100 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Will Support A Candidate Backing A Basic Income | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. I really hope he doesn't go away. He should start a political action committee aimed at implementing UBI and other Left-Libertarian ideas.

  2. I'm from the Netherlands, and Andrew Yang is the first politician I am this excited for!! When I hear him talk about his plans I imagine heaven on earth, such a pure and smart person, and he makes me want to live in the USA. He def has the quality of a world leader🙏 I'd be happy to take him to run my country:) Lots of luck for 2024!!!!

  3. Tulsi Gabbard said she would support UBI on 5 Aug 2019 and again yesterday. https://youtu.be/AefB53v6cis
    #YangGang with #Tulsi.

  4. One thing I really HATE about the Yanks is their hypocrisy !
    Now that Yang has dropped out of the race, he gets the coverage !
    Ha ha ha ha ha …

  5. Farewell Yang and UBI for waiting another years of 2024 :c I don’t know if I can survive or not since I’m going to be homeless. No job, not every work place never hired me… Even making video doesn’t work… well my vid is boring anyway >.>

  6. No, he shouldnt… He actually should become a candidate on the right side. The left didn't want him. He finally got aired when he dropped out… smh…bet you Andrew supporters will be moving on to support Trump. Yay yay!!! I would.

  7. All the time he was campaigning they couldn't get his name right, left him off graphics, put up the wrong picture of him or just dismissed him, gave him less speaking time on the debate stage and now when he has left they are sad to see him go? LOL Yang Gang Supporters see through you MSM Bull S….t

  8. America unfortunately has a hard time looking past the fluff, shallow and race – esp boomers. Andrew is at the wrong place at wrong time. Well played Andrew. Stop being nice ffs to MSM they are not ur frends. You wasted your time though. Lol

  9. Andrew you are not going anywhere. We need you. Just miss listening to you. You should start a youtube channel or something. Every time I hear you speak I feel inspired, hopeful and energetic.

  10. the magic wand waving would be to have all the news network, internet companies, newspapers be owned by the people without billionaires and politicians' meddling. And remove the DNC, remove the divide between Democratic and Republican. Have all candidates run independently, free from party politics.

  11. I am Yang or Bust. There is not other candidate that looks at the cause of our issues and finds a meaningful and lasting solution. All the others are just trying to put on the cool power rangers band-aid. I will still write in Andrew Yang at both the primaries and general.

  12. These people are literal savages terrible how can they do this job? Tough is not a word I would use to describe these pundits. They are genuinely soulless, I wonder what their thinking besides money.

  13. America just broke up with the hot girl/boy and realized what a terrible mistake they made. Now they want to get back together. You need to earn the Yang back America.

  14. hahaha
    Claire: "What should the democratic party do to make it easier and more fair for people like you coming in cold?"

    Yang: remembers when MSNBC called him dave and john and used some rando's picture in their graphic instead of his actual photo

  15. If only half who donated; that's 200,000, can save fifty cents a day,
    for the next four years until the next election, Andrews'war chest will be
    $146,000,000.00.And thats only 50 cents a day! Someone start a website so
    we can watch Andrew Yangs war chest grow and finally get him in the oval
    office where he belongs.

  16. We need universal healthcare and relief from college debt far more than a basic income. And we need to tax the wealthy again and break up monopolies.

  17. lol she says she likes a 1000 dollars a month rolling her eyes. she spends that much on her hair and nails each month. she has absolutely no connection to real life

  18. the people upset with Michael Bloomberg are stuck in VICTIM MODE… Blaming everyone for there issues. The women at the desk is a good example of this. she is heard laughing and snickering whenever someone says something good about Bloomberg. Bloomberg was stating facts, his intention was to make the city of New York.

  19. wait wait wait did I just missunderstand Yang or did he really say Bloomberg did a great job as mayor? I hope that joke swooshed over my head lol

  20. Honestly, I don't believe in Universal basic income. Well, yes, it would be nice to have a guaranteed. Check coming every month. That doesn't alleviate the big problems at all. It just puts a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. The real way to fix the problems with this country's economy and standard of living. Is the first mandate That every company pays a living wage. Not a I can exist on this amount wage a living wage which allows them to purchase everything they need for survival, including shelter utility bills and food. While having enough left over to be able to buy something nice every now and then without struggling to do so. If you're worried that there aren't enough jobs and act policies that do not allow big business to ship all labor to cheap countries overseas. And finally if even that is not enough labor for the populace. Invest in new Industries bring a NASA back. Put its budget in overdrive and begin building. Space stations and robots that can be sent out to the asteroid belt to harvest all that wealth in those floating Rock. To bring back to Earth to further Drive Industry. Doing these things while they sound far-fetched is what needs to be done in order to fix our economy and push towards the future.

  21. Yang lost me when he said mike Bloomberg was great mayor.. mike Bloomberg was one most racist mayor of nyc.. and alot of proof is on audio from when he was mayor..

  22. Instead of this giving away money idea he should have gone on "trickle up " policy . Its almost the same thing but sounds less expensive.

  23. You NEVER had a chance, Andy. No Asian in the West ever will. You're naive and delusional beyond belief. The powers that be, don't want to save America/West.

    Asians are better off leaving this sinking ship, while the puppets in charge are drilling new holes in the hull.

  24. I wouldn't be suprised if bernie gets convinced on supporting UBI. If there's one thing they both have in common is the fact they propose "radical" ideas.

  25. Andrew Yang – hope you keep in mind that it s better to win the war and loose the battle, rather than hang on to your battle and loose the war!

  26. Great respect for you? Are you kidding? You couldn’t even get his picture right and barely covered him in the media. Shame on you guys

  27. Changing the debate format? Just get rid of them, they are totally worthless, harmful even. Long form interviews are the better tool.


    Here comes four more years of Trump due to the media's erasure of the best candidate we've had in decades. They're celebrating – great ratings!

  29. You ARE one of these 3: Supporter, Resistor, Enabler.
    Frankly, I worry more about those who refuse to stop him than I do about those who choose to elect him.

  30. UBI will cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars!!! There is no free lunch but we have too many sandbaggers who are too stupid to understand!!!

  31. All I can say is that trump will most likely get reelected, the candidates that the Democrats have right now won't stand a chance against Donald trump's campaign tactics, the Democrats best chance of winning was with Andrew Yang, he was the only one who managed to swing a trump voter to his side, sad to see him gone, #YangGang

  32. Everyone I've talked to campaigning for Yang, after they think about jobs for a while, they admit jobs are going to keep getting scarcer, and we will have to do a UBI eventually. Yang's ideas were so new and shocking at first, that they need another couple years to evolve, and we will be seeing his ideas talked about all over the news. He kickstarted it, and it will snowball him into office next time.

  33. Considering Yang expressed how Bernie had him get interested and inspired for politics, I'd imagine Yang would eventually support Sanders.


  35. Talk about mind control. MSNBC blacks him out of name recognition. Then when they do interview him, they throw doubt at his plans. Shift the focus to “which other candidate will you support” to someone other than him.

  36. Andrew Yang is my guy – smart, great ideas (UBI, democracy $, gun control, drug, hospital cost, pennies go away) to well being of all people. Now it takes time to figure out what's next without watching youtube on Yang. His policies made me more inform in politics. He is like a wise man and prophet in modern age.

  37. MSNBC is garbage along with CNN!
    Andrew is too scared to even mention Tulsi on MSNBC or CNN – he wants that executive position bad

  38. We have told you from the very beginning that Yang was heading nowhere but a doghouse with his idiotic policies and vote buying snake oil.

  39. until Yang came around never realized how much of a snake the msm are. Who knew Trump was speaking the truth when he says 'Fake news".

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