100 thoughts on “All 4 federal prosecutors quit Roger Stone case

  1. If Trump pardons Stone, none of this is an issue. If you can’t see through this desperation by the MSM then I’m sorry, go back to MSDNC and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA

  2. Do not dehumanize someone just because you hate the president. 9 years is too much for an offense that’s not even heinous. Prosecutors should stop playing God. That’s oppression of the worse kind.

  3. Good riddance. The prosecutors were all never-Trumpers that formerly worked for Robert Mueller. They should have been fired immediately after that sham was over.

  4. So Trump's tweet about his displeasure about roger stone's case is somehow bad but the decision was already made a week before the tweet? Also, the refusal to pursue any corruption on the democrats make you guys look very hypocritical. Seriously, the more you guys feed into this non sense will only reassure Trump's victory in 2020

  5. Former Memphis City Schools Board President Tomeka Hart revealed Wednesday that she was the foreperson of the jury that convicted former Trump adviser Roger Stone on obstruction charges last year — and soon afterward, her history of Democratic activism and a string of her anti-Trump, left-wing social media posts came to light.
    In at least one case, Hart even posted specifically about the Stone case, as she retweeted an argument mocking those who considered Stone's dramatic predawn raid by a federal tactical team to be excessive force.
    Meanwhile, it emerged that U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson had denied a defense request to strike a potential juror who was Obama-era press official with admitted anti-Trump views — and whose husband worked at the same Justice Department division that handled the probe leading to Stone's prosecution. And, another Stone juror, Seth Cousins, donated to former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke and other progressive causes, federal election records reviewed by Fox News show.

  6. Trump and Muppet Head go back decades … just a matter of time and there will be a pardon.

    (1) Absence and collapse of moral and ethical practices, in the US Justice system.

    (2) An underhanded method used by Pettydent Trump, to control the justice system's operations.

  7. I have never felt more fearful of the future of our nation than I am today. There is an atmosphere of hate, bigotry and hostility that I can never remember before. What is worse is the disregard for our Constitution, rule of law. We are also seeing foreign influence in our elections being openly solicited disregarding laws prohibiting it. The president openly flaunting the law, defying congressional subpoenas, and subverting congressional powers without concern for the separation of powers. The fact that the Republicans in the House and Senate put party over country, ignoring their oath to the Constitution, and during the impeachment trial, the Senate oath of impartiality, has opened our nation to an executive that usurped unbounded power. The complicity of the Republicans to this subversion of article one powers is reminiscent of 1930's Nazi Germany,and the rise of Hitler. The parallels between that era with the rabid Hitler supporters, and Trump supporters today is too close for comfort. The fact that Trump openly admitted to obstruction of justice, committed obstruction of Congress, withheld aid from Ukraine for dirt on an opponent, fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation, have Israeli intelligence to the Russian Ambassador, warned Russia of the impending missile strike in Syria, and ceded Syria to Russia while betraying our Kurdish allies. All these things are ignored by the Republicans in Congress, but even more disturbing is that many in the public defend these actions. Even things that have been televised are denied or defended.The fact that the Republicans have ceded the party, and government to Trump, is disturbing enough, but his supporters cannot be convinced by facts, or reason and Trump rallied look very much like the crowds at Hitler rallies. There are too many parallels between what is happening today, and the Germany of the 1930's. There are far too many parallels, but we still have the possibility to change that with the next election. The problem with that is between foreign interference, and the Senate's refusal to pass bills to protect the sanctity of our elections process, we cannot be sure of a fair election. Republicans have gerrymandered districts, and the Supreme Court has ruled against fairness protection for minorities in elections. The influence of the president and the complicity of Attorney General Barr, to influence the outcome of trials and investigations indicate the final breakdown of our system. Despite the appearance of politics, this isn't about Republicans or Democrats, at least in the traditional sense, the current administration Republicans aren't the true party, there are many traditional conservative Republicans who vehemently oppose Trump. This is about respecting our Constitution, and the values that our Declaration of Independence espoused. This is about the rule of law, and the separation of powers. Trump's re-election will, Grant validity to the powers he already usurped and by extension give him unbridled power. It will crush the meaning of a Constitution that many generations of Americans and immigrants fought and died for. I love my country, but I am ashamed of what it has become, and afraid for it's future. I know I cannot convince die hard Trumpsters, they refuse facts, reason, and even the evidence of their own eyes and ears, but I hope I can convince the majority to open their eyes and look around at what's happening in our country, and what it means in regard to our Constitution and rule of law. I ask that you look at our Constitution, read it again, and the Federalist Papers if your still unsure, and realize the gravity of what is happening, I implore every thinking American to stop this fevered madness. The Nazis used racism and bigotry calling it nationalism, used concentration camps and promoted fear of the other, for them it was Jews, for Trump it's immigrants, Brown or black people. America was a shining beacon for the world, every immigrant came here for hope, if we continue on Trump's path, America will be as reviled as the Nazis, and it will never again be the America our forefathers fought and died for.

  8. Good that and old cool dude. I'm sick of CNN freaking out. We all know on the street that DOJ is corrupt and the media..
    Cnn I never seen things like this but Clinton Bush and Obama let worse guy out of jail.

  9. Mueller leftovers. As the last of 4 fisa warrants is invalidated we will see their treachery. Declass is upon us. Enjoy the show.

  10. They probably had to resign because just like with the General Flynn case the prosecutors lied and withheld evidence proving Flynn innocent. We want see it on here but watch and see these lawyers will have broken laws to get their conviction just like with General Flynn.

  11. A lot of effort went into cornering Stone and his misdemeanors. I think the swamp is draining away. Corrupt prosecutors are running for cover.


  13. I dont know what angers me more…..trump the turd and his butt buddies or people quitting and not fighting the son of a bitch.America is being destroyed from within and no one cares.At least rush limpbaugh will be gone soon (no compassion for these pos)

  14. O’Brien told a Washington think tank Tuesday that his efforts to trim the staff would conclude this week, and aides said the final cuts would involve only a few more employees. O’Brien admits that his downsizing of the NSC was an effort to dismantle what Trump has called the “deep state.”
    O’Brien said his primary aim isn’t to remove career government employees and other professionals in favor of Trump loyalists. But he conceded that the realignment has increased the proportion of politically appointed staffers.
    “The president is entitled to a staff that he knows will lie and that he believes will execute his policies,” O’Brien, a former Los Angeles lawyer, said to the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan foreign policy think tank in Washington. Finally someone that tells it like it is!!!!

  15. I was in a corrupt divorce court and I filed greivances with the bar on the judge and lawyer the Ohio supreme Court ruled in my favor but I also had called the FBI who bugged the whole place!

  16. What's really fked up is they are all just walking away😲 have all these men lost their ball's…..that's just as bad as the corrupt politicians just standing around.

  17. Barr did nothing wrong, he gave an opinion. Since when is that illegal? If these prosecutors are this petty, then good riddance.

  18. You fools at CNN always falling for distraction and callings for more investigations ! The president keep moving America forward while you CNN and all the libs trying to hold him back! lol

  19. These prosecutors could have just said "No reasonable prosecutor would bring charges" against Stone and let him go. JUST LIKE COMEY DID WITH HILLARY!!! Do you guys remember this??? Need I remind everyone that the ORIGINAL draft of Comey's announcement concluded Clinton had been "grossly negligent" in handling her CLASSIFIED emails. That is the EXACT term (grossly negligent) used in espionage statutes for criminality of classified information. Comey and Strozk LATER CHANGED the wording from grossly negligent, to extremely careless, so it would not match the VERBATIM writing listed for committing a criminal offense. Every single person charged from the Mueller probe was treated horribly, prosecuted to the max, for things that pale in comparison (some shouldnt be charged at all, others like Manafort were already looked at and the IRS declined to persue until Mueller reopened), simply because they were not members of the left and Mueller NEEDED to produce SOMETHING out of this… and… of course, it all had jack shit to do with "Russia Collusion" fairytales. As for Mueller/Hillary, must be nice when the person in charge of your fate is your friend, has a wife who donates to your compaign, gives you time to hammer and bleachbit electronics, changes the wording for criminality statutes, and also hates Trump huh??? Go ahead… tell me where I lied so I can post it here. I'll even use CNN/MSNBC VIDEOS for the info. Be specific, which parts referenced above do you need clarification on? Have you idiots even seen the video where Comey admits to changing the wording from gross negligence??? Of course you havent, you're liberals.

  20. Has CNN explained how they were able to be on location when Stone's home was overrun with Federal agents? I have heard the bullshit version they gave, wondering if there is a different version? They reported every detail, what he was wearing, his demeanor, how fast he walked. Hell I wanted to know if he had brushed his teeth and combed his hair. You're slipping CNN.

  21. Dear Friends, Remember this: In 2021 or 2014… "All Things Must Pass" "All is Well that Ends Well." Please Relax, Vote, and Wait.

  22. democrats dont realize that THE TRUMP DRUG CARTEL IS BIG AND USE the power of USA ,the Money of USA to corrupt judges,senate congress,AGs,etc etc

  23. Oh my the deep state retired? OK. Anyone who looks at the facts and not CNN coverage of the facts; know this is just another example of a partisan Judiciary. You don't mind have partisan FBI/CIA/NSA/state department. Well what if instead of Obama doing it, Trump filled every position with conservative idealogs? I think then you would see what I see. The media is DISGUSTING in their bias. The facts aren't on their side, only the narrative.

  24. CNN has the worst CC! Compare with MSNBC videos. My DEAF husband cannot understand CNN videos, so he can only watch MSNBC when it comes to cable news. There's FOX, but…..nah. CNN do better with your captioning please! We've been asking for a long time!

  25. Stone should go for 7-9 years. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Comey, Schumer, Wolf and Biden should go for 20 + years each. After all, they all lied repeatedly to Congress and the American public. Stone can set the low bar for sentencing. Lets see how many snowflakes this triggers!

  26. I don't blame them for quitting they probably feel inadequate and emasculated. Poor things. Speaks volumes about their integrety. Picking on an old man so honorable, eh?

  27. Donald could NOT ever qualify for any level of security clearance within the American Government nor could Donald pass a basic psych evaluation and Republicans Don't FUCKING Care because, THEY keep that MUTHERFCKER in charge! #TheUsefullyIdioticConMan

    🇺🇸 I'm clearly aware of Donald's Illegal Republican Senate Protections of any & all CRIMES. THIS #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺 will allow Donald to shoot anyone on 5TH Avenue right in the FUCKING face on live TV and the Republican Senators will Deny-LIE that it ever happened. That's an awesome & deadly power to have plus with HIS Jonestown like following totalling 30-40% of the USA is terrifying. Trump will brag and insult HIS followers in the same breath and they're too mesmerized by the "Chosen-1" to even know that he doesn't give a Shit about anyone but himself. Just ask his neglected children Tiffany, Barron, + 3 Wives & Multiple Porn Stars! 👀😒

    The Trump administration
    Conservative Media Sources Reporting This Truth. 😯🤫
    [Link to the Proof & FACTS]

    Denial is not The Nile. 😒
    President FUCKING Idiot Trump:
    Donald loves the poorly educated! 😕 Put Betsy DeVos in charge of public education!✓ Heyyy Rick Perry forgot that he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy, put that MUTHERFCKER in charge of that department!✓ 💔🇺🇸 THIS Shit is so Crazy to watch Putin's Mastermind & the #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺 at work. The best way to destroy a government is from the inside. There's hardly ever anyone qualified for anything that Donald puts THEM in charge of. 🧐 The EPA, Consumer's Protections, etc… ALL have been rendered useless. Hey, Ben Carson the brain surgeon don't know shit about Public Housing while he sleepwalks and daydreams about Oreos…✓ cookies?! BTW, let Jared Kushner handle The Middle East, The Opiod Crisis, The WaLL, etc.✓ Keep Jared too busy sooo that Donald can get some quality time with Ivanka!
    😕 SHIT, did I go too far?!

    Hey, I didn't lie to you nor did I insult you one time in this comment. 😏 I'm not going with My Feelings, just the FACTS baby. Let's watch what happens with Trump's second Personal Lawyer. Rudy's minion Lev Parnas is about to send MORE of Trump's Best People to Jail.
    FOLKS, Lev Parnas got so many tracks droppin' that his ass might get the Best New Artist at The GRAMMYs! 🎤🤭🤣😂 #DjLEV 🤘🏽

    Have a nice day & night y'all.
    Cheers from Cancún México!
    ALL Trump supporters are welcome to reply & defend the indefensible. Please focus on the subject of the current president & his administration. #NoWhatAbout 🐂💩

    NRA is a helluva drug! 💔🇺🇸✓
    Lev Parnas Igor Fruman #FraudGuarantee 💸✓
    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺✓
    #RepublicanTreasonousBehavior ✓

  28. They resigned because they are Democrat operatives who had prejudicial views .No mystery here.Tell the whole story to children but give Americans the facts.CNN=Democrat media=Pravda.

  29. It took over 20 heavily armed agents and a CNN film crew to apprehend that dangerous old man. Several agents and some of the CNN crew are still recuperating from scratches and hairballs, after Stone threw every cat in the house at them. A CNN reporter lucky to be alive described it as a hairy ween experience.

  30. Yeah, once again the big BS CNN spin on things. The four that resigned were 'hang-oners' from Obama's days. They were part of the swamp, so I guess the swamp just got a little shallower. That is a win for America.

  31. Anthony Weiner. A friend of Hillary Clinton Sending nude pics to a minor. He only gets 21 months. And only have to pay 10 grand and he's free and clear. Rodger Stone lies and gets almost 10 years in prison. Nancy Pulaski wants another investigation for Trump. She accuses him a meddling. In the courts against Rodger Stone I'm telling you man. The Democrats are evil. 21 months for a sex offender. For lying almost 10 years Wow. Vote Trump in November

  32. In order to gain some sense of perspective about this 9 years nonsense, all four primadonnas need to bear in mind that, on average, convicted MURDERERS are sentenced to only 7 years in our country, and get time off even of that for good behavior, prison overcrowding, etc., etc.

  33. One juror of the Roger Stone case is Kamala Harris’s sister Tomeka Hart she also revealed herself to CNN column. Her tweeter account:

    Tomeka Hart @hartformemphis. (She tried to shut down her account after people found her info) She is also a lawyer and was former Democratic
    congressional candidate in Tennessee. Kamala Harris is failed Democrat presidential candidate. CNN reported as: A juror on Roger Stone trial said she wants to “stand up” for the prosecutors. But CNN did not disclose her background is from the same gang. This is evil left.

  34. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qylGK8PqQM

    Why is it that the major news outlets are not telling us the
    full story about the Roger Stone Prosecutors? Talk about restricting the narrative
    to keep the American public in the dark with more of the same piss poor
    reporting. Here is the rest of the story they hope to God you never hear.

  35. Check out this extremely dangerous stuff. You and your loved ones need to see this, as you are ALL being tricked https://youtu.be/FPOP9LTi3-A Thank me later

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