100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders takes the lead in new national poll

  1. Hahaha you all spent so much time against oust Trump and forgot the direction of your party hahaha you all are screwed the democrats will fill up your refrigerator hahaha


  3. Bernie will bankrupt every middle class family in America with his 'free this' and 'free that!!!'

    Millennials – warning!!!

    Bernie would take half your paycheck if he ever got in power!!! And give it away to people who don't or won't work!!!

    That's what Socialism does – take from those who work hard and produce and give it to people who don't!!!
    And everyone is miserably poor together!!!
    So it's your funeral!!!

    And oh yeah – how does this self-avowed Socialist get to afford THREE lavish homes???!!!

  4. Folks, please don’t be fooled of a theory that Bernie Sanders can beat Trump in the election comes November! Bernie will not/cannot win over a monstrous thief such as Donald Trump and his Swamp Creatures! Get it? Can’t you see how tired and weak Bernie looks? Bernie needs to call it quits at this point/time, and be home resting his weak/decrepit body! What’s wrong folks? One has got to be insane to cast his/her vote for this very physically sick man! Help Mr. Sanders out folks and vote for some who looks physically able to handle the job – have mercy on this poor little man, he’s not at all well, as one should be able to comprehend

  5. C’mon, anyone who followed the Iowa disaster knows very well that Sanders won that too. Mayor Pete is helped by major friends, and that’s bad news for us.

  6. You stay Trumpian, or you become socialist! Romney, which wasn’t anything about free markets, and rhinos like the rest of you, is why the young, and others are voting socialist. The USA has the Highest drug costs in the entire world. Yet, we’re the only country that does not negotiate for lower drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies. Give me a break. They say negotiating for lower prices would harm the creation of new drugs. If true, then why isn’t Canada‘s, Mexico’s, European, and other countries negotiating for lower price is a harm to the creation of new drugs??? We have have to carry the entire weight of the Creation of new drugs, and the rest of the world gets a pass? Seriously? That’s why you’re going to have a socialist president.

  7. Shut up Biden guy, Bernie Sanders has the best strategy you could even dream of to keep moving forward, most Americans, get it!

  8. Yay! Bernie 2020! We want Socialism! We want higher taxes so we can pay for shitty healthcare for all! We don’t mind waiting for weeks to be seen and malpractice is over rated! We also want our taxes raised even higher so we can give free healthcare, housing and food to people who come here illegally! Yay Bernie 2020!! We want you to take away our rights to protect ourself too! We don’t need guns! Women don’t need guns to protect themselves! Only police officers need guns! What the fuck is this… the Wild West!? And while we’re at it let’s get rid of that shitty first amendment too! Let's just rewrite the entire constitution while we're at it because it's old! Freedom of speech is overrated!

  9. If Sanders becomes president, he will take Bloombergs businesses and wealth from him, Government will own it all. But good news mini Mike. Trump 2020

  10. CNN listen, Bloomberg will not beat Trump. Then again I guess you don't care, because you would rather Trump win than Bernie.

  11. what would happen if a guy like Berniee would win the election first it would be the bigest recession on earth the biggest lost of jobs thinking socialist is a very very big mistake I realy don't think that all americans are that stupid remember when Berniee past is honeymoon in Russia and that moron want to be the president of the USA and imagine a moron old women like warren as president it would be even more worst than hillary clinton just take a good look at all these candidates well there is nothing to fear for trump in 2020 americans are more intelligent than the followers of berniee or warren never they would vote and accepted again to be rase again and again in taxes just imagine him and moron AOC in the oval office where berniee would find his trillons and trillons of cash for is free healt care for every one free school free this free that and so on and take a good look at is votors more than 3/4 of them are uninformed millenium hoo don't know shit in politic millenium most of them are only thinking green but there thinking would not getting them green dollards in there pocket climat change is one think but at what cost and or berniee or moron warren as president attacking billionaires well they might have the biggest surprised they would not see coming meening these two morons first do they both think that billionaires would let them been attack when a billionaire say anough is anough well they have the power of going out of the usa anytime they want so on what money berniee and warren would be able to get for there unrealistic project just to get more votes first berniee and warren would have to be ordinary peoples and give away there own millions to voters why not they always have said that both are first for the peoples so and ask berniee or warren if both would give there salary as president to charity or else come on never so cut the crap with these two morons berniee and is vision of socialist would be the crash of the USA

  12. With the fiscally irresponsible republicans at the helm manipulating the Market with their 90B Dollar a day REPO market Manipulation for the Election. They're going to let it Crash – After the Election – only Until they can see how much Money, they can make.

  13. The billionaire's Sanders is talking about are the likes of Wall Street bankers like Goldman Sachs who aren't giving their money to Buttigieg out of charity, they are giving it as an investment to Mayor Pete that he pushes policies they like, Pete is after all a guy who worked for controversial management consultancy firm McKinsey. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted to sending Mayor Pete a wish list of people he'd like Buttigieg to hire.

  14. Bernie wont be the candidate…the DNC already saw to that with rule changes for 2020.. Bloomberg will be the chosen candidate when no one has the necessary delegate vote on the first ballot..His 200 million contribution to the 2018 elections helped with the House and his unlimited $$$ to fund 2020 has bought him the nomination…Remember how HRC won the day in 2016…Super Delegates….The DNC's pocket Aces….

  15. Why would you mention the delegate count in Iowa but not the popular vote? CNN is so bias. This is why Bernie’s supporters fight so strongly. This makes me feel more strongly about Sanders.

  16. Biden's too old and incoherent so now CNN is pushing Mayor Cheat
    Puppetgroomed that stole Bernie's delegates in Iowa. Lol, He won't last.
    Everyone knows Pete's a Wall Street Puppet Elitist with bad policies.

  17. Biden's too old and incoherent so now CNN is pushing Mayor Cheat
    Puppetgroomed that stole Bernie's delegates in Iowa. Lol, He won't last.
    Everyone knows Pete's a Wall Street Puppet Elitist with bad policies.

  18. Bernie will bankrupt every middle class family in America with his 'free this' and 'free that!!!'
    Millennials – warning!!!
    Bernie would take half your paycheck if he ever got in power!!! And give it away!!!
    That's what Socialism does – take from those who work hard and produce and give it to people who don't!!!
    And everyone is miserably poor together!!!
    It's your funeral!!!
    And just how did this avowed Democratic Socialist get to be a millionaire and afford THREE lavish homes???!!!

  19. I don't understand how Bloomberg is getting so much support especially from African-American people. . When he was a Republican mayor of New York Who started the whole stop-and-frisk? And racial profiling. He is just another. Wealthy powerful person trying to seize more power Bernie Sanders 2020

  20. Since I know sanders supporters are active online. How to I get that Bernie branded water bottle in this video to show support? I've looked online and can't seem to find it.

  21. bernie let hilary win, hilary let trump win. Where is ghilane maxwells dem and grand old party subpoena? Caucuses are fixed gerrymandering.

  22. The difference bw Sanders and the rest of the Dems: When trump attacks the others by calling them socialist, they'll be like "Nuh uhhh! No I'm NOOOOOT!" and Trump will be "Yeah huh!" and they'll be like "Nuh uhhh!!!!!" and then it will turn into a childish insult contest, which Trump will easily win bc he has an almost supernatural talent for behaving like a child. When Trump attacks Sanders by calling him a socialist, he'll come back with "Yes, I'm a democratic socialist, and here's why" and then proceed to give ACTUAL REASONS why his policies help working people more than Trump's, and by the time he gets done talking, no one will be scared of having a Democratic Socialist in the White House anymore. Bernie is our best shot, yall.

  23. Bloomberg will run third party if he doesn’t win the primary. He will split the vote to make sure Trump wins in order to protect his billionaire class. That is what is going to keep us out of the White House.

  24. Fact:

    “As a stupid FORMER DEMOCRAT (and now REGISTERED INDEPENDENT) for 2 decades, I know that ALL left in that shitty party has been brainwashed by Globalist MainstreamMedia & idiots who don’t know ECONOMICS 101 & NOT using their COMMON SENSE”.

    Have a great day to y’all…

  25. Humoring Sanders supporters while they try to shove Bloomberg down everyones throat. Bernie is the peoples champ. Pitiful, CNN. PITIFUL!

  26. This time belongs to Sander….only Sander and Yang can make America. Half of American remains asleep and ignorant, they are the victims of the evil elites corporation and corrupt politicians. Wake up American, you are screwing yourself and good friends.

  27. 2 opposing Jews will make an epic fight.
    Socialist X Billionaire.
    The winner will challenge the President, our debating Godzilla.
    Should get interesting in 2020 🇺🇸

  28. Trump destroys everything he touches. He takes what he needs personally and then burns everything and everyone else to the ground. He is a parasite.

  29. You have to be a pretty ignorant and sickening individual if you can support someone who can be a backstabber on a whim. I don't care who it is and what party they are, I'm intelligent enough to know that if someone praises somebody one day, and lashes out in anger and hatred the next, that's not a leader. It is funny to see how many people support that. I'm glad that we all get to see how volitale and unstable this whole good ol boy conservative crusader mentality truly is. You people are beyond sickening and have no Honor or Integrity whatsoever.

  30. Anyone that paid attention since the 1980's would know of Trump being a con man, draft Dodger, habitual liar. It may have been cheaper to have given Hump a salary, considering how much money taxpayers have paid for his golf game.

    How could people be so ignorant. Hump is the same one that failed in the Casino Business! He has defrauded charities, and all the donors that made contributions.

    What is even more unsettling, is the damage he has done to our country. We are the joke of the world and why…. due to Trump and his Television fans and the National embarrassment they collectively make daily. Daddy should have given Orange boy a kick in the ass a few times instead of giving him money. It sounds like Trump makes Nixon look like a choir boy, and just think about all the info that will come out in the future. Unfortunately, the stench of Trump will last for years. There will be repercussions for years to come.

    I doubt we will ever be able to regain our status in the world, we the people allowed this to happen!

  31. CNN is such trash… Even in a video titled "Bernie wins national poll" they still try to downplay him with clips. CNN is just as harmful as fox

  32. Sander's stances to legalize illegal aliens, forgive all student loans and tax assets are major liabilities. He proposes spending too much and doesn't address the causes of many problems. I think he's a fluff candidate.

  33. LOL Bloomberg hasn't faced ANY scrutiny or any voters yet. Purchasing tons of ads and trying to simply buy the votes. When his record comes out, he can spend all the money he wants, but he'll go the way of Status Quo Joe when he has to face the crowds.

  34. Anyone that votes for Sanders needs their mentality checked by a professional. It is scary and horrifying people actually think their life will be better under this communist socialist..

  35. I really hope Bernie Sanders takes on a more moderating partner. The billionaire class is the reason why innovation can happen. They need to stay in place but also it should be easy for people to become billionaires in the US. Social mobility is important it is the driving force of capatilism. It is important to the whole world that the american innovation engine stays in place. It is true that people are being discriminated against by big pharma and medical corporations. It is true the capitalism has gone too far, and social values have taken a hit. I believe social values such as universal healthcare and free education should be in place. And mechanisms to contain predatory business practices should be strengthened and created. Business loans should be easy for new business owners, if they have been proven to be competent. Loans now a days are poison. There needs to be balance, it is not wrong to be rich, but it is wrong to be predatory against your fellow man. There is a right way to create wealth.

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