60 thoughts on “Michael Flynn’s lawyer reacts to outside prosecutor reviewing case

  1. And now McCabe gets off scot free.

    Clearly, there is a two tier justice system in America and there is absolutely no evidence this is ever going to change.

    Certain people think that Barr and Durham will do something. Unlikely, I think they are being naive.

  2. And these INCOMPETENT IDIOTS were being PAID by our TAX MONIES !!!!!! LOCK EM ALL UP !!!!! Rock on Trump ROCK ON 👊🇺🇸👊🇺🇸👊🇺🇸

  3. When will be all realise the stories we are told by news agencies is made to keep us angry at each other rather than ask the more important.questions … why do u think their are only 2 choices in 9 out of 10 western so called democracies, agenda is same … we only vote to give illusion of choice … real change cannot exist if we are fighting our fellow man … the same people building and bringing down empires are the same people manipulating you into thinking you can choose … regardless who wins democratic election … cheaper labour, higher taxes (however masked) forced guilt and idiology will always be the norm … capitalism is rigged , socialism is rigged , communism is rigged … if we are suppose to represent intelligence on this planet why can't we find a system that works for all … A resource based economy would eradicate class , teach us individual responsibility and give us a reason to keep our environments safe and clean … think about it if you where part of a perfect society where no one was left behind … the merit on progression and better ideas wouldn't be financially based but the human strive to make a good system better … if I'm 28 and working class and can realise this why can't our leaders and elite… It's all.well and good earning billions , but we all die… securing all humanity has to equate to more than money. I weep for our collective stupidity

  4. Ya, but macabe is NOT being charged. So, good luck with that. By the way, who announced macabe would not be charged? Oh, Barr!

  5. Hannity should be fired, he’s an idiot. All he does is spread trumps conspiracy theories and hopes people believe them because he’s wearing a suit and has an opinion show dressed up as a serous news show.

  6. I wouldn't bet money on it, they don't really care if us peasants have faith in the federal agencies, they have made that incredibly obvious.

  7. Democrats like putting innocent people in jail while the most corrupt Democrats get away with shitting on the American people

  8. Dear "Fox News" and friends, 🦊
    I refuse to watch this! 😡
    I feel like saying..
    – "Bah.. this one has a lamination crack!"
    – "Do you think I can talk them down?"
    – "I know I'm cheap man, I live on a government wage."
    Quotes from the movie:
    "American Splendor"
    Love 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    (.. of crap news, again)
    Please queue the song:
    "Bittersweet Symphony"
    Made famous by:
    The Verve
    That's why. 👶

  9. So Trumps friends get a get out of jail card by Trump abusing his power AGAIN. If you are white, rich and a trumper do anything you like even when you have pled guilty or found guilty by jurors. What is wrong with you people?

  10. 65 people (NPC's) disliked this video. This reflects the proposition that there are people who down vote conservative video content. Money definitely can buy trolls. But nothing they can say or do will help them sleep better.

  11. McCabe has been proven to have no case to answer to. These Fox News identities really need to get a dose of reality. Asking a defence lawyer for an opinion is incredibly biased, they simply take instruction from their clients irrespective.

  12. I think Flynn should be pardoned because he was entrapped by the prosecutors and I think he should be reimbursed for all the money he lost trying to prove his innocence especially when they threatened to go after his family

  13. Imagine if people that were against Republicans started to die all of a sudden, do you think the media would start reporting on it or would they ignore it like they do when people that have died in suspicious ways that are we’re going to testify against the Clinton’s. IMAGINE THAT if you would.

  14. Hannity sucks – again. He has Sidney Powell for three minutes and he takes up more than two minutes yapping his mouth off. He does this all the time.

    I haven't tuned into the first 30 minutes of his show in two years.

  15. It is amazing that the very top brass would purposely play dirty , not adhere to policies and procedures . Its like a mob thug mentality.

  16. Barr is no hero, he's been appointed to sweep Intel agency malfeasance under the rug just as he did in the past.

    Breathless Dems salivating to impeach Trump & Q deluded Reps waiting for hammer to drop are captive audiences of a carefully crafted crime drama where ultimately no-one is held accountable.

    Media is simply siloed entertainment perpetuating pet delusions of ultimate justice. Meanwhile unconstitutional Patriot Act blatant disregard for individual rights gets extended & expanded.

    Refocus on repealing Patriot Act!

  17. CHINA SHUT DOWN….MARKET UP—BS….WOW ALL YOU NEED IS A EPIDEMIC …a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time…..O THERE IS ONE…GEE LETS ALL GO NUTS YEEW..HAHA

  18. Dear Sean, Less of you and more of your guests.We get to hear your opinion all the time.If only there were a few more moments to hear what Mrs. had to say!

  19. It’s crazy when you see the media speak to Donald’s base at rallies and ask them about the facts. They don’t know anything! Then I watch Fox commentary and hear the lies been fed to the unintelligent and illiterate. So sad.

  20. There needs to be a massive house- cleaning of personnel in real life, just like in the TV show Homeland, in which the female President had like 70 federal officers arrested in one morning after a coup attempt against her. Stop pussyfooting around. Sic 'em!

  21. Trump needs to fire Barr and replace him with Jordan….something is very wrong….Barr isn't who we think he is. Durham???

  22. I don’t believe it Hannity! Hell no is anything going to happen the government is corrupt to the core. I don’t trust Barr or any of them. We’ve been lead on for years and always the same thing. Decided not to prosecute or they drop charges unless it’s someone in support of President Trump (The only one clean).

  23. Hannity, your complete lack and disregard for reality somehow gets more stunning and delusional every time you open the hole in your face. Michael Flynn LIED to the FBI about his conversations with Kislyak about sanctions put in place by the Obama administration in December 16’ . You do a great disservice to your audience on a nightly basis. It’s sickening

  24. Trump just lost my Nov vote. He'll probably win without it but he definitely won't win with it.
    McCabe is off?
    Stone and Flynn in jail.
    I'm done with lying Trump.

  25. Sidney Powell is so much smarter that Hannity and he doesn’t let her state her case to the American people. We don’t need rants, we need intellect. Like Yang sailed Make American Think Again and it is not just left brain math, it is cognitive thinking and logic.

  26. People warning 🚨🚨🚨📣📣📣Danger
    Barr helping cover-up Trump crime corruption and
    Trump pals 🚨🚨🚨 We are danger !!!!!!!

  27. Republicans make up 90% of the FBI and CIA. Why would republican
    agents want to imprison fellow republicans and let "lying" democrats
    walk free?

  28. Republicans make up 90% of the FBI and CIA. Why would republican
    agents want to imprison fellow republicans and let "lying" democrats
    walk free?

  29. Republicans make up 90% of the FBI and CIA. Why would republican
    agents want to imprison fellow republicans and let "lying" democrats
    walk free?

  30. Burgertime Barr and Strokey Mitch need to be fired immediately. They are both obviously blatantly lying to your face and admitting it. President Trump acknowledges this. Why won't we as a party stand with the president? How could you ever stand with these losers? I've never seen anyone literally spit in president Trump's face and we're okay with it. HELLO!!! LOL!!!

  31. Lying shouldnt be a crime until they also prove the lie is tied to another crime that they can also prove. “Lying” alone is too abusable of a way to indict

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