100 thoughts on “‘Grenell Is An Internet Troll:’ Rep. Cicilline On Trump’s New Acting Intel Chief | All In | MSNBC

  1. What a wonderful display of human debris and pandering on display in our media and in Congress. Bravo MSNBC, Bravo…. I would expect no different response if PRESIDENT TRUMP announced a duo they of President Obama & Hillary to head up the intelligence. Somehow it would be looked at as wrong.

  2. liberia and sierra leone should not work for the united states. Jamaica is an internment camp ; sexually holocausting in the continent . Jamaica Is responsible for many Anti african agendas, slave articles, embassy games, dropping African currencies and much more destruction. Jamaica supports the confederate(florida and tampa) and mike bloomberg heavily. With Mike's increase of 15$ minimum wage it made it harder to pass city colleges in Chicago. The professors are cheating students out of passing the classes. Jamaica has a predatory(African Women being prayed upon as the men fight in Saudi and Yemen) and Taliban(Afghan and Roots) anti Indian agenda in their history. Jamaica supported Palestine over the Israelites. Jamaica's Currency is 40$ because of the war in their capital(The Kingston Unrest 2010). There was over 3000 homicides in Jamaica last year , and there were many rapes and sexual assualts. Jamaica is not a pro African agenda and do not belong in the United States government. The Namibian currency will not cut on for whatever reason holocausting in the continent like sociopaths due to countries like jamaica(predatory and google images nudity).

  3. What a line up, Comrade Scare Crow bernie, Pocohontas and Miini Mike hahahahaha future Democrat Presidents hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Rep. Cicilline is simply spouting the partisan opposition to Trump and is mis-representing both the methods President Trump is using when dealing with international leaders and the subsequent results.

    President Trump has brought a whole new mode of operation, changing the old status quo. His track record of results in dealings with countries such as North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico, Turkey, Syria, and China has proven him to be a far better President than Obama and Bush on the international stage. He has earned my trust.

  5. Not sure how 'internet troll' and 'intel chief' are even related in such a way that it is a newsworthy comment. Shows how MSNBC is more concerned with what happens in the social media pseudo world than reality.

  6. Does your “BUTT” 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭… More FakeNews give it up liars haters who is this liar 🤥 LIAR 🤥

  7. Oh! A Shooting happens in Germany and We start asking real Questions. No one brings up Gun Control. A Country With Gun Control its Terrorism, but in America it a Gun problem. Correction at it best.

  8. If MSNBC says its wrong, then I am positive Trump has chosen wisely. Mainstream media has no idea how much they are despised, how transparent they are. Americans tuned the press out long ago. Trump can walk in middle America and people will line up by the tens of thousands to cheer him. The press cant leave their coastal enclaves for fear of Americans spitting in their face. The media conglomerates MUST be broken up under anti trust laws to protect the Republic.

  9. Voltaire "Fiat money, always returns to its natural value, zero" gee i wonder why Jefferson liked the gold standard so much…. hehehe

  10. The Criminal in Chief is in desperate need of a loyal compulsive hideous blackmailer of highest criminal caliber now till the November 03,2020 election.

  11. Cheater Trump is so desperate for help from ANYBODY — he'll take Putin's help, or Kim Jung Un's help, or Saudi Arabia's help, or well….any dictator who is willing to "do him a favor". He knows that the only way he can stay out of jail is to win reelection — so yeah, he is desperate for any help from anyone.

    Even more pathetic are his cronies and cult followers who think that he is a strong man. He is a sad sack of thin skin, loose dentures, name calling, and blaming. Pathetic! 🤢🤮

  12. Richard Grenell's time in Germany was a disgrace for US foreign policy, very negatively impacting US politics in Europe and fundamentally damaging the reputation of the United States Foreign Service in Europe.

    There has not been a more controversial US ambassador in Germany since WWII. He actively pushed the far right in German speaking countries and treated one of the most reliable US allies like an antique Roman vasal state, including openly threatening and offending the German ferderal government and strongly threatening the overall German industry and banking sectors if they do not comply with his ideas. (A quick Google translate of his German language Wikipedia article is eye opening if you are not aware of details, his English Wikipedia article appears a little sanitized….)

    This is an highly disturbing individual and it cannot be overstated how much damage he has done to US-German relations. He massively caused an negative effect on the public perception of the US and especially of US conservatives under Trump.

  13. USA's next Government will follow the Russian money trails and the other half of all the crime will sink them all.
    MBS links to Eric Prince and Flynn's Khasoggi killing plan. MBS forgot to remove the American loose ends. 2021 will be intense. So much better than GoT. 'coz it's true.

  14. Why don't the Gvnt workers go on strike. If they did that, and could show a list of all the reasons why they are on strike, then perhaps the wider US public would see what's going on behind closed doors. They can't see the damage Drump is doing, because he covers it with lies, and they would rather believe the lies than actually look at the damage. Perhaps the loss of some of their services for a few days would wake some of them up to reality?

  15. Remember remember to vote in November
    The Russian Treason and plot;
    I know of no reason why Russian Treason
    Should ever be forgot.

    (with thanks to @wayne crocket)

  16. God I am so sick of hearing MSM drone on and on and on about these lies about Donald Trump. He’s half truths, The speculation these presumptions. I’m a left-leaning Democrat but even I am starting to believe Hillary is crooked. Why is the media protesting so much? That’s suspicious. The presumption here is that any trump appointee is bad. Anyone Trump likes is automatically defamed by the homophobic joy Reid.

  17. First they came for the vote of Black and brown people.
    But white people kept writing tell-all op-ed books about gossip in the tea kitchen in the White House 🙄

  18. What????
    They appointed someone with no experience of qualifications to head up Intelligence??????
    I thought that only happened in Ukraine and only if your name is Biden.
    Just wait until Lindsey Graham hears about this.😠

  19. Trump needs to have political and economic policy explained to him by puppets to have even the slightest chance he’ll pay attention. So his intel chief could be a fart in a jar and it wouldn’t change much.

  20. republicans represent the minority elite and have to do whatever they can to hold power. They do a really good job of hiding it

  21. Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putin (GOP) have and will continue to sell us out for as long as we allow them to. Goons of Putin got to go, 11/3/2020 We the People Make It SO.

  22. A vote for trump is a vote for putin.
    Did you say something comrade?

    #Twitter to flag lies. So trumps tweets will be RED NOW?

  23. Impeachment Trial For Donald J Trump! In Demand For The American People Of The United States Of America For The Removal Of Office! He’s Not Fit As A President! Our Country Is Very Much In Danger! Due To Donald J Trump And His Followers! It Was Never An Impeachment Trial Without Witnesses And Documents! It’s Not Ok What The President Did! He Should And Needs To Be Held Accountable! God Bless United States Of America’s Constitution And Democracy! Its The Law!

  24. What a load of whinging whining crud…..Americans are not required under law to cast their vote…..it's a great system…..there are no strings attached….please retain it…..if the president blows it…..I'll fire him with you…..so far he's doing a pretty great job.

  25. As the presidents greatest advisor and trusted friend I can tell you straight up to relax you…..he asked me….how can I soar like and eagle when I'm surrounded by turkey's like the elephant in the room!!! I calmly advised him….flap your ears…or flap your wings sir.

  26. Donald offered Julian a pardon in fair exchange for prison cell…..tell the nice people the truth…..neither Putin nor myself sent you the dirt on Hillary….just open your mouth Julian and tell the people how you obtained the info…..

  27. American intelligence is not stupid…..everyone leaves a traceable digital fingerprint when it receives gossip….I'm sure of this…..when Snowdon blew the whistle as a smart kid, he too knew the consequences of betraying the American people….no wonder he's hiding in Russia ever since….just because Donald has a Jewish son in law is no reason to jump to crazy conclusions either…..it's was interesting a few months ago observing the Jeffery guy playing the hidden Mossad agent stuff too…..even the Brit's freaked out by the cleverness and sheer stealth of the Balfour empire….I told Donald….let them try it….they are going to have to explain why they have the video and audio in their sole possession initially……he listened thank God! the Jewish folk can't release the dirt without self incriminating themselves……it's called scamming others to bully them…..do war by deception is the Mossad motto….

  28. I'm fully entitled to have a little brag here….America was pretty well formed on the crazy Irish N.Y. cops initially….we are only a little bit mad….we are not idiots….the Irish cops sorted out the mob….and told the Brits to behave too…..it's great to be Irish and fearless. 🙂

  29. It's not my personal brag…..we've been fighting arseholes and crooks longer than any middle eastern conflict from day one… 800 years!!! we were fighting religious wars before they were even wars bubba. we know our stuff.

  30. I like this president…..he's not perfect….but he's not one bit shy….he can bend the rules to and make the playing field very level…..

  31. I think he is going to hold the position until after the elections so as to keep Russia's interference on behalf of Trump hidden!

  32. Russia will now conquer Ukraine, and perhaps more allies because tRump is so pro-Putin that we will do nothing if they do.
    This was Putin's plan all along, to recover – by force if necessary – the old Soviet empire.
    Western Democracy itself is now at stake.
    Comrade Trump is the most effective Soviet agent in history.

  33. He actually can't do the job – he has no intel background – congress has to appoint someone with experience. This guy is just sitting in there until Trump picks someone so he won't be able to get access to anything. Just a bum on a seat really. He won't be there long – a bit like that bald guy that was acting AG! Remember him? What was his name again?

  34. American People the Russian are at it again they are trying to steal the Election but we cannot let that happen Trump must go to Jail

  35. "American democracy"… Interesting phrase. It's increasingly starting to sound like a joke. Gerrymandering and voter suppression has made it into a farce. Add to that Putins interference, and Trumps raisin brain, and noone can actually take it serious.

  36. Great—a msnbc leftist radical tv host, interviewing a leftist radical dem politician, all with lethal cases of TDS. Somebody play them Slim Whitman music.


  38. DICKtator Trump has lost the plot, emboldened by the impeachment fiasco, he’s now become the Emperor with no clothes, delusional & demented.

  39. FAKE NEWS brought to you by smug little Jesuits who are being ousted left, right, and center. Woo Hoo hullabaloo!!! Go President Trump. TRUMP 2Q2Q

  40. Joy Reid, please either get a better fitting hair piece, or go back to your real hair. That thing on your head is a major distraction even to a loyal viewer.

  41. Those intelligence agency's are not so respected anymore, they're interfering in politics – not their job – tried to change the election results.

  42. Why won't people call it like it is? Everything Trump has done lumped together is treason. Hope his outcome is the same as Musolini.

  43. It seems the spoiled baby in the white house is creating a true deep state, one for himself. How terrifying to watch truth and honor die to a cult of personality. Russia has Won, I do not trust in my government anymore and am disgusted to see that the loyalty and duty to country that I once treasured be hijacked by a parasite who cares for himself above all and puts his LIES above FACTS. Where is a HERO to come and save US?

  44. I'm sorry, I have to say this..
    I know it's not helpful in getting #dirtyoledon out of the WH…
    the US has been interfering in elections (and more) all over the world for
    years, decades, and continues to do so…
    to say that it has supported "free and fair" elections
    flies in the face of reality

  45. google "House of Trump, House of Putin" it's a book that helps to explain everything. It talks about trump's relationship with Russian organized crime (controlled by Putin) since the 80s.

  46. Your children didn't ask for their voice and freedom to be taken away
    A country ran by Dictators will destroy America,Trump is pardoning criminals and firing those who speak out (American people who served to protect country and people )
    Land of the free Home of the brave ,Dictators 😧 take your voice and freedom rule with hate ,protect themselves not the people
    Vote and stop Trump ,Republican puppets 🙊🙉🙈and Putin

  47. It's up to the intelligence community to stand up against the administration and put a stop to it. The entire administration is a domestic threat to our country and a bunch of traitors

  48. After Donald Trump, Republican party shouldn't be a "thing" that we are doing anymore in this country. They are the worst.

  49. Q: How many trump appointees does it take to change a light bulb? 
    A: Indeterminate, one to blame Obama for installing a defective bulb. One to call up NY times and leak that a bulb went out. One to go on CNN and claim that the NY times is fake and dishonest, and that we really need candles. One to accuse the CIA for bugging their light bulb. One to berate the Australian prime minister, who knows why. One to tweet that the bulb is a case of the Chinese treating America unfairly, and accuse them of child pornography. One to explain what that tweet really meant. One to hire 5 undocumented immigrants to do it, one to go on FOX news and say Trump would never hire undocumented immigrants and it's fake news, One to hire a shell company owned by Don JR. to do it at 100,000 a bulb,  One to tell us it's good for the country and creating jobs One to make sure the Muslims don't get anywhere near the bulb…..

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