100 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Announces Impeachment Managers In Senate Trial | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

  1. I feel sure they're doing this as a way to cover up what's going to happen when the justice department makes it's final report on what the Democrats have been up to. This just makes the Democrats look stupid and I am not a republican because I don't like to be associated with any party but boy the Democrats look stupid.

  2. One right-winger online argued that the Constitution states absolutely that the Senate, like the House, has the right to make its own rules – failing to make the distinction between setting rules and suppressing witnesses (along with relevant documents) in behalf of the defendant. That's the definition of a kangaroo court, not a trial, and obviously not what the founders had in mind. If those running the trial obstruct justice at the behest of a Mob boss, they're complicit in perjury, treason, and sedition. Troubling how stupidly indifferent to these technicalities any crowd can be. No wonder democracy's in trouble.

  3. Was she stroking out? She is talking like shes drunk or had a stroke…or is she just unsure of what shes doing and now shes scared?

  4. She is a pos.
    Not because impeachment but to accuse other members of being on the take with Russia.
    I have tried to be fair and hear both sides.
    But after her speech today and the others.
    I will vote Trump now.
    Today democrats looked like little baby’s who didn’t get there way.
    It’s like someone stole there binky and there bottles.

  5. Oh God, can’t she just shut up about time? We are not stupid. She knows that it was Christmas break for her that we pay for. She is trying to make excuses for all their vacations for saying timing is everything. Lol

  6. What is she going on about? Nancy Pelosi did not make any sense at all. Abraham Lincoln and then Longfellow…Articles of Impeachment..

  7. Sim, não limites de tempo, ontem eu li o discurso de inauguração de Trump, provavelmente ele escreveu a próprio punho. O tempo passou, e passa eu vejo uma perplexa confusão. Eu não tenho relógios que funcionem, mas continuo com o discurso e e como de ele valesse a poucas horas mas ele foi feito a anos. O tempo nos encontrou, e parece que nada passou, mas algo passou a angústia de saber que o tempo não existe, não sincronia da razão dos dias dos discurso e conferência. As vezes ele passa… Algo que digo que nada altera o destino de cada átomo do universo, não acredito nisso, mas eu vejo o fim no começo… E claro tenho 1/4 de século. São 1/4 parece que 2019 o tempo passou, minha mente parou. Mas confio em você Nancy, apesar de não confiar em mim, na integridade dos bytes e bits que lhe ouço e vejo. E estranho ontem e hoje, a resposta do limites da Rússia e hoje vejo algo estranho, a resposta era grotesca e grossa. A desculpa veio hoje. Não há Rússia, a um erro, não era um país seu pedido de retwitte, era um homem, há um homem e ele e um único por isso, e ele e putin.

  8. Leading Democrats should be paying the total cost of this mock hearing. In the end charges should be brought on them if they are found to be tempering with their own, "Evidence".

  9. TRUMP concentrates on fixing the debt ridden United States (he's doing a great job) whilst his opponents are spending all their time trying to destroy the guy who is fixing America. You couldn't make it up 😂, so dumb. Greetings Mr TRUMP from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. As jóias de metal tem milhares de anos as jóias PLÁSTICO são de ontem a tardezinha??? A invensao do plástico e contemporânea a do metal. Mas o metal vale mais e o plástico vale menos? Porque o plastico foi desprezado pelo metal? Os jovens usam plástico os antigos usam apenas metal. Não usar plástico ou jóias de plástico envelhecer Nancy. Não desejado efeito. Mas o que isso e valioso? Eu chame jóias de plástico???? O plástico seria uma jóia????

  11. Im sorry, but I dont believe Trump needs to cheat to win. Last time or in 2020. You Dems. KNOW you cant win. All of this impeachment sham is only hurting the Dem. party.


  13. Personalized souvenir pens and a “peach” color dress. And then a verbal threat directed towards the senate. The rest of the world must be laughing their heads off. What has happened to us as a nation? What a joke at the taxpayers expense! Both parties are…nuts!

  14. these people are clearly trying to hide their own crap!! ITS SO OBVIOUS!!! Cause a situation and point a finger in another direction….and stuttering as they do it

  15. Wow Russian trolls working overtime here. Hope you make enough to buy yourself a shot of vodka. Or are these bored looney old housewives and unemployed pot bellied men without a nugget of intellect in their heads ready to wreak havoc and destroy their country? The kind of people who in the 14th century accused women with healing knowledge of being witches and happily screamed to burn them at the stake. The same kind of dim wits who went to rallies to encourage Hitler or Mussolini and like a blind sheep supported mass murder. The same walking stupid always present in time and history, who fortunately are always sent scurrying back under the rocks from which they came. Unfortunately like rats they breed.

  16. She sounds like she has some dementia! She slurs and stumbles her words. And babbles on about fabricated bs that she tries to pass as facts! Come on Nancy! We the people SEE you! We know there were no crimes committed by our fine POTUS! We'll be electing him for term two, so we can't wait to watch the Senate throw this ridiculousness out and you poor Dems really need some psychiatric treatment!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  17. THE 3 RING CIRCUS – being run by #1 clown – Shifty Schiff , #2 clown Night Mare Nancy , and #3 clown Jerry the Joker , this should be entertaining as more performers join the circus. Things will get exciting as People in the Senate start asking the TUFF QUESTIONS – who gave you the authority to Hold a Kangaroo Court in the first place – " I do not Know" – you do not know – Are you that Stupid ? 3 clowns look at each other ?

    Outside the building there is a huge thunder of Applause – why are people so excited , yelling and screaming – continuous clapping ? Looks like The Ringmaster – President Trump is back from his trip to Europe ? Inside the 3 clowns quit laughing – Oh Oh ? President Trump gives the Nation & People of America an update of current events – looks like all the renovations are complete in Cuba ? 3 Clowns look at each other – HUH ? Just maybe they will be given a Free Vacation and a new place to perform ?

  18. Nobody has to doctor a video of her. What a senile, dottering old bag of dust. I think she's only still around because she makes a good hand puppet for the folks who are trying to run the dem freakshow.

  19. What do Pelosi and a slinky (toy) have in common?

    They're both essentially useless, but can bring a smile to your face when thrown down a flight of stairs.

  20. You folks don't understand. She had just come out of cryogenic suspension.
    The put her "in the tank" when ever she's not making a public appearance.
    The defrosting process is somewhat taxing, and causes initial disorientation.
    Basically, not all of her brain was fully defrosted when she took the stage, and they didn't have time for the usual IV drip of hot embalming fluid.
    Cryo stops the aging process, so she can stay in office pretty much forever.
    I bet Rachel Maddow was soaking wet watching this.

  21. Soooo the Dems seek to impeach the President over high crimes (we don't like him), don't say a thing about Biden getting 1.5 billion (through his son) for…. maybe selling U.S. and NATO secrets?

  22. And Poloesies higher crimes> honors Sillimanite who has murdered U.S service and civilians, yet supports abortion (murder) of children. Let's impeach Polousie.

  23. Why don't the Dems want to find out why Hunter Biden was paid 1.5 billion dollars from CHINA when all he's qualified to do is write a book on how to snort up white powdery lines?

  24. It's Joe admitting to quid pro quo on video.
    Joe who got his son a 80,000dollar a month job at a company for which he had absolutely no qualifications.
    Joe who got 900,000 dollar from said company..
    Joe who got the prosecutor looking into that company fired..
    But ofcourse Trump asking to look into that, THATS the problem…
    Good joke…
    All these idiots are doing is creating more hatred for each other, and making people lose faith in the government.
    They act like the people are too dumb to choose their own leaders… well good luck with that, don't act surprised if you end up in a civil war…
    But ofcourse these people would all be in hiding in another country, while letting the "dumb people" fight.
    They are absolute trash and should be put in jail.

    Can't believe people are dumb enough to fall for this, or even support it..
    They are literally lying straight to your face, anything they accuse Trump of, they did themselves.
    Everytime they quote the phonecall, they make up half… cause it's NOT IN THE TRANSCRIPT.
    All that shows is that he asked to look into it… not "do this or else!"..
    The rest is no more than hearsay or assumptions.

    You made your case… now let the people decide with the next elections..
    This is a huge mistake, which will most likely cause more harm than good.

  25. great to see people do there jobs. to trump ,, block and stonewall congress this is what will happen. America isnt a game take everything you do seriously. good luck to all

  26. Strange that the party of Kennedy was Democrat? Yet today's democrat, doesnt even know how to carry on his vision of, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

  27. NANCY PELOSI have proven herself to be nothing more than an OLD, DEMENTED, DESPERATE woman who should have retired years ago

  28. A ridiculous CIRCUS that the American people should be ashamed by entertaining this woman and Schiff as anyone other than evil and continuing to allow this farce to continue on and on and on and on….just to win an election. Does Trump have no filter on his mouth that sometimes (often) borders on crude, yes, I will agree to that point, but he still has put this country FIRST and made us stronger BY NOT PLAYING BALL like the rest of the dirty politicians in Washington and that's THE ONLY reason they want him out.

  29. Stacking the deck with traitor dem scheit… this hoax needs to end and scum need to focus on Americans. Look at their states, they are in great need of help, boarder line destroyed scheit holes with major problems… Disgrace!

  30. I’m not saying Trump is perfect, but he looks like a genius compared to these bozo’s: What a waste of taxpayers money!

  31. Paul Revere? Thomas Payne? Abraham Lincoln? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow? Its about time, our forefathers talked about time, An impeachment that will last for all time? It must have sounded better in her head lol

  32. The President was indebted to a foreign entity before he was sworn in how did this happen? There is Treason in the air.

  33. Nervous and her buddy Pencil, along with Jerry (I don't want to be mean) et. al. bring the dog and pony show out of the shed.

  34. Did schhhhmit forget it's re(m)vote troll-c 4 🔉 and died sdaN tie(dye) and 🤔 2 yal d-oowww!!n?! ⏰ 5, 19, 34,-ish, doos,-ish, UNO!!!! 🃏🔋… Is green the knew 464?

  35. Russian trolls below. The more they post, the more indefensible their claims. The more they whinge on about the Bidens, the Clintons, and President Obama, the more they realize how deep the depravity and corruption goes in trump's administration. So much winning!

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