100 thoughts on “Stock Market Plunges As Coronavirus Fears Grip Wall Street | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Of course with science hating pense don't you all understand we are all DOOMED!!! Too bad the popular vote did not prevail!!!

  2. I'm guessing most of you are either kids or adults with no brains. The stock market affects people in general, even if you don't play the stocks. Guess how the 401k works? This impacts more than just the rich people.

  3. We will see how many get sick from this virus and I want to know who they are. I do not believe the fake news, they will try anything to lie

  4. Red Cross is CORRUPT and used as piggy bank.
    DISEASE CREATED BY FAMILIES in POWER (Pop control + Pharma billions kb)
    Think A I D S

    What IF cures already EXISTS??
    What about billion$ (public/private/gov) provided to fund cure dev?
    These people are SICK!

  5. If you rely on Trickle Down Economics your screwed.
    Thank you Federal Reserve for another bubble. It's not the virus……lol. that's the excuse

  6. For example,
    So far, 16,000 people have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC.

    "The flu season began early this year and took off aggressively," added Schaffner. "It began prominently in the southeastern states but quickly spread. So far, there is no sign that the momentum of the annual epidemic is slowing."

    The majority of states, as well as New York City and Puerto Rico, are seeing high flu activity.

    In total, the CDC estimates that 29 million people have gotten the flu so far this season.

  7. Manufactured crisis. Just in the US alone, 12,000 people a year on average die fro common cold. Over 68,000 died in the 2017-18 year. The stock market seems to be doing fine with those deaths each year?

  8. CDC officials must Quarantine California now Costa Mesa California and Irvine and Newport beach where CHINESE NATIONALS are SWARMING with the Corona Virus

  9. Ohh no! Panic!!! 60,000 people die every year in the U.S. from the flu. This coronavirus strain is a slightly worse than average flu.

  10. Wanna Know how an economy is fake? A virus with a mortality similar to the flu exists and causes a mini recession

  11. Has nothing to do with the Corona virus. Central banks are to blame for overinflating asset prices. Day of reckoning coming soon.

  12. I'm so scared I won't die from a virus we will all inevitably contract sooner or later. The carona virus has been around for a long time this is just a new more severe mutation most of us will catch it, build a tolerance and life will go on.

  13. Poor trumpy trump. Downplaying the coming pandemic so he can continue bragging about the economy all the way to the debate stages. My dream is that SDNY, or whoever is waiting with the handcuffs, arrests trump on national tv when Marine One lands at trump tower on January 20th, 2021

  14. Our family doesn't have nor invest in stocks. Gotta be honest, this probably effects those Republicans that have stocks at all the most. Those big businesses are at the core of those stocks.

  15. Oil of Oregano is a more powerful anti-microbial than triclosan
    Apply liberally to self, clothes, and common surfaces to prevent transmission of viruses, bacteria, and fungi https://sfamjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/jam.12302

  16. W goes up must come down. It's a panic situation bc it's in uncharted territory. Never been here before so there's no history to teach us.

  17. You all have Corona Virus, cant even see AHA foreign body language, the people are celebrating the loss #MSNBCDOWN infected machines. anti-positives. Hallie Jackson should be sent to doctors office. #MAN

  18. Feb 7th: 724 deaths to date, 86 deaths that day. 11.8% increase.

    Feb 10th: 1,000 deaths to date, 108 deaths that day. 10.8% increase.

    Feb 18th: 2,009 deaths to date, 136 deaths that day. 6.7% increase.

    Feb 26th: 2,800 deaths to date, 37 deaths that day. 1.3% increase.

    Illogical behavior, but great time to buy stocks!
    But time to hurry, the virus is running out.

  19. I was having a great year but became concerned about this virus two weeks ago! My gut told me to sell all my gains. I went from 60 % this year to 20% but it was the best decision I have ever made! Thank you lord. Thank you! JSC

  20. The coronavirus is nothing but a fake epidemic to drive the stock market down so the Rich can make investments and get filthy rich when it bounce back. Think about it. The coronavirus has been around forever. It's nothing new. It's on the same level as a common cold. I know 81,000 infected and 2700 deaths sounds scary but the flu infects 81,000,000 and 30,000 deaths. And that's just one flu season. Look at your Lysol can. It has the coronavirus on it. The US claim China isn't giving information on the virus. Why do you think that is. It's because it's BS. Nothing but a common cold. It really kills me when they show Asians wearing mask. They wear masks all the time. Just visit Japan or China. A lot of them wear masks. Lol. I'm. Sorry but somebody has to actually think and use their brains

  21. Any person who puts money into the stock market thinking its not gambling is not very smart. The stock market can take a turn for the worst any day of the week and sometimes all it takes is just bad reporting from the news outlets. Spreading fears about a virus that is not spreading in the usa. the only state it is spreading in is democratic controlled states. You know the ones who want open borders well soon we will see how that works out for them. But then again this is one of the news organizations that said trump was racist for stopping travel to and from infected countries. If the dems were in charge of the country the market would be down over 10,000 and the virus would be running rampant in this country through their open borders BS. Just think how everyone from mexico and every other country would be here clogging up opr hospitals and you would not be able to get in.

  22. IBIO during Ebola outbreak…. This virus is “worse” according to tv news!!! Until they stop talking about the virus , I’m very bullish. Maybe even a new all time high!?!?! $55+

  23. correction?correction please,imminent recession is looming..global supplies and manufacturing are almost completely halted.. wake up people.

  24. It's really amazing that something far smaller than a red blood cell can bring a society down! Poor oil companies worrying about losing profits. As with everything in America, nothing else matters except MONEY! In greed we trust. Also, people tend to look at the government in times of crisis hoping that the crooks….I mean politicians have everything under conrol. Well, with King Buffoon and his court of jesters in DC, you better figure out what to do for yourself. He thinks he knows more than the CDC!

  25. WHO knew dumping billions of pounds of persistent pollutants, pesticides and plastics dumped on Mother Nature would have dire consequences.

  26. Time to get out before the fall, the USA is totally unprepaird for the virus, the agency that used to prepare for situations like this were scraped by Trump two years ago. The lab equipment the houses and the personal no longer exist. To rebuild the capacity will take a long time. The economic damage in the making includes a year of lower production and at least two years to get back on track. Trump realy made a stupid decision now people risk their lifes due to his stupidity.

  27. Basing global economy on wage slaves from China be like… Who would have thought… Every market crash needs to have some bs excuses…

  28. Usa need to bring jobs back to america and we need to be buyjng products made in usa anyway. That would help the economy a lot. Why do we even have alaskan pollock fish processed in china, half way around the world

    More people have died from the flu alone every year in America than this virus has killed worldwide. Do your homework

  30. I've been shorting stocks since Corona virus started. This past week has been the most money I've made in 10 years!! Just play the downward spiral financially.

  31. Media feeds on fear. The more people worry the more they prey. Why would someone sell good investment
    over uneducated fear about a virus? News ought to be ashamed and keep their obnoxious holes shut.

  32. The media is causing all of this. If you actually speak to financial advisors they say the economy is just doing fine and the media is causing the panic.
    The GDP is still going up.

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