100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. reacts to chants of ’46’

  1. Don Jr talks like a politician and I would love to see him run in 2024. Much better than leftist Ivanka and Jared a Zionist globalist.

  2. Mr. President, a couple
    of minor corrections: (1) I have never committed a crime, which is an important
    pre-req for jail in most countries, still including ours; and (2) there’s just
    one book, but I think there is a movie coming and I hope you get to see it.
    – James Comey

  3. I want BOTH of these men on the ballot within the next several years behind each other! They can flip on who goes first or go by age! Trump 2020! MAGA! KAG!

  4. 40% of Americans are completely lost. Never thought this could occur here in America. America doomed with Trumps at helm.

  5. Please to all news networks… start referring to Trump by his new title, the current Impeached President. They keep calling him the president. He is an impeached president forever no matter the acquittal.

  6. donny jr, can't run a charity after ivanka and daddy were charged with fraud and ordered to pay money to other charities in compensation,trump is costing taxpayers billions when trump drags his family all over the globe, obama did not spend in 8 years what trump spent in one year in travel alone.

  7. He needs to trade up on girlfriends. Kimberly is 15-20 years too old for the kind of gf/wife he should be in the market for.

  8. Thank you to you, your family and your team for all the great things you are accomplishing for America. We love you and pray for your and God keeps you all save

  9. I love Trump, I can't wait to vote for him again.
    We should convince the Left that we are changing the Constitution to allow Trump to be president for life. I want to see the reaction.

  10. I'm going to start praying now for don Jr to run in 2024 ..praying Gods will bc if it is he WILL win..blessings to us ALL

  11. It was bad what the did to the Republican supporter,Don Jr Should have brought his banjo from deliverance….and knocked him on the head

  12. More than likely Humpty Trumpty is a Dictator for life now.just needs the army generals.Mitch said he would go and follow the allegence of the White no matter what,under ant circumstance,,someone just need to notify the democratic leader,and world leader Puden in the January after election…this is what all retrumplicans want..in my opinion….Don Jr seems to have some mental issues,we here he can’t help it,no one with full teeth would consider him for re election…..quit trying to scare we dematardys( wait Democrattys…..congrats Humpty..9 miles of wall in 4 years….I could have driven my moped down there and put up 9 miles of new fence….what exactly is going on down there…..is the crane disrepair?

  13. Don Jr., For I myself so really sure yur Dad will be surely re-elected, The American people so loved yur Dad, exept those few for they need money so with the medianites exposing their FALSE ACCUSATIONS and WICKED desire to down yur Dad but it won't, b'cuz GOD mandated yur Dad to lead USA, and to withstand with Israel's CAUSE, GOD Bless you ALL,,,

  14. Are you kidding me?
    To take the stupidest person in history and make his half baked son president?
    Well it’s the US so anything is possible.

  15. Let’s not forget about Pence! I don’t think he gets enough credit and the work he does behind the scene. I say 46 to Pence and then 47 to Don Jr.

  16. When I was returning to Australia I stopped in at the LAX airport and wanted to buy some MAGA merchandise in one of the Airport shops but was bullied by some freak lefties and forced to leave the shop. Travelling alone, I felt very vulnerable. It was appallling and super scary. Ended up buying my MAGA items online when I got back to Oz . Lefties are disgusting! I Love Donald Trump.

  17. Ive been thinking this for the past several months every time I’ve heard a speech from Don Jr. he is amazing. I love trump, but I love Don Jr almost more.


  19. Faux News enthusiast/drumpf cult followers, please create a fund to deport the Descendants of American Slaves that surrenders to your moronic ignorance. As you can research, being kidnapped from our supposed homeland we have no where to go. Buy my citizenship. You want this country to revert to the 1950's when melanated abundant individuals wete denied civil rights. I am willing to give this so-called American dream up. I am a veteran and only want to be in a country that is inclusive to all of the world.
    A large majority of you caucasion fools and the few melanin abundant blind followers of this repugnantcan administration profess to be of the christian faith, but have no mercy for no one that was involuntarily placed on this Earth.
    I can not distinguish the hypocrits from the actual moralist. Instead of having hate in my soul for all of you if this corrupt degenerate is granted for more years as President, I want out.

    As a Descendent of American Slaves, shouldn't I have the right to be released from the country that kidnapped my ancestors?

  20. Yes, Don jr. Should run for presidency in 2024!👍🇺🇸
    Or at least one of the three.
    Ivanka or Erick or Don jr.!!🇺🇸KEEP AMERICA GREAT!👍🇺🇸

  21. Don Jr you are a true patriot American and a Sportsmans period and thank you for speaking out for we the people period .
    Thank you the Vermonter

  22. I am love Trump and his family. But Trump junior just sits so awkwardly I can't concentrate on one thing he says. And his hand movements make me cringe too. If he could just sit like a normal person and do normal hand movements without making me want to throw up, I could vote for him easily. What he says is fantastic but he looks weird. Is it just me?

  23. Nancy Pelosi openly committed a felony because she knows that she will get away with it because she is above the law like Hillary is, like Obama is, like all of the traitors of the coup are.

  24. Longer America can keep Trump's in White House the better Country will be. I Dried the Day a Democrat because President specially a politician then it would be back to self serving Socialistic society with hand in every Taxpayer pockets taking our money.

  25. The guy has never held a job outside his family business.

    What a tin point banana republic we are if Trump Jr ever becomes POTUS

  26. 🇺🇸🇺🇸Great family!!!!
    Jared Kushner President Trump Jr. Vice President 2024-2028!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

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