100 thoughts on “New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

  1. At least 60k are dead in china alone the number of infected is over 1.5 million in china alone. They're cremating bodies to suppress actual numbers and claiming it only kills the unhealthy when there kids being piled up into one bag because so many are dying. This is population control and they're lying to us, good luck everyone stay clean.

  2. So I'm on a subway train in philly, the gentleman in front of me is currently OPEN MOUTH COUGHING without covering. Can we create a law, that this type of action will be treated the same as a terroristic treat, and a violation against homeland security??? No cover, open mouth coughing, is this STILL a thing anymore, especially if your of age and know better. 😕👎

  3. For Smoker – CoronaVirus, Attack the lungs any kind of smoker with
    Long-term smoking can lead to emphysema, a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the Lungs.

  4. china just wanted everyone the fawk out of their country. They willing to sacrifice a couple of thousands of people. who knows.
    China does

  5. Yeah, "wartime controls"… News brought to you by the country who spends more money on wars than the rest of the planet combined.

  6. Where's our humanity aid to the Chinese people…..like the one shown on Venezuelans? Or was that aid to Venezuela hiding some kind of interest??

  7. The truth is they have no clue how many cases there are or how many have died. What do do know for sure is it's spreading around the World and now in the US. The cases in the US is going to grow over the next two weeks. Keep an eye on how many in US.

  8. Only one answer Jesus Christ
    Let’s pray for China 🇨🇳
    Blood of Jesus please help your precious peoples in 🇨🇳
    2 Chronicles 7: 14
    And my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven , will forgive their sin, and will heal their Land
    Thank you Jesus 🙏🙏🙏

  9. So first juul gets everyone hooked on vaping to ruin your lungs , then the corona virus a virus that attacks the lungs just magically comes out 🤔

  10. That’s funny. Who knew that having large meat markets with unsanitary conditions where bare hands touch blood and meat that has been sitting in the open air all day could be a hot bed for disease…

  11. Now maybe the Chinese will take serious precautions when working with viruses. Imagine if something worse had gotten out of their lab.

  12. This has gotten so bad because China chose to hide what was happening, and not allow the rest of the world's medically developed nations to help.

  13. You need to reduce the spread rate of the virus to an R0 of 1. It’s currently at 4.9-6.5. Scientists released a paper saying after all the draconian implementation by the Chinese government in Wuhan it only reduced to a R0 of 3. CDC said it’s unstoppable now.

  14. it's a rich target environment for the virus. elderly, smoker, air pollution and dirty place to live. 1.4 billion, won't even make a dent on the death toll from influenza

  15. But then were told to be soft on China, that they listen to their people, and that they are a good government….. whatever

  16. Only mentioning the military enforced curfew but not the thousands of military doctors sent by the PLA. Very comprehensive report.

  17. Am I the only one that finds this all a little convenient !! just when the world was looking into China's mass incarceration of Muslims and the selling of there organs all of the stuff with Hong kon they now " need " to use the military to arrest and keep people on look down

  18. China is to blame for this. There is a vaccine that has been found, but China does not want to legally purchase the rights to it. China is allowing their citizens to die simply because they don't want to do things legally. This is China's form of population control. Google everything I just said.

  19. China covered this up in November and the man who leaked the cover-up is now dead. There is a vaccine that exists against the virus but China wants it for free so they can profit billions off of it. This is China's form of population control. Everyone take note 👌


  21. To all those people who said, oh I've had bat before it's not so bad you should try it before you talk bad about it. It's not so bad huh?

  22. The 13000 cases increased overnight is because they included the "clinically diagnosed" people, which means they have the symptoms and positive CT images, but not tested positive for the virus RNA.

  23. Love how people in the comments are acting like this is the common “flu.” Uh-huh. I’d like to see you say the same statements if you were affected by the virus and dying without a cure

  24. Wow just think that's what half of the United States people want from our government under a socialist rule. Becareful what you ask for or who you Vote for !

  25. 60000, really? That's total s***. What is this? I understand not wanting to cause a panic, but I think people deserve the truth.

  26. 2 percent fatality rate? That's what we are scared of? With those mostly being the elderly or having pre existing health conditions?

    Jesus we just described the flu. I think pneumonia is actually more deadly.

  27. That's why people keep sneaking out to other countries and laughing and bragging about spreading the virus. The WHO is also corrupted and needs to be dismantled, the leader is a communist sympathizer.

  28. What I have learned from all these China videos are they are extremely organized country unlike individuals traveling all over the world

  29. Corona means crown… and the new name given by the WHO, according to bible concordance=
    Ovid= sheep
    19= slaughter
    They are coming for us all… they need large harvest of energy, when they do, it will birth the locusts in the PIT…. pleasegive your life to Jesus Christ if you haven't!!! It's TIME!!!!!!!!!

  30. Phew luckily I’m a 28 year old women who doesn’t smoke and is no where near China 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Anyways this is sad and scary I hope the Chinese governments put restrictions on what can and cannot be eaten, idk who’s bright idea it is to eat bats, rats, cats, snakes or anything like that 🤷🏻‍♀️ praying for China and the world.

  31. 60k in city of millions, over reaction. only 2% death rate. pssss 6k people die from the common cold in the US every year.

    over reaction, something is not adding up.

  32. Yea…Soldiers get deployed every Flu season…right. You have to be blind to not think that this was a biological weapon.

  33. Sending military to cure patients ?
    They're going to slaughter those ppl at the end . That's why they cut off Wuhan's internet already . No matter what happens , ppl outside wouldn't know .
    China ccp doesn't care about its ppl , to be honest .

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