The 2020 State of Black S**t Address | The Daily Show

The 2020 State of Black S**t Address | The Daily Show

President Trump
wasn’t the only person giving a speech tonight. After he finished
his State of the Union, Michigan governor
Gretchen Whitmer gave the Democrats’
response speech in English. Texas representative
Veronica Escobar gave the Democrats’ response
in Spanish. And then Beto O’Rourke
gave the speech in Spanish again but much worse. And, as you know, we here at The Daily Show
have our own annual response where we cover the issues that are of special importance
to black America. So, please rise– but not really,
you can just clap– as Roy Wood Jr. delivers The Daily Show’s annual
State of the Black Shit address. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Good evening, black people, African Americans,
people of color and really tan Italian people. I’m Roy Wood Jr.,
and I’m coming to you from one of America’s
blackest places: a Popeyes in St. Louis owned by Cedric the Entertainer. Tonight, we black people
are gathered here to once again
ask ourselves the question, where we is? Now, we can’t deny we had some setbacks in 2019. Let’s start
with this presidential race. All of our black candidates
are gone. Kamala, gone. Cory, gone. Deval Patrick. Come on, he basically… Right now the blackest person
in the race is Andrew Yang. And no. And no, he is not related
to the Ying Yang Twins. I made that same mistake. But by campaigning on giving all Americans
$1,000 a month, Yang is doing
one of the blackest things: promising to hook everybody up
before he even got the damn job. (laughter and applause) Y’all know how we do. (cheering and applause) That is how we do. One time, I applied
for a job at Best Buy. I texted half of Birmingham. I was like, “Hey,
who want a Blu-ray of Frozen? It’s on me.” Now, of course, one of black America’s
biggest setbacks happened at the beginning
of 2019. The infamous case
of Jussie Smollett. What the hell
was that boy doing? I don’t know
what’s more messed up, a black man faking a hate crime or the fact that he went out
at 2:00 a.m. to go eat at Subway. Jussie, you’re black. Make yourself a syrup sandwich
and go back to bed. But-but 2019 wasn’t all bad. As usual,
black excellence overflowed in the world of entertainment. Tyler Perry opened one of the largest movie studios
in the country. Spike Lee won his first Oscar. Billy Porter won an Emmy and every red carpet
he walked on. -(cheering and applause)
-And, of course… And, of course, Lil Nas X. That boy made the biggest
country hit of the year. That’s right,
we finally got one. We got us a country hit. This-this must be
how white people felt when Vanilla Ice came out. (laughter and applause) And… Let’s also not forget
about Lizzo. -(cheering and applause)
-She sang, she rapped, she twerked,
and she did the unthinkable. She made playing the flute
black as hell. That’s how good Lizzo is. Lizzo can turn any white thing
into a black thing. I bet you on her next album, she just gonna be speaking
to a manager at the Gap. (laughter) In sports… In sports, we celebrate
Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, whose last-minute comeback
propelled him to victory against the San Francisco 49ers. And yes, I know.
Everybody keep reminding you that Patrick Mahomes
is half white. But it must have been
his black side that won the game because it showed up late
in the fourth quarter. (cheering and applause) We also… We also congratulate
sister Meghan Markle, who made history
by telling the royal family to shove that crown
up their ass. (cheering and applause) We say thank you. We say thank you to Ms. Markle. America is now 2-0
versus the British Empire. That’s what you get. That’s what you get
for that Stamp Act, bitches. And we stole Idris Elba. This brings me to the future
of black shit. What’s in store for us
in the year 2020. This year, we’re gonna be
supporting black businesses, cheering on sister Simone Biles
at the Olympics and going to political rallies
in record numbers to support our candidates. But mostly just to see if Obama
show up ’cause we miss him. I-I… So, black citizens, when you ask the question,
“Where we is?” I stand here to say to you all the state of black shit
is, ooh, goddamn! God bless you all, God bless black people, and God bless the series finale
of Power on Starz! I got to go.
My sandwich is ready. -Good night!
-(cheering and applause) Roy Wood Jr., everybody.

100 thoughts on “The 2020 State of Black S**t Address | The Daily Show

  1. Omg, I was at this live recording and you can hear me shrieking over all the laughter at the Mahomes joke. 😂

    Thanks to The Daily Show for the awesome experience!

  2. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  3. Andrew Yang doesn't give a flying fuck about blacks. He's just another minority using black successes in civil rights to his own benefit. With zero recognition respect or appreciation of course

  4. This guy is the least talented of all the comedians on Trevors show. He doesn’t get that most are laughing at him and not with him.

  5. Noah aka curious George. You are a true socialist propagandist scumbag. You are definitely a JOKE but you are not funny.

  6. Do black people appreciate this pandering to what seems to me like extra, even negative, black stereotypes? I'm asking from a good place and would like serious responses.

  7. Bring back payphones! Batteries die. Not everyone has a cell phone, as hard to believe as that is. Learn to dial a phone with buttons. Lol

  8. Very disrespectful, not funny at all. This is nothing funny about condition of Black Americans today . You had a chance to open eyes and you made jokes…

  9. Nancy Pelosi gave Trump a tongue lashing out of this world I laughed my tail off. And everything she said was true. Unlick trunp and his cronies lies.

  10. Trump will serve another 5 yrs. But go ahead and dream. Dreams are all liberal's have left ,at this point! MAGA! Be back In.. 9 months to rubbed your faces in it

  11. This isn't a black address it's a move to dampen recognition of a symbol. That fist on the podium is not a "black fist in the air"; it is the symbol of the socialist movement

    Very few including black people believe in going to work all day and enduring the heinous work load of a 9-5 job and giving up the bulk of their salary so someone else can kick back and do nothing; No thank you.

  12. Lil nas x, first black country hit? Are we going to pretend the world wasnt bumping Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker a few years back?

  13. Noah, learn from Dave Chappell. Learn when you are going too far with the skits. Skits like that aren’t funny to everyone especially when we can’t relate. If you were standing in front of a African American Grand mother’s house just before Sunday dinner, then Brother’s like myself could relate, but not Popeyes. Corny jokes and if a white person had done this, it would have been very offensive, which it was anyway. I love the show, but your show is starting to remind me of why Dave left the Chappell Show. I had already stopped watching it when he finally walked.

  14. Sad to see the propagation of black stereotypes by a black man. To all White people: this skit is a poor representation of the black community. Please do not let it shape your perception of blacks living in your communities. This man is merely paid by the rich whites to portray black ppl as ignorant and keep our cultures divided. We call ppl like this black man – double agents ✊

  15. Charlie pride had 12 #1 hits 27 top 10 out of a total of 43 songs.its not a first.
    It's so sad how many people are racially obsessed. Blind racist, they feel exempt but are so guilty of racism.
    It's 3 whites for every 1 black so it's not going to ever be 50/50 without suppressing people.

  16. For SHAME ! ! You forgot ? ? DeFord Bailey in the '20's, early years of Grand Ole Oprey, Charlie Pride, '70 on, Darius Rucker, Hootie went country in 2008! Guys, please, I'm white and I know this.

  17. Can I tell you that this is the blackest shit I have ever seen! Roy you a damn fool for this one. Trevor Noah, thank you for giving this man a platform!

  18. Having worked at Best Buy for the season I have to tell you that once anything you get a discount over 30% for you get the tax taken out of your paycheck 😖.

  19. Trump is so pimp, Prince wrote a song bout him called 'the black donald trump'! Face it black folk know instictivly Trump is a Mac.

  20. It amazes me how these people have the audacity to accuse people of being racist but if liberals have no problem seeing this as a little racist

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