100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Moderates need to consolidate to beat Sanders

  1. Trump accuses Bob Mueller-a long time public servant and US military veteran-of committing a felony by lying under oath. At same time Trump defends his friend/accomplice Roger Stone who was convicted by a jury of lying under oath and witness tampering. Trump is how the USA dies

  2. SANDERS (USSR Life Style ) and others, want FREE Healthcare ( Medicare was made for retired people, and others with special needs ) FREE education, B ! S ! Are we who paid $ for our children's higher education going to get back paid $ ? If young people want to get excellent help $ with higher education join the military ! ( Active / Guards / Reserves ) ++ ( GI BILL $ & VA Benefits $ and Healthcare ) GO ARMY

  3. Don't forget, God is orchestrating this whole thing. Another important consideration, everything Kim Clement prophesied about President Trump has come true except one thing, "Trump will lead this nation for two terms."

  4. I always choose Bologna over Bernie or Joe or Elizabeth or Michael or any other lame democrat. At least bologna has flavor and is filling. Not the empty promises democrats spew!

  5. Fox news, trumps personal news service, makes Ingraham alot of money. Presidents should always have their own personal news service supporting every thing they do. Right.

  6. 🤔 Serious question: How in the heck do all these supporters of Bernie Sanders expect that he's gonna get his socialist policies past the U.S. Congress, more importantly the Senate? Do they actually believe that that's ever gonna happen?

  7. There are no moderate in the Democratic Party! They are all pigs being lead by Soros to achieve Communism! We must let them self destruct!

  8. I like Bernie to WIN for DEM so that he can got CRUSHED badly by TRUMP (good entertainment) the chosen one – MAGA 2020 – 2024 – 2028

    Laura "…What's a juggernot?🤔

  10. Why are we trying to beat Bernie? I thought the point was to beat Trump. Maybe because people realize how much support Bernie has that he could actually win and impose his policies? That would really hurt your millionaire bank account Laura wouldn’t it? As well as everyone else in the establishment. BERNIE2020

  11. Bernie is going to give all you kiddies free college, free room and board, free healthcare, free cell phones, free Netflix and you won’t even have to work. Just like Venuzuela! Enjoy!

  12. Both parties were basically the same there was no real choice since Trump and now Bernie people have a real choice Its actually a good thing

  13. Bernie is going to give all you kiddies free college, free room and board, free healthcare, free cell phones, free Netflix and you won’t even have to work. Just like the kiddies get in Venezuela! Enjoy!

  14. As an Independant who has never voted for a Dem listen up. I would have voted for Bernie but they cheated him so I voted Trump as did many other Ind or we didn't vote. When they cheat us again and they are already, we are all going to vote Republican across the board. So stop bashing Bernie and lose those votes. If he gets by the DNC bash him all you want, but he won't and you want all our votes and take back the Congress. My gift to you Rep voters. We are going to put and end to the DNC if they cheat Bernie again. Bernie voted against every tax payer bailout, that's the opposite of a Communist. He just wants Health Care for all. Insurance you have now is Socialism already, you are paying for sick people every month whether you are sick or not. As for college I think we can agree all classes on.line should be free and that wouldn't cost the tax payer anything you could still get a college degree if you study hard on your own. We are all in this together, Bernie is fighting the same establishment you voted against He's not the bad guy, the rest of the field other then Tulsi is. Good luck in 2020 to all of you.

  15. The big problem with this coalition idea is that there is no such thing as a moderate in the Democratic party. They're all radicals. Sure there are minor differences, but being to the right of Bernie Sanders doesn't make a person a moderate. Don't be fooled.

  16. Can't anyone see what's happening? McConnell blocked 3 election security bills Monday. Their is no head of the agency in charge of election security. The Dem caucus was & is a fiasco. The truly fake videos that have been digitally altered & allowed to pass for truth though it's known lies. Trump will be in for another 4 years by design. Even if he loses his 'team' will find mass interference & will call for a new election. Or worse.

  17. This women like all who claim being conservative do not have a clue which direction the US is taking. The direction is we are becoming irrelevant in the world.. Our only strength is military and economic. We are a danger to world peace. We are moral midgets. Our enemies list is growing monthly. We are losing long term allies. Recently the Philippines, with Japan is becoming impatient with our bafoonery. Our former friends are too polite to inform us what they really think of us. We elect humans to lead us who are pompous loud and very rich mouths. The Trump election was not about Trump is was about the hatred Americans have for their so called political and economic elite.

  18. GOP lost all honesty, responsibility, trust, honor, dignity and respect. It is only "hurray for Trump" and MTGA. GOP is allready gone; it is just TRUMP state. Truth doesn’t matter anymore, doesn’t count at all. Everyone who is not devoted to pres.Trump and is not at least 1500% loyal to him; must be the enemy, a Trump hater and ough to be fired. And everyone who plays his role in line with the Master Puppeteer is excused, whatever his misuse, abuse, bullying or against law, against humanity, against honor, against wisdom, against reality, against … against …. NO MATTER WHAT, there are no limits anymore.

  19. Pete is not a moderate. Amy and Joe are moderates. Although pete might be a moderate if he is lying about his policies. I really cant figure him out.

  20. It’s called democracy not tolerance. A government by the people for the people. The Democratic Party can’t contain the Bernies candidacy any more than the Republican Party could contain Trumps candidacy.

  21. the super delegates will never choose Bernie

    it will be a sure win for Trump against Bernie the Midwest including Minnesota will be easypicking for Trump

  22. It's very disingenuous by her part, but she's right in what she's saying. Bernie will beat her boss, Trump, that's why she's so scary about…

  23. Moderates, independents, and the fastest growing group true conservative never Trumpers, need to consolidate to beat Sanders so they can then beat Trump.

  24. we know how well that went in GOP primaries 4 years ago when Trump won big time. "moderates" do not draw people to the party, only game changers

  25. At the moment it looks to me like Bloomberg and Bernie. I still say the Dems will bring in someone to take this away from Bernie. Bernie will not be allowed to win period. That leaves Bloomberg or an anointed one to come. Can we imagine if one of these people becomes President what will happen to the markets and your job. Wake up America…. November you decide.

  26. Honorary member of Komsomol and twice guest of Leonid Breznev…anyone having an access to Bernie's KGB file ? It might be an eye opener…


  28. It is quite good analysis of democratic primary selection by Ingraham and Klobuchar maybe the best choice as a moderate and a woman!

  29. Look at the end of the day it will be Trump VS Bernie…. Trump will get 4 more years!

    Easy win for Republicans this time around.

  30. Republicans are to blame for his continued abuses of power. Unfortunately he is now spreading a lie about the coronavirus saying in a news conference on Monday to just wait until April and it's going to disappear with the warm weather. Don't trust me, see for yourself, here's the moron spreading the FAKE NEWS… @aF9M Can you believe how incredibly negligent he is spreading this lie? The real problems here are firstly he believes his own lies, secondly there are millions of uneducated people in the US that believe everything he says and thirdly the people around him that are smart enough to know better are too afraid to correct him because of retaliation.


  32. Where have you people been for the last 3 years? Moderates? No such thing. 2020 will be the election that will decide the continuance of our Republic. Playing devil's advocate for the socialist democrats party reformation is delusional. Sanders is their man: Anti-Trump like an antithesis to Kants catagorical Imperitive with a dash of wormwood seasoning.

  33. I looked up socialism and it doesn't seem very different compared to communism. What works is capitalism.

  34. This thing is going to be a mess after Super Tuesday. The establishment is not going to support Bernie. Why do you think Buttigieg and Globuchar are in 2nd and 3rd? The electorate wants a moderate, not Bernie.

  35. Bernie will win , the young folks have been brought up on instant gratification , free stuff, the only difference is they can vote now ! Trump 2020

  36. Republican Senators who remain blindly devoted to Trump are dwindling in number.  More and more Americans are finding it impossible to continue to support the arrogant and vindictive president.

  37. I tell you , every so often
    You say Women are leaving
    I have Three women in family
    Voted No 2016, now they love him so shut up and remember
    People hear you unfortunately

  38. What the hell are you talkin about Bernie Sanders is the first candidate in over 50 years that is not controlled by the rich and I will fight for the working class

  39. For the most part Trump has managed to avoid de-railing the economic recovery initiated by the Obama administration.  What is new is the significant decline in well paying jobs.  Middle class Republicans are fed up and are in fact leaving the party.

  40. @3:10 when Laura says that she doesn't think the Dems would pick Bloomberg over Bernie -I'm betting she's wrong. I'm betting that Joe Biden will quit and give his support to Bloomberg, and that Bloomberg will be the Dem Presidential candidate and Bernie will be his VP running mate. Stranger things have actually happened. I just think that the Dems will cast any of their fake morals/principals to the winds in exchange for a better chance at re-gaining the White House.

  41. Biden needs to spend less time talking bad about Trump and more time talking bad about his competitors. You can't win Bernie voters over but you can defeat Pete and gain his voters. As Biden said: it's not over, it's only just begun. I expect Biden to win S. Carolina and for Pete to do poorly in S. Carolina.

  42. Last time Bernie did well in a 1 on 1 race but the winner got all the delegates in many states so he loss. I don't think they want to play that game again since they don't have 1 strong / very popular candidate. Also, I heard they made the primaries delegate distribution more proportional to vote totals in this election cycle. This way it's more fair. In terms of delegates the race is very close, take a look at the delegate totals so far. Even if Bernie wins all the states he can still lose the delegate voter election at the convention. Bernie having to compete with lots of people is better since it gives the public more democratic choices. Some states don't get to exercise their vote in a primary for months from now; so it's fair to give them options since their vote counts too. To be honest the problem isn't that there are too many candidates but that there are not enough quality candidates.

  43. But wait there’s more! If you vote for me we’ll throw in education, free! We’ll even double your offer and throw in health care, a zillion dollar value, absolutely free. Act today. Bernie Bro’s are standing by.

  44. Fox (and trump) has 2 narratives regarding the Democratic party and use them as the situation requires:
    1. They are no threat because they are all in chaos!
    2. They are an unfair threat because they all in lock step!
    2a. Under Pelosi
    2b. Under AOC
    Peace! 🙂


  46. America has to choose between a guy who self proclaims his self as democratic socialist while his staffers praise gulags and re-education, and Trump. Neither of them are very good choices, but i know which one i would choose.

  47. Won't happen!! Soros/Hillary run DNC, they want their Party to be as radical far Left as it can get!! Moderates will be forced to go along or get out!! Pelosi ignored logic and moderates plea to impeach Trump!! TRUMP 2020!!

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