News and Community Spotlight | February 6, 2020 | Unreal Engine

News and Community Spotlight | February 6, 2020 | Unreal Engine

>>AMANDA: Hey, all. In less than two months,
this year’s Game Developers Conference will kick
off in San Francisco. With the next generation
of consoles on their way, we couldn’t be more excited
to share what’s next. Join us on site or online
on March 18 at 11:00 AM Pacific as we kick off with
the annual State of Unreal, which is set to reveal
technological advancements that will unlock new
creative possibilities, and redefined what is
achievable in game development. Coming to the show, attend
Learning Theater and Tech Talk sessions to further
build your expertise, and visit our Games. Jobs.
Beer. booth to socialize, play tons of great games, relax,
and enjoy Epic hospitality. Visit
to stay up to date on all things GDC. February’s free
content has arrived. Unleash hordes of enemies
with an open world AI spawn system, create
challenging puzzles with a first person
puzzle template, configure in-game
settings, color grade in just a few short clicks, and
generate more than 200 variants of mechanical robots, all
with this month’s content. Plus, get up and going with
an advanced bipedal locomotion system, now added as part
of our permanent collection. Download them all
via the Marketplace before the month runs out. Recent releases of Unreal Engine
have included improvements to advanced the creation of the
most photo-realistic real-time digital humans possible. This effort has continued in
4.24 with our new real-time hair rendering and dynamic
support in Unreal Engine. On our blog, our team
share a high level look at our new strand
based workflow, which introduces a full hair
shader, rendering system, and ray traced
shadows and dynamics integration using the
visual VFX editor Niagara. We have a brand new Build:
for Automotive page live on our site. Pre-register to
attend future events and watch a ton of
free case studies and previously unreleased
content from our exclusive Build: events with insights
from McLaren, Daimler, Nissan, Audi, and more. It’s not always
easy making friends, and it’s even harder
when you’re not alive. Polter Pals is a puzzle
platformer from one-person studio Split Hare Games. The Unreal Dev Grant
recipient tells the story of a lonely ghost who
simply wants people to join him in the
afterlife so they can become his new friends. He speeds this process up
by possessing his neighbors, controlling and tricking them
into their untimely deaths. Fresh off an appearance
at Pax South, we chatted with Decker
about the game’s influences, goals, and how he’s using
Unreal Engine to infuse life in this ghostly story. Now over to our top
weekly Karma earners m_foda, MMMarcis, Vecherka,
T_Sumisaki, TheKehlim, V0xFire, Clayton.Campbell, IndieGameCove,
ClockworkOcean, and GarnerP57. Thank you so much for helping
out folks on AnswerHub. And now over to this week’s
community spotlights. Ever have a dream that
you couldn’t forget? 10 years ago, Andy
had a dream they wanted to share with others. And now, after
years of training, they brought this dream
to life, producing this beautiful short
film titled Swing. Watch it and make
sure to thank Andy for sharing their
fantasy with us. Here, you may see
a familiar face. This is Mr. Mannequins
Tools, a Blender add-on that exports animations
and weighted Meshes that are directly compatible
with the Mannequin available in our
Third Person Template, and without the need to retarget
anything in Unreal Engine. Download these tools
and get more information on Jim Kroovy’s
page linked below. And last up is Kill It With
Fire, a first person action game about hunting spiders
and causing collateral damage. As a license to Kill It
With Fire exterminator, gather your arsenal and pursue
the eight legged arachnids on a journey across time, space,
and suburbia, although not necessarily in that order. Visit their website to stay up to date
on spider hunting. Thanks for tuning in to this
week’s news and community spotlight.

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  1. You guyz forgot to add the mannequin blender add-on link. None of your link go to the mannequin blender add-on i checked.

  2. Those games looked really cool, grats to the developers who made them!

    I still can't believe Mr Mannequins has come this far haha, i'll be live later today showing the next update and talking about the future of the add-on : )

  3. When I saw the mannequin I was hoping to see something new for Blender to help the animations pipeline, but I really didn't think something like that would actually be in there!

  4. If a colored person was to be seen inside the epic offices / UE4 compound, panic would ensue , cops called and generally all hell would break loose. Cause they have never seen a colored person up close.

  5. wish the hair could use something like Blender Particle hair that is in my price range, free, as well as the costly apps like Max, Maya, Houdini etc! or maybe some ready made hair caps at least we can buy to add to our meshes without having to do an alembic import from one of said expensive apps, I use DAZ and iClone figures myself and the only high end app I own is Zbrush and that while it has fibermesh hairs its curves also not compatible

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