100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on Bloomberg buying Instagram influencers

  1. billionaire boomers going at it? We can only hope. Bloomberg in all honesty will open a 10 foot wide fracture within the dem party. The communists will never vote for him and if he carries influence into the convention and screwjobs bernie it will be civil war in their party. Probably a good thing to deal with these commies now and lose 2020 then not deal with it and lose for the next 20 years though

  2. Bloomberg has Micheal Douglas coming to Wisconsin to talk to citizens to vote for Bloomberg. How much does Michael charge? Sure buried his papa fast to get to Wisconsin. Governor of Illinois is sending buses from Chicago to go to Wisconsin and knock on doors to push for Dems. Illinois Taxpayers paying for this. Of Course.

  3. Why isn't bloomderg's personal height on the world stage. He has to stand on boxes to make himself look larger than what he actually is, compared to Trump's true world stanger. How tall is he actually? 5'4" compared to Putin, Kim Jung, and whatever is Irans leaders name is. On the world's stage, stature is everything. The rest of the world needs to know the "U.S" is actually the #1 country; "Globally", to make sure every country needs to be free and independent in order to be successful. ' MAKE AMERICA GREAT'! Go Trump 2020!!!!!

  4. everybody sane can see that the whole system is infested with corrupt leftist agents.
    They are on a war agenda to overthrow a whole civilisation in a global conspiracy.
    I want to see martial law imposed and rounding up as many as possible.
    Charge them with high treason, including the mob leftist propaganda media-
    They have declared war on the system of the free world.
    They shall have it

  5. Trump has nothing to worry about. Bloomberg is hated by anyone who has a gun or is black. Bloomberg and his "assault" bodyguards can just go hide in his vault.

  6. Trump is not an angry guy, he is having a lot of fun jousting with the evil democrats,
    i have only seen Trump angry at Shift, & he is aware that shift is mentally i'll so
    he's really not that angry at shift, because nothing can be done about the mentally i'll
    but keep them from hurting themselves or others.

  7. Youtube should add up all the comments & thumbs up on comments on all UT political channels,
    verify no repeat names & these are Trumps internet votes guaranteed for 2020

  8. by the way how is the 50 state governors AGs investigation into GOOGLE going
    i hear they are making progress & report should be out soon.

  9. Juan is so old he doesn't know that "BOTs" are not people LOL. Bots are programes designed to spam and comment and make it appear as if there are more people that agree or have a specific oppinion. They are not actual people…. Juan actually just gave BOTs motive and life and acted like they have feelings LOL….

  10. The Byzantine Empire never had this problem as they wisely barred Bloombergs from politics,banking,and education.They lasted for 1,000 years with that policy.

  11. You know I’m wondering if all the mainstream media including fox are just stupid ignorant idiots. This is the United States of America. And you’re talking about some effing millionaire who buys his way into an election and treating him like he’s some legitimate Possible leader of America. This is the United States of America not Bloomberg corporation. Do you know the ancient Chinese didn’t allow politicians to become government peopleBecause they use their business to influence politics. We need something like that now. Money should not buy an election. I don’t want some short little rich guy who tells the cops to bash heads being the president. We hate Bloomberg so much.

  12. How great is America u have a Corrupt Trump , Pompeo and Barr running the country and then u have a Rock Spider like Jordan in the senate WOW Trump really did make America Great Again

  13. 7 Billion dollars laundered at an Iranian state-owned bank in Bahrain.
    The state prosecutor found evidence that Future Bank was used in funding terrorism.
    I hate to say it; Trump is right.

  14. I hope these purchased influencers take his money and invest it in Trump’s campaign. Talk about a huge return on investment. 🙈😁

  15. So, Traitor Trump commits Treason in the elections, by involving evil dictators in our country's affairs, then intimidating all around him into silence. Next, people who stand up to the dangerous lunatic will be imprisoned or just disappear.

    We don't do things that way. This is America.

    Bloomberg 2020.

  16. Instagram influencers? Like more social media account's population. There are many fake account's on social media and spending money on fake account's! Fool berg

  17. Bloomberg is an energy form. President Trump is an energy source. Memes may be popular but they are no match for actual measurable results. Surely many Trump supporters are on social media so influencers should be very careful, politics is a dangerous game. The 'cancel culture' is social media's armageddon and wise influencers will not take the bait, they've got too much to lose. Influencers already endorse brands and most brands want to stay out of politics for obvious reasons. Hence as promotion channels, influencers truly have to think twice for Bloomberg's money could equate with losing longer term lucrative deals.

  18. the constituents are the leaders of this country not the SKULL and BONES grads or the money makers its about time clinton and her skull and bones grads get this<<<<<<< THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY YOU DOGS

  19. the constituents are the leaders of this country not the SKULL and BONES grads or the money makers its about time clinton and her skull and bones grads get this<<<<<<< THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY YOU DOGS

  20. the constituents are the leaders of this country not the SKULL and BONES grads or the money makers its about time clinton and her skull and bones grads get this<<<<<<< THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY YOU DOGS

  21. Maybe Shaq can help Bloomberg. I keep hearing Shaq adds where he keeps asking if you are looking for a job. I am not sure why Shaq would be a spokesperson for finding jobs as he has never looked for a job a day in his life. I'm sure he could help Bloomberg getting a job as President.

  22. Wait a second… paying “influencers” on the internet, unaffiliated with the Bloomberg campaign, to post memes in an attempt to swing the minds of Americans, to alter the outcome of an election?…. huh 🤔…

  23. Democrats should identify as body parts. “I’m the right arm of a US President.”

    “I identify as the torso of a President”.

    “I identify as the skull of a US President”.

    “I identify as the wheelchair of a President”.

    Next they come together as a candidate we vote for… they debate Trump as a team each unleashing their individual skills…

    And much like any Democrat nominee they get kick rolled losing 37 to 43 states or so.

  24. Juan should understand that President Trump is not the bully. He just stands up against the bullying from the swamp deep state and the fake corrupt news !

  25. Those "influencers" apparently haven't heard the "racist audio clip" currently circulating on Twitter of "Mini-Mike" talking about sending cops to target black neighborhoods. 🤔

  26. I wonder where those protesters that wanted to get big money out of politics went🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  27. Bloomberg is a Chinese stooge! He makes billions out of China and will, if getting the chance, sell out whatever to his friend XI the pig farmer!!

  28. But love the show still and I dont know that I'm Republican or a democrate I'm not sure what I am but I won't vote for any democrats that are running now

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