40 thoughts on “Coronavirus Latest: Departure For Cruise Ship Docked In New Jersey Delayed Again

  1. The next people getting on that ship better bring their own Lysol and Clorox wipes, You could never be too damn careful!!

  2. Obviously, no one can deny that the Chinese people have a disgusting culture of eating all sorts of animals such as dogs, cats, ratc, mice, bats, snakes…..etc and as long as they do that, they will bring all sorts of deadly diseases to humanity.This culture was imposed by the years of the famine as people wanted to survive eating anything. Nowadays foods are available .

  3. Report – Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas crew member dies for unknown reasons on cruise ship in New Jersey. Authorities do not believe the man’s death was related to the Coronavirus, but are treating it with an “abundance of caution” as they await autopsy results. (NBC4NY)

    The crew member, a Filipino national, was found in an engine room last weekend, two sources said. His body was kept in a refrigerated compartment until the ship docked in New Jersey, according to the sources.

    His body has been taken to Newark for what law enforcement sources described as a “rush” autopsy. It wasn’t immediately clear when the results would be released, but a law enforcement source said he had no signs of having the coronavirus.

  4. Why are none of these well funded news organizations doing stories about how public transportation is cleaned and sanitized? I cannot get my head around all of the infected planes that have been circulating. 🤦‍♀️

  5. Stop taking cruises. Go another time!!! Why would you even want to risk having a shit vacation?? I don't understand why people are so stupid.

  6. According to this video Wuhan crematoriums cannot cope with the amount of ppl dying .is it true?

  7. I can see them saying the dead crewman found in his room is not related to the virus if they found no trace of the virus or related illnesses in the autopsy but "not suspicious"? That's certainly not a statement to engender trust in the authorities…

  8. 【World🌐】A cruise ship carrying more than 2,000 people has been denied entry to at least 4 ports

    The MS Westerdam, which has more than 2,000 people on board, has now been denied entry by at least four different ports over fears of the Wuhan coronavirus

  9. Fun fact: cgtn interviewed someone who admits to the rare occasion of 24 day incubation period

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