100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. No tests=no cases= no help. You'll get a diagnosis of flu negative pneumonia here in SC. Sure they parade on the news some cases here and there, but they are not telling you about what they are really doing.

  2. (Just like it reads if you read it to her) Young lady…you are so much important. You are the most amazing best little girl ever. Never ever say ugly because it's a stupid word. You are NOT ugly…YOU are BEAUTIFUL! …and smart and perfect and you are a good friend, and a good wonderful girl. You have so many colours and all of the best coloring books. You're so amazing and we love you. Ariana…you have pretty hair and your skin is perfect. You're good at homework and good at the monkey bars and the swings. You colour the best! : D

  3. Never been so fearful of being a senior citizen. Please people. Stop for moment & let this virus go by. Hunker down. Stay safe.

  4. I think it might boost confidence for the public to see cooks, waiters etc all wearing masks and gloves to reduce spread…and why the ef are those people using chemicals etc in the subway cleaning not wearing protective gear….sheesh…if they aren't going to make easy free testing for every man woman child in this country the least they could do is get the masks gloves on the store shelves..even the flimsy ones…to help stop the spread…even home made masks would be okay for people to sneeze/cough into..if for no other reason that it reminds them to stop touching their faces….gl all…

  5. I'm still not worried about this because I believe god will be by me and if not then it was ment to be.i feel sorry for others that get it and wish them the best to get rid of it.if this is not man made then it's the will of God to prove more the bible is true and you better redeem your self and start believing in God an lord.the end could be around the corner.god bless all.🙏🙏🙏

  6. I love how the reporters are all breathless and so self-important. I would be more afraid of the "flu" then of the COVID19. They just love blaming the President for this, you notice how the Dems can't be any more accommodating lately? How they loved telling people that they had the first death from the virus, I wonder if they are getting all excited when they talk about this. When the President wanted to stop flights from China they couldn't call his a racist any faster, they all get their rocks off over that.

  7. So with all that was done on this news story. I literally lost it when little mama said she was ugly and cried afterwards. What's sad is so many people see black women and girls as ugly. Smh. I hate this world

  8. Stop digging my grave for me I'm old and I'm not Dead yet. Unfortunately most people are being suckered in and scared. a lot of people are afraid for the children but if you do the research it doesn't hardly even affect infants or children at all except that they carriers. I've already had it I work in a fast food restaurant in a tourist area and I'm fine I'm a senior citizen. They can keep their tests and their vaccines are violating civil rights. People think that these governments can do something but they could never stop it anyway it's a flu. people are giving up their civil rights believing that they can be protected buy a full sense of security. staying indoors is the worst thing anybody could do you need the UV light from the sun you need to walk around and move your lungs exercise your lungs. God I wish I could get off this planet but I can't.

  9. Hey is it that bad !! ??? Where you at ?? And what's really going on ??my fellow americans … ??? God bless and stay safe ..

  10. 7 billion people on earth. One hundred thousand cases and 4,000 deaths and this is now a pandemic. Wake it up when it get to the numbers of the influenza.

  11. A lady around 40 years old suddenly collapsed face down in Florence Library in Alabama. Corona Pandemic is getting so serious! She can talk, but she cannot move at all!

  12. Bernie sat down, give up! Are you under cover working for Putin? Because if you not you'll stop and help Biden against Trump, but if so you will continue to make false statement like trump, and do false fraudulent ads, negative connotation, because you desire to win, anything to win, I guess Putin has brought you out too.

  13. Wars sickness this is nature’s way of controlling population of people and animals this virus is a monster

  14. All they do is fear Monger on every single New Station every single day as they give update after update! It is a global pandemic and instead of them working harder to try to calm people down they just keep talkin about how many more sick well there's going to be a lot more that gets sick as it's highly contagious but instead of them trying to reiterate that most people will not even have symptoms they just keep fear-mongering! People should be washing their hands regardless people shouldn't be disgusting regardless! But instead they want to cancel everything in my whole lifetime I have never seen all sports cancelled or postponed until today! What is really going on!

  15. Here in UK they are no longer testing instead advise to stay home n isolate but no need to get tested as they say we have at least 10.000 cases so test only seriously ill. also not closed schools either

  16. Why do blacks always make it about color? Why can't she just be a beautiful girl? You think the reaction would be the same if the story was about a beautiful WHITE girl?

  17. Mr. Trump what happened to the 15 people infected and going down? You are at fault for spreading this chinese born virus to America. Your ignorance and inaction wasted at least 2 weeks where the virus spread could have been prevented. You should have been impeached…oh you were, i meant removed from office.

  18. us Father daily once , will His Will and not your earler convinceing in policy , religion ,and live as normal man

  19. Ask yourselves. Why aren't the homeless affected by this virus.
    I am only hearing of those that have excess and access , dying.

    Not only this gym memberships aren't arrested.

  20. I'd love to see Donna Rotunno meet Harvey Weinstein in a dark alley and see how innocent that SKANK thinks he is after….

  21. . Come November many people will probably not show up to the voting polls how can they if there's crowds of people how can that be considered safe especially when the voting poll booths are right next to each other and you have to go through a line or crowded people just to vote are they going to have sanitize areas to be able to vote I don't think so so it looks like we're going to have to figure out a way to vote from home and then how do you make that secure how do you make that foolproof doesn't matter who you're voting for it's going to affect all voters is Coronavirus really is turning out to be the ultimate Supreme weapon just like the leader of North Korea bragged it would be

  22. Snope's is lying to people about vitamin C 's ability to stop the virus ….This is what I sent them… Hello, I thankyou for your time as you must be extremely busy so I thought I would bring to your attention that their are errors in your fact checking with regards to Vitamin C's potential to save lives. I am not offering opinion as you may assume but over 80 years of conclusive evidence that ascorbic acid protects the body from viral infections. That along with ten other links in a short study proving your time must have been short and reliant on the WHO in bed with Big Pharma to come to such false conclusions and actually endanger people…..














    Dr. Cathcart, Dr. Klenner and Dr. Stone are the Pioneers together with Linus Pauling, Andrew Saul and Abram Hoffer

  23. All you have to do is realize what’s going to happen when people stop going to restaurants, stadiums, concerts, churches, airlines, cruise ships or any group places and spending is going to stop. Without spending the economy crashes. It’s common sense we stop spending, the world stops spinning. Here in the USA Putin’s puppet in the White House is all smoke and mirrors with explosive debt of 24Trillion going up 1Trillion+ every year, he’s on the golf course at a cost of $118 million, no amazing health care plan, giveaway programs of 1.5 trillion to the wealthiest companies that bought back 1 trillion of their own stock, no infrastructure program, 1/3 of cabinet seats not filled, put his own kids in charge of cabinet seats, blocking people from testifying, obstructing justice, bribing a foreign country, his new budget cuts to Medicare Medicaid Social Security he promise not to touch, he’s gutting the affordable healthcare act with no replacement, attacks the FBI and the press, never has intelligence briefings until this virus showed up, cutting all safety nets to the lower income, very little increase in minimum wage and on and on. Gee what could go wrong? We’ve got the NUT HOUSE in the WHITE HOUSE

  24. I'm not really sure how limiting large gatherings to 250, or 500, or 1000 is going to accomplish anything. If there is a danger that the virus will spread throughout the crowd, (and there clearly IS), unless the participants are PRE-SCREENED and found not to be infected, a gathering of any amount will pretty much guarantee the spread of the virus. This is not a moment for half-measures!

  25. I am wondering why the health status of the individuals who are dying is not being revealed…no need to reveal identities, just the age and any indication as to whether the indivual's immune system was compromised (for example, if they were already being treated for another medical condition). It would be helpful to define this demographic in order to concentrate efforts to prevent further deaths.

  26. The experts have been repeating themselves but the people are relentless in repeating their same question. It doesn’t change the situation. Make the most of what you can do to prepare. Numerous calamities and sicknesses have come and gone. This is not the first one faced by our world. It May not be the last. Keep calm. If it comes, it comes. The truth is nothing in this world is forever. We will all leave eventually. Promise yourself you will not add to the panic and difficulty of the moment.

  27. People better learn that money comes and goes that you can have A dollar bill in your hand one minute and it's gone the next minute but SOMEONE HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT WITH OUT US AROUND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE YOUR BUSINESSES AND US HUMANS ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN COME FIRST BEFORE THE DOLLAR BILL

  28. please educate yourself… this isn't a "cold"… by the time you get to see the symptoms you are way late… please educate yourself..

  29. The that created the virus needs to be sentenced to the death chair for creating it since it was created here in the city and sent to a different country

  30. Coronavirus is a blessing for introverts. No people around, no going to work or working from home, no traffic, no small talk, no parties, no forced social gatherings, no large crowds, no noise…bliss! 🙌

    P.S 💛 Arianna

  31. I have a feeling that china
    " has sent suicidal human drones
    To infect humans….communism
    Will do anything to spread its
    Lies. "

  32. The debt we will leave our children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. $ 8.2 Billion dollars and we still can't get tested in the 🇺🇸. Trump doesn't want to spend Americans are going to die. Trump did away with the Obama infections Team and scientist. The Trump administration doesn't know what there doing and doesn't care .

  33. The black reporter's hairline is so far up pass his ears, might as well cut the all the hair and go bald. …so whats this video about again?

  34. I need cure for me and my dad king sent to me hamada full of virus and candida i need cure imediatly if no one will help me they cut message gmail i hope they die by coronavirus

  35. WTF, please don't be dumb. Don't buy into the fear. I'm a risk analyst. This is a true statement, "The risk of you getting AND dying from Covid-19 is significantly lower than the risk of you dying in a car crash on your normal commute." The reason being, the risk of you getting sick from Covid-19 is the same as the risk of you getting the flu. But your exposure to car crashes are much higher if you commute everyday.

  36. NBC conspiring with the chinese government to affect the outcome of our presidential election. Who'd have guessed…except EVERYBODY. This is the lowest NBC has ever sunk.

  37. You clowns are worried about coronavirus globally y'all need to worry more about Jesus coming back and condemning your soul for not being right. I assure you his punishment will be far worse than the Coronavirus!!!!!

  38. I know people are dying and my issues don't even compare. The largest effect on my life is that I can no longer pursue/ask out this girl I've been crushing on in college, as my classes have all moved online. I won't get to see her or try to win her over until April 18th. Yes, it's so stupid I know. It just makes me frustrated. If any of you nice souls have advice, please let me know. She is the woman of my dreams, whether it works out or not. DMing on Instagram is not how I wanted to make my move…


  40. The pictures of Before and After of the campus grounds has no difference….whoever put the info banner right over all the students should be promoted!

  41. Is there anyone rich who can buy test kits and have these administered, donate to the party that really cares. Don't count on Trump, he treat this whole like a soap opera, everybody waits when he opens his mouth only to wait some more. In the end he will blame you for waiting. He is biding his time, hoping his statements that it well go away, is proven right. And herh as to be tested, too. Brasil's president got it after meeting him.

  42. its crazy whats going on . this video is all about whats going on today!! https://youtu.be/B9QLqe4L09I

  43. How about College kids ready for their PA, RN,& other tests THAT THEY HAVE TO TAKE FOR THEIR CERTIFICATIONS?

  44. Trump is wearing his usual carrot facial cream to hide his rosacea. May the virus do away with psychopaths. Amen.

  45. Dr. Richard Cheng, an American doctor reporting from China to take Vitamin C, and that China is starting to go back to normal. He has a youtube channel called Richard Cheng.

  46. hummm…how can i say this one.. W.W.M.L ..would be best…(World Wide Marshals Law), we all new it was gona happen one day..no 1 prepared .

  47. As a Korean, what i can tell you guys is that dont get panicked and dont trust government but doctors. Even though korea mostly opens up the existing cases, government always wants the economy to be fine first. Trust doctors guys! doctors

  48. They just released the newest studies show the number one cause of virus spreading is from female pubic hair….. You are urged to remove all visible hair in that area, by force if necessary. I'm buying some Gillette stocks o.O

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