100 thoughts on “Chris Hayes: Trump Is Worried Coronavirus Will Be Bad For His Re-Election | All In | MSNBC

  1. DJT is taking this all in stride. He's never over-ly concerned about possible crises. The manchurian candidate is hoping that Chinese manuf'ing moves back to the US. Won't happen. The Dems should be attacking DJT on his lack of knowledge about the virus.

  2. Trump says everything is going okay. It's under control… LOL… when you have idiots in office that the GOP have honestly allowed under their direction… so It's on them honestly… God Help Us honestly…

  3. A guy – a Cuban-American was doing some business in China – he flew back to Miami – started feeling sick – he was worried he might have contracted the Coronavirus. He did not want it to spread to friends and family – so he went to get tested – good news – he did not have the coronavirus – bad news – the test cost $3000. His medical insurance did not cover the test.

  4. Anyone else wondering why homeland security is in charge of guarding us from viruses? Please tell me there isn't going to be a war on viruses…

  5. Of course the GOP and Drump are worried about the economy, it's the only thing Drump can brag about with any confidence at the moment. If the DOW Jones goes up, everyone can see it, or google it, therefore it's a truth. He has bragged on every occasion the stock market is up, and kept totally silent on it when it's dropped. If the economy tanks – like his policies, his wall (which can be cut open with a $5 saw, or scaled using a $20 ladder), and his ratings in the polls – what has he got left?

  6. I just came home, and sold off all my investments in my 401k that was showing red (all of them), and put the entire account balance into two safe haven investments that showed green. All of this to slow down or stop the account bleeding. I lost all money gained this year in just two days, worst case scenario, I'll take more drastic approaches to secure the funds. I figure why not, the rich are doing awesome in this country, so why not benefit where I can.

  7. The whole situation will start working out!?!?! I hope this Mf Will Not Start his own Virus to Start Killing Us Here In The Us . IF I EVER SEE A VIRUS FROM THIS POINT ON HERE IN THE USA. WE KNOW WHO'S BEHIND IT !!!


  9. It s unbelievable that Trump can turn a deadly disease about him. The population is worried about this, the bigger concern is trade, could merchandise being imported from China possible be contaminated with trace amount of the virus snd act as a carrier of covid- 19 into the USA or any other country. Many diseases have been traced to shipping of goods, some by rats that boarded vessels but at any means it transported it a cross sea to other countries and killed masses with plagues throughout history. Trump announcing this will all be over by spring is based on his stupidity rather science. Since Trump has spiny a great deal of time Dismantling Science, cdc and research findings in the US how could we possibly rely on any actual facts and numbers he may rattle off his sniffing head!!! Maybe he’ll contract it in his travels, that could shed some real action. Next it will somehow become the Dems part fault I’m sure!

  10. How many times are they going to play this Trump is worried narrative?

    Trump is worried oh no the walls are closing in. 🙄

  11. The LIAR and chief "it is very well under control" it would be funny if people were not dying .
    PEOPLE WILL DIE and are dieing NOW .

  12. Best defense against this disease is adopting a Whole Foods “raw” plant based diet. No vaccine is stronger than a healthy immune system

  13. Yeah and they just happened to roll out 5g at ground zero!!! Which by they way the symptoms of 5g are exactly the same on the human body!!!

  14. The fake news media and the Democrats are wishing and praying that the economy and the stock market crashes because they think that this will guarantee a victory by the Democrats in November . Nothing but a sad bunch of losers and liars .

  15. If we continue to welcome people in this country with open arms then yeah prepare for the worst if i was in charge no one comes into the country unless it's necessary no passenger flights will be allowed in or out until further notice i know people would understand at this critical time and circumstances why it be right to do so

  16. @Chris Hayes. What Medical school did you get your degree in? Oh, you didn't!! Exactly what magic bullet do you have to solve this issue overnight? Oh, you don't have one!! So the obvious question becomes, why are you mouthing off over something you have no clue about? FYI, over 55K people die every year from the flu in this country. Get a grip.

  17. Sell sell sell leave America shareholders. If corona doesn't get you the #metoo mob will and if they don't get you Bernie will. Sell sell sell leave America.

  18. And guess what we aren't kidding ourselves. Trump is the leader of the incompetent leaders in our government. Now he has to do his job. Lets see how he does.

  19. Trump slashed the CDC's funding and in turn, they had to cut 80% of their program to find and prevent global diseases in 2018. This brought departments in 49 countries down to just 10. He also cut the government's Global Crisis fund entirely and fired the pandemic response chain of command.

  20. NO annoying outro? It's a Super Tuesday miracle! Goodbye and good riddance to outro! (Please "double tap" outro just to be sure.)

  21. So since Coronavirus will be bad for President Trump, I'm sure Lib nut jobs will hope that it spreads even more and more people die. Just like Bill Maher wants the economy to collapse. The families who suffer don't matter to selfish Democrat-Libs, it's all about being in power and pushing their destructive ideology.

  22. Bah ha ha! Are you frickin kidding me! 400,000 people die EVERY YEAR from the flu. And the news media is sure exaggerating and milking this corona virus for ALL it is worth.

    How about some real news….this is just stupid!

  23. "He's worried it will be bad for markets"
    That is literally what everyone with half a brain is worried about, because this virus will most likely not be a pandemic in western cultures.. Yet the effect on our economy has already been relatively severe due to chinese manufacturing being down and fear in the markets of further turmoil. Dow jones dropped like 3% in one day and the news is tryna clown trump for caring more about that then the literal zero westerners who have died. How many people have died in car crashes today, lets try to be a little relative here…

  24. According to the Association of Public Health Laboratories,only 3 states in the US can test for Coronavirus, California,Illinois and Nebraska. CDC can send testing "kits" to states that request them. It doesn't sound like CDC is aggressively preparing all states for the coronavirus diagnosis and containment.

  25. How convenient that this virus would break out right before elections. it does not take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. killary K promissed us all a nuklear death by war with Russia in 2016 better late than never.

  26. If our economy tanks and tRump is blamed and loses the election that would be at least a small silver lining to the coronavirus cloud.

  27. Head of Homeland Security maybe was thinking about the Spanish Flu epidemic of 100 years ago, which had a 2-3% mortality rate?

  28. The president should say, “ Panic panic run get your things stampede it’s coronavirus!” according to Chris Hazelnut in his mouth.

  29. Would have been nice if China deigned us with the knowledge that their homebrew bioweapon with a long incubation period got out. And yes, there are signs that point to it being an engineered virus, not confirmed, but it is a distinct possibility the ramifications of which should definitely be taken seriously.

  30. CDC States: 
    Comparison with other viruses 
    For comparison, the case fatality rate with seasonal flu in the United States is less than 0.1%(1 death per every 1,000 cases).

    Mortality rate for SARS was 10%, and for MERS 34%. 

    Virus Death Rate
    Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
    Swine Flu
    So….MERS and SARS were a lot higher.

  31. I figured it would be CNN who bashed President Trump for the coronavirus first. oh Trump is killing baby turtles now as well.

  32. You’re a hypocrite you’re using the coronavirus as a way to attack the president not to inform the public for their own safety. You’re doing the same thing that the president is.

  33. P.S. Chris Hayes…wouldn't have the stats re: coronavirus vs influenza if they weren't staring him in the face on a teleprompter…
    Shut up about what President Trump's job is….and perhaps DO YOURS….🤥🤥🤥

  34. ya think? He got rid of the agency two years ago that handles that stuff and never hired anybody else for that position. This things don't start up again overnight.

  35. Wow! Surprised! Trump's workers sound just like him. They can't provide an answer to the important question. Waste tax payer's money. "Will mind just well have some animals run this country".

  36. Right now Democrats are using this crisis as a weapon against trump and republicans are trying to put a nice spin to protect the markets and their careers. Nobody cares about the truth. We have stupid democrat debates and bashing trump on everything. msm is garbage as usual and so are our politicians

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