98 thoughts on “News Now Stream 02/13/20

  1. Someone should put slurring Nancy under oath before anyone bothers listening to a thing that comes out of it's wicked mouth.

  2. Doesn’t matter how short or long Nancy speaks, I always end not knowing what the F she is trying to say democratic Congress is doing for us!

  3. How long do we have to put up with that old HAG the drunk'in stick insect Pelowsky raving on like a lunatic……. is there anyway to IMPEACH HER and Shifty and Nadler or is the law just running in one direction against Trump and repubs ?
    The true question is Oscar Wildes conclusion correct?…. "the LAW is an ASS" or if you are so inclined "the LAW is an ARSE" Which no doubt the candidate Bread&butter would probably say "yes please" can't beat a bit of arse re, the LAW.

  4. She makes no sense… Everything she says they have done and still doing! So it's ok for them, but made up lies we're suppose to believe, WOW

  5. The lesson this President has learned is that the Republican Party will not hold him accountable no matter how egregiously criminal his behavior.

  6. Off topic. I just saw Christiane Amanpour interview Andrew McCabe. She asked how it feels to be under the microscope. He said, "It's a terrifying prospect to have the full weight of the Government on you." HAAAHAAAAA Suckers! It's your turn, fools! F OFF!

  7. She is TERMINALLY butthurt and is loosing more credibility everyday! Her disrespect for the Office of the President is NAUSEATING, and the only truth she sees is the one she makes up.

  8. She's listening in her ear bud to someone. Also pissing in her diaper. We aren't buying your intoxicated a** then or now. Take some more . . Whatever u are on. We're done with u and the gang. You're OUT

  9. My God, oh my God, Gloria Allred looks like a fixed face after all that plastic surgery. What the… Lord help us with bringing dark to light. In Jesus name we pray Amen

  10. Nancy your the biggest crook !!! Your the liar !!! The people can't stand you what part of that do you not understand !!!

  11. Nancy Pelosi nursing home waiting for you better go away don’t talking to much Nancy the lady makes trouble for country

  12. Nancy you’ve ruined your long time reputation and it’s sad.
    You haven’t done anything, your bills are attached with stuff nobody wants, just democrats. So it’s like your way or the highway. Truth? Do you know what it is?

  13. Nancy Peloski (russian spelling 😋) is a little corpse mannequin with an engine that runs on good old fashion 100% methylated spirits (aka pure alcohol)!

  14. Please keep giving your truth, which is lies and shows how you are against the people and are only looking for control and power on your terms, not the peoples. I hope to see you and other communistic Dems removed from, office.

  15. Nancy does amaze me on how she keeps her dentures well planted in her mouth when she speaks or chews her cud, sometimes I'm bewildered at it.

  16. Nancy pelosi tore a hole in the heart of every American soldier that fought for this country when she tore up that paper

  17. This woman has lost her mind she lost the impeachment the Democrats are losing and it's the beginning of the end of the democratic party being able to loot the law-abiding taxpayers coffers that's too bad no more free stuff for them and that makes them mad

  18. Since when do you care about American people heat real you are a big mess you do did something really really bad that you can't get away with you are a weird crazy person

  19. The wrap up smear is more your forte' and we SEE YOU doing it and cryin' Chuck talking about it is now evident. We are awake! Don't you know we see you now?

  20. Nancy your plans to brings our president down it fail again. God bless our president. you will not as as speaker on the next election.

  21. Bye bye nancy..i know you knew where this would take your career but after 30 yrs. of stealing…you dont care…you & your hateful family are set for life with the money you made from our misery…for being a holy woman you sure are nasty to the people of the USA…look at your state….you f'd it all up. i think that you are a prime candidate for Hell, which at your age aint far away. 👹👺👹👺👹👺👹

  22. Nancy Pelosi is VOMIT. The only reason the Dems keep her is because she gets massive donations. The lowest in intellects can see that the crap that comes out of her mouth is "Gorrel" (in South African – Afrikaans Language)———what we call non-sense ………………does not make sense. How do you people endure this????????????????

  23. Definition
    of Nazi, National
    Socialist German Workers' Party.

    Definition of Socialism, a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates
    that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be
    owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
    So who do you think most resemble the definition of Nazi 1. Socialist
    Democratic Party 2. Conservative Republican Party

  24. Ummmm so remove Nancy already. Gross abuse of power by her and the rest of the clowns in her camp…. haha by the way she reminds my of that one Aunt that comes to the holiday parties with her box of wine. Haha

  25. She warned you the DOJ was a rigged deal with Barr in bed with Trump. Now you have 1100 former justice people calling for Barr to step down. Any chance he will do the right thing? Answer no because he is not a man of honor.

  26. Why is Nancy Pelosi not in prison or even charged with a federal crime for shredding a federal document in her little tantrum America is sick of Democrats getting away with all their crimes in Congress FBI doj CIA

  27. Bloomberg is a sellout to China he has the corrupt Obama and Hillary in this corner you got to be an idiot to vote for more corruption higher taxes open borders

  28. Oh lord….Lady just please go away!!! This is unbearable to watch. Speaker of the House that has a real trouble speaking. Shhh

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