100 thoughts on “Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Open To Impeaching Atty. Gen. Barr | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Why should people who act the opposite to their position still carry the title one wonders. Barr isn't acting as an AG and Trump isn't acting as a President. Just a bunch of criminals occupying the WH.

  2. SEE THATS WHY Y’all IN THE CRAP Y’all IN NOW.!!! It’s very obvious what’s happening in the u.s. how much investigation y’all need!! And these are the leaders of this country🤣🤣😂😂🤔🤔🤔

  3. It’s a waste of time. A waste of effort. And a waste of tax payers money. The Senate will protect him just like they did with Mr. Tang

  4. We all know or should by now know that Barr is doing T-Rump's bidding. He is as untrustworthy as a snake. "When someone shows you who they are,…BELIEVE them the first time"!(Dr. Angelou). Trump and Barr have dragged us to cross the Rubicon. They Republican Party has given the GREEN LIGHT to T-Rump and T-Rump has passed that light on to Barr. "The torch (that) has been passed to a new generation of Americans" has been snuffed out. America must NOT allow our Republic to fall apart due to the consolidated efforts of the elected officials who have placed self interest above the Rule of Law. We must rise up and be counted as a nation that defends with honor the principles that our Founding Fathers forged for us. Please do all that you can to ensure that our Democratic institutions serve the people and NOT the other way around! When future generations look back on this time in our history, the account of what WE THE PEOPLE did or did not do will be highlighted in the books of history. #GiveMeMyAmericaBackNow

  5. Impeach Trumpt again, and W.Barr for R.Stone interference!!! This lawless administration will continue to abuse power. Is Congress willing to do its duty?? Vote!!!

  6. They got away with it once so these Dems are planning to use Impeachment as a tool on tne Pres.and the Repubs.Why can`t tgeybethe ones Impeached for Treason, plus high crimes and misdemeanor?Wasn`t O Bama`s AG his henchman ?These Dems better be careful what they wish for,they may regret it.

  7. If you are a voter who is still with the GOP, you are a hardcore conservative. The problem you have is if you are a true conservative you are losing the battle of fiscal conservatism to a trillion dollar deficit that is growing at an ever faster pace after the last round of tax cuts. This country is at a crossroads, and it is time to show the rich who the voter is. Go vote 2020. Make this economy work for you, so your family can get ahead and we can clean up the deficit. We did it in the 90's under Clinton, we can do it again.

  8. For the love of God please do impeach him. This administration thinks they are above the law and their rewriting it in plane site.

  9. OMG!! WTF is going on here…? Everybody knows Barr is solid, always have been…he'd put Trump in jail if he found him guilty of anything… MSNBC always ask leading questions to lead the narritive. .. the Democratic Party has gone mad. I'm done…this is NOT the party of my parents…they are now longer liberals..they are leftists. .Candace Owens is right. ..time for BLEXIT! !!

  10. Looks like another impeachment in the Senate. Boom, shakka-lakka, boom, boom! And while you are at it, end all wars currently occurring and bring our citizen soldiers home, to their home!

  11. #Impeachment + #LawlessnessUnleashed & NoThing is private AnyMore! the latest Twilight Zone series-will there be a moral at the end🤔….

  12. My focus is to get things done for the American people. In other words; "Don't ask me that question. I don't want to answer it."

  13. Who will do the investigation? How long will it take? Getba private look quick and get it done. In sick of this S###. Work on the rest of them at the same time. Jared and Ivanka to for the inogeration crap back to Trump towers.

  14. Barr, criminal crook numero UNO. a disgraceful individual who gave himself powers to destroy Muellers, report, Epstein criminal pedophile activity in which trump was involved,and also his father. And now continues interfering and defending all criminals who are friends of trump.DISGRACEFUL aBuser of power. ĆORRUPT!

  15. haha  Trump making the crazy leftists try another impeachment  cause is soooo good for ratings….dems are so easily manipulated by everybody. LOL

  16. Impeaching Barr would be a chance for the Republicans to become loyal Americans again. Otherwise the conservative cause is over. Do your duty or resign.

  17. Better hurry up..next move from the GOP and POTUS are the box carts on track 9 shipping the rest of us out on “The final solution” tour.

  18. Voting democrat is a form of mental illness and domestic terrorism.The democrats are criminally insane. They think the President cannot make a phone call or express an opinion unless he has their permission first. They are trying to hijack the Executive Branch. Democrats failed their parents, failed their country and failed God.

  19. No wonder why democrats are losing votes. Is that why we voted them in to impeach everyone that they hate and protect those that they like?

  20. Gillibrand has a lame position on this. It's obvious that AG Barr is doing Trump's bidding and that's wrong as proven in the Nixon administration. If an "investigation" is done, Trump will just say: "Well, he did what I asked, but it's ok because I have the absolute power to do it" and the GOP will stand by silently and let both crooks rip off our country again.

  21. "ItM-F" again, please – based on all revelations since the Impeachment based on the Mueller Report and all related anti-people, anti-law conduct.

  22. Didn't Barr just pass a new law that no one else can get impeached, unless it goes through him first. He can now veto his own impeachment. A pretty sad state of affairs.

  23. Oh, you're only "open to impeaching Barr", but were all hot and sopping to hang Al Franken without a trial or minor fact-finding! How about you try being 100% committed to STFU and GFYS!?

  24. An outrage? The President is the top law enforcement officer in the country. Undermining the constitution? Wow, keep grasping at straws… It's sad MSNBC keeps feeding their viewers this garbage over and over again. Every time they land flat on their face.

  25. Impeaching Trump backfired enormously. Kirsten Gillibrand, clearly learning the lesson, instantly starts trying to impeach everyone else lol

  26. I despise Gillibrand. She was instrumental in the removal of a great public servant for no substance. She "ate her own" and would do anything for her own gain/stature. FH.

  27. I am so sick of hearing "I'm appalled/ disturbed/ shocked" etc. How a/b some BLOODY action. Take action to protect our democracy/republic. You are a bunch of do nothing/know nothing followers? You certainly NOT leaders. You make me sick. And to think I volunteered for military action. F …. all you cowards mainly government of putin/gop BUT also some dems.

  28. In the name of God Mr. Barr, if it is too difficult for you to uphold your Oath of Office; perhaps it is time for you to retire.

  29. "What Congress giveth, Congress can take away"; why would Congress require a presidential signature to reclaim power they temporarily deferred?

  30. Barr should have been impeached & jailed FIRST!! Rudy should have been prosecuted and jailed 2nd. Trump would have fallen HARD 3rd.

  31. Donald Trump is a Jr authoritarian. I wish ppl would stop pretending he's just going to go away in Nov. Like they're not gonna rig our votes in the election.

  32. DMV Background CHECKS?? What if someone has NEVER had a DRIVERS LICENSE? Stupid idea to have a DMV record, a regular Police Background is enough. They can do it themselves.

  33. wjy dont you take commander in chief responsibilities from president to congress? pay the president and let congress do the work.

  34. americans have perfect life – judge one another. impeach, sue and demolish one another – is that the american way? by the end of life it would conclude you have wasted your lives. shame! pity, bitterness – of all people most miserable – the american dream!!! damned.

  35. POTUS45 is not head of a democratic, Constitution and Law Abiding Administration. He's the Crime Boss of a Criminal Cabal that is trashing American democracy and rule of law. Electing him as POTUS is like putting Al Capone or the Teflon Don in charge of the country. The GOP that selected and elected Trump as President are no better than the Anti-Prohibition campaigners 100 years ago. GOP = Mobsters!

  36. Article II of the Constitution
    establishes the executive branch of the federal government. It vests
    the executive power of the United States in the president. The power
    includes the execution and enforcement of federal law, alongside the
    responsibility of appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory
    and judicial officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers with
    the advice and consent of the Senate. The president is further empowered to grant federal pardons and reprieves, and to convene and adjourn either or both houses of Congress under extraordinary circumstances.[16]
    The president directs the foreign and domestic policies of the United
    States, and takes an active role in promoting his policy priorities to
    members of Congress.[17] In addition, as part of the system of checks and balances, Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution gives the president the power to sign or veto
    federal legislation. The power of the presidency has grown
    substantially since its formation, as has the power of the federal
    government as a whole.[18]

  37. Will we be dual citizens when Russia takes over the US? It is a proven fact that Putin is more intelligent than Trump. Trump is easy prey because he lacks self-esteem. All Putin has to do is say he likes him. Putin is a very dangerous person. Wakeup

  38. Losers… Keep up the tired bs. Trump all over again. Quick do and say ANYTHING other than the peoples business. This is all a charade by people who would rather do nothing but complain and get their paycheck.

  39. This administration can not go through a week with scandals or breaking the law. A creature of nature, a criminal will always be a criminal

  40. BarrT is the huge alligator in the swamp His crooked skin, when skinned, will make for good Handbags for Melani and Ivanka

  41. Give a narcissist enough rope, they hang them selves. Barr really saying, Twitter Troll tRump is making it hard to COVER UP his crimes, because he tweeting about it. King wannabe tRump is keeping Barr busy. Epstein, Ukraine and Mueller report COVER UPs.tRumps ego is having a meltdown.

  42. Heck why not, lol. Let’s try to blow past the $100 million of taxpayers money already spent on ridiculous failed investigations. Let’s open a dozen of them, pretty sure enough folks clocked in today to pay for it. Americans,f-ing other Americans over.

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