100 thoughts on “Scaramucci slams GOP: James Madison is rolling in his grave

  1. Trump is weakening U.S. with his chaotic behavior. Making America look really bad on the world stage. Stop!

  2. This ukraine mess has sunk bidens lead,bernie has a heart attack,is Warren next?Repubs r just waiting to see which dem dominoes fall before they move to replace potus with a sane candidate for 2020 knowing any dec dem will beat traitor trump

  3. Sorry Mooch, he won't go: he wants to hand it over to Ivanka, as the first woman pres. of the US.




    synonyms: indoctrinate, condition, reeducate, persuade, influence, propagandize, inculcate

    "the evidence is compelling that these cult members were indeed brainwashed"

    1 Accusations filed in court against Trump

    1.1 Ivana Trump (1989)

    1.2 Jill Harth (1992)

    1.3 Summer Zervos (2007)

    Paul Manafort: Guilty

    Michael Cohen: Guilty

    Michael Flynn: Guilty

    George Papadopoulos: Guilty

    Alex van der Zwaan: Guilty

    Rick Gates: Guilty

    Richard Pinedo: Guilty


  7. America has a problem, only your vote can fix it. Dump Trump and vote out any Senator who won't vote to Impeach.

  8. Wow FAKE NEWS FLASH……..
    CNN has a couple of lying losers on their completely discredited network trying to blow smoke up everyone's ass again!
    What a surprise 😂

    Lets see how many times CNN was honest with it's viewers and reported the actual truth since Trump took office.

    ❌ The Russian Hoax
    ❌ Stormy Daniels Joke
    ❌ Christine BS Ford Hoax
    ❌ False Racist Accusations
    ❌ Whistleblower Setup Hoax
    ❌ Ukraine Hoax

    Looks like ZERO.

    That's pretty disgraceful, embarrassing, and pathetic coming from an organization claiming to be a news outlet.
    Especially when these wannabe journalists could be reporting on the historically low unemployment numbers, strong economy, and job growth because of this president.
    CNN has purposely tried to mislead the people. They have zero credibility left, zero respect, and they deserve zero viewers to go along with the zero times they reported the truth.

  9. Read the George Conway article. The second part of it describes sociopathic personality disorder (that used to be called psychopathy). When I studied clinical psychology this was not called mental illness but a ‘character disorder’. Conway then says someone with a combination of pathological narcissism and sociopathy (psychopathy) can be described as a “malignant narcissist”, this is the worst of both. Read Robert Hare “Without Conscience”. And the “Sociopath Next Door” then use Hare’s list and watch Trump clips.
    These terms above changed and developed over the years. ‘Psychopath’ got watered down to today’s usage. That does not help the victims of psychopaths (and they are more common in the population than is thought). These disorders were taught to be incurable. I agree with this. Prospective victims, and current victims need all the help they can get to see a psychopath. They lie, make themselves into a victim, are ‘charming,’ impulsive and so on. Don’t be fooled. Read “Without Conscience”.

  10. the Mooch is right. the media has done a terrible job of asking the gop individuals why they are NOT speaking up about laws being broken EVERY DAY!!!

  11. A democracy can not function with Fox spewing out a drum beat of lies daily, there must be accountability. In today's degraded world we can not count on these pundits to act honorably.

  12. Since when did the Mooch become a credible guest? I get it Trump is bad for the US alot of people agree with that, but to bring on people like this slime bag Mooch only hurts CNN's credibility and Don Lemon's credibility. Sheesh, get a better guest there are plenty of better options, no need to dumpster dive CNN & Don.

  13. This bias , fake news CNN, with this stupid lemon always digging dirt for the president for 3 years they never stop poisoning people's mind sad sad

  14. ANTHONY is right about that. But it wont happen. I have known people like Trump, and they need to be pushed, and so does Trump. He wont do the right thing on his own. And the people around him, even is own family members are afraid of him.

  15. First, I am anti-Trump. Now that that is out of the way, Trump is not really in any serious trouble. Why, because you're only in trouble if someone makes you pay for your crimes, and in this respect Trump's got a pretty good chance of walking free. McConnell and the republicans as a whole will choose party and power over the Constitution and just plain old "do the right thing for its own sake." Trump may even win the next election. What are the odds his impeachment will go smoothly, that his administration will comply with documents, etc.? I can see it now. "Sorry, the documents you requested accidentally fell in the paper shredder. But here you go." This is beyond the Twilight Zone. We're living it.

  16. I'm starting to feel that tRump Derangement Syndrome really exists. It seems to have manifested itself in republitards and right wing nut bags. They must have picked up the ailment from drinking fox Kool-Aid. Or from eating the pablum fox puts out for consumption by trumptards. If somebody can come up with a cure for this disease I'm sure they will win a Nobel Peace Prize.

  17. Mouch just shows us that there are many Republicans that are living in the swamp for profit. Just ask yourself would you buy a used car from Mouch ??? or even from CNN ???

  18. Stop giving this pos airtime! All he is doing is jumping off a sinking ship and trying to stay relevant. He just wants to be on the winning team.

  19. The media needs a new strategy. Stop giving Trump screen time. That makes him stronger. Put more pressure on the GOP to speak out and more pressure on the Dems to stop being so weak and become more aggressive.

  20. All the states should leave the union. Take back your states. Too much corruption under one rule. It's messed up.

  21. Little Scaramucki is getting desperate, he finds it very difficult being vertically challenged by nearly every male (and female) in New York and his personality disorder has left him with no friends at all ……………………not even at the Crap News Nuthouse.

  22. Scaramucci is smart and he's right. Trump opened US boarders to the Chinese. Yes where are the Republicans. Trump is gaslighting and double/triple down.
    Get him to resign gracefully.
    Spot on. Thank you!

  23. hyperbolic nonsense. if anything Madison would be upset with our media lying to us, but that happened in his day too.

  24. I’m sure trump family tried to help and others too but the fact is trump is a criminal
    And being blackmailed by Russia
    he’s going looney
    That’s a Karma

  25. Dear USA, you have elected a dumbass, lunatic, childish prick as your President. Lots of love, the World.

    P.S. Please do better next time.

  26. Any where he went he left always his touch
    …such a magical touch that it brought a bankruptcy and left everyone in ruins
    This is his plan to all of us…


    Yep! This is the main reason why the bastard(Trump) tends to abuse his powers all the fucking time. Amerikkka is looking really stupid and foolish at this point! I am glad the World is Laughing their asses off at her ways. LMAO!!!!!!!

  28. ok, im shocked. a dyed in the wool trump supporter, who even worked in the administration, just came out and asked the republican party to put country before party. im shocked and also, i think i just felt a frisson of hope. shocking as it may be, the mooch just spoke truth to power, amazing and i must say, thank you, thank you sir.

  29. None of these people have read the phone call transcript. None of them. This is discussing how you dems react on rumor. Here is a rumor for you, it is rumored by higher ups in the capitol, that Nancy went ape shit because when the transcript was released it contained no impeachable material. READ THE DAMN TRANSCRIPT!

    We can allow political opposition to this directive therefore, but in no case can we allow scientific falsehoods to go unchallenged. Presidential falsehoods need to be challenged, to protect “We The People”.

  31. Quit giving this hack air time he knows nothing of value . Our country derserve better Go do some jornalism Show whats happening in people's lives . Just sitting on your can dragging out B list loosers helps no one But your crappy guests book sales .

  32. These two are having sMOOCH fest. If there was anything in the transcript the House would have voted. Just another feeble hoax by the Dems. What a pathetic piece, so junior high.

  33. This Is Not Only Fake News But If You Put One Of The Liberal Puppets That Troll These Sights In Their Place And Figuratively Drop The Mike On Their Ass They Censor You And Delete Your Posts If They Can't Win A Civilized Argument They Simply Silence You By Either Deleting Or Burying Your Posts So Deep Nobody Ever Sees Them.
    This Isn't A News Network It Is A Communist Propaganda Network.

  34. Give the Republicans subpoena power!  First one subpoenaed… Adam Schiff!  When Schiff lied and then it was discovered that the 'Whistleblower' DID contact his office, Schiff went from being an investigator to being a witness.  I'd love to having that liar under oath in front of Jim Jordan…

  35. "Someone should intervene on his behalf." Did you forget all the WH Chiefs of Staff who tried that and got ousted? His kids won't risk being cut off in the will.

  36. Scaramucci is another Avenatti, soon to be a nothing, oh wait, he's already there! No one likes a fence jumper, oh wait, the democrats do! Yeah, they love anyone who hates Trump! Trump 2020.

  37. Wow when the Mooch is logical and being remarkably honest. He did get a wake up call, apparently. He's right on… Those who care like his sick freak kids should get him and seek help, but they are power hungry and want to be the next Kennedys… Hahaha dream on.

  38. Trump will not resign voluntarily, he is a fabricated liar, con artist, hoaxter and fraud and will do literally anything to convince his fan base that he is genuine and have their interest at heart, when in reality he is only interested in his own financial agenda for his businesses and doesn't gives a damn about the American people and has started calling for a civil war, asking para military morons to take up arms to defend this numbskull in the oval office, so mark my words, he is becoming more and more erratic and unhinged, the low level educated white trailer park elite will be behind him regardless of how egregious he conducts himself, so they might have to take him out of office in a yoke & chains, shouting profanity and insults at everyone.

  39. When I start to do an impression of an Italian gangster from a random mob movie, some how I always think of the name Scaramucci. I think it's a hilarious name. It wasn't until I looked up the name that I found out it's a real person. "Hey Mr. Scaramucci, I didn't mean any disrescpect or nuthin, but sometimes you just gotta make a good meatball sauce and then move on wit ya life, you know, like fugedaboudit." "Hey Paulie, fugedaboudit!" LMAO.

  40. Previous impeachments all had committed a crime before the impeachment “” Trump has not! they were given Subpoena rights and a fair process, “” Trump has not. They had a full House vote, "Trump has not been given a Full House vote and they continue to use the process as a slander machine Weaponizing the process. Not Fair Not Right and Unamerican, that's why they refuse! and I agree, fall on that Flag all you liars

  41. AS is wacked, with an almost mental diagnosis you the ones that need the help. Your all criminals and your hiding your crimes with impeachment

  42. The Poles reflect the fact that your illegal unconstitutional unfair actions in Congress reflect the pole numbers, but let's see what happens if you give trump Suspeona power and his right to defend himself hes going to beat you like a drum, like a redheaded stepchild.

  43. You don't have to be clinically sick to be a social outcast.The Republicans following and supporting him are not far from these category.

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