100 thoughts on “Hannity: Biden campaign on life support

  1. I wonder why Berni Sanders don't live in a socialist country ? Oh becaused he like capitalism LOL wow I hope every day for president Trump 2020 victory God is washing does who lies are in TV 😇🤩💯😍😃😁😄🤗

  2. Why would 45% vote for a Socialist?
    Sean, there’s your 47% (famously commented on by Romney) who NEVER PAY ANY INCOME TAXES.
    I worked for the California prison system for over a decade and saw thousands of men who quit school, affiliated with gangs, took drugs, engaged in criminality, and who NEVER WORKED. Those men, of course, would like a system that completely supported them, as well as forgave their crimes.

  3. Bernie would be older at the start of his term than Reagan was when he left office. I’m not wishing him bad luck but you have Bernie at 78 and Tulsi at 38.


  5. HUNTERS BABY MOMMA IS GOING TO GET RICH OFF ALL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN CHILD SUPPORT COURT!!!!!its why they found out about privat divorce agreement
    forces hunter 2 divulge any finance records if good cause is found to be he's made more than reported…dudes a DOG

  6. IF Joe was to take the Presidency, one of his first actions would be to restore the prior trade pact with China. China has BOTH Bidens in their pocket.

  7. Joe Biden is nothing more than a two bit punk! Bernie Sanders is a dangerous Communist!! Beware America, he has no good in mind for this country. And Warren is just a liar.

  8. Can you believe anything this man says? He's a sort of snake oil salesmen who knows what he's selling is crap. He rants and he raves and says how unfair the normal, educated, rational, sensible, intelligent, normal (choose your adjective) media is toward Trump. Listen to the garbage coming out of this guys mouth. Pure vitriol and full of hatred for a large proportion part of American citizens who may well be republicans.
    There is no place for this man on the world stage.

  9. Biden and Warren are out . Blugeshiff will stay because of money he has backing him. it will go down to sanders and Klubishof. I dont care to check spelling right now, but I think Amy will win out . She is the closet to main line Dems, and is a women. Bet Dat.

  10. told u Republicans were plotting and planning their next move, at the tune of $100 billion dollars campaign pact, in addition to the $2 trillion dollar 2017 tax scam on the American people, yes you've been lied to again, every hour, of every day, by the time TChump and the corrupt Republicans r done with u, u will b lucky to have the short on ur back!

  11. Yes, instead of owning ur own home w/a white picket fence, families r now working three and four jobs, have less then $500 dollars saved up, can't afford to fix their car, go to the doctor, buy their insulin, all bciz of Republicans tax cuts for the wealthy, corruption dealt to Americans for decades.

  12. Yes, we all knew, except the Republicans, that Trump and his crony wealthy friends, were going to give to the wealthy and take from everyone else, after their 2017 tax scam on the American people, they now want to cut trillions for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, yes, u heard right, cut ur health care, cur ur retirement, and where did the money go to, wair4it, TChump's wealthy friends, the top 83% of the wealthiest Americans, will Republican voter's, NEVER wake up?  You only need a 3rd grade education to understand this?

  13. The corrupt Republicans won't demand an audit at the Pentagon, wasting trillions of tax payer $$$.  The last 4 Republican POTUS's record:Reagan…Started the largest wealth gap in America, which continues today, "trickle down Reaganomics of the 1980's", never trickled down, and the rich got richer, and everyone else suffered.  Bush 41…..1000 points of light???  Unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy.  Bush 43…Unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy, unpaid prescription drug plan, wasted trillions of tax payer $$$ on illegal wars.  TChump…Unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy, took health care away from 30 million Americans…MOST corrupt POTUS in history!!!

  14. TChump claimed he wasn't going to golf, wait4it, u guessed wrong, he's golf 10x what Obama has, he's wasted 50x on security and bogus trips, then what Obama did,  TChump claimed NO executive orders/ he's signed 3x what Obama has, every word out of this clowns mouth, is a LIE!  He claimed affordable health care for all, low premiums and deductibles, a LIE, he's taken away health care from 30 million people, said he was "The Law & Order POTUS", he's more corrupt then all POTUS's combined, claimed "Mexico will pay for the wall", Americans r stuck with the bill, another tax increase, one of dozens by the party that claims 2b lowering taxes?

  15. Republicans for decades, claimed 2b the "party of jobs and families", research shows, wait4it, ANOTHER lie, Democrats have created 2x the # of jibs, in 8 less years, going back, wait4it, 5 decades, yes, the GOP has been lying to u for more then 50 years!  ALL u have to do is google, "Jobs Created By President", add them up, and yes, u get facts and truths, the GOP won't talk about.  And the biggest lie to date, the GOP claimed 2b the party of "rule of law and the constitution", but their so afraid of TChump 2b primaried, they have completely abandoned both.

  16. Yes, the Republicans have been exposed of all this and now they r known as racists, by gerrymandering to cheat the electoral college, courts in Texas, North Carolina and Virginia have opined on, but the corrupt right wing Supreme Court, have abandoned the same principles, ALL these republican crooks MUST b removed!
    The radical right socialist, will say, do and lie about anything to control ur life, with their special interests, lobbyists and wealthy friends, these crooks makeRichard Nixon, look like a choir boy…  Her's another one, 'We have the cleanest air and water", ANOTHER lie, he just cut the EPA by 25%?

  17. The GOP couldn't find the truth, if it were on the end of their nose…their in bed with the NRA, fossil fuel, insurance and drug companies, protect pre-existing conditions, ANOTHER lie, Repeal & Replace, ANOTHER lie, Republicans CAN'T seem to find the truth, on anything?   When u lie down with dogs, u h=get up with fleas!!!  Is the sky blue or green?  Is the grass green or red?  Does the sun rise in the east or west?

  18. The top 1% has grown $3.5 trillion dollars, while u and I r earning less then we were in the 1980's?  The corrupt Republicans will not raise ur wages with a Federal minimum wage increase, to keep up with inflation, food and rent costs r out of hand.

  19. Breaking news, Americans pay has increased only 10% in 5 decades, as corporate america's has grown, wait4it, 1000%, y u ask, bcuz the corrupt Republicans refuse to give Americans a Federal minimum wage increase, 43% of American's can't afford their monthly bills, all bcuz the lying, hypocritical right wing party!!!

  20. The stock market went up 12k points under Obama, Trump, NOT so much. Obamacare was a Republican idea, The Heritage foundation, implemented by a Republican, Mitt Romney,  ut the corrupt right wing, lying, hypocrite radical socialists, have changed their tune.

  21. More jobs were created in the last three years under Obama then under TChump in his 1st three years, ALL lies by Republicans! Chump said he wanted to protect Americans pre-existing conditions, but he's in court suing to do the exact opposite, ALL lies by Republicans!
    He's suing in court to take health care away from 30 million Americans.

    He said he was going to bring back manufacturing jobs, their at an all time 10 year low.

  22. He's done nothing to repair our 3rd World infrastructure system, putting people's lives at risk on our roads, bridges and rail. His foreign policy is a disaster, full of lies and deceit.

  23. Seriously, I'm an American who has lived in several socialist countries in my long life and here's what I think of socialism: IT SUCKS. If you want to be poor and have horrific malpractice and "free" medical care, go live in a socialist country. A vote for Barry is a vote for you to have a crappy life.

  24. Today is the two year anniversary of the Republicans tax scam on the American people and as with Reagan's trickle down economics and Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, the Conservatives lies have been exposed again, here's just a few of the whopper's they told when they were passing it.  Trump and the wealthy wouldn't see an increase in their wages, but yet 83% of the tax scam went to the top 1% of the rich, while everyone else got an average of, WAIT 4 IT, $28???  Yes, Republicans took ur money and instead of rebuilding our D- infrastructure, pocketed it and gave it to their wealthy special interest and lobbyist friends, so they could make their share holder's wealthier, beyond their wildest dreams and control ur life even more with their radical right socialist agenda.

    The Republicans tax scam of 2017 blew a $2 trillion dollar hole in the budget, who they claim to be fiscally conservative and complained 24/7 under Obama, the corrupt Republican administration is now set to double the debt that Obama had, but now not one word out of the right wing media?  Trump said everyone would get a $4000-$9000 increase in their paycheck, ANOTHER BIG LIE.  Americans will never learn, WHEN U VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN, U R VOTING TO MAKE THE RICH, WEALTHIER, AND EVERYONE ELSE, POORER!  THOSE R THE FACTS!!!  IT HAPPENED UNDER REAGAN, WHO STARTED THE LARGEST WEALTH GAP IN AMERICA WHICH CONTINUES TODAY, AND HAPPENED UNDER BUSH AND NOW TRUMP.

    r tr
    ying to clean up their mess, BUT WAIT 4 IT, they want to give more money to themselves and their wealthy friends, yes the GOP ignored the middle class and committed fraud on the American people, THERE WERE DOZENS OF DEMOCRATS AMENDMENTS THAT WOULD HAVE BENEFITED AVERAGE EVERYDAY AMERICANS, THE MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR, BUT THE REPUBLICANS VOTED AGAINST EVERYONE OF THEM, SO THEY COULD MAKE THEMSELVES AND THEIR WEALTHY DONORS, RICHER.

    People's tax refunds r down at least 6%, bonuses paid to worker's are down, State's don't h

    ave the money to run their schools, hospitals, airports, police and fire departments, it goes on and on and on, the GOP corruption is way beyond what Richard Nixon dreamed of.





  26. Debt highest since World War 2, record # of farmer's claiming bankruptcy, farmer's losing their farms, trucker's losing their careers, nobody has taxed u more then Donald J TChump, largest wealth gap in American history, due to Republicans 2017 tax scam on the American people, 30 of the top companies not paying any taxes while u and I pay 33%, all bcuz of the corrupt Republicans sleeping with the special interests and lobbyists, coal, NRA, pharmacy, insurance companies, were earning less now then we were in the 1980's, Republicans exposed as anti constitution, anti rule of law, liars, cheaters, as they suppress our voting right's, limit our wages, DON'T ever, NEVER trust a Republican.

  27. Chump's speech tonight will be all lies, the biggest pathological liar in World history, a crook, a con man, who set up a fake University, then him and his family pocketed, wait 4 it, ur money, he set up a fake military foundation for vets, then wait 4 it, pocketed the money, and u thought another corrupt, rich Republican was going to help u?  HA HA HA

  28. After watching a few of these YouTube videos, I can see why people watch Hannity, this guy is entertaining lol. Definitely hypocritical though how Hannity wants to throw Biden & Bloomberg under the bus on their gaffes especially relating to minority relations but Trump called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and African nations "sh*thole countries". Plus good lord with these Red Scare tactics, what is this the '50's? Firstly, Socialism & Communism aren't the same (hell, not all forms of communism are, look up the Sino-Soviet Split). Secondly, other 1st world DEMOCRACIES have instituted many of the same reforms Bernie is calling for with much success, and greater well being for their populace. All while still being DEMOCRATIC.

  29. Bernie vs Bloomberg should split votes up..Note in ride share today say voting Trump because no better person hope right and Democrat…lol

  30. Why don't the conservative media call Bernie for what he is … a communist? Everything about the guy reflects a communist perspective, but he keeps getting a pass when conservative media networks refer to him as a socialist. I don't think that most Democrats are informed enough to associate the reality that the man is a communist, unless someone begins to say that. If people start evaluating him for what his policies look like in comparison to former Soviet Union policy under communism. I believe that most Americans over the age of 35 really want America to become a communist state. And therefore I don't believe they would vote for a communist, if they knew that's what he was.

  31. Hannity get it right he’s not a Socialist! He’s a Communist! He honeymooned in The USSR when it was Communist not when it was Socialist! Stop giving him an easy pass Hannity!

  32. Sean, note that he was reading off of a teleprompter. There's no way that those who wrote and approved that script got Nevada and New Hampshire confused. What we're seeing is one of the greatest con jobs of all politics. Biden etal know he will be facing indictment and justice. So he is already setting the stage for his progressive illness of senility, maybe a diagnosis by a paid MD of Alzheimer, SO THAT he can hope to escape justice.

  33. The Socialists are taking turns stepping on the graves of every American Soldier who fought to keep this country free…………………I just wonder if they meet any vets if they thank them for their service while they are undermining them………………..

  34. If you're 20 years old and believe in Socialism, o.k., I can accept that. But if you're 78 and still believe in Socialism then, you're an idiot.

  35. They have made it painfully obvious they arent trying to win, what with this whole russian collusion scheme, Adam Schiff being a lying fuckoff, pelosi being the crybaby she is, and impeachment a weaponized joke. Best part is that their best candidate can only garner 35% of the democratic base while 100% of the independants will never vote for a socialist, and no republican in their right mind would either. There you have it, liberals…your winning formula. Thats almost 85% of the votes going towards Trump, so I really hope you people start crying earlier this year.

  36. Joe Biden and the Unabomber with their aviator glasses LOL Hey, maybe the dems can get Alice Cooper to run against Trump. Oh wait, my bad, Alice is a republican …

  37. Hannity you look so desperate dude spitting this non sense hopping it's believable enough, your boyfriend donnie will certainly face either Biden or Bloomberg We have thousands or video on your corrupt gang,

  38. Can we please get Important news on Prince Andrew avoiding the fbi, the unconstitutional Virginia gun grab news?

  39. Where's my healthcare?
    Where's my zero interest student loan?
    Enough with the political gossip. Give me my stuff, Trump.

  40. Fox News is propaganda… the smart people have known it from its Inception.. years ago 🇺🇸 all the fuking idiots.. the ones that believe in Jesus Christ and also follow Fox News ARE SO FCKN LOST ‼️‼️‼️

  41. Porky Pig like Comrade Trump must go 🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃

  42. Wow ! His campaign on life support ? He is on life support . Talking to walls cussing out voters and calling them vile names . Sounds to me like he needs a good cell ! And not for medical reasons .

  43. I already know so many democrats that told me they're not even voting so if all of us vote and trump gets record majority percentage thatd be cool

  44. Sean its not true, i think people can think for themselves instead of being brainwashed. Free healthcare is not socialism, spending 700 billion on war and Saudi Arabia is a crime. Why dont you compare those. Stop your scare tactics.

  45. I am going to miss those pithy sayings… When Pelosi tore up that speech I felt like she was spittin' in my face….omg. So we find we cannot play a game with rules with the lawless. go figure.

  46. We know Bernie's a commie. The sad and scary part is all of his followers are to. I wrote the first two sentences before I heard that 43% of voters would vote for a socialist. 43%of this country is commies, now that very scary and very un-American.

  47. Can't wait to see the whole Hunter Biden thing blown wide open. Even if there was technically nothing illegal about this arrangement, even a leftist tool should be able to see that a crack head with no experience in the oil industry and who does not speak the language should not magically end up on a board of directors for an energy company in the Ukraine, making over $50,000 a month. This is clearly a 'quid pro quo' as the Ukranians probably felt like they had Uncle Joe on their 'beholden' list should they have ever needed a favor, even if they didn't cash in on a favor.

  48. There all gone down.the swamp rat. We will bring the Trump train for a ride ,to jail.joe beat himself when he open his pie hole.all aboard the Trump train .off to jail you go.oh it has cell cars on it.

  49. “Let not your heart be troubled;
    you believe in God, believe also in Me.

    In My Father’s house are many mansions;
    If it were not so, I would have told you.
    I go to prepare a place for you.
    And if I go and prepare a place for you,
    I will come again and receive you to Myself;
    that where I am, there you may be also.
    And where I go you know, and the way you know.”

    Thomas said to Him,
    “Lord, we do not know where You are going,
    and how can we know the way?”

    Jesus said to him,
    “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
    No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
    John 14:1-6

  50. Hell, it wasn't a gaff, it was the truth. I don't know about Dunkin' Donuts but you sure as hell can't check into a motel unless you can understand someone with an Indian accent.

  51. Hannity! When you say that Bernie is Soviet-style socialist, I have to say, Enough! Bernie's policies have been in place everywhere in Europe and most of the rest of the world for decades! Does France look like Russia? Denmark? Get real. I have left the Democratic Party, and I am not voting for Bernie. But this level of propaganda is shameful.

  52. The Biden clown show is about as goofy as it gets. He'd be better off responding to questions by just farting into the mic from now on.

  53. You need to report more on bloomberg. you know the DNC is going to steal it away from Bernie again and give it to the guy who buys ads on Fake news with all the sound bites CNN, MSNBC, CBS and the rest as they set up their debates with set up questions and getting them to fight against each other so Bloomberg has a crapload of video bites to run against Bernie, Warran or whoever wins. DNC Rigged Bernie gets Burned again… LOL This is Great, Trump 2020. Hannity go after boom!

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