100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on American optimism vs. media despair

  1. I really like watching this show because of Greg and Jesse. I can no longer watch this show because of Juan's horrible negative anti Trump attitude and so biased. In his mind if you are not a Democrat you should walk off the face of the earth. From now on I will only watch Greg and Jesse on you-tube when they do their own thing as I truthfully get ill when Juan opens his mouth. I know you keep him on the show so you have someone with the opposite point of view but his point of view is disruptive and raciest against republicans. This has gone way past what the producers wanted to accomplish and they should now look for someone to replace this bigot.

  2. Republicans are to blame for his continued abuses of power. Unfortunately he is now spreading a lie about the coronavirus saying in a news conference on Monday to just wait until April and it's going to disappear with the warm weather. Don't trust me, see for yourself, here's the moron spreading the FAKE NEWS… @aF9M Can you believe how incredibly negligent he is spreading this lie? The real problems here are firstly he believes his own lies, secondly there are millions of uneducated people in the US that believe everything he says and thirdly the people around him that are smart enough to know better are too afraid to correct him because of retaliation.

  3. The use of women as bate to spur an enterprise is not something new under the sun, in the old west it was not the intellect of the local ‘school mom’ that drove men into the saloons, it was drinking and gambling, and just perhaps, scantily clad dance hall girls. It was the Playboy Bunny that industrialized the ‘dance hall girl’ in these modern times. Let us not forget bikini wearing ‘car wash girls’, and the American branded ‘Hooters’, all of which dared to serve to drive patrons. On quick and not so deep scan of early morning news programing in the New York area, it’s the young mostly blond dye head female journalists that are keeping the faith as bate toward keeping and increasing viewership’s, and just perhaps, their journalism plays a small part in the marketing equation too.

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  4. little juan has completely lost it, his TDS has pushed him over the edge
    no facts, no debate, just screaming and ranting that the country is going to hell (dems have such sad lives)

  5. Why is it the liberals didnt care about government spending under Obama when he personally out spent all previous presidents combine and got us into this big financial mess but now with Trump it has become a big critical issue! GO FIGURE!!!

  6. I am a conservative and we live in North Texas. I must agree with Williams on most of his points. Too many people are left behind in areas such as health care, education and jobs. We need to stop the inflow of cheap foreign labor for 2 to 4 years to let citizens catch up. Let supply/demand raise wages. The Dems had solutions during the period of 1933-1950 but only gripe now.

  7. Trump does not care about the 109 brain-damaged troops, and 179 innocent lives that got blown up in a plane; imagine Trump going to war with Iran just to get re-elected!!?? Do you think he cares about the military lives that will be lost?

  8. I love Juan. He is the salt. The show is the meat. And he gives it extra taste. Makes for a better experience. Wouldn't like to eat a whole spoon of salt though…

  9. We are aesthetic. That he is our president. I feel something I haven't felt in a long time. Hope Joy and peace . Thank God. We have a president who understands us our values and what we stand for. Which is America. We are the land of the free the home of the brave. . But we can make it even greater if we all pull together.

  10. Just imagine all the new summer camps if Bernie was to really win. They will be called Bernieville and you will loose a lot of weight there too. They will only feed you one meal every other day and you can't have any TP. You be making cars and wearing a union hat. Bernie loves unions and oil companies, he want to taking them over too. Then call them BS OIL!

  11. Why oh why do you have elder there, with you he's like the Proverbial stone in the shoe the fly in the ointment, he has nothing but leftist rhetoric. When he opens his mouth, its like watching his mouth falling down the steps with idiocy coming out, blahs blahs blah😬

  12. Debt is personal issue, I know many people 65k in credit card debt, why because they refuse to be responsible adults, why should I be responsible for others actions

  13. Trump is the best and Soy boys and Snowflakes are so mad they are telling lies and yelling at me LOL I love it finely someone who can run a county and it shows by the number of these cry asses there are Keep up the Great work Trump

  14. Just because something is Popular don't make it Right and what is Right is not Always Popular. I go with Trump and what is Right for the Whole Country and not what is Popular with these Soy boy and snowflakes is not right at all

  15. STOP your lies Juan you are a disgrace Juan if any Doctor in the USA said I need 55,000 before I can save your life your friend would have a case to Sue for Millions so I know that is a lie maybe something like that would happen in Iran but not in the USA

  16. Too many talking points. Socialized medicine is an eventuality. I recently had a $1800 dollar hospital bill due to an ambulance ride after I dislocated my knee. I typically have free health care from the VA, but that doesn't help in emergencies. Not being able to walk is sort of an emergency. I tried to convince the paramedics to reset my knee as it is a sports injury and totally does not require a hospital trip. $1400 for the ambulance. $350 for a doctor just to talk to me. $50 for an xray. The xray tech is the one who reset my knee for me as he used to coach football and he knew how to do it.

    If $1800 seems normal to you for that, then you're not getting the point of why all of this is such a heated argument. The reason health care costs so much is because there is so much graft involved. The swamp is essentially skimming money off at every turn and we have to pay for it. The idea behind medicare for all is that you stop the skimming.

    I submitted my claim to the VA to pay for the hospital bill. Their response was that because I did not schedule treatment ahead of time that they would not pay for anything.

    There's a lot of rich people making a lot of money from health care and they don't want that to change. It will though, eventually. As the boomers get phased out and the millennials gain more power, this will come to fruition.

  17. 4:00–5:18 PERFECTLY said Jesse–Every high school or college aged kids should hear that…….They would just get triggered because they cant wrap their dumb heads around a America without food in their stomach and modern amenities.

  18. Where does Juan get his info from. I live in arkansas and I dont know of anyone complaining about jobs, as a matter of fact just about everyone I come in contact with Love President Trump and the few dems I know are considering changing parties, because of the circus going on right now with the Democratic party. So tell Juan to shut up he dont know what he's talking about. As a matter of fact let's rename the show "The Four"!!

  19. Why are most households in debt? Could it be because most people spend money on crap they do not need and live beyond their means? Most people with debt are in financial trouble because they manage money poorly. The largest exception being the ridiculous costs of medical care and medications.

  20. Juan at the 5:53 Mark, THAT'S WHY WE NEED 4 MORE YEARS OF TRUMP! So that people can continue to do better, BUT only if they don't get Sucked into watching your friends over at CNN.

  21. Juan, if it's so bad under Trump, imagine what it will be like under Sanders and his socialist policies. Nothings for free Juan. Someone has to pay for it. As Margaret Thatcher once said, "the trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money".

  22. Does anyone know what Juan smokes because it must be epic, he actually believes that drivel that the commie Democrats are trying to con America with..

  23. Larger house hold debts are ones own personal responsibility, not everyone else's responsibility. Don't pass the buck. Own it

  24. The Democrats know the economy doing much better and is going to get even better with the next re-election. Trump 2020 🇺🇸☝🔥

  25. People choose how they spend their money. It is not the responsibility of the country to fix your spending problems. You can live comfortably in this country for a surprisingly low amount of income. But everyone has been convinced that they have to have the latest gadgets, a newer car, a nice house and so on. It is all a mindset.

  26. is there really a whistle blower or is it another of Adam Shift's lies and it is really him Adam Shift as the whistle blower

  27. Household debt is the individuals issue not the federal government. You choose what you buy and if you want to live on a champagne lifestyle but have a beer budget that’s your fault. Living within your means is so unheard of in this society anymore because they feel it’s a right to have a big house, new car(s), Internet, cable tv, fancy overpriced clothes in excess and the latest electronics. I could go on but as in other country’s that have poverty ours is the richest impoverished citizens.

  28. They should look at comunial healthcare and education up to a certain level, not all the way to boob job, abortions etc and education for high end jobs, but just enough to give someone a footing who is struggling to get ahead depending on income, recommendations from school teachers etc. Meet it half way, build a few gov hospitals and a few gov subsidized colleges that teach a trade. Encourage companies to train on the job (apprentice jobs). offer tax brakes to companies who gives money to basic trade colleges, or sponsor a student or two. Give money to basic healthcare clinics, etc, anything that gives back to the community. Give a carrot, not the stick. There's plenty that can be done without going full blown socialism to help the community.

  29. It's sad to watch Juan make such an obvious fool of himself. You can tell he doesn't believe a word he says, but he has to pay the debt.

  30. How many drugs do you think that Juan has to take to spew that looser crap every day? I keep waiting to see if he had to check into rehab. pray nothing bad happens to him and he gets the help he needs.

  31. I had to stop this video so I could add my thoughts and perspective! The unemployment rate is at an all-time low and Juan wants to argue about the truth! Juan I live in Harrisburg, PA and I can drive in a ten mile radius and all I see is help wanted signs but these lazy liberals feel they are to good to take these jobs because they think they're demeaning! As I grew up I always worked 2 jobs to make ends meet and I wasn't to proud to wash dishes or serve pizza! The mentality of these people just leaves me speechless! This is the area our President flew over and said it looked like a war zone!

  32. Juan being there is why I watch Fox News. Because I’m watching a channel with people willing to be debated by a person of opposing viewpoint. That’s right I want to hear him even if I completely disagree with it. If I allow myself to get to a place to where I don’t want to hear people that I disagree with. That’s actually a form of a victory for the people that I would oppose.

  33. that's categorically untrue, if you cant afford medical bills then you don't have to pay them, trust me I work in the business.

  34. Great jobs for all the minorities and women (yay). Nothing is EVER said about the majority. How are THEY doing? Well, to even asks that question. Is to be branded a racist.

  35. Juan makes a common mistake, debt is up because incomes are up likewise the economy. Debt can only be understood in relation to income. Low unemployment and high labor participation means a massive taxation windfall for the US Treasury. Trump obviously knows what he's doing as for Juan well……….. he doesn't.

  36. Juan the other side of the coin huh. The reality is 8 years of Obama giving everyone every thing they want has made them lazy and stupid and followers. That’s reality and now dem politicians are saying we need more of this.

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