100 thoughts on “Dan Crenshaw shuts down Bernie Sanders over his Green New Deal claim

  1. Why Green New Deal
    The fact is climate change was a hoax invented by Chinese to get a competitive advantage.
    This completely debunks all the crazy doomsday scientists.

  2. "The media, in my view — and I feel very strongly about this — is not the enemy of the people. We need a free media. That said, you have to be careful about what you are watching and reading, because the media has taken sides. So if you only watch Fox News, because it’s reinforcing what you believe, you are not an informed citizen.” 
    — Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, Fox News, February 12, 2020

  3. As a progressive, I want to hear more of what Crenshaw is saying when it comes to turning CO2 as a commodity instead of a waste product and I think innovation is the solution to climate change.

    I do believe both sides need to listen to each other and their concerns instead of attacking each other.

  4. My wife worked psych unit and these individuals. (Democratic leaders) could easily fit in with craziness, please help them back to reality talk softly but firmly about reality.

  5. We the people have a gift for summer end Polosy a white jacket with very long sleeves we will give you a vacation to loony bin

  6. Carbon capture is a short term small scale solution that is often prohibitively expensive. It is also possible to have catastrophic failures. Carbon capture was very popular about a decade ago in environmental sciences but has since fallen out of favor as problems of scale came to light.

  7. An attack on an individual under the false pretenses of negotiations is a war crime no matter the individual. Doing such a thing on the soil of a third party is a further legal nightmare.

  8. Crenshaw made a great point about term limits. I agree, I'm for term limits in Congress also. In doing so, you'll push out all the sleezebags but also get rid of the really good ones. It's a tough move.

  9. Nuclear is the only other BASELOAD power generation mechanism. Wind and solar just won't cut it. There are new types of nuclear reactors like Thorium (molten salt reactor), which are smaller and can be replicated quicker, but also safer because it doesn't use uranium, and pebble bed reactors, which are a lot safer than uranium reactors.

  10. Be a Hippie. Plant a tree & other green things in your yard or porch balcony. Consume less of everything. Don't litter. Recycle what you do purchase.

  11. say what you like people but this trump guy has made america look like another corrupt government to the rest of the world i always would like to know if he was a democrat would you all let him away with what he's doing, he hates anyone who stands up to him . he has no respect for anyone only his own, ,

  12. They said after the impeachment that they will keep looking for the next chance this is the abuse of power. Hypocrites

  13. Term limiits. If you served you limit, you must give up your office for at leest one year befor you can run, again. problem solved.

  14. Hey Fox News , really getting tired your Badvertisements ,, ,, ,, please go find a toilet for them because that I am not . . . If all I can expect from you whenever I wish to enter the room for a news update that I have to endure crap thrown at me , , , really ? , , , thinkest thou I should return

  15. Bernie is one last hope for America.
    It's gone down the sh… 🕳 in the last 3 years, but he and his great grass roots base can save it. He's honest, he cares… Bernie 2020 ♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. ‘We will not negotiate with terrorists’, Bush Jr. Now, under trump’s administration; ‘Um, hey guys, you mind if we take a break from killing each other?’. Sounds like negotiation to me. I wonder how this guy feels about about trump backing away from a fight.

    Now, as far as the SEAL ‘dark sense of humor’; we all saw what that was, men taking pictures of boys they killed and bragging about ‘getting this one with my hunting knife’. As a low level nobody ex Marine, it shames me to see supposed men of honor act in such a manner.

  17. Look "Democrats" have no personalities and no responsibilities for anything but want to take our tax money and "get" EVERYTHING "for free" !!! This means AMERICA WOULD BE DRAINED BELOW THE BOTTOM IN NO TIME!!! LETS SAVE AMERICA AND OURSELVES, HARDWORKING, RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN-CITIZENS>

  18. Are we all going to ignore the status quo trade deals we are still doing which give away our country's sovereignty. Sorry, but Bernie is the only candidate who actually will defend us from trade deals that are selling off our country. Dan is a badass as always though.

  19. If anybody else in this world tried to hide everything like Trump They would have people looking into them also.

  20. They say gender doesn't matter. Then all they do is talk about the matters of gender. I'm convinced Democrats wallow in misery while Republicans see to the Future and the Promised Land. If Democrats cannot find depression, racism, and hate they will just pretend it is happening or they will fixate on something that happened 200 years ago. They refuse to be optimistic they refuse to see the good in the world and they demand us to be as miserable as they are. It is our duty to resist This negative Force. But we can't do it through Anger and animosity we must fight evil with love. Then if that doesn't work we round them up like they do with the seals And hand everybody billy clubs and Start swinging like you're at a Mexican birthday party And it's pinata time.❗

  21. I don’t care if the Democrats have “good intentions”. If their pushing hard for a Marxists state then I’m gonna push back.

  22. After President Trump has His Next term over,
    I would like to see Dan Crenshaw as President!! He is an Amazing Man.. & When he holds Speaches, He Encourages others who disagree with him to come forward.. To discuss issues.. Sadly some can ONLY walk to the Mike yell out Names..& run off.. He doesn't disrespect any of them. He wants to educate some people, when and IF possible.. To have them think for themselves.. This is a Good Man.. Praise GOD HE Gives us People who CAN Make a difference.. Hugs

  23. If a "Green New Deal" DOESN'T include DRASTIC CHANGES being made to MOST of our ways of living ..along with HUGE increases in the taxes that we pay on EVERYTHING ..multi millionaire Bernie and his socialists WON'T even LOOK at it.

  24. Don't let Crenshaw fool you. He's a liberal never Trumper who wants to eliminate the 2nd amendment. He's a Phony. Texas wake up and vote him out come 2020

  25. NO TERM LIMITS, WE DECIDE OUR REPRESENTATIVES! Too bad to the sore losers!
    Trump 2024! What is WRONG with this 21st century generation?

  26. The saying "if your not a liberal by your 20's you have no soul, if your not a conservative by your 30's you have no brain is exemplified by our current situation. The young are brain washed in our schools into believing in superfluous ideas on how to appear to effect positive change while the right correctly identifies hard decisions and works on them in the long term. The 2nd lacks the benefit of being able to make grandiose statements about how they are instantly changing things for the better but it is the more beneficial method and by far the more moral. Nice to see politicians like Dan make the case eloquently for the less flashy but more substantive way forward.

  27. This guy said next to nothing. Same propaganda, I love this great country, and I'm for the citizens that why I'm voting for Bernie!

  28. This guy supports endless war and mass immigration because he is bought and paid for by Zionist billionaires. Oh, and he wants to take away your 2A rights and ship your job overseas.

  29. Hey Crenshaw, hate to interrupt your embarassing self promotion, but why can't you get a glass eye like everybody else? Guess you don't want anybody to stop asking you why you're dressed like a PIRATE!! Don't stop Bashing Democrats for even a moment, that's what you're here for, after all. Keep America Hating!!

  30. Carbon is what all life forms are made of vegetation i.e. trees need carbon its not the enemy people who know very little about science make it out to be global warming is something we cannot control 100% because the sun is the one behind it

  31. If people are voting for someone who went on his honeymoon to a USSR and fly back to live like a millionaire communist in the US. Saying things like "Bread lines are a good thing".
    Was all for a Nicaragua, a Venezuela etc. Then one wants to vote for unemployment, a collapsing economy, higher criminality/ lawless behavior, poverty and indeed a dictator.
    Bernie is no socialist, just a communist who sees no harm in a dictatorship like we now got a China or a Russia.
    Michael Bloomberg was already saying that China is no dictatorship. They will say anything when it fits their agenda. They just don't care.

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