100 thoughts on “DOJ likely to lessen Roger Stone’s ‘extreme’ sentencing recommendation

  1. What's crazy is the judge put on a gag order and whenever Roger Stone tried to say he was innocent the judge would threaten him with contempt. I hope Jackson (doesn't deserve the title Judge) goes to prison she is corrupt


  3. By questioning the severity of Stone's sentence rather than the verdict, Trump concurs with the prosecution that he's guilty. The federal guidelines for the sentencing of those crimes were set long before the Trump administration, and had any Democrats been found guilty for breaking the laws that Stone has, they would've faced the same sentencing. Stop making exceptions for Trump.
    And everyone should be sick of Trump crying partisanship for everything that fails to go his way. The Republicans have all the resources the Democrats have at their disposal, they can investigate and press charges against any Democrat they deem fit to. It beggars credibility that the Democrats have this omnipotent shadow government capable of bringing down so many Republicans, yet they lost a presidential election and were the minority in both chambers.

  4. A whole one minute and 30 seconds dedicated to this b***** story. Fox News nothing to see here Network.

  5. Did he really deserve this by lying to congress? What about the members of the congress who are consistently lying to the people. They should be under oath every time they open their mouth. Accountability at its very BEST!

  6. This alternative fact reality crap can get a lil annoying sometimes. Fact Roger Stone was on trial, He was CONVICTED. Which means he was declared GUILTY in a court of law. His sentencing being considered too harsh is NOT FACT, it is an opinion.

  7. The Vindictive way he was arrested*, should be worth 5 years! (Who Ordered it? )
    (The tanks were late arriving; the air support was called off.)
    The Judge, an Obama appointee!
    *Gibson Guitar factory had the same treatment but for a much more grievous crime!

  8. 1) AG Barr interfered prior to President Trump's tweet.
    2) Double Standard Justice is now called out
    3) Senate Select Committee Intelligence, James A. Wolfe was sentenced 2 months for leaking top secret information to a reporter he was sleeping with and lied about it to FBI / Congress
    4) the whole Mueller investigation was based on fraud and fraudulent FISA's which makes everyone prosecuted by Mueller / team illegal.
    5) those little f**ker's ran after being called out for targeting Roger Stone with 7-9 years in a double standard of justice! Don't worry, you'll see their names again but I doubt it will be them doing the prosecution!

  9. Fox News Reporting this!!? Amazing!!! Fox know this is a very grave situation, the dismantling of justice in order to aid a friend of the President. One rule for the rich and powerful, one rule for the rest, this is disgusting. What will his GOP cronies say about this sad affair?

  10. Is that what the people want, for the President to dictate the Law to the DoJ and the DoJ to dictate the law to the judges and the courts? The President wants to be The Law, meaning he has absolute power. Is this what the country wants? The next President who is a Democrat will also have absolute power, like an absolute monarch. Is this what the American people want? The only way to prevent an absolutely powerful Democrat President could be to abolish elections completely so that Trump stays in power as absolute dictator for the rest of his life. Is that also what the American people want? Fox would say – YES WE DO!

  11. This entire thing steamed from a rigged investigation. Should be thrown completely. The fbi should NOT be allowed to set perjury traps for people. This is why they specifically dont record interviews, so if they dont have evidence of a crime they can always lie & rig 302s to catch ppl in perjury traps. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

  12. roger stone was convicted for the turmoil within the dnc when bernie sanders was cheated out of a nomination. seth rich, a bernie supporter hacked the dnc server to expose the corruption in the party. roger stone didn't hack the server. wikileaks didn't hack the server. the mueller report didn't find any evidence the trump campaign was involved in the russians hacking the server. it was the mueller investigation that arrested roger stone. the mueller report found no evidence the trump campaign was envolved with the russians. how is roger stone guilty of something that didn't happen?

  13. Prosecutors quitting? No loss there…Likely being investigated because the ABC agencies were proven corrupt at the senior levels like with…Carter Page of the tampering and lying, likely by orders from above…Roger Stone in my opinion has a history as an opportunist political rat, but asking Julian Assange who is absolutely nothing more than a publisher of information from anonymous "SOURCES" and is no different than Zuckerberg for CNN or any other publisher publicizing information from "SECRET SOURCES" usually illegal leaks…Even if he did ask for first hand information from Julian Assange it would be no different than you idiots subscribing to these Networks for first handed reported information… many times from illegal leaking sources…

  14. 12 months home detention at most . The Investigation is flawed so it is fruit of the poisonous tree . If the judge wants to send a message , then send it to Mueller .

  15. Grave injustice perpetrated by deep state agents upon Roger Stone.. Extraordinary circumstances call for DOJ intervention.

  16. Trump's turned America into a banana republic, this is on you Deplorables, look at what you turned America into. It's just a matter of time before you start really feeling the effects, and you will.

  17. Roger the rabbit stone needs to get the time he deserves. Not a watered down version of the law. In my opinion I feel he should get 25 yrs. he was found Guilty. He needs to get the time according to the law. Not what donny the dictator wants him to get. I see a pardon coming. Sad thing when it happens, nothing will happen to donny for interfering. We have a DICTATOR IN POWER. Shameful.

  18. Wow, America in moral decline and becoming third country! Thanks to your corrupt president and the spineless GOP. Wake up Americans!

  19. All citizens who were pressured by the rat Mueller and his prosecution team led by the corrupt rat bastard “9-0” Weissman should be pardoned and reimbursed for legal fees incurred to defend themselves against the coup cabal. The Mueller people are despicable human beings and had no business representing the US against its citizens. This was a disgrace put in motion initially by the Obama DOJ/FBI/CIA and continued in 2017 by deep state Obama partisans.

  20. BArr, trampling justice with all his pounds and hiding behind his King. The republic and republican values are far away fror him. Seems to be corruption at its best and from the TOP

  21. Bravo trump right Fox … Trump knows more about consequences of his friends than the professionals .. I mean gosh trump knows more than any of us … he should become our permanent leader? right? He is so misunderstood … you go Fox

  22. Stone was slammed for no other reason than he was a torn in the side of the Washington elites. If he gets any prison time at all, President Trump should pardon him. Ditto for Gen. Flynn. And let the fake media and Dems scream to high heaven. It's payback time!

  23. "Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress."

    You'd have to be more like a lying Russian, to deflect from that fact. Trump is right, his move to lessen this bastard's sentence, is a disgrace and horrible.
    I haven't seen a more rotten liar than Trump, since OJ Simpson and I hope both are held accountable to their lies by God or a truthful American, asap.

    LOCK THE LYING BASTARD UP! Cmon righties, you know the chant!!!!

  24. This man should not get anything related to any reference to “punishment” democrats are committing treasonous crimes daily and yet they will never do a second behind bars free roger stone period

  25. People are really mad that this guy won't be locked up for 7 to 9 years for being friends with the Bad Orange Man.

  26. A semantics correction… The "sentencing guidelines" was misused. Sentencing guidelines are handed down to judges, by higher courts.

  27. Roger Stone reminds me in some ways of Roger in Mad Men – I enjoyed his video's on YouTube and would like to have him out of jail and back to work! Roger is a hero who would never cave and give in – he stands tall in my eyes!

  28. Absolutely pathetic. Another sad sign that our system is being taking over criminals, the immoral and fascist who dont care about the rule of law except when its against non supporters of criminal behavior. What will this criminal administration do next to further show its seemingly affection for racist, criminal extreme Right wing like behavior. The voters, including the the backward religious ones, who support this criminal administration, will continue make excuses and turn a blind eye and continue to wave The Flag( and the Confederate one too) But we know America was born on moral hypocrisy

  29. Rich people break the law to help the rich, then rich people pardon or acquit the rich people. This is what "winning" looks like to republicans. Looks like a monarchy.

  30. Money and power means nothing to those that has free and open access to it.
    Their punishment is to heavy up the fine in order to feel the weight of the law. There is also to be a different standard of punishment for big people than for little people. For big people influence others and they are admired by the little people who follow the example they set. In other words, big people have more of a responsibility to obey the law and respect the folks who enforce it.
    Not word for word as I remember, but this was part of the end dialogue from the Andy Griffith pilot on The Danny Thomas show. 2/15/1960

  31. Deep state worms crawling back to their holes. Pardon Stone, Manafort and Flynn! Replace with Clinton, Comey, Brennan and other deep state saboteurs.

  32. It's all political. They didn't resign from the DOJ, just from this case. They should be fired if they petulantly think they can just quit this case. I hope Trump pardons all of these Mueller victims. None of the convictions were related to Trump/Russia. It was all just Mueller or his puppet masters trying to get something, anything on Trump.

  33. This is unabashed CORRUPTION at work!  The sentencing Judge should hold off rendering a sentence until the first year so her penalty is untouchable by this President.

  34. The extreme sentence request was merely a way for dems to set up the next "trump scandal."

    They forced Barr to intervene….

    Stone fell into a perjury Trap and got caught….

    Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Schiff, Strozk, Page, Halper, Gruber, Steele, Obama, Clinton, Biden, Yovanovich, Nadler, Pelosi, etc…..they must all be serving consecutive life sentences…

  35. Absolute power corrupts absolutely….means that whenever a person has power over other people or things, it makes him/her corrupt. It morally destroys their nature and fills them with destructive pride.

  36. This reminds me of what Nixon's downfall was. Nixon committed illegal acts AFTER the original dubious deed took place. From what I can figure out, Stone committed lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing House investigation after the fact …so to speak.

    Lessen his sentence ????????? Really……………….
    Release the man. ASAP
    He's been through enough………………

  38. Pardon
    What only criminal democrats get the free card 🖕
    It about time Republicans get to be hard core with these scum democrats
    Have ten times a head of there game and stick it to them were it hurts the most and very hard even if it’s execution

  39. The scale leans so to the left is disgusting. There is no equal justice in America. Schiff lied to congress and nothing happens? Unreal!

  40. Senate Republicans just blocked election security bill. Yep as any sensible person can see, the Republicans in Washington ARE THE SWAMP.

  41. Impeachment managers lied through there teeth to the Senate are they going to jail for nine years. Oh ya they just accidentally misrepresented and left out testimony.

  42. Schiff has lied to congress and the american people 8 different times when he stated that Trump mentioned a quid pro quo with ukrainian president zalinsky 8 times when he didnt even do it one time and that is just one of the examples. So schiff should get life in prison.

  43. He is right the case against him is based on lies and should be overturned. . Why is Comey . Biden . Pilose. Shift . Not facing treason charges at the minimum …. The American citizens are losing faith in our justice system . Civil war is not far off

  44. Them dems will go crazy if stone is pardoned by trump. Best case scenario: pardon stone and his wife move to another country to have better life.

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