100 thoughts on “Guy Benson: Biden’s ‘total collapse’ fascinating to watch

  1. The evil you do in secret will eventually find you out. There is no escaping it. Hence, I am not surprised if Joe Biden's heart is full of fear. He deserves it.

  2. Cut to next scene, where the camera shows Biden with a Witch Doctor dancing around him chanting and shaking ballot docs over him. HA!

  3. Nah don’t go making fun of Donald trump now when all y’all voted for this dude and these so called politicians supported him😂😂😂💯

  4. Biden's only in the race to prevent President Trump investigating his corruption in Ukraine. He thinks he's off the hook and praying Hillary steps in to take over the cabal.

  5. the under cover videos of Bernie staffers, letting the cat out of the bag…..how under a Bernie government there will be re-education camps, gulags, they even spoke of dragging Rachel Madow out into the street and lighting her hair on fire…..burning cities, mass starvation, etc.  look into how communism takes down a democratic country….

  6. Biden only ran "for cover". He is guilty, but seeks immunity, and it seems that Congressmen lie all the time with immunity but Citizens are sent to jail for lying to Congress.

  7. To be real about this whole story that you are droning on about, we all know that Trump 2020 is the only real story. The clown show went on and on and America was not entertained in the least with the Dems. Fox News explained clearly what would happen and it played out just as predicted. Let go of the continuing saga of the Dems nonsense. Get on with what needs to happen to make this country grow. 420 In Plain Sigh stands with Fox News and Truth.

  8. BHR Partners. Hunter retired in 2019 so his fathers campaign is not conflicted because of his presidential run. He provided elite opportunities to redistribute wealth upward from poor to rich. They are reinvesting people's money and using it for trade bargains. They have fund raisers up to 1.5 billion dollars. United states government has a 30% stake ownership with banks in China and USA. Biden's are sneaky rich!!!$$$

  9. So weird how Biden was absolutely DESTROYING it in the polls when the Dems needed him to be Trumps "political rival"….. then….. almost like MAGIC no one actually votes for the guy?

    Its ALMOST as if the polls are there to bolster a NARRATIVE and are not actually a reliable, quantitative, scientific data set….


  10. South Carolina will tear pedophile Joe a new as#&@$e ! Lmao ! What a joke ! He is in senator Grams yard now I hope he steps In a big pile of Shiffe !

  11. A waste of some of the people on wall streets money. I guess he won't do refunds. It's hard to believe these people couldn't see he was unstable.

  12. The Democrats have always insulted Trump Supporters. "Deplorables". "White supremacists.""Racists, misogynists, islamophobes, homophobes, etc., etc. etc.",

  13. My take? Biden did it to himself. Look at the debates. Biden acted like an incumbent, not one of the candidates. He did little to win people over. Compare how Tulsi Gabbard took apart Kamala Harris with how Biden said little, when attacked by Harris. As we learned in 2016, voters react negatively  to candidates who act as though they are already entitled to the nomination. (Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton)

  14. Biden shouldnt be so condescending. Mickey Mouse could stomp Biden in a popularity contest with a smile on his face and a marching band behind him and he is even older then quid-Pro-quo Joe.

  15. Listen up Liberals, Progressives, and communist America is leaving you behind!! America is moving ahead without you!! MAGA 2020!!!!

  16. Would someone please take Uncle Joe home before he hurts himself or someone else. Evidently he has walked away from the home again.

  17. The democrats plan to impeach Trump has backfired lol. There is no doubt that Joe Biden would be the leading candidate if the House did not choose to pursue the impeachment of Trump, which totally EXPOSED Biden. And even though the media along with the left refuses to even acknowledge or question what happened with Biden and his son when he was Vice President, the polling numbers show that they would rather elect a Socialist than sleepy creepy Joe. Not that he is going to need anymore help to get re-elected but having Sanders as the nominee will all but guarantee a win for Trump. Hopefully we can win the house back as well so there isn't another 4 years of pouting democrats who do nothing to help our country just out of spite…

  18. i can't stand the phoney draft dodger tough guy ever since he stood before an audience of school girls and said he would beat the hell out of Trump if they were in high school. much as i hate the sight of the hair plug phoney, i will miss the hilarious stupid crap every time he opens his mouth. so i hope he sticks it out a bit longer.

  19. Why did anyone in the news take Biden seriously? Were they just unwilling to say that Joe seems to be in the early stages of dementia? His disability has been obvious to voters for at least a year. Be kind and ignore Joe.

  20. Trump only attacks those who are destroying our country…If this weren't so he would already have a name for the rest after 3 years…

  21. Warren always wears the same outfit; a black yoga bodysuit with some kind of loose floppy colored jacket over it. I'm sick of her and I'm sick of her unisex clown outfit.

  22. The reason the other candidates are not going after Pete is because they will be labelled as homophobic. The Dems devour anyone who is not rabidly politically correct. Your welcome…..

  23. If Joe even squeeks a pending lawsuit against Trump for smearing and tarnishing his campain….well then his even dumber than he sounds, because that means he gives the Green Light for a Senate investigation into the Ukraine incident, where all the dirt will come out. The Republicans already want to investigate.

  24. demonRAT titanic!!!! aka the ship of fools!!!!!!! deepstate having trouble protecting them now!!!! theres a new orange man sheriff in town!!!!

  25. Women commentators always offer their "as a woman myself" views on female candidates. An obvious silence from Benson on Buttigieg.

  26. how is running for office a reason NOT to be able to be indicted?,,,they should be the first,,,,,they are, after all,,,public servants,,,we're their boss

    Russian: Агентство интернет-исследований translit: Agentstvo Internet-Isseledovaniy), also known as Glavset and known in Russian Internet slang as the Trolls from Olgino, is a Russian company engaged in online influence operations on behalf of Russian business and political interests.

  28. Even the Democrats believe Joe Biden is corrupt. This is whats happened to Joe Biden’s campaign. His corruption is in plain sight for everyone to see on video tape.

  29. Pete Bootycall knows he can't win. He's tagging along to simply get more exposure and use that to springboard himself into a future Senate or Governor race.

  30. I'm a Latino, an ex democrat supporter and ashamed of it. I'm not gonna vote for any candidate other than Trump! He did to my community more than any other president combined. I will vote for Trump next election.

  31. Warren's…life..story..Im..sure..is..a..lie…I've..never…watch…her…for..more…than..a..second…and..wanted..to…Vomit!!!!……Liar..Liar..pants..on..fire!!!!……'SHE'S..A..BROWN..FAMILY…..Suck..on..that..for..a..while….!….Another..Sanctuary…Scummer..,,,LIKE…THE..BROWNS…AND…NEWSOMS!…..Her….in.her..ruffled…hair..and…her…duster…house…clothes…!!!!!!….Oink….Oink!!!!!

  32. Joe Biden thinks he is running against Joe Biden. This guy has advanced dementia and should be at a care facility, not out being forced to do this.

  33. The Ukraine episode probably hurt Biden. He may not have done anything prosecutable, but he was certainly in a conflict-of-interest situation. To win the general election, the Democratic nominee will have to make the case that Trump is corrupt, and Biden is not the man to do it.

  34. This man,if that's what he calls himself,(Biden),has no class,and will just say anything.A very sad excuse for a democratic hope.🙄

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