100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to Dem critique of Sanders’ socialism

  1. I R E A L L Y HATE JUAN🤪👎🏼. He will do Anything to go against our President 🤬 Including being on the side of MURDERERS, Just like Bernie👎🏼🤬. Why do they need him🤦‍♀️. Gives me a Headache!!!!!!!!

  2. BUTTIGIEG: "Imagine spending the better part of 2020…"
    ME: Imagine taking election advice from somebody whose key accomplishment is winning a mayoral election with a grand total of 8515 votes, who hid in the closet for political advantage, and who got CRUSHED the only time he ran outside of South Bend.

  3. JESSE: "Explain to me why [Sanders] feels the need to say good things about bad people."
    ME: It's called "nuance" and "a balanced viewpoint". Look it up, you partisan hack.

    JESSE: Trump would chew Sanders up alive.
    2020 POLLS, HEAD-to-HEAD: Sanders 29, Trump 2 . Chomp-chomp, baby.

  4. My God, someone send Juan back to history and Government Re-Education, Whatever Zuckers talking points for the day, seams to be all he can really remember each show…

  5. OK, I'm completely convinced, Juan smokes meth, he has fried his brain, that's why he says so many ridiculous things.

  6. Bernie's not gonna take away your health insurance he gonna take away the private insurance companies that's robbing everyone outrageous charges on medicine that you need.Bernie Sanders plan is gonna expand coverage for the average working ppl with M4A implemented into law read it on his website plus it's a middle class tax cut. when at the end of the year you will be saving money imagine right that you pay 12000 grand annually right so when M4A is implemented it drops only to $1200 annually from your yearly income how much of a burden that will take off of every body now you can go on that dream vacation or start a business or whatever you would like to pursue in life.

    Oh yeah it also saves $450,000,000,000 yearly
    68000 lives will be basically saved she sent what she saying she don't want her riches touched

  7. If you want to make America great again, restore democracy and the rule of law. Oppose division, united we stand, divided we fall. Create a lasting relationship with your fellow Americans. ("Lasting relationships begins with two things, the first is discovering similarities, the second is respecting the differences.") We can disagree without being disagreeable. Discussing ideas should never become a personal attack. Stop the hate. One nation under God. One Human Family. Peace on Earth and in our nation begins with you.

  8. Bernie POTUS? Socialist USA? unthinkable like dark white color!
    come on, after all the talk and giving dremz of- freedom, liberty, get rich, go after ur dreams, hollywood, las-vegas, n all that… USA owes it to the world to not be a socialist country…

  9. They said if Trump wins they will move out of US (but no one did). But I m sure if Bernie wins many (businesses) will have to move out of US (though they might not say that)


  11. Juan said, “My point is…” Juan, you don’t make any sense! Oh, I am sorry, you are a Democrat! No Democrat is expected to make any sense! Okay then!

  12. 75000$ to pay for an average family just for the Green deal the first year. Where do these foxes get their facts from. How can anyone take Them serious?

  13. TDS Juan right out the gate. Love watching Juan try to sugarcoat terds in a septic tank. Look its a tootsie roll.

  14. I'm a Trump supporter, afraid I'm to small to post support in my videos, in fear of getting shut down. Until I have a larger Subscriber base of support. Trump 2020

  15. Oh gee I missed it! I was looking for it but when I saw it I thought that it was the Gerry Springer show so I moved on.

  16. Trump supporters from the middle class and the poor your candidate is Bernie Sanders donate 5-10-15 even $3 to get rid of the super swap

  17. Wait…did he just say when a dictatorship does something good you acknowledge it? How much good have we and other free nations done in the world but he slams us and our own advances. But when some dictatorship does one thing good he shouts it to the heavens? Creepy old guy won? Creepy political party.

  18. Could you imagine the squad getting cabinet positions? If you were on the fence you better let that sink in………………..

  19. This is why psychological screening is not required in order to run for president. If it were the Democrats wouldn’t have anyone to run

  20. Spot the difference between China and Cuba? Both are the same and yet one gets US investment and the other gets condemnation. Bernie condemned Cuba but that is ignored.

  21. I Laughed a lot when  watching this, what a bunch of Fools.  ( we must stop Trump from getting  re elected )   NO you dummies, TRUMP will be Re elected and the idiots will protest, Cry, Whine, Complain & Blame Russia allover again. ( this is coming from a Liberal –  REAL Liberal. )

  22. I can’t wait until Bernie vs trump debates. It’s going to be hilarious watching Bernie dismantle trump with actual facts and studies

  23. I can't remember a Time when Bernie didn't act and sound like a Communist Dictator. Bernie is Exactly what is WRONG with the Democrat Party. Even Bloomberg Pumping Millions into the Democrat Party ISN'T Going to Save Save Them from their Natural Corrupt Demise. After the Swamp is Drained, what will become of these Swamp Creatures??

  24. We have the coronavirus problem now, but we Conservatives have been suffering for quite some time from Incredulitis Democratis Liberalosis. The only vaccine for now is MAGA 2020. It may not eradicate all the germs but it will buy us time until a complete and total cure is created.

  25. The squad in the white house😮Thats scary, but I dont think we need to worry, because that would be the last straw for American nation wide, that would light a civil war and they would be seized and thrown in a dark prison cell to starve. We are trusting the process, but we will not let far left dictators in office, I Am Dam Sure Of That.

  26. Bernie denounced Castro about 5 times last night. Everyone just wants him to lie about history. Guess what? Cuba was also a KEY player in military victories against Apartheid South Africa. Should we scrub the history books and hit ourselves in the head with a hammer until we forget the facts?

  27. These five are really going hard trying to scare you. It sure would be interesting if they knew what they were talking about. As soon as anyone brings up college indoctrination I just have to start laughing at them.

  28. These "Five" are all millionaires making way more per year than the average American! No wonder they are out of touch with the larger American working tax payers that have trouble putting food on the table.

  29. WOW Diana gets better looking every time she is on that white jacket and those earrings and hair makes her face just jump out in beauty.

  30. Why is there no mention of the fact that every member of the Trump family is now a high ranking official with the exception of the singular member who is not yet of age ( I will not name him as that seems to offend people).

  31. I wish Bernie and all the DemonRat communists would go and live in communist North Korea, China or Venezuela where they can enjoy the lifestyle that they think is so wonderful.
    Leave the USA alone!

    Let people who love freedom, free enterprise, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights live in the USA without having to listen to all the evil communist lies and propaganda.

  32. The true reason why not to vote Bernie…. Ilhar Oman and AOC…. Your country will be doomed if he's elected president!

  33. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court ruled that the Trump administration is allowed to withhold millions of dollars in federal aid from states that allow Sanctuary Cities. Once again President Trumps team winning again and again.

  34. Proof rich Dems and rich Reps are on the same side. Tickets to get in were +$1,7000… Plutocrats against everybody else is the real issue.

  35. you want to make someone as your reference, and yet you don't even know the Name of the person…oh please, don't just say anything about it! What's happening in Myanmar is rooted way back and deep…. not simple assumption should be made! and believe me, Aung San Suu Kyi is doing her best for the country..

  36. PS. I realize nostalgia is the thing right now, but McCarthyism too? Really? This is how Nazis ended up being given a pass and issued visas to the US though US soldiers had just died fighting them in WWII.

  37. im sorry to say but SHAME ON FOX new to employ juan to pretend to be a democrat .. hes a sensible man and you pay him to lie and be the democrat .. its disgusting why the hell would fox news act like CNN and pay a man to get up there and be the democrat when the rest of the panel is all conservative and fox just allows and encourages juan to lie about trump and the dems … its shamefull maybe your more like CNN that you will admit

  38. Fidel Castro is the Taken guy in Hollywoodz trying to save his girl from middle east Shieks women business belly dancing. Dances in Sesame street also.

    Wow socialism makes movies of saving girls or selling brokerage shipping trafficking via China🇨🇳 OBOR-One belt One road model is UNDERSTANDABLE passing through Europe🇪🇺.

    UNDP, UNHRC, UNHRW, UNECONOMICS, World Bank is enjoying fruits of food and nutrition by transformed WHO population?

  39. New York TimesBut incomes for most families in Sweden and several other Northern European countries have still outpaced those in the United States, where much of the fruits of recent economic growth have flowed into corporate profits or top incomes. Seem the so-called socialist make more money. England has a 19% increase in wages and united states increased 0.3%………….

  40. Isn't it funny that basic medical care for all citizens is managed in almost every other developed country in the world without bankrupting them. So The fact that it will break the bank of the USA (the richest country in the world) can only be because 1 you pay way too much for it 2 you are ridiculously sick compared to everywhere else 3 its an inflated figure 4 all of the above.
    Which one is it?


    Warren was Practically Arm and Arm with Sanders in the Beginning… now they are head to head.

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