100 thoughts on “Coronavirus Task Force member weighs in on medical supply shortages

  1. lets make sure we have 330,000,000 ventilators, 330,000,000 hospital beds, from this day forward. How stupid and wasteful. The Left and the MSM are totally insane.

  2. Was in the hospital to deliver my baby recently and the night we spent there after having my baby freak me out. Cause the whole night it was like coughing opera going on. One person would cough then another person would cough and so on. Don't know if it was the patients or the staff but I couldn't wait to go home.

  3. Let's get everything made in China so the corporation CEOs can get big bonuses while screwing the consumer.

  4. So the answer is NO !!!!!
    Typical political answer, just keep talking over the question, say nothing, and repeat yourself….

  5. She sounded like an oblivious liberal who ignores the question completely and rattles off talking points. That was disgusting.

  6. So even if you can get tested and it's positive, SO WHAT, THERE'S NO CURE FOR IT! SOMEBODY GET THIS FIGURED OUT!

  7. Literally the worst interview I've seen from the task force. Goodness sakes, not trying to be a troll here, but she was absolutely useless and rude. Completely avoided the actual questions. Martha's face said it all.

  8. "Do you have tests"? "We made a conference call"
    "Do You Have tests"? "We had a meeting about infection control"
    "Do you have tests"? "We are putting out recommendations"
    "Do you have tests"? "We are having dialog"
    "Do you have equipment"? "We are taking action"
    What a bunch of CRAP

  9. Who sold our manufacturing to China? It was Congress and the swamp globalists. Who hate President Trump. He has clean hands on this mess. Biden made millions doing it.

  10. Holy crap. I would have lost it doing this interview. "People are concerned– can you just answer a f-cking question with a direct answer!!!

  11. Trump had meetings in January about this virus. He had more than AMPLE time to stockpile tests & critical medical supplies. This should not EVEN be an issue. Those are FACTS. Trump let the whole nation down by down playing the virus to save his economic numbers.

  12. Someone I know had fever and cough. Called all around and went where they were told and the dr said they weren't sick enough to get the test and that they were saving them for sicker people. This was my wife's manager, at a cellphone store, so could have infected many many people already. The ball has been dropped.

  13. The most incompetent administration in the history of American politics. And now Mitch McConnell is insisting the Senate go home for a 3 day break. The GOP's kowtowing to whatever Trump wants has destroyed it's ability to think and problem solve and has now rotted away what little remaining integrity it had left.

  14. what does the test do?! whew, I have corona virus, where's my beer? assume its covid19, now what?
    guess what, lifetime bureaucrats are swampy.

  15. I love how Veema, like a train, just kept on going and didn't allow herself to be interrupted. It sucks, but people need to treat the media this way more often. Get the important message out there, don't let them control the dialogue.

  16. Plz…don't take an unnecessary test…if you don't meet the standard for the Corona virus…a negative test means…your completely available to get sick..know the truth…

  17. Tests available to all of us is the only way will stop this pandemic. Only way we can isolate efficiently. We have to have the tests available the only way we can save the economy, very important and now!

  18. All my military life was dedicated to being a leader. Leaders are some of the most important people in the world. There is a measuring stick used to find such wonderful people. Compassion and caring about your fellow human is fore front. If you want to be a great man you must behave in a great manner. Taking responsibility for what happens on your watch is a sign of greatness. We all must step up to the plate. Sometimes change is the biggest fight.

  19. Bernie an Biden both seems they should self quarantine…with no means to communicate with the public…we would be better off…there misinformation isn't helping…

  20. Yadah yadah! Blah blah blah! Tests are never exact & where made, by whom? Vaccx are deadly to all who get them, Labs, Big Pharma all socialists, nefarious peoples. Doctors are run by Big Pharma. Sgortages are purposely done also to add to the fear mongering, Woman also member of Medical kingdom, untrustworthy.

  21. With all the premium we are paying and the high tag price on medical bills we pay , yet the health Care system is no where ready!!!

  22. Thirty years ago politicians sold out America's manufacturing overseas for s a few bucks, now China owns ninty percent of a medical supplies .

  23. Trump said better in 2016: “Americanism not Globalism should be our credo” in other words, build the factories that build our medical and pharmaceutical products in the United States! stop our dependence of China!

  24. Keep manufacturing in the USA! More products and jobs available here. Thank you Mr.President Trump for all you are doing to Protect our Country and American Citizens, without any True help from the left.

  25. What a dumb question. Are we going to have enough ventilators? The answer is no idiot. In less you can pull a million ventilators out your a**. Why would a hospital keep and maintain 500 ventilators when they only need 50 at any given time? Why make her answer such a dumb question? Fox News is MSNBC. Republicans, conservatives, and librarians, STOP GOING ON FOX NEWS!!!!

  26. Wow! She SHUT maccallum up for asking an unanswerable question….we now know the idiots in power b4 Trump allowed China to get a monopoly on health supplies…leaving us in a bad scenario….so you already knew the answer, Martha!! Hate gotcha questions!!

  27. Why doesn’t she just answer the question?? If the answer is no, say so, and say that’s what they’re working on! No wonder people are freaking out! The smarter they are, the more evasive….

  28. Last thing we need is more government funding for bloated bureaucracies that ends up in the pockets corrupt officials

  29. I know someone who works as a radiologist at Sentara and she said there's no tests available. Blood needs to be taken and sent to a lab and it takes a couple of weeks for results. The U.S. is completely unprepared for any pandemic because most of its medical devices are made in China.

  30. No country is prepared for millions of ventilators or even 300 million moron. Stop grandstanding and realise the process in trying to stop the spread of the virus and over working the healthcare system and facilities. Nothing worst then 1/300 tests are legitimate creating exposure to 299 people so just listen.

  31. Wow, boy am I glad Trumps in office, such competency being displayed, NOT!!! Jesus that was terrifying, the lady was just serving up a word salad !! Congrats all u who voted for trump, now u gotta worry about your grandparents cause this clown and his administration can’t handle the job and are incompetent and idiotic! Lord help us all!

  32. The stock markets tanked is this not worthy of a discussion? Where is the most up to date data on what's happening with infection rates etc? Stop talking fluffy stuff.

  33. That last question was unanswerable (sort of):  Can you guarantee there enough ventilators and medical equipment for everyone who may need it?  Obviously the answer is "No, because we don't have 350+ million ventilators in the U.S.", but she can't say "No" because then it will cause more panic.

  34. That quickly turned in a comedy sketch on stonewalling. I love Martha for always trying hard to set them free from their stiky BS.

  35. Of course there aren't enough ventilators for everyone who may need them. It's ridiculous to expect that there would be. It's also ridiculous to expect that medical facilities would be prepared in advance of and for every pandemic or natural disaster event that comes along. Health care cost would be astronomically higher than they already are if medical facilities had to have all that equipment, empty beds, testing equipment, etc, etc, around for "Just in case." Not to mention having to replace all that stuff periodically in order to remain up-to-date and compliant with regulations. It would be a financial and regulatory nightmare for everyone. The president, his administration, nor the medical facilities aren't at fault here… No, it's the Wall Street, C.E.O.s, and corrupt politicians who off shored our manufacturing base, along with our jobs, in the the name of higher profits for a few that are responsible for our inability to meet this crisis, if indeed it turns out to really be a crisis, head-on.

  36. The chinese already concluded that the best and cheapest way to test is with imagery. Anyone that has been paying attention to this for longer than a week knows this. All the hysteria over test kits is manufactured & irrelevant. I dont want to pay for 100 million hypochondriacs to get tested 3 times a week. Not smart.

  37. Good grief what a Waste of time. This woman did not answer the questions she just ignored them and talked on and on and on …… absolutely disgusting. You should have just told her to answer the question or just leave. We all know the answer anyway. There are not enough ventilators etc unless everyone follows guidelines and slows the spread so that medical facilities have a chance of keeping up with demand.

  38. Statistically, only 18% of those infected get a severe case but we could still need end up needing as many as 35 million respirators. The best approach is prevention. The things everyone, including Trump, has been telling for weeks now.

  39. Look, if half of an entire city needs to be hospitalized at the same time for any reason there won't be enough of anything. Period. You're asking a question that you really don't want the answer to. There's no point in asking it. You could have 100,000 people with a broken leg and no hospital can process something like that all at once. The goal is to SLOW this virus down. You can't stop it. It's like a Flu 2.0. At this point it's about preventing a huge spike in demand for healthcare. One big overwhelming hit in the 1st round of the fight can knock us out. If we can spread the hits out over 12 rounds we'll be fine. We're at about 39 deaths right now. The H1N1 swine flu killed 12,000 in the U.S. alone. Just keep perspective and seek facts.

  40. The Dump Trump Team missed to have enough test avaibable right now! Days ago Dump Trump told us all this virus thing is a hoax.

  41. Bomb these coordinates of China🇨🇳 corona virus organ🍑🍒🥒🍰🍼 ization.

    DMS 17° 29′ 40″ N, 78° 17′ 39″ E
    Decimal 17.494444, 78.294167
    Geo URI geo:17.494444, 78.294167
    UTM 44Q 212660 1936295

  42. Wow, 4:56 to actually say repeatedly when asked about test kits that doctors and ER's do not have , that "they" are giving doctors "guidance"……..how does guidance help …Does guidance replace test kits?

  43. #3 is completely incompetent. He didn't listen to the experts and took too long to react. He down plays this pandemic while Americans die. He lies about facts. His administration is a complete failure and this will cost him the election come Nov.

  44. The question is faulty. How can you know if you have enough, if you don't know how many people will get infected. If it's thousands, we'll be ok. If it's millions, we won't. It's entirely determined by the spread and severity.

  45. That's our current administration, folks! A STRAIGHTFORWARD QUESTION is given–"Are there enough ventilators?"–and a representative gives an answer that has nothing to do with that question. Oh, and the answer is, no. So there's no vaccine (which, let's face it, the anti-vaxxers wouldn't take, anyway), there's not enough ventilators for those who get sick, those who DO recover are going to have lifelong lung damage, and this administration… which COULD have sent our CDC pandemic team to China back in JANUARY to help stem the tide but, whoops, cut funding in 2018… took absolutely no steps until March. And even now, we have a half-assed Europe travel ban that doesn't include the UK, where the virus is ALSO spreading. Great!

  46. I’m pretty sure I got the corona but I ain’t got no insurance so I’m just gonna press on and keep working at the retirement home hopefully not infecting too many boomers

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