strain, not sure 🙂

    so far in Indonesia we dont have confirmed case,

    btw in very warm country like Indonesia, Flu not as bad as colder area

  29. Feb 10th, lunar holiday is officially over and citizens return back to work.

    It’s convenient how the numbers are coming down, while state media is still reporting hospitals are waiting for more medical supplies.

  30. I saw videos of building being welded shut. Doors to apartment having bars welded in front of them only allowing it the open a few inches.

  31. ….One health food store in Singapore is single- handedly spreading the virus around the world…It shows that SouthEast Asia in general, not just China….is infected…

  32. Don't go on vacation anywhere as you could also be quarantined in a big luxury hotel. Stay home and get your shit together. Love from Mexico.

  33. Mate. I can see flixonase spray bottle in the background. I recommend change it to drops instead of spray. With drops you lean head backward and drop the flixonase into back of the nose, it's more effective to reduce nasal polyps. Read up on this. Personal experience.


  35. I do believe that some countries are squeezing the numbers, especially countries with poor health infrastructures. Here in the uk a few drs have highlighted how the NHS would struggle with high numbers of acute coronavirus patients. Every country needs to be open and interactive so we can bring this under control. Good wishes to all xxx

  36. Besides Indonesia, I am even more worried about Africa. Not a single case yet!

    They are either extremely lucky or their screening does not work properly. Especially because there are many Chinese companies in Africa now (building infrastructure and… well… the new kind of colonisation).

    I predict that the moment China get their act together, the numbers will be pouring out of Africa.

  37. I forgot to mention we have our 4th case. You mentioned about people not being responsible, you are 100% right! I can see alot of ignorance and apathy here, so annoying. Once you start seeing clusters, even small clusters of infection around the world it screams pandemic! In fact, there are many drs really frustrated with WHO for not declaring this. Im not shouting panic, but it is what it is. Heres hoping china starts to recover very soon. :o)

  38. And 1918 the flu virus had kill more than 30 millions us citizen, coronavirus has not kill yet 1 million chinese so its not Too bad

  39. A recent study shows that at least 41% of the infections in a hospital in Hubei are from hospital infections. This suggests that panicked people go to the hospital without being infected but come away infected due to the congregation of people. No wonder the Chinese gov don't want any mass panic to spread. I wouldn't be surprised if the western media is TRYING to foment mass panic and spread the virus around (since fear drives ratings).

  40. This is so sad..Most people believe numbers are much higher and probably are. Just a very instinctive feeling which have been pretty on task. Unfortunately there is another virus one on it's way or mutation of this one.

  41. QUICK Q What could happen if Coronavirus is mixed with a person who has a Norovirus? The only reason I ask is Sunday the 9th there was a Norovirus outbreak in New Orleans, and it's spreading faster then Coronavirus.

  42. As of this posting (Feb. 9, 2020, 5:00 p.m. Central Time), there are 40,234 confirmed cases (up by 2625 cases from yesterday) and 906 deaths from nCoV (up by 93 deaths) from yesterday. The number of deaths of 906 surpasses the final death toll for MERS of 858 in 2012. The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is affecting 28 countries and territories around the world. Yesterday, the number of deaths attributed from nCoV surpassed that of SARS of 774 in 2003. And, nCoV does not seem to be showing any sign of letting up. Folks, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

  43. Your update is chinese propaganda because you believe those foolish numbers. Wake up 1000s of them die while you trumpet lies to the gullible. Pathetic. Stop.

  44. We had a man die in Cape Town – South Africa and they sent all the staff home in this company. Authorities said it was the swine flu… this is a Chinese company. Should we be worried that our Government might be hiding something from us?

  45. I live in Pakistan which is very close to china but not a single case of coronavirus has been announced. That is shocking i mean how is it possible… i think our government is hiding it to avoid a chaos or to protect the economy to fall.

  46. Well explained..thank you for sharing.. I think people should act Responsible and of not just their selfs think of others as well x

  47. Here is a list of a few independent medical practitioners (and/or doctors) that are currently posting as much daily objective information as they can muster on this platform, both in an ordered and clearly presentable format for general public consumption about the spread and effect of the Novel Coronavirus strain … Does anyone know of any others? either on this platform (YT) or otherwise?
    … [please post below this message if you do.]

    Regular updates:
    1. ** John Campbell – Lecturer of nurses and medical educator and A&E department clinician based in England – been posting medical lectures on youtube for at least 12 years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z05ZrMfKUDc

    ** Dr. Roger Seheult, medical lecturer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UgrPgJdzp0

    Less regular, but still relevant and current:
    3. ** Eric Strong , a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Stanford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A6dyHA2KMM

    There is of course the W.H.O. too, but sadly they don't release regular updates presented in the way and format that these independent practitioners do due to the whole 'red-tape processes' that they must adhere to (owing of course to being the type and scope of organisation that they are).

    If anyone knows of other sources (independent medical professionals) like these ones, please post below and let others know about them too, since there is still much to learn about the effects of this new viral strain especially for those of us living near to an outbreak it really is sensible to try to learn more about it and spread useful REAL information rather than speculation or blatant mis-information (or casual gossip as it used to be termed).

  48. I am usually the first to say 'this will pass when it's run it's course – like all the others' but this time I am saying 'boy are we in trouble' …

  49. I appreciate your considerable efforts, but frankly I think you should not waste your time parroting CCP numbers that are obviously fake. No count is made of people dying outside of hospitals, because they have not been officially diagnosed, same for all the tens of thousands of people shut in their homes, in apartment buildings with doors to the street welded shut, they will not be included in the government figures. Apart from the WHO, who are just playing along with the CCP, other respected international medical institutions are beginning to admit that the official numbers don’t add up, and the infected and dead numbers especially. Please find some other aspect to report on, and ignore the statistics.

  50. This out breaks come in waves 🌊 dont fall for the its slowing down jive as this viruses mutate and they get inbeted in to the human victims they become more infectious and mostly more deadly and if its been tinckered with well we will see

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