100 thoughts on “The Atlantic: John Kelly defends Vindman after firing

  1. Who are You John Kelly To Say Anything To President Trump ? Vindmam And Everyone Else Are At President Trumps Disposal to Serve Him not the Other way Around John Kelly ! And if You Don’t Like It ! Run for President Yourself and get Elected and Put The Peoples In Place That You want ! Until Then keep Your Stupid Mouth Shut You Silly Old Sack Of Crap !

  2. From the Online Etymology Dictionary

    Historical meanings of the word "trump (v.2)"

    "fabricate, devise," 1690s, from trump "deceive, cheat" (1510s),

    from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.), from Old French tromper

    "to deceive," of uncertain origin. Apparently from se tromper de "to mock,"

    from Old French tromper "to blow a trumpet." Brachet explains this as "to

    play the horn, alluding to quacks and mountebanks, who attracted the public

    by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying …."

    The Hindley Old French dictionary has baillier la trompe "blow the trumpet"

    as "act the fool," and Donkin connects it rather to trombe "waterspout,"

    on the notion of turning (someone) around. Connection with triumph also has been proposed.

    Related: Trumped; trumping. Trumped up "false, concocted" first recorded 1728.

  3. I don’t think President Trump cares what you Think John Kelly ! If He Did He Would Have Ask you , before he Got Rid Of That Lying Back Stabbing sack of Crap Vindmam And His Twin Piece Of Crap Brother ! LOL ! Now Run Along Johnny Boy , you Silly Lollipop kid !

  4. Hey FAKE NEWS CNN, hmm🤔 I don't believe you've covered this story today and I wonder why🤔🤔🤔https://youtu.be/2G9MkqYGWTc

  5. Another hipocrit, an undercover racist and the enabler of corruption in the White House during his time. Now, Kelly wants to wash his DIRTY hands. Too little, too late

  6. I would like the address of the boulder that Kelly was hiding under for all this time. What stopped him from coming forth before? Kelly is a coward. He valued his personal silence above the safety of the country he took an oath to serve. Morally deficient officer!

  7. Lt. C. Vindman is a seasoned military personnel who DID follow the chain of command, who DID follow the law, who DID comply to a subpoena, and DID testify truthfully to Congress. Trump is a piece of garbage, lying coward.

  8. Kelly was back stabbing Trump, Wanted Nicki to join him And TEd Gundersen he is swamper, he should be tried and hung if found guilty

  9. As a Canadian I am unable to vote in American elections but, please….please…..PLEASE.  If you're smart enough to see through tRump's bullshit, PLEASE VOTE ON NOV. 4

  10. the democrats must live on a different planet than the rest of us ! the vindman's fired ? ambassador yovanovich fired ? In the world we live , when people are fired , they don't keep making the same money that they were making and work in a different division of the company !!!

  11. KELLY! Tillerson …WHY, , just why didn't you speak up much earlier?.. The moron destruction is going to take a long time to repair😡😡😡

  12. Vindman's own boss said he repeatedly subverted the chain of command, and there were concerns over him being a leaker.

    Diplomacy has at least stopped the missile testing without making any consessions. This is more than any former president has achieved with North Korea.

  13. Trader John Kelly, Deep State Deep in Side him! Federalist Paper #29 – 16 Am Jur 2d sections 117-177-256-257-258- see Trading with the Enemy act! 1917

  14. General Kelly if I was under your command during Vietnam (I am Vietnam Vet) and you gave us orders to destroy the enemy and I decided you were loony and instead ran to the news Media and Press and told them how wrong you were. I would be court marshaled and throw in jail and get a dishonorable discharge. That is what should have happen to this jerk. Or are we not talking about the same military.

  15. love looking at kelly's face, looks like a 4yr old after doing something wrong. its so obivious its funny, i wonder what they have on him to keep him public and in control.

  16. Unbridled arrogance: The arrogance of this fellow Vindman! '"I am Lieutenant Colonial'". As though he's on parade! '"I was offered the position of Minister of Defense'". Sometimes people with that  amount of crass ignorance of correct behavior come to the edge of insanity wallowing in self importance.

  17. The guy who got fucking fired defends the other chump that got fired lol you can't make this shit up folks lolololol

  18. So many of Trump's ex generals will hopefully speak out before the next election.
    I want Rex Tillerson to admit he said Trump is an effing moron

  19. The Marines in the admin were the only honorable and moral leaders in this admin. Which is why the resigned. We need a real warrior and moral leader. General Mattis needs to take over!!!
    MATTIS 2020!!!
    Semper Fidelis

  20. Vindman was pissed that Trump didn’t use his talking points. And then told the Whistleblower! Who everyone knows, just google it. An Obama holdover.

  21. Kelly is another sour grapes DC insider globalist elitist rat🗳💵🐁🐁🐁 and the vindmans should be exiled from USA permanently.

  22. Yes the" fake news", you are FAKE News, the enemy of the people you people need to stop lying the president never said "the press". you're a bunch of liars treating the American people,like they're so stupid, to believe anything you say and they won't look up the facts for themselves. You the fake news outlets CNN MSNBC ABC CBS PBS etc.. are fake news and every time they spread the fake news they become the enemy of America. Another reason why Trump is going to win in 2020 again. TRUMP 20/20/24/28/32/36……..😂🤣☝️💯😱

  23. Kelly said Vindman did what he's supposed to do. Really? So after telling his boss about the call, a national security adviser with high level security clearance is also taught to start telling other people as well? Because that's how the whistle blower knows, Vindman told him! That played out in the Inquiry, right before Adam Schiff interrupted Vindman just before Vindman seemingly was about to name the Whistle blower.

  24. I am a Marine. John Kelly disgust me. Shame on him. He enabled Trump for far too long. He could have, should have, and still should come out STRONGLY and tell the world how fucking corrupt and incompetent Trump is. Kelly, you were a spineless weasel when you served and defended Trump. History is going to look down upon you and it is not going to look good for you.

    You can repair your image considerably by FINALLY telling the world what most of us know and encouraging others to do the same.

  25. Jim Kelly was not in over his head like Trump asserts in his tweet. Rather he was a baby sitter for an inept administration.

  26. Q. How do you turn the most powerful democratic nation in history into the laughing stock of the world and soon to be banana republic? A. Elect a lying conman, draft dodger, adulterous criminal as your President.

  27. John Kelly was outed by Nikki Haley for trying to recruit her to subvert Trump. We all know where Kelly stands. He's part of the coup and because of that, a CNN ally. CNN is a cancerous lump on America and the coup plotters will all go to jail.

  28. Wow warmongers have a problem with Trump's foreign policy! It is dangerous to the military industrial complex and their ability to make money! So CNN has to praise anyone against Trump. Vindman thought it was illegal? Did E C and vindman conspire to set up POTUS with pencil neck Schiff?? Was that illegal?

  29. Vindman should run and win the presidency if he wants to implement foreign policy he agrees with. His insubordination and leaking just proved democracy means nothing to him.

  30. Democrats are awesome. After 3 years of screaming about Trump being too cozy with Russia, they are going to nominate a life long Marxist Soviet Union apologist who took his honeymoon in Russia

  31. Donald John Trump is THE PRESIDENT, dipshit CNN. He’s also Commander In Chief. He can fire anyone @ anytime for any reason. # CNNfakeNews

  32. US policy is set by the elected President, not by anonymous deep state bureaucrats.
    The courts decide what is illegal, not personal opinion of deep state cowards.

  33. Well negotiating with North Korea is like negotiating with a temper tantrum 2 year old. At least President Trump gave it hell. Gen. Kelly is a swamper

  34. He deserved all of it! Trump broke no laws, have no unlawful order to anyone. After all they've tried to do to Trump and it's all turned out to be bs, now some relic wants to speak up for him, bs! A century ago vindman and a bunch of Democrat shits and fbi agents would've been hung. Sorry, sir, spit yours hypocrisy to folks that dont matter. Vindman will be very lucky if he's not court martialed.

  35. Who cares about Vindman? He serves at the pleasure of the president. He just got sent out of the white house and back to the military. If you are a CNN moron, please comment below.

  36. Men of honor don't kiss and tell. News guy " I was struck " it's not about you. Opinion piece at best, certainly not news.

  37. Vindman was not fired, he was reassigned. The president is within his right to remove anyone from that office for any reason or no reason. IF Trump does not like him, that sufficient right. Vindman undercut the president and made him mad.

  38. For a former general Kelly sure has an odd understanding as to how orders work. I didn't realize orders were received by proxy through overhearing a superiors conversation directed towards an entirely different person. The Democrats couldn't even point to the illegality in their impeachment articles and Kelly doesn't seem to understand what constitutes a order, even an illegal one. Vindmans tenure was over as soon as he implicated himself in actively undercutting the foreign policy directive of his superior who just happens to be the Commander in Chief. He's lucky he didn't come up on any charges of insubordination. If Trump wanted "revenge" on Vindman he could literally have him scrubbing the decks from sunrise till sundown. Yet all he did was reassign him back to DOD rank in tact in line for another cushy officer posting.

  39. Too little too late. It's over guys, you are living in Russia now… You were so proud of your democracy and now it's gone. Putin promised years ago to prove the system will fail. You have an autocrat you can not fight. We warned and you ridicules us! Opposing or criticizing him will only get you jailed. Watch your backs and keep your mouths shut.

  40. Vindman is a social justice libtard trying to play soldier. He should of been lined up along a wall with all the other libtard traitors to decorate the wall with their brains

  41. Trumps worst nightmare is Bloomberg- a guy richer then him and 2nd is a women, so how about-Bloomberg for President and Amy K for VP?

  42. Trump screwed up. He should have flushed the toilet day one. Replaced every ambassador, replaced all NSC, FBI top 3 layers, and more. Bought CNN before be ran, fired everyone, and then sold it to the Blaze for a dollar.

  43. Dumb asses! He was reassigned, not fired. Say good riddance to a traitor… except CNN loves the story. Don’t listen to FAKE news for the same reason you don’t drink from the toilet!!

  44. CNN give it a rest, impeachment died a natural death, let if RIP. You may not have heard but there is a very interesting Dem primary going on.

  45. When are Ken and Barbie going to vacate the White House and return to their sleezy world of real estate and Russian money laundering ?

  46. I actually gave Trump credit back then for, in a fleeting moment of sensibility, realizing his Administration was a raging dumpster fire, and so he brought in a guy
    to make some sense of it.
    By all accounts, Kelly did EXACTLY that. The CoS is the bee-keeper cum junk yard dog. The gate keeper against exactly the kind of people Trump surrounds himself with for personal adulation. Kelly secured the area, organized admin flow and began shitcanning unqualified wallflowers like The Mooch and Amarosa.

    It was all too much for our petulant, insecure, snowflake of a President who, at first, admires and respects people he knows are far more intelligent and capable than he is, then winds up resenting them for it.

    For a guy like John Kelly, a highly accomplished leader and manager of large organizations with complex programs and multi-task operations all over the world, being Trump's CoS must have been like trying to herd cats.

    Trump was intimated by Kelly, who could dominate him with a sharp, sideways glance. Despite Trump's current splat of predictable Twitter bullshit, Kelly left the White House at a time of HIS chosing, not Trump's. Kelly walked out shaking his head at the clusterfuck he wasn't able to unravel because the root of that chaos and dysfunction is…. Trump himself.
    " Kelly was hailed in the White House as a disciplinarian who could bring order to a chaotic West Wing. He cracked down on visitors wandering in and out of the Oval Office and instituted a review system of sorts to control the flow of documents crossing the president’s desk. …… But Trump, who dislikes feeling managed, bristled at the new order" [established by Kelly, which is why Trump hired him!].

    " Kelly was never able to clamp down on Trump’s rampant tweeting or his tendency to make unpredictable and narrative-derailing statements at public appearances. Kelly’s dour reaction to the president’s outbursts occasionally drew headlines, such as his glum expression as Trump insisted that “both sides” at the Charlottesville white nationalist rally had “very fine people.” "

    “ It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything. He’s gone off the rails,” Kelly said of Trump. ….“We’re in Crazytown. I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had. ”

  47. General, you enabled him to take down our democracy for two years. You were not faithful to your oath as was Lt. Col. Vindman. You disgrace me as a former Grunt. Maybe you and the other Generals who helped Trump can finally do something useful.

  48. Vindman was a traitor who own superiors said he was a problem soldier! Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, DNC, CNN & MSNBC pushing HATE dividing America. Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Mainstream News is promoting it! Hillary??

  49. More sour grapes from another sore loser that can’t keep a job. Keep creating news though fake news. How’s that working out for your ratings? 😂

  50. Babylon Berlin (Netflix) is a superb show showing how slowly fachism can take over – its about the 1920's in Germany and boy, the parallels are crazy… Just watch it, for me its not only entertaining but also highly educating. I gotta think about the show when i watch news like this…

  51. Now he speaks. A whole general allowed himself to be intimidated for over a year by an orange moron. Now he finds his balls? Too little too late.

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