86 thoughts on “NBCUniversal Reveals ‘Peacock,’ The New Streaming Platform | NBC News NOW

  1. The instant that NBC starts to make money off of people trying to watch the Office because it’s locked behind a paywall, people will riot

  2. I already pay for three. That's plenty, thanks.
    If I can record it and fast forward through the commercials then okay.

  3. I don't see your network taking the risks necessary to create content that will influence people to pay for it. Also, this should have started earlier. There is already a public opinion that there are to many of these.

  4. Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Twitch, YouTube Red, and if you have cable as well that would be a plus but my point is what more do you really need than those.

  5. I want a streaming service that rolls all streaming services into one and offers it free with ads or 10 bucks without. Only then would I consider it. Otherwise they can keep it.

  6. I don’t watch tv like at all anymore. I don’t even use Netflix of Hulu anymore. Sitting on a couch watching anything seems so pointless these days. The only time ever really watch anything is when I’m sitting on the toilet or cooking. And watching something on my phone. Usually a podcast.

  7. I used to have an optimistic view of streaming services over cable…now its just like more expensive cable.. not every channel needs its own streaming service.

  8. lmao, peacock. oh man. if they want to hire me for their marketing team I can tell them why that's a terrible name. i give this a year at most until disgruntled customers force it's end.

  9. Starting to hate streaming services, especially new ones who pull their 1 or 2 good shows from netflix/hulu and to try and gouge another $10/mo out of me. Meanwhile netflix and hulu's prices dont get lowered when content is removed..

    Ahh capitalism.

  10. "Peacock" is sexist!
    They need to change the name to "Peahen" or "Peacockless" so the feminists don't start a protest.

  11. Gee whiz…how many apps do these people think we're going to pay for? Everybody just wants your money these days. SMH. I think l'll keep my money and stick with Netflix and the free version of You Tube ThankYouVeryMuch.

  12. The managers checking out the many thumbs down on this video are probably laughing at the fact that those numbers don't represent the total national outlook for Peacock. They moving forward with or without the support from YouTube viewers. 😂

  13. Msnbc keep putting the story up then back down when they don’t get the results they want
    Got to love corporate media


  15. Just download Pluto TV they have tons of movies and TV shows, even sporting events.

    I quit paying for streaming last year and for the cost of a couple of ads you can watch a lot.

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