100 thoughts on “Pelosi accuses Trump of ‘political interference’ in Roger Stone sentencing

  1. Nancy, just wait till you see the ultimate interference when he commutes his sentence – because he can. Anyone, anytime for any federal crime. Hee hee

  2. Nancy never hesitates to give her opinion about anyone or anything . Everything our President does is an impeachable offense to Nancy Pelosi . She thinks she's running the country .

  3. How stupid are all you people, trump idiot followers….trump did openly interfere with the case because it’s his buddy…the guy was sentenced and trump hands a pardon out to him….trump is openly abusing his power and has become a dictator with complete idiots following him, I see how the video of Amy hope was deleted, showing proof that trump has made the rich richer and the poor poorer and is trying to get the poor kicked off of the healthcare system…

  4. The big BOMBSHELL NEWS is that the Obama administration has been accused of giving the Russians the hyper sonic missile technology. Wow this should be the news story of the century!!! BOOM

  5. Pelosi is a wrinkled old prune, Trump has every right to be involved . He is the top law enforcement official as president. He is over the DOJ and Barr's boss.

  6. And I accuse pelosi and the rest of the dumbocrats interfering politically with the president and his agenda on a daily basis um that would be harassment?

  7. Well these democrats just squeal about anything trump tweets
    Stop crying about anyone lying to Congress. Hillary sat right in front of god and all lied to their faces and ours and you democrats did nothing about it .so stone should get the same punishment nothing so stop crying we are tired of it .double standards.

  8. Roger stone should not be punish this long if Adam schiff and Pelosi nadler lied against President and they are in Congress not punished yet they should go for Treason.

  9. “Dunsel Speaker, Nancy Pelosi” By Tarring Up President Trumps Speech, All Because' The Democrats Lost Their Impeachment Gambit, And Will Continue To Loose, In 2020, And Beyond, This Incident Shows Her / There Left D's True Factual Adolescent, Childish, Disrespectful, Juvenile, Disdain, For The House Position Nancy Pelosi Holds At Present. This Was Truly The Democrats Loss @ Waterloo! Proving They Cannot Be Trusted To Represent The People. The Criminal UN-Constitutionality, And Their Corruption, By These Traitors, Again Proves They Belong In Prison! This Is To Say The Least! They Should All Be Brought Up In Charges, For Treason~!! Tried Convicted, And Then Sentenced. Mr. President "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH"

  10. What Pelosi has to say is not news. FOX needs to quit giving her a platform. No one cares what she has to say. She is an embittered, old, crooked, liberal loonie! Enough already with giving her free airtime!

  11. Desperate fools latch out on anything cause they are just Losers!!!! They invaded this old mans house in the early morning with CNN like he was a drug Lord with guns out like they were going to meet up with armed body guards and treated him this way but the politically motivated Intelligence people and Government employees lie and get away with no punishment. Bastards give them the the heavy punishment they deserve!!!

  12. Nasty Nancy Pelosi is the only one of keeps obstructing justice she needs to be removed from the speaker of the house of Congress for her childish behavior during Trump's state of the union speech

  13. The President can pardon anybody he wants . You didn’t stop Obama ? And just look at the evil he let out. Pelosi you are the criminal not Stone

  14. Please, let’s not have Pelosi stirring her witch’s swamp pot any longer. Vote 2020 to put her IN the pot … with the lid on ! … preferably in an orange suit !

  15. The Democrats are only interested in injustice not justice president trump is right they have Rodger stone a very crooked sentencing 9 years are you kidding me way too much

  16. The four DOJ prosecutors just doing a Pelosi rip. Ripping up justice is the new strategy of the dem deep state. Barr just as effective as Session and Rosenstein……..useless.

  17. I want to see Barr do his job finally. I want to see someone in the republican party with some balls. Many someones. It should be very easy to lock up nancy Pelosi with her background. Truth be told if her true background was ever fully exposed and if we had a clean government Pelosi should have never been allowed in politics.

  18. On Nov 15, 2019 Roger Stone was tried and convicted of Witness Tampering and Obstruction of Congress. On Dec. 18, 2019 Trump was impeached for Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power.  This is why Republican members are leaving the party.

  19. Given the disaster that is Donald Trump, Republicans are leaving the party in droves. Democrats could nominate a head of lettuce and it would defeat the impeached president in 2020.

  20. when pelosi speaks all i hear is blah blah blah"" who the hell even listens to what she says? her days are over. get out already

  21. What is it about the law and rules that Trump and his enablers don't understand? Stone's convictions of obstructing a congressional investigation, lying to a congressional committee, and witness tampering mean no more to Trump than "'grabbing pu%%y"'. If it weren't for an obscure memo conjured up by some unknown in the DoJ, maybe it was Barr, 50 years ago that a sitting president can't be indicted Trump would be the one convicted instead of Stone for covering for him. No wonder Trump empathizes with him, since Trump's committed the same crimes himself, and maybe he just has a guilty conscience , which would actually be a step up for him.

  22. Every time I see a woman reporting news on television, it sets me to wondering, which came first, her journalism or her hair dye and make-up, these days that observation may include greasy red pouting lips. Is it me or is there a much stronger force at work here, like appearance marketing over substance as a practical ingredient in television journalism, as a kind of sarcoma taking hold of a lot of practicing male journalist too?

  23. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a pathological lying brain dead idiot who is wrapped up in a bubble filled with delusions and no grasp of reality.

  24. if bernie wins i move back to cuba 🇨🇺
    actually if any of those crazy socialists win i move to china right across the street from the hospital where they treating coronavirus trump 2020

  25. This disgusting excuse for a human being who hates Trump and anyone who has anything to do with him in his favor and does not have any idea of what she is talking about needs to be driven from Congress and go somewhere as far away from this great nation as humanly possible. And nuncy,you wouldn't know the first thing about praying ,you Catholic phony jerk. Go someplace and roll up into a ball and disappear quickly from this world.😡

  26. Jessica Tarlov is the voice of evil and I would rather listen to some demon dragging it's claws across a chalk board than have to listen to that brain dead assclowns opinions!

  27. Roger Stone thumbed his nose at the system, acted smug and arrogant all the way through the trial. He threatened witnesses, and a federal judge. Wake up people

  28. Pelosi and the rest of the dems and deepstate traitors should be running from arrest warrants not running bogus trials and endless witch hunt investigations

  29. You all live in a weird reality where you cant tell between right and wrong??? Maybe bad parenting?? maybe bad schooling?? Its not about the left or the right.. it's about logical truth!!!

  30. Nancy is a serious mental case, she is obsessed with her hatred for Trump. She is not fulfilling her duties, she is a danger to the government, she is not allowing the president to focus on his job. Sonething must be done with her.

  31. Democrats will never defeat Trump because just like everything else in their lives, they blame everyone but themselves. They simply do not get it, and never will until they purge the party of Nancy Pelosi Tom Perez, and their cadre of ultra rich imbeciles.

  32. Jessica Tarlov, I am a Virginian, and we are going to run your party out of this state for the rest of eternity for what they are doing since they gained total power. Your party doesn't know us, and never would have won if it weren't for the enormous welfare driven immigrant invasion in Northern Virginia and the appalling stand down of Virginia's GOP in the mid term where they failed to even run candidates in many districts. That will not happen again, trust me. I know my home state. The San Francisco agenda will not hold here. You are finished in 2020.

  33. The main problem here is that Roger Stone was going up against Hillary Clinton, and showing her up for the CRIMINAL she IS, and SHE is the one behind the Rediculous sentence that was over ruled for good reason, and Nancy Pelosi should TALK, she is one of the BIGGEST political interferers that has ever been, but also she is still doing Hillary's dishonest work.

  34. Pelosi is once again using the excuse of political interference accusations to justify her own inability to perform her job. Pelosi is abusing the public fund and should be held legally accountable.

  35. How does she know Barr wasn't already going to do that – before he saw Trump's tweet? … Lol they are REALLY 'clutching at straws'

  36. Pelosi is showing dementia signs, any democrats the believes her crap, is suffering with her the misery her mind is taking them.

  37. "Lying to congress" is such a fake crime.
    Congressmen lie continuously, e.g. Adam Schiff's lie that he doesn't know who the whistleblower is.

  38. The Dems are calling for an investigation into the investigation of the investigation that led the investigation looking into why the original investigation into the unrelated investigation led to an investigation that found Trump not guilty.

  39. Stone is attacking the fabric of democracy. Fox claim's to be channel of Americans fox should be disgusted with Trump,Stone,and Barr

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