100 thoughts on “Grisham on Nikki Haley accusing aides of trying to undermine Trump

  1. Kelly and Rex Tillerson should be in prison for Spurs Trump was good enough to put them on his staff to help this country and they pull this crap

  2. Communications Director? What communications? When was the last press briefing? She's not doing her job, just wasting taxpayer dollars and spreading more bullTrump and lies. "Going against the American people…" Yes, Mr. President is going against the American people at every turn. He believes Article 2 of the Constitution means "he (I) can do whatever he wants." She is just misinformed when she says they're not gonna have anyone from their side at the inquiry. That's not true. They have been allowed to participate since the first day but have not bothered to show up. But she does look like she'll fit right in with the Fox cartel as soon as her gig at the WH is up. Good makeup & hair.

  3. The American people who voted for Trump are not idiots and can see through the lies ,dishonesty,deceits of the Democrats and their fake news media who are backing them into making America the worst country in the world and puppets of other countries like china and Russia and possibly the EU countries.

  4. Here she is bleating about not being allowed witnesses. Impeachment is serious, there should only be relevant witnesses. GOP will do anything to turn these hearings into a circus to deflect the truth and misrepresent the facts as they misrepresented the Mueller report. History will look very unfavourably on Graham, Nunez, Jordan et al

  5. I believe Re. Hailey. It's been obvious that President Trump is and has bewn undermined from tge Time he announced his candidacy.

  6. Why are the lie….that what you guys get paid for…wow….no matter what prove….rep see….they are stickin to their lie.. and deceiving the public shame on Fox

  7. Apparently Kelly and Tillerson were a part of the viva resistance the entirety of Barry Soetoro's (AKA Hussein Obama) Bush's, Clinton's, Biden's the 3rd floor FBI the CIA former DNI's Clowns, the democrat-infanta-cidal-maniacs & RINO UNIPARTY regime's swamp dwellers need to be awarded all expenses paid vacation's to the Beautiful beach side resort & Naval installation at sunny GUANTANAMO BAY CUBA™ where they will enjoy lounging in luxurious high security accommodations provided by the department of the Defense for strolling and hanging out together on a glorious double decker block long promenade & gallows erected courtesy of the US Navy Seabees Hooyah!

  8. Saw a clip of Nikki campaigning for Marco Rubio and her saying to the crowd, "Donald Trump show us your tax returns". Funny I don't hear her saying that anymore.

  9. 2:13 — love it, learning from the donald — say it straight and no sweetener added. And Stephanie serves as well, a very important and dangerous job.



  12. From a Canadian Veteran, is Nikki Haley the next Republican President after Trump? Thank you to all US military members. Peace my friends.

  13. Thank you President Trump for deferring your commitment to serve during the Vietnam war. If not for your sacrifice you may not have beem able attend this parade and serve as 45th president. Your honor and grace will echo through time…

  14. Can you imagine if you wanted to stop fighting in these wars and let the cabal fight their own instead of using America as the sacrifice for everyone. Imagine bringing everyone home and only using our forces for defence. So no more spending trillions of dollars to black ops that no American ever gains anything from except that the world becomes more unstable and then apparently have to take in every other country as refugees. You can see the game they are playing… detsroy America bring on the One World Government. Trump wants to end these wars and start making America profitable again… I am amazed they havnt shot him yet.

  15. I wonder if any of these idiots at Fox know the truth about gang stalking/targeted individuals or better known as fisagate. Not one person in news at any capacity has touched on this topic.

  16. The DEMS did no other work in parliament for 4 years other than trying to impeach Trump…they should all be fired for not doing their job as well as wasting government money on false accusations.

  17. Why are the democrats so silent on issues that they use to advocate for? Such as first amendment rights, honoring duly elected officials like the President of the United States, due process, innocent until proven guilty, etc… I started noticing a change in the Democratic Party whenPresident Obama was elected. Both parties have become so tribal and the entire country has divided based on Right or Left. Then when President Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost the left lost their minds. Remember when all of the comedians and political commentators laughed at the prospect of a President Trump? Even President Obama did his drop the mike David Lettermen moment saying that there will never be a President Donal Tump!! The left just can not handle it and has fought this President tooth and nail. Just think in 2020 when Trump wins again!! It’s going to be holly hell!!!

  18. Fox News is becoming the speech police. They silent free speech. They call people's speech offensive. Fox stop silencing conservatives.

  19. no, the Dems are the spoiled ignorant children. They are that child complaining and throwing a tantrum in a grocery store because you tell them Facts they dont like, and the Republican parent isn't doing anything about it..
    And everyone is walking around feeling awkward about it in the store

  20. The countless sexist comments below prove how sick the Democrats are. Two swampmen were intimidating Haley in order to make her betray the American people. According to DemocRats she should have obeyed the men. That’s why the Rats should never run the country again. They are a danger for society and especiallly women. Like ABC and NBC the Democrats will always defend people like Epstein and Weinstein, who sponsor these media. That’s why these media won’t listen to abused women or children.

  21. Good grief the Democrats are undermining the US President every moment of every day! Imagine the progress that could be made if the Democrats put the people of our nation above their petty putrid power playing politics. Shame on Sec. Tillerson and Chief of Staff Kelly. Nikki got this one right.

  22. On this Veteran's Day … Sane Americans pay Respect to those whom Defend America's Constitution and Freedoms……from those that work relentlessly every day… to UNDERMINE them…the Democrat/Deep State and their Propagandist Elitist-Globalist-Owned Mass Media.

  23. Mike Pence is telling her to do this. She will run against Trump in 2020. The insistence of the resistance is all persistence.

  24. She also showed in that interview she does not understand the constitution when it comes to obstructing justice and quid pro que.
    She is coming across as no integrity. She had no problem dissing the President when she was campaigning against him. She is going for vice president….and then president when Trump blows it…positioning herself with the republicans and Trump base. She is a republican Clinton. Yuk
    Went from never Trumper to vying for Pence's job…. and then 2024.

    And Stephanie….. they have asked many from your side to be interviewed and the white house won't let them.

  25. Resistance? Undermining? Sounds more like an attempt to do the right thing.  

    Recent statement from Laura Cooper:  
    “My sense is that all of the senior leaders of the U.S. national security departments and agencies were all unified in their — in their view that this assistance was essential, that we could work with the government of Ukraine to tackle corruption, and they were trying to find ways to engage the President on this,” Cooper said.
    Regarding the holding back of funds to Ukraine, would Nikki Haley have considered "…all of the senior leaders of the US national security departments and agencies…trying to find ways to engage Trump…" as and attempt at undermining him?

  26. Fun fact: 51 Republicans have either said they’re quitting and will not run for re-election since Trump came into office!!💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂

  27. Before she even opens her mouth, everyone and anyone knows full well that all Grisham has to offer is a pack of lies

  28. Did Halley tell the President?? Or did she hold this bombshell for her book? Why doesn't one of these "journalists" ask her?

  29. Trump will be impeached , that's a certainty because he's a danger to the stability of the country and constitution. If the GOP Senate fails to remove him don't be surprised if the Pentagon plans a military coup to restore order . How? You just had two generals resign their cabinet posts (Mattis and Kelly) and at least one worked to thwart his plans. If Trump is let off the hook by the GOP Senators that opens the door wide open for any politician to court any foreign leaders in election help and get away with it thanks to Trump. Military won't stand for that kind of instability

  30. Fox FAKE News is the ENEMY of the PEOPLE! Fox FAKE News is fed FAKE News by Russian intelligence and false far right conspiracies! This was PROVEN in court! CNN the ONLY TRUSTED source for REAL news!!!

  31. Nikki Haley threw the Trump Administration under the bus because of a Book and A future run for POTUS. She just sealed her fate.

  32. And who recommended Paul Manafort to be the campaign manager?!  Perhaps some folks that knew of the Ukrainian skeletons in Manafort's closet?!  Perhaps related to facts that could come out of the current "impeachment inquiry" if it isn't restricted to Schiff's strange limits?

  33. The TRUMPANZEE aids don't have to undermine him, that orange clown does a great job of that all by himself. 😂😁😆

  34. I’m offering my opinion on the President’s choice for a spokesperson. There’s something not right with this one. She gives me pause and question. Best to the President. I hope this person is great. I’ve been wrong many times.

  35. So she waited to write it in her book but refused to tell Donny? Don't you stupid minions think that this is something Donny should know immediately?
    It's funny to watch you cannibalize yourselves for book money.

  36. Let's not forget the "Anonymous" op-ed saying there were adults in the room and they were keeping Trump in the dark on foreign policy matters. Some speculated it might be Kelly. I wonder if Nikki Haley gave Trump a heads up about the efforts to recruit her into an unconstitutional cabal.

  37. Democrats think most of America is really stupid. I mean it's not like they didn't tell us they were going to try and impeach the president at all cost. It's not like we didn't just see them pull this before and now they try it again with a dimwit liar and an old bat running the show.


  39. Expected that from scumbag Rex Tillerson but a 4 star general is just disgusting and then his pantload of an excuse trying to justify it.

  40. We the tax payers pay our White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham's salary. Since she took the job, she has not held a White House press conference while having appeared many times on a privately-owned and highly partisan Foxnews.

  41. Pres.Trump can arrest all of these democrat scum for treason and he has done nothing do not be surprised if you do not win in 2020 for doing nothing to stop this constant undermining your presidency they have been election meddling in the 2020 campaign since 2017 wake the fu** up before it is too late Mr President.

  42. I think he truly cares about veterans even I he might not of had the nerve to serve the military himself. it takes huge balls to serve your country and I salute every one of you veterans, past, present and future. bless you all.

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