100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Donald Trump don't you take that from director of the FBI tell him you brought him in and you will take him out you go ahead Donald Trump keep tweeting about the thing at the Attorney General is doing he's trying to steal all the praise get all the attention you can tweet what you're doing Bill Barr wanted to keep it a secret but you expose it thank you

  2. Parents, you can't leave your kids outside without watching. Evil is at an all time high. It has reached the throne of the most high. Like in the days of Noah.

  3. Dedicated servicemen will not obey an illegal, unethical order. In military jargan . . . it's called an unlawful order ! 🇺🇸

  4. Barr is just saying this to save his job since many want him to quit or be impeached. No one can believe what Barr says. He's just like Trump!

  5. A two year old where are the parents? Inquiring minds want to know Thank GOD someone noticed this drowning toddler

  6. With Americans barely above water in this terrible economy trump is to headline $580,600-per-couple fundraiser. Remember that when paying your bills, your kids school, and other things. That's a prime example of out of touch Trump.

  7. Barr’s: “tRUMP’s tweets are keeping me from doing my job” is in clear desperation to position himself to save himself. That, Barr’s abuse of power is not his own, is laughable. As if we’re un-aware it’s not for the audience of one. Albeit, in complicity.

    AND, as if America will not be expecting his resignation for reducing Stones sentencing from federal guidelines. Specifically, when admits “it’s impossible to carry out the duty’s of my position”. The AG job is not to work directly for the President. He/she works for the American people.

    As for tRUMP; his acquittal has swollen Sudafed head to the point of no return soon to implode of self-involved hot air. A room with no view awaits..

  8. How about some real breaking news. What about that poor woman who died in a Washington state jail after being left for 4 days in a cell with no food and was NOT even charged with a crime.

  9. Barr great job !!! Trump your the man, Democrats are some sick puppies put them down!!! Sickening what they are doing to cover up corruption drain that swamp 2020

  10. I like Trump..He has sooo much money and power that he laughs or fires the majority of asskissing hypocrites while doing good things for America! Im enjoying everything the real liars through at him.

  11. i think it's cute the media is giving so much lip service to the dems regarding the 2020 election😂
    just look forward to 2024. 2020 is already over leftards. deal with it.

  12. Al "Rock Star" Roker wears those yellow glasses with style. Say what you will about his glasses, but the man is a class act. He has a great sense of humor, and has worked very hard for many, many years. I think "Tye Dye" glasses should be next…?

  13. I think the airplane seat thing should be a sign of Airplane companies screwing us over more than people being direspectful… im 6'3'' those seats are trash I always walk out with my back hurting.

  14. Have had so many problems with INViSALINE and my teeth wont touch on one side, i have an overbite now, and im having to go to a real orthodontist and pay for a whole addition treatment just like smile direct club

  15. if my seat is able to recline, I'm coming back. i don't care. if you don't like it, pay more and get a better seat. i pay extra for my better seat, sorry for your luck. but punch my seat, i punch you. try me.😁

  16. Every single time I have been on a plane the person always reclines. The seat does that it’s made to do that. I would much rather have a seat reclined that an obese person next to me or a screaming baby or the shoes and socks off guy.

  17. Trump asked Barr behind closed doors to go easy. But then Trump ran his mouth on Twitter exposing what they're doing. Now Barr is embarrassed. Trump doesn't even try to hide his corruption anymore.

  18. Bloomberg was right….i know folks who loss….If he was influential in that field would have saved millions credit

  19. This is the one buddies!!!! 2/3rds of the worlds population will die!!! Go read the book of Revelation—that's the last book in the Bible for those of you who know nothing!!!!!!

  20. Maybe Mike Bloomberg can stop and frisk
    Donald Trump. Maybe Bloomberg can even
    throw him against the "WALL" a couple of times.

  21. The government dont care…they are all in on it…it's all about profits…whether it's a dental issue or medical issue…its all a scam…whether it's telemarketing or investment companies..it's all a SHAM…a big rip off…they should be jailed….
    These are the cons…that keeps conning the public…but nothing will happen to them…they will move on to another scam!….it's all about ripping people off!

  22. Excuse my language, but how the f*** do you not notice a child drowning in the pool when you're not even a foot away?! You are a horrible parent if you don't watch your child around a pool!! They could fall in and drown!! This kid is lucky! His parents should be fined!

  23. Barr is a liar. Why would you choose Stone if it has nothing to do with Trumo. Also Trump hates when people speak out against him so this was part of their kid game. Let me pretend to be independent from Trump for the public eye. Trump never calls anyone good that says anything negative about him. He needs to stop tweeting anyway its unprofessional and embarrassing to America.

  24. Trump and Blumberg are calling each other names. That's who you want with their finger on the bomb. Blumberg blamed the housing market crash on black people when the banks engaged in predatory lending. They gave all races loans then sold their mortgages to other lenders who raised the rates. They gave mortgages to people who they knew could not afford it. Debt to ratio was too high. The Banking system also gave millions to top executives before the crash and should have been forced to give it back. Also the economy took a hit after that fake Bush war. Business closed in large numbers. How can Blumberg blame blacks for the economy that is controlled by whites. Madoff and others stole money from people causing them to lose their life savings. The elderly had to go back to work to survive meanwhile they let Madoff's wife keep 3 million of their stolen money!!!

  25. In 2 months for now. Trump will get rid of bar. Trump always get rid of people who stands up against him and speaks truth

  26. William Barr ,Donald Trump ,Michael Bloomberg all nominees for best actor.Nov 2020 comes the blue actors to clean up their mess.

  27. Al Roker looks so ridiculous with those different glasses, if women have to wear dresses, then there should be a no-no dress code for those silly glasses.

  28. Imposible para ti hacer tus trampas porque el genio es tan genio que el solito se descubre.y te pone en los problemas que tienes por traidor.

  29. I can't believe NBC News reports Barr's 'break from trump' as a real thing. Give me a break. The real thing would have been for Barr to keep his fat hand out of true justice handed down for a real criminal. What Barr did was unheard of and just another act of a dictator handing down his own judgement to be carried out by his own clowns.

  30. Is there really a need to say "breaking news" every day? Saying that constantly is worse than half of the things in the stories!

  31. I swear Bloomberg is just doing this to spite Trump he’s wasting his time he should be running to make up for the mistakes he made

  32. This about the child was sad on both cases. As for BARR he should be disbarred and taken from power he is making justice a JOKE. aS IS HIS President. Get this clown out of office or curtail him I'm speaking of the President. You had a chance Republican's and you failed you failed your voters . Remember this betrayal come election time. They want an Authoritarian Regime. What if your religious denomination does not fit into The Republican's or Trumps field.

  33. Be respectful is funny. As a male AMERICAN I find we're the only ones who are overly respecrful. That last seat is useless and to tap a seat is not assault. I don't give af how many times he did it. Although miss Wendy may feel irritated he probably was irritated by her also. The video was funny af.

  34. trump will continue and escalate his dictatorial vendetta against anyone or any nation that defies trump in any way and now the Senate has given the thumbs up to trump admitting his crimes since no one has the cojones to impeach him. The GOP are fully on board with dictator trump and only surgery or jail will separate them.

  35. Charlottsville tells the story of trumps race relations in the US. Then his friendship with David Duke and white supremacists pretty much tells you the rest.

  36. QUIT TALKING SHIZ ABOUT TRUMP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT! It sounds good.. He's saying this, He's saying that, yet you KEEP LETTING HIM SAY IT?? Yes he's a POS but what you going to do about it? Pointing your finger is NOT AN ACTION! Trump is that obnoxious kid that has his finger in your face saying "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you." WHO'S GOING TO STAND UP TO THIS TYRANT???

  37. Staged, staged, staged !!! It’s just a way to serve the master better…. “don’t make my servitude so obvious and I can serve you better”.

  38. The parents or whoever was in charge of that little two year old in the pool should be charged with some type of criminal offense. And not allowed to have children and their possession ever again.

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