19 thoughts on “Does President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial Set A Precedent? | NBC News NOW

  1. Yes. Yes it does.

    I can't wait for Trump to threaten another foreign country that needs our help into interfering in the 2020 elections.

  2. The weak-minded Democrats falsely impeached, then charged our lawfully elected President of crimes for which they then failed to prove… Do the reprobates within the Democrat party honestly believe this battle is over? …Are they really prepared for the tsunami of backlash, and the wrath, coming their way from the hard-working American taxpaying voter? …Nov 2020 will be the hammer blow against socialism and the Democrats, which will be heard around the globe. 👀😏🗽

  3. Yeah I'm sorry, do you wanna add anything more, because we are all agreeing to be full of crap on this report and no one is opposing our agenda! B.S.

  4. The precedent being set is that the democrats need to think up a new game plan when it comes to hiding their corruption,besides treason and a mockingbird media that aids their cover ups..

  5. NBC pushing the democrats narrative,
    & opinions.
    What has the democrats done to be inclusive and not divisive??? They just blame everyone else & not take accountability

  6. The Democrats are scared to death now that when they get one of their guys in there that the Republicans are going to treat they're guy like they did Trump

  7. To me it's like a plot to desecrate that nation I have my Oxford dictionary dates George w. Bush president in the country started with p.no Palestine.

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