100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to DOJ overruling Roger Stone’s suggested sentence

  1. If Stone was living in DeBlasio's New York City, he wouldn't have been required to post bail, and would been given gifts for actually showing up at his own trial. And the federal judge wants to give him nine years??

  2. Until we see Adam Schiff in a public hanging, nothing our government does matters….
    Trump should pardon Roger Stone, then put him in charge of the FBI & DOJ….
    Would be fun watching inbred Joe Scarborough and his filthy wife run their big mouths then….

  3. What I get is that they sentence Rodger Stone tell 8 or 9 years for lying to Congress and both Clinton's have done the same thing ain't got nothing. this double standard has got to stop

  4. They missed Epstein because they was friends with epstien they need to be investigated and exposed for who they really are especially what they do behind closed doors. There is real evil in this world and you know them by their fruits

  5. My daughter graduated from law school before she turned 23 because she wanted to work for the doj… After interning, she said dad f*** these people they're the most miserable pile of criminals much worse than anybody they're Prosecuting f*** them.
    Since then, she has received the Alfred R Murrow award for journalism, she has been kidnapped by al-nusra and escaped, and it took myself and then director of Turkish relations in the state department four and a half months to get a released from a maximum-security Turkish prison. Google Lindsey Snell journalist and you'll see what she's about… The girl who said f*** the doj

  6. This is disgusting. The Trump cultists are lost, we all know that, they they just want to burn the house down, and soulless creeps like Jesse Watters and the rest of this despicable crowd will happily get paid to help them do it. When will real Republicans stand up and take their party and the country back from these lunatics? Trump is a mobster, he has no understanding or interest in the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances – he will just keep abusing the system and his power until he's removed. We're on the brink here, real Republicans need to stand p and say no. I won't hold my breath.

  7. Freedom for Roger Stone, He did nothing wrong, He is a good man and a great American, Pardon for Stone, that trial was political, there was nothing wrong, MAGA 2020, KEEP AMERICA GREAT

  8. At least trump does things in the open. You can't be discrete in a tweet. It's worldwide in real time. You may not like what he does but he can't be accused of a coverup

  9. Are you kidding me? We all knew that it was just a matter of time until the next B.S. story the Democrats would come up with next, and this is the best they've got? This pattern should be visible to everyone by now. When will they stop? Will they try to impeach again, my guess is yes. After what we have seen people in top government positions get away with is mind-boggling, if it were any one of us we would be in jail right now. Hillary, Comey…etc. I wish congress would pass a law that would hold media stations accountable for what they say to viewers. Now we have to talk about this for the next three or four months because the mainstream media will drag it on and on. When is enough already?

  10. Imagine how these people will react, if and when, you get a REALLY corrupt President and he starts a political witch-hunt against these people and they all end up in prison!? These cry babies will be praying 🙏 for the return of democracy!!! Idiots !

  11. It doesn't matter the dialogue you're trying to feed us….. any mature citizen understands the resignations show you the behind-the-scenes narratives

    At this level many lawmakers have dealt with a lot of things and they don't resign in mass like this unless something went down they did not want to be a part of and risk their family future and names

    Haha…. everything is fun till we witnessed the fall of institutions….. and we should remember institutions for faster and easier than they are built.

  12. Ok. So, she managed to break down WHAT HAPPENED, but everyone else (Juan, you Trump deranged synaptic misfire) just hears "Trump" . . . and a flood of emotional non-reality nonsense comes out.

    The most depressing thing in Trump's term of Presidency is the fact our society has REGRESSED. Intellectually and emotionally, and that's what comes forward, instantly, whenever adult conduct and thought is really, truly needed. Thank goodness for holdouts like the lady above who bothers to pick through the smoke for the operational facts.

    Trump 2020. And people need to start putting on big-boy pants instead of soggy diapers when someone says "Trump".

  13. Morning Beeker is a weirdo. These people are wak jobs. They just want the President to shut his mouth- about everything. And that ain't gonna happen!

  14. this Huan is so stupid, he has memory lapses, didn't Obama pardon that gey military spy traitor (I forget HIS name) just before leaving office?

  15. Leftist be like, Trumo is a dictator that will stop fredo e of expresion.
    Say the reporter that being criticing the President for 4 years, gess trumo is waiting for the last day to
    become what leftis claim.

  16. So the whole Russia gate hoax was found to be just that a hoax and Rodger Stone is getting prosecuted for lying about a hoax.. someone please call me crazy. Notice how Juan knows all but doesn’t say a word about the prosecutors and judge being all Obama/Clinton appointees.

  17. Barack Obama called police stupid, Obama went after the media and even spied on the media and Democrats have no problem with that.

  18. Will the democrats EVER get past their HATRED of the POTUS? they just keep on hating him. They all claim that they are Christians and yet they show no love or even acceptance of the election of Trump they just keep on stoking their own hatred and double down every time they lose. The do nothing democrats is such a huge understatement. The democrats are the lowest of the low.

  19. The word that comes to mind is "flailing"… Like a drowning person going down for the third time. Beaker looks positively frazzled.

  20. The whole Roger Stone issue is a travesty of justice!!!> He "lied" when Hillary really lied, destroyed 33000 e-mails and bleached her stuff. Disgusting and ridiculous. Yes CNN said yes the "justice" against Roger Stone is like in a Banana Republic

  21. If these are your guys, angrily shouting or greasily saying that the president's tweets have no impact, I feel for you. You suspect this is all corrupt don't you. It doesn't worry you that 4 prosecutors resigned over this? Nothing on that? Just smile and pretend nothing's wrong? Do you know if they are republican supporters or not? No you don't because you don't want to know.

  22. Child traffickers don't get 9 years, neither do drug dealers. Give Comey 9 years.

    Juan, did you heavily censure obummer when HE twisted the trayvon Martin case into a race case and then FORCED the reopening of the CLOSED case, on OBUMMER'S *pure RACIAL HATRED motivation*?

    Look up "pathetic" I the dictionary, it says .. You

  23. 7 felonies? By a jury.. WOW and all they wanna give is 9 years? People are in jail for 15-20 years just for a plant. Being rich really pays off

  24. Without the liberal use of hair dye on your head with every appearance on television, your influence would be zero without question…so it has been written by the marketing ‘gods’…old wine new bottle…

  25. What ever happened to THIS a COUNTRY of LAWS .well apparently if your in Donald Trump's good Grace's you might get pardoned. If not your serving some jail time .I know that if mr stone does get 7 to 9 years in jail Trump will PARDON him .

  26. how the hell could you sentence Stone to 9 years for what he did? – – when Democrats are going scott free for same offences – in UK there are murderers who've served less than 9 years in jail.

  27. wan it is not suddenly your side of the iele stacked judges and prosecutors for 12 years and for three they have bent and broken the law to get anything on trump and when that failed his people so now when trumps doj says there are things wrong hear we are taking over and looking into it , the thing they should in fact be doing your comment is suddenly really wan?

  28. Trump was correct, his base is so stupid he could shoot a man on 5th ave and they would find a way to excuse it. And Hillary was correct too, they are deplorables…you are excuse abuse of our laws and constitution all because it benefits your guy, not the country, but your guy, your party! You are disgusting

  29. Roger Stone 9 years in Jail! They're getting at Trump by arresting his friends and allies. It's completely political, anyone who stands with Trump could be imprisoned for a non-offence. Roger Stone wouldn't have gone to jail for what he's accused of. This is the Deep State dropping political bombs.

  30. Behar is a fool and a liar. Obama said there was absolutely no wrongdoing by Hillary, or anyone in his administration. … while she was under investigation for ACTUAL CRIMES that got people killed. Stone's charges came from an ILLEGAL investigation according to the FISC. Barr now must arrest everyone who lied to Congress about Trump spying and the coup attempt. They ALL lied under oath.

  31. 9 years is ridiculous. The people who resigned did so because they were wrong and are not impartial not because of trump's tweet like the fake news are reporting.

  32. No, rob 5 banks in 6 days with 5 arrests and release. That’s the new NY penal system. If anyone is hurt or killed by the new policy you should sue the balls off NYS. If you don’t your a fool.

  33. Juan is tripping, and really has no intelligence to add to the conversation.
    In the back of his mind he knows everything is lost.

  34. The only credible one in this video is Juan, the rest of the people on this panel are living in Trump la-la land. According to several commentators on legitimate news programs, the prosecutors went by standard recommended guidelines when they proposed the sentence. The prosecutors were incensed enough at Barr's bad behavior to withdraw from the case, including the one who quit. And a juror chimed in to support the work and integrity of the prosecutors. But Barr can't do tricks fast enough for Trump. As to Barr running rings around Congress, I guess you didn't see him hemming and hawing when Kamala Harris asked him a question. He was trying to parse what the word "suggest," meant. I would have thought he'd know that.

  35. From Denmark ! we love fox <3 an trump <3 Vi har også kun fake nyheder her i denmark 🙁 ingen gør noget ved det så elsker elsker elsker at i står med sandheden og trump tager kamper op for os alle <3 TRUMP FOREVER

  36. For the majority of you that defend this action, I can just about guarantee you that you wouldn't receive this type of treatment?

  37. Joyless Behar telling people to go out and rob a bank?Wow! How is that ugly woman even hosting that show?It's time for Whoopi to take over!! New York released a bank robber who went out and rob 2 more banks in N.Y. less than a week after they let him go!

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