100 thoughts on “Joe Biden: President Trump ‘Does Not Want To Face Me Because I Will Beat Him’ | TODAY

  1. If Clyburn didn't endorse you, Bernie would have given you a hard challenge on super Tuesday. This is pure cope that he does not want Obama's endorsement.

  2. We all know you’ve lost a few steps Biden. Just look at an interview with him in 2016 and see the difference.

  3. as a democrat.,.. its going to be a circus to watch what Trump is going to make out of demented Biden.

  4. What Joe Biden learned from his life-threatening brain aneurysms https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/politics/joe-biden/2019/03/18/joe-biden-2020-how-then-senator-overcame-life-threatening-brain-aneurysms/3002961002/

  5. What Joe Biden learned from his life-threatening brain aneurysms https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/politics/joe-biden/2019/03/18/joe-biden-2020-how-then-senator-overcame-life-threatening-brain-aneurysms/3002961002/

  6. “I’d rather run against, I think, Biden than anybody-I think he’s the weakest mentally and I like running against people that are weak mentally … The other ones have much more energy."- Donald Trump

  7. The fact that this needed so much editing shows that they know there's a problem and they DO NOT CARE…hate to quote ANYTHING DJT says, but FAKE NEWS

  8. Biden becoming president will be the day that America's soul is delivered the final blow.

  9. WTF is this interview? Is this even a person??? 0:57 You've raised a lot more money than I have Bernie…um what?

  10. Bloomberg likes Stop and Frisk, and you accept his "endorsement" ALSO YOU VOTED for the IRAQ WAR. YES HE HAS A POINT. YOUR RECORD SUUUUUUUUCKS. #BidenWillLose #Bernie2020

  11. Joe Biden is a Dunce and his alzheimers has taken complete control of his mind, Biden is slow and will not compete against Trump, Trump will eat him alive and spit him out, although having brain dead President over Communism still wins in my book.

  12. Senator plagiarism.
    Hey Joe what did you tell the Ukraine's?
    I know it's on tape.
    They call that actually a real quid pro!

  13. He is going to loose against trump. Like Hillary lost in 2016, cause of stupid Democrats picking corrupt people to go against trump

  14. We hold these truths to be self evident. All men and women created by- go- you know who
    ———– sleepy Joe

  15. I agree that Trump discuss only Joe and He started do it initially, was trying to press on Ukraine then blackmailed them, the reason is that he's really, really afraid him!

  16. Hahahahaha Joe you have been put in for the soul purpose of making sure the Burn does not get in ,sealing the Deal for Trump.

  17. Folks, I think we have our first solid proof of cloning. I can't decide if it's one step above or one step below a Joe Biden sized wind-up toy.

  18. "Poked his thumb in the eye of our allies". I agree, if Israel took out Iran's nuclear facilities for whatever reason, the US is bound by the Iran Nuclear deal to use its military to stop them. Oh wait, who's the ally again? What a dope!

  19. Creepy uncle Joe you need to go to jail your brother you your son lock them up lock them up. That will be the new chant I can hardly wait

  20. Yes because "Vote for me because orange man bad" worked out really well for Hillary. Joe has no platform. None

  21. Hey all you idiots talking about Biden having trouble speaking. Look at Trump!!!!! That moron can’t speak to save his life😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. If Biden wins the nomination it will be a decimation. Dude doesn’t know the difference between his wife or his sister, nor does he even know what office he’s running for. Democrats should be ashamed he’s even a candidate in their party at this point.

  23. Trump wont even have to speak during the debates. Just let Joe do all the talking. Trump can just sit back and laugh at him.

  24. I don’t really think so, most people see Joe as a career politician that has benefited himself and his family and not the American people…..#term limits

  25. Biden is the new Hillary Clinton for this election, if he runs against Trump this November, we’ll have another 4 years of Trump.

  26. Virtually zero chance. Biden on a debate stage will be eviscerated and it's sad because he's suffering from mental decline. Should have age limits.

  27. Joe Biden's brain is melting, look when he talk, he is struggling all the time, nobody noticed that? You most be a real Biden supporter to ignore this fact then.

  28. 331,000,000 people and these derelicts are the best we got?Something is wrong with this system when we have a choice between Larry Curly or Moe.I hate to say it but Trump wins by default

  29. America, Biden may stumble in his campaign but please elect him! If they can elect the colossally immoral orange clown, what grievances appalling enough against Biden can prevent you from electing Joe Biden over that traitor in the White House?

  30. Take a real good look at Biden’s face people. No, he won’t be the next President but his face will be on the next roll of TOILET PAPER I use. Thanks Joe. Finally found the perfect job for you. Least now you’ll actually be accomplishing something useful.

  31. We are all in this together. The world is shifting and we need to start understanding us as a global movement to help humanity prosper. For the USA Bernie is your candidate to help you make this happen. It's not him, it's us all! United we can face economic crisis, climate change, Covid-19 and bigotry. Vote and campaign for for Bernie with all your passion and wisdom! 🙂
    And when you get out on the street yourself, talking in your community about Medicare for All, about Human rights, equal pay and about comprehensive climate policy then you can make sure that Bernie brings America finally back to the greatness you crave!

  32. All Trump needs to say is, “senile Joe”, and Trump wins in a landslide. Trump will waive Biden’s past voting records; Biden voted for many of the outsourcing trade deals, Voted for the Iraq war, Voted for the wars in the Middle East, Voted for anti union act, Crafted the ‘94 crime bill, Voted to repeal the new deal banking regulations, Sided with credit card companies on the bankruptcy bill. It’s funny how Biden needs to make up lies to attract African American voters, “I got arrested in South Africa for trying to see Nelson Mandela”; Let’s not forget, Biden opposed bussing.

  33. “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing” -Joe Biden, 2020

  34. Reporter: What's ur name?
    Joe biden :My name is Barack Obama and am running for Congress .
    Joe is senile

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