100 thoughts on “Five HONEST Coronavirus Updates | COVID-19

    COVID-19 = Disease caused by the novel coronavirus (named by WHO)
    SARS-CoV-2 = Actual NEW name for the virus (named by ICTV)
    Apologies for the confusion and misspeak on my part!

  2. Clearly biassed >.>
    The virus started in Wuhan. It's a very dangerous virus and spreads insanely easily. There's even a chance it's a bioweapon. But bioweapon or not, it has an incubation period of 3 weeks which it is infectious during. And it's incredibly naive to believe in the W.H.O considering they're controlled by China. The fact that the W.H.O are more concerned about naming the virus in a way not to offend anyone instead of doing their jobs and releasing real information and working with the CDC to contain and stop the spread is worrying. Peoplr are more worried about feelings instead of saving lives. I suggest people do their own research rather than believing everything on the internet. On top of all this, it's an airborn virus which can infect through eyes too. I don't think telling people to wash their hands and they'll be fine is a responsible nor safe thing to do. And yes, 18 months is a long time. Even if you survive the virus, you can suffer lasting damage. Honestly no one cares where it came from at this point. What's important is not lying nor watering down what this is. It's a deadly virus and people need to stay safe. Healthy people have been infected so that claim that it can't infect healthy people is a lie. And virus can infect a healthy person. That's like saying you can't catch the common cold if you're healthy. It worrys me that people would actually believe in someone who would spread such nonsense.

  3. Hi! I find your videos very informative and calming in regards of the current situation! I would much appreciate it, if in the next update on the covid-19, you could give out some advice for pet owners. I myself own a cat that I love and I want to know what to do or if its possible for it to contact the virus! And again, thank you so much for your efforts in spreading the right information!

  4. The bad part about this new Coronavirus is that it is much easier to spread and much more contagious. It has a much longer incubation time (14-27 days) and the person carrying the virus can have no symptoms.This means more people will be infected and there is really no way to stop the spread. So even with just a 2% death rate, more people will die from this.

    A cruise ship is a terrible place to quarantine, which we have already observed from the Princess Pearl. Possible reason includes that the virus can spread through air and air vents.

    The best defense against the virus are two strategies:
    1. Be more cautious about self-protection. Wash your hands often and wash it throughly (with soap for 20+ seconds), especially before meals and after using the bathroom. Avoid going to events with large crowds.
    2. Boost your own immune system. Exercise, get enough rest, and take Vitamin C supplements.

  5. I have a question; since the lethality is only 2 persent, why is out there a such big story about it? Thinking about the past with sars and about the normal influenza? Is it really so bad, that they need to desinfect buses/trains? Or is there also overreaction going on?

  6. What about my son tho. He gets croup very easily and has to get a steroid injection just so his lungs don't close. I'm not sure this info is helpful for parents like myself with kids who get respiratory infections easily.

  7. Hey Doctor Mike I have some serious concerns about the Coronavirus. I am an immunosuppressed person…but I'm supposed to go across the country for a doctor appointment. Should I drive or fly there?

  8. We are supposed to trust an organization that names diseases on the basis of "not offending" anyone? Also notice the difference in Mikes body language from this video to the last. He says his opinion hasnt changed but in the last video he said the flu was worse yet this one he confirms(what was true then as well.) it is worse. Not telling people to panic is a good idea but treating your viewers like your children that believe in santa is wrong.

  9. I’ve shared this video so much. Great info! I’m not worried. Just keep listening to the news and any updates on it. Love these videos and could do with another update on this!

  10. A customer at my work was talking about conspiracy stuff regarding the virus and it's honestly ridiculous how people just pick and choose how much they want to believe from the news/professionals/government. Like, believing just enough to be worried and dismissing anything that sounds even remotely hopeful. Believing that the virus was caused by the Chinese government and that it's only not under control yet because our government and doctors get to profit off it really hit me like a truck when I overheard it. It'd be one thing to think it's a sort of "biological warfare" situation (paranoid and over-worried, but not too far-fetched), but to also believe that it's a looming disaster that's being purposefully ignored for profits…that's just nutty. And my coworker didn't even bat an eye at the conversation. I'm new to the job so I didn't speak up about how silly it all sounded, but it feels like a lot of people are just really easily given to learning just enough to get worried, then making up their own dystopian novel version of reality and dismissing anything that goes against it. A lot of "well, I don't know all too much about it, but I think/feel" as well because of an undeserved general distrust of professionals and gov't depts that are set up to benefit the public. It really doesn't help that there's a racial element to it as well, simply because people love to jump to conclusions and just assume anyone of Asian descent who coughs is sick with COVID-19 and going to kill everyone around them.

    You'd think people who should remember swine/bird flus causing unwarranted hysteria (at least in my part of the world/USA) might possibly have a bit more of a feeling of security, but it doesn't exactly seem that way, and simply saying you're not worried and you trust the professionals gets you entirely dismissed as "naive" when it's really just that everyone is beyond jaded.

  11. Hey man could yu please do an updated version of this … it's been reported that some cases people who recovered have now been infected by the virus AGAIN!!! does this mean it is worse then we thought I was all clam before but now I'm atucally really scared like no joke. Please please explain what could that mean for us all. !!!>_<

  12. I work in a busy retail space with virtual reality (touching many strangers to teach them how to play with virtual reality games and assisting them) next to the Empire State Building.. should I be wearing a mask to work? I know I should be alert not anxious but im at a heavy tourist spot and almost 500 now have it in Italy.

  13. My friend has a very weak immune system and sever asthma and can get majorly ill at the hint of a cold. Lately there has been news that the virus is likely not containable and because she gets sick so easily and the fact that the virus can spread without showing symptoms she is very concerned about it. I’m having trouble consoling her. Any recommendations? Thanks

  14. My friend has a very weak immune system and sever asthma and can get majorly ill at the hint of a cold. Lately there has been news that the virus is likely not containable and because she gets sick so easily and the fact that the virus can spread without showing symptoms she is very concerned about it. I’m having trouble consoling her. Any recommendations? Thanks

  15. I told my mom….im gonna stay safe cuz my depression won't let me leave the house anyway….n If it did I would be to anxious to leave the house….But guess what…dr Mike told me I'm not anxious…im alert….what's next? I'm not depressed im lazy!

    My mom told me she can give me the virus if she gets it….guess im going to sleep eat and live in the bathroom for now…#stayalert

  16. Should address that way more countries have it now and that the WHO has said its reached the tipping point. Italy had a huge surge in cases and they shut down schools there…. I know he just talks in a medical point of view aimed at mostly just Americans but only thinking it’s coming from China is a mistake it’s coming from multiple countries as Europe is scrambling to contain it

  17. Your content is incredibly good , you’re very informed on all your information you provide. I’m very impressed, you get my like.

  18. Okay, so the flu is going around my school, regular stuff, but the flu happens to be going around my school just after a bunch of kids came back from a ski trip to Northern Italy. It's hilarious 😂 Our head teacher had to send out an email to parents saying that they won't shut the school because some kids in year 7 took it legitimately

  19. And honestly is this guy even a doctor? He seems to only be on YouTube tryna look pretty/fake, top doctors of the world doesn't know….. this guy obviously most definitely doesn't know, thus guy is embarrassing

  20. I’m hoping you can do another update since California just had a woman who tested positive for COVID-19 and had not traveled out of the country or came into contact with someone who did. I am from the same city in which she lived and was being cared for.

  21. is it true that resveratrol helps prevent it? my teacher keeps going on abt this drink 'reserve' that has resveratrol and how it supposedly helps and im just curious

  22. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on this. It’s been difficult to sort through all the info, and these videos have been insanely helpful. Keep up the good work Dr. Mike!!

  23. We wanted to get my grandma a face mask since she's old and her health isn't the best. YOU CANT FIND ANY! On Walmarts website you can get 2 for like $200!

  24. Finally someone who gives a good information.
    I'm so tried of the overly dramatic titles on the news media and social media. 😑

  25. People please please stop buy face masks that are not for the virus! Don't waste your money on a mask that won't help you while depleting the supply that's ment for others!!!! These masks are for construction workers . . . anyone working in a area with a lot of dust or other types of particals/chemical/pollution!!!!! I work at a hardware store where people often come to get masks for their intended purpose. They now have to do their work in polluted environments.

  26. I know you said the virus only survives on surfaces for a few hours. But I Just got a package. Ive read another source that said the virus survives for about 6-15 days and I got mine after 6 days. I washed the object, my hands with soap and put on hand sanitizer. Im worried that the virus is able to spread through air? Can someone address this?

    UPDATE: I touched my eye and now Im ranting to my sister about dying

  27. So I have a serious question with all this stuff going on with bleach and water help keep u some what against covid-19 I tried to goggle it of course but couldn't find anything it just a thought n my mind

  28. Did you know that on the back of ALL Lysol disinfectant containers it says “Human Coronavirus” is one of the viruses that it kills? And it’s been on the list for a long time, what is your opinion on how effective lysol actually is on the Bactria and Viruses that it claims to kill? H1N1, Salmonella, E. Coli, Staph, MRSA, and Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 are also on this list. It claims that it kills H1N1 and Human Coronavirus on hard non porous surfaces in 2 minutes. And everything else on the list pretty much it takes 4 minutes to kill

  29. “The CDC will let us know”

    welp, it’s here


    (don’t panic tho plz reduce FUD #alertnotanxious)

    edit: lol predicted the hashtag before video ended

  30. Scientists should have spent the time it took to dream up a new marketing name for this disease on actually developing a cure!

  31. Hi! Mike.
    Recently, I am working in my home with my dogs as linked video because of Corona 19 Pandemic here in South Korea.😟
    My Bichon and Poodle do not understand why i am in house in the day. 🐶
    Pls take care of your health. 🙏🙏🙏

  32. The lethality rate should be calculated by the number of the people fully recovered and the people died, not the whole infected population. Because we don't know the infected people would end up dying or recovered.

  33. Hello Mike, with your videos I am not anxious indeed.. I would just like to be informed, hence my "dumb" question…
    Do we know if the particular virus can be transmitted by simply breathing air?
    Also, say I touched a surface that someone infected touched before me. By washing my hands, I am safe?

  34. Agreed, and I think that main media is also to blame. They are supposed to be objective but take the information and manipulate it to sound more dramatic than it actually is. Love Dr. Mike for giving an objective view that does not spread fear among the public. The fear created by the media are affecting the economy negatively. People do not want to travel, and it’s badly affecting both industries and tourism in countries.

  35. The thing about animal viruses that jump to humans. Their ancestors existed in animals, and the descendants are contagious among members of that species. Not very contagious to humans. Then one mutated and becomes very contagious to humans. It doesn't matter what species its ancestors infected. It's a different virus now. It doesn't matter what country the index case was in. It's all over the world now. It does matter that it's new to humans. We don't have any immunity to it, and it's very pathogenic. Eventually, since each generation varies, some will be more pathogenic than others. So people who are very sick will stay home or die, and people who are a little sick will ignore it and spread it around. So in years or centuries. COVID-19 will usually be less serious than it is now. But evolution is very, very slow, so this year, we should try to avoid catching or spreading it.

  36. QUESTION: (Sorry if this is a little off topic) I live in Hong Kong, and school is "canceled" so we have to attend virtual school. I also in the Stanley area, so there is not much that goes on. This results in me being stuck at home, which is SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!! I wanted to know if there is anything I should be doing to help improve my health. I try to walk around the house once every hour. We also have to do workouts for PE class every other day anyway. Is this enough physical activity, and could this also be affecting my mental health? I know you've said that mental health is just as important as physical health, so is being alone stuck at home bad? I know that virtual school is casing more stress than normal, so could that be unhealthy?

    Sorry that you had to read this super long paragraph.

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