China’s death toll from coronavirus surpasses 1,000; Xi makes first visit to hospital

China’s death toll from coronavirus surpasses 1,000; Xi makes first visit to hospital

now over in China the death toll just
keeps on rising from the novel coronavirus and for the first time since
the outbreak Chinese President Xi Jinping visits coronavirus patients at a
local hospital our Kim bo-gyung has more the number of deaths each day from the
novel coronavirus in China is still increasing China’s national health
commission said on Tuesday that at least 108 more people died on Monday and 2478
others were confirmed to have the virus in total the country has recorded 1016
deaths and more than 42,000 infected patients most of them in hebei province
amid mounting concerns over the increasing figures Chinese President Xi
Jinping made his first public appearance on Monday
since the start of the outbreak wearing a mask she visited a residential
community a hospital and a district Center for Disease Control and
Prevention in Beijing the inspection came at a time when many people outside
the lockdown Hubei Province resumed work after an extended holiday at the Beijing
did town hospital a designated institution treating the novel
coronavirus she said the situation at the moment remains very serious but
expressed confidence that China can survive the epidemic let’s fight this
defense war his over war against the epidemic with full confidence
let’s fight these peoples war we must build up our confidence we will
eventually win at the hospital she also made a conference call to front-line
medical workers in three hospitals in Wuhan to thank them and encourage them
half of the Communist Party of China Central Committee I pay my highest
respect and extend my sincere thanks to you to all the medical workers who are
combating the epidemic across the country well expressing his condolences
to those who died in the outbreak she stressed that the Armed Forces and
people of all ethnic groups in China should stand together with the people of
Hebei and Wuhan Kim mugen Arirang news

100 thoughts on “China’s death toll from coronavirus surpasses 1,000; Xi makes first visit to hospital

  1. I put together a kit to fight respiratory viruses in the lungs where they breed based on research on silver to combat viruses. links to reading material and items can found here

  2. Take lessons and stop eating dog, cat, bat 🦇, insects, snake 🐍 otherwise they will eat you like this
    Behave like a human being not animal otherwise nature give you a lesson time to time

  3. I hate that ugly-ass 'crisis-management' windbreaker they all wear specifically during disasters, it's like a fashion statement of incompetence and political showmanship

  4. It's to late he jailed the doctor who discovered the Corona virus and passed away. Only now he come out to the public. That's a Chinese president.

  5. চায়না প্রেসিডেন্ট শি জিনপিং শয়তানের বাচ্চা China president XI jinping Shaitan baccha

  6. He checked the actual figures of death toll, then he said to himself "still manageable" hey do something to save the lives of the people!!!

  7. That's absolutely not xinthats 100% a body double,that guy is 20 yrs younger then xi ,take the mask off u will see . No president would ever go to a infected area.

  8. I pray this virus will be the end of a far greater virus, communism, Mao killed 60 million of his own people, when the coronavirus beats that, then it would be worst the Chinese communism, when it beats 150 million it will be worse then global communism.

  9. Xi really dude, I have many Chinese friends , and they don't like you, bring back ho Jing ,,, he was a good leader when I lived in China, and people where more happy

  10. I am in tears. I am so sad for chinese people. This is war. This is so mad. And I feel sad. My heart goes to all the families who have lost a dear one to this war. Best wishes, and strength to everyone who is going through this storm…. One step at a time….
    We are one 🙏 Thank you for caring for the people around you. Take care 🌺 you are good.

  11. Chinese Govt. should stop repression and internment of China’s Muslim minority. They should deal muslims like humans. In such epidemic they need to learn and should seek repentance from our Allah Almighty about their sin of unjust oppression against muslims and Islam. May Allah(swt) protect all humans from any serious illness and give right guidance to those powers authorities who still showing cruel behaviour against Muslims. Aameen


  13. 1000 death? Really? Only when the chinese say the truth. If not, it could be 10.000 as well as 100.000 death. Or why do they lock all their people in so many cities in the houses? During SARS, they closed the shools and discotheks. Now they lock up everybody, and death bodies are lying around in the streets and especially in the hospitals. The chinese wouldnt shut their entire country if there were only 1.000 people dead. That would be hillarious. And it wouldnt be possible to make those videos with all the dead bodies in the hospitals. The number is probably higher. Far higher.

  14. those stupid comments who said it's stunt. u all soulless, merciless, useless and mindless. show ur prove if u got brain to say he's clone. otherwise i will contact to ur embassy to sue u spreading fake news. I AM NO JOKING

  15. Chinese doctors and researchers are useless…..they copied and passed in the exam…,they can wash toilets, wash cloths,….shoes…etc..

  16. Wow, it was only 700 plus a couple of days ago when I checked. Now it's over 1,000. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this virus. I personally don't feel this is a virus anymore. It's a plague.

  17. இறைவா எம் மக்களை காப்பாற்றும் மனமாற பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன் இறைவா எம் மக்கள் என்றும் எதற்கும் கலங்காமல் எல்லா நளனும் வளமும் பெற்று பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு வாழ இறைவனை மனமாற பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன் வாழ்க வளர்க எம் மக்கள் பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு

  18. Yup all those people with no gloves or eye protection? I totally believe they werent handpicked for those photo ops because they arent really infected. Cant even keep their own story straight, what a joke.

  19. In December I viewed live streaming video of dosens of China guys staying the virus was laboratory leaked ?????? I sherched later on my history and it was deleted, I think it chemical weapons leak😝😝😝😝😮😝😝

  20. They are dying cause they are put inside quarantines and has no medical supplies.. its just stay here until you either get better or you die…

  21. Lol. I pay my biggest thanks to you…. (And off camera) if anyone of you want to speak out, you know what happens. Remember the doctor in Wuhan…. Gone! Citizen journalists….. China doesn't need any of them, we make the news, Gone! Remember anyone can simply "dissapear" in China ..

  22. Eating food like bat snake dog cockroach definitely coming different types of disease to human body it's like China birth father of viruses and Africa's

  23. This is what China gets for persecution of Christians, Imprisonment of Christians, Demolition of Churches and Killing Christians.

    You can mess with followers pf Christ but eventually God will Pour out his cup of Judgment on those that persecuted us.

    All we are witnessing is the cup being poured out.
    And it's only going to get worse not better.

  24. Lies, he want to take the coronavirus and bring all over the country down , and kill people dying sick of death , even China civilization people.

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  27. Coronavirus Intentionally released in China.

    Leaked video: Actual Convo in wuhan hospital

    Actual Footage in wuhan hospital

    How coronavirus start.

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