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  1. I drink 4 shots of tequila con gusano before I go to bed.. I never get sick the flu nothing.. this stuff works it kills any type of virus in the body"agave plant'it's like a inner body disinfectant

  2. This is scary, but not exactly terrifying. Why? Because the mortality rate of the Coronavirus isn't that high. SARS had something like a 10% mortality rate. Coronavirus is closer to 1%. Millions would die if it swept the world, but the vast majority wouldn't experience anything worse than mild, cold-like symptoms.

  3. The real numbers are probably closer to 500,000! Remember, several million people left Wuhan before the CCP locked it down. That several million and not just a few hundred thousand!!!

  4. Yeah, if China says 1k people have died you can bet your bottom dollar that the total is almost surely double; it's probably more than that.

  5. Corona virus is an experimental bio chemical warfare developed by China that have gone awry. They wanted to become a super power but now they have cursed themselves.

  6. Virus created to thin out elderly/poverty Chinese people. It will come out in the next few months/years but UN won't sanction them. "Older people, and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus."

  7. “60% of the global population” don’t be scared by those words because he said “if not taken care of” which we are taking care of and that’s why it will never cone close to that percent

  8. United States 2009 H1N1 swine flu infected 60 million people in the US ,spread to 214 countries with close to 300,000 deaths, according to 2012 US CDC report.
    No anti-America attacks, no national emergency declaration, no borders closing. but when it comes to China, it is an opposite case, there is something wrong guys, isn't the first thing to pray everyone good? be human, not everyone is virus, most people are suggested to stay/work/study at home/online to avoid spreading and infection. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/somethings-right-here-folks-look-usa-2009-h1n1-virus-compared-cavolo.

  9. The actual death toll is about 24,000 to 26,000 and growing as of today. Facts. This is no lie . about 200,000 infected and about another 100,000 more about to get infected soon. If my calculations are right , about 800,000 people will get infected and about 300,000 will die in the next 2 months .

  10. I can’t believe they’re taking this number and running with it. Try 10-50 THOUSAND are dead. It’s unbelievable how much they’re downplaying this.

  11. Remember when President Trump said he will make Apple manufactures their own products in the U.S. instead of in China? Yeah, his words are never to be taken lightly.

  12. Something tells me this isn’t a big deal and they’re using it to distract from something bigger behind the scenes.

  13. I am from India, neighborhood country of China, Chinese government not showing true number, It's more than 10000 deaths has been occurred in China

  14. This COVID-19 is an airborne virus so its HIGHLY contagious like TB and measles and is NOT just transmitted through close contact. It can be spread through air systems in buildings, shopping centres, planes, schools etc even after an infected person leaves a room you can catch it hours later walking into the room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HCRmTHCUao

  15. One day we’re told the flu kills more people and no big deal..no need to stop planes to and from China ….the very next day , doomday and Armageddon.

  16. OMG CHINA!!!! Get over yourselves. You are not some ancient civilization that has this secret to life. You bleed red, you sh*t from one hole, and if not in a major hurry, it's one leg at a time putting on pants. Give the correct data. And figure a way of containing this virus with the global community. P.S. people care…people matter…. they were only protesting.

  17. China is the most papulated country in the word. And i think that the government did that to deacrease the papulation. That's all…

  18. Guarantee we aren't getting the real numbers. Wait until this hits the homeless in California too.
    Don't panic, but it can't hurt to prepare.

  19. Racist Chinese cover their nose when an african walks by. Now we put on a mask and run the other way when a chinese walks By…. Karma is a coronavirus. Lol.

  20. Wu Han China has a Biological weapons and research facility a few miles North of the meat market. They have different types of viruses there like Avian flue, swine flue, Spanish flue and 3 different types of Ebola strains to name a few. 8 people out of the 16 people first infected never went to the meat market. Not a coincidence.

  21. Is hard to believe that Corona Virus spread due to eating snakes, bats or other exotic Chinese dishes. For two reasons The first reason is that this is the habit of the Chinese for thousands of years … They eat almost everything that moves on the ground. These are their customs, food and popular dishes …
    Why if the virus did not spread before ? Why now, and China was around the corner of the world’s strongest economy and the largest and first source in the world ..? And dominate the e-commerce market. And … other information … China, at the end of 2020, intended to stop trading in dollars. In its transactions and trade. The second reason .. During my visit to Thailand and wandering in the popular markets there, I noticed that the Thai people eat rats, scorpions, bats, dogs, and crocodiles..and things you cannot imagine. Of course, all of you who visited the popular Thai markets have noticed this.
    These are also the traditions, customs and dishes of many Asian countries and peoples, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, and even the Koreans. Why then do they not spread the virus while eating the same things. The issue that the virus is transmitted and spread so quickly … because one of them ate a snake or a bat … in fact neither mind nor-logic accepts it. Whoever publishes this hypothesis tries to cover up something else. Or the real reason. I also see the rapid and frightening spread of the virus … caused by one of the two. As for the leakage of the virus from a laboratory while doing experiments and studies. Wuhan Industrial City is known to have dozens of biological laboratories there
    Or that the virus is a biological weapon invented somewhere .. It was spread in China for economic or political reasons.
    Another thing … we seem to have overlooked the Hong Kong protests … where the situation is deadlocked.
    Another thing … Amazon..American..the profit of 13 billion. In 15 minutes … because millions of news coming from China caused them terror, they stopped buying from ((Chinese Ali baba Express)) and they became Amazon American customers. Clear?
    To be honest, there is some logic in it
    Everything is possible … until the truth emerges.

  22. The Chinese people were standing up for freedom.
    Then presto, Corona shows up.
    Pretty easy to understand what's going on here.

  23. I have the coronavirus here in the states. I've been coughing everywhere in public. I also work at a post office. hehehe. Catch me if you can. 🖕

  24. Msg to 1 percent of USA : stop spreading lies and fears. U r not as smart as u think. Here in UK after only 9 cases confirmed, all the pubs and restaurants cinemas are suddenly as quiet as grave yard. U are looking at an unprecedented global recession unfolding. 🙄

  25. I am still a bit sceptical on whether it was man made or not. But if China were to make a man made virus and wanted to spread it effectively, then Wuhan and the Hubei province is a perfect place to start. Heavily populated, and almost equidistant from the major cities in China. Shanghai is to the east, Beijing to the north, Hong Kong and Guangzhou to the south and Chongqing to the west. Plus the timing of the outbreak being around the new year and the Chinese new year and in he middle of flu season is worrying. So yeah not sure whether purposeful but if not then there are quite a few coincidences.

  26. Jesus commanded you must love one another just as I have loved you. This is a command from God. How you treat your fellowman is how you treat God. How you treat God is how God will treat you. God has given no human no goverment permission to harm another human. Humans do not have the right to enforce their will upon others. If you do not want others to harm you do not harm others. God is perfect and rightouse only God has the right to create laws on human behavior. God created life , man only creates death. God has the right to judge each one by their works. You will reap what you sow. Jesus Christ is king he knows full well the evil man acts out he will return evil for evil. God can care for and bless all mankind. Humans cannot even care for themselves without regret. All lies will be exposed all evil works will be exposed and brought into judgement. God allows each one to prove by works weather they are rightouse or wicked each will be rewarded accordingly. All lies will be exposed all wickedness will be opposed. If you do not want a wicked reward ask God to help you to stop your wicked works.

  27. I am asking…Is the corona virus biological warfare research that got out of control? Are there research facilities near the outbreak city?

  28. I keep hearing guest experts exposing misleading information. Like the china virus is comparable to the seasonal flu mortality rates.

    In the US this flu season 19million infected 10,000 deaths. The mortality rate is 0.05% so far for 2019-2020. The China virus is 1% that's 20x more deaths. Additionally, they are predicting a 60% global infection rate. For the US that would be 192,000,000 infected, which is 10x the current flu season. This means 200x the number of deaths attributed to the seasonal flu. That's about 1.92 Million dead in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 60% depopulated, in the most overcrowded pollution producing country in the world, what if it spreads to other overpopulated toxic countries? Infectious workforce will be replaced by hygienic robotic machines that don't infect factory staff: leaving the next booming job to be Professional Eviction Enforcer who empty apartment buildings of tenants who can't afford to live there, where nobody can afford increased rent set purposely above the means of current residents to facilitate gentrification.

  30. Just thinking how much stuff we are buying from China In stores with the C virus going around wait till it hits our homeless people then the virus will take us all nowhere for them to quarantine themselves and good luck on them going to the hospital with no way to pay for bills.

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