17 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Projected To Win The New Hampshire Primary | NBC News NOW

  1. His lawyer is in jail for a crime he was involved in.
    His campaign manager is in jail and he tried to prevent justice from reaching him

  2. Well. DUH. It. Was. Obviously. Inevitable. That. Bernie. Would. Win. New. Hampshire. Being. Right. Next. Door. To. VERMONT!!!!!! And. Three3. Time. LOSER. Uncle. JOE. BIDEN. Will. WIN. South. Carolina. Because. People. There. Are. STILL. ON. OBAMA'S. JOKE. STRAP. And. REALLY. Dont. Know. Any. Better!!!!!!

  3. NBC is such an establishment errand-boy outfit. It's just shocking how much they downplay the fact that Sanders won more votes than anyone in both Iowa and New Hampshire. The fact that they push Buttigieg so forcefully on us is stunning. They are totally in the tank for Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It's just stunning how fake they are.

  4. MSNBC = Media Sayin β€œNever Bernie" Constantly. Notice how they said "narrow" twice and did everything they could to minimize this win? Nevertheless, #BERNIE2020!

  5. Stop downplaying him..you news stations are disgusting in that way. This is why no one had cable anymore except for the sheep.

  6. Yay Bernie!!! Won against ALL those candidates! What's with the weird downplay? I thought Bernie+Liz would be teaming up before S Carolina, hoping it still happens!

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