89 thoughts on “Thousands Quarantined Aboard Cruise Ships Over Coronavirus Fears | NBC Nightly News

  1. The birth pains continue to escalate. Time to wake up and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ while there is still time. It is only going to get worse.

  2. Man made or natural, doesn't matter. Same end result. Were screwed. The Corona virus, coming to a spot near you. Be vigilant and caring. We can fix this.

  3. Corona virus forces hundreds of people to extend their vacations on luxury cruise ships by two weeks.
    In all seriousness, stay safe out there.

  4. It will be I wish I had Trump $$$ I would make the movie action Uk does have the smartest scientist and we really do loose our best to them I mean I would leave in a flash I knew DONT EMIGRATE STAY IN THE GREATEST PLACE USA or go somewhere no regulation depends NIEL TYSON SAID there r no mad people in his line of work it’s true and it depends Asian definitely the most wildest place on earth for science coming soon a joint capital a consortium of sorts saving wild life the collectors science dude all it takes it one bad hand shake

  5. Warning WARNING Warning.

    From what I have witnessed from private video's taken in Wuhan by private citizens, the death rate is more likely to be 1,000 to 5,000 per day. The hospitals are only testing a very small number of those infected. I would guess that less than 10% go through the system. One video I saw had three persons expiring on camera within three minutes from only 4 hospital rooms and one corridor. Easy to see how a minimum of 1 death a minute could apply. There were bodies outside being loaded into a small bus. There were filled body bags lying all over the place including next to those on beds. 1 per minute (based on three rooms and 1 corridor) is 60 per hour multiplied by 24 hours is 1,440 dead per day. This could be just the tip of the iceberg.

    Another video show a stake out a a local crematorium. During the really early hours of the morning, vehicles were arriving at a rate of 2 or 3 per hour with between 3 and 8 bodies. If you are Conservative and the lowish numbers of say 2 cars per hour dumping 5 bodies. 10 bodies per hour multiply by 24 and you get 240 per day. They have pressed all 30 crematoriums into service running 24/7. 240 dead multiplied by the 30 crematoriums equals 7,200 per day.

    The crematoriums have been given 2 or 3 extra vehicles each to cope with transporting the bodies. I could be wrong and it could be more than 10,000 dead per day.

    Do you Trust the authorities to tell the truth?

  6. Well, why not? Just fly them over here to American release them into the military bases!? I mean gosh why not? That's what they did with everyone else! Just bring them on over and spread it all over the world? Who cares?

  7. This just in; hundreds more were quarantined after it was revealed they were afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Cheers.

  8. Sad part is thats its been here in the Us for awhile and they aren’t telling us the whole truth.
    Inconsiderate people not covering up their coughs, sneezes or washing their hands…
    In December news broke of a China pneumonia…
    In the same month a healthy Espn report flew and got pneumonia. My nice flew to NY got pneumonia. A close friend flew and came back with pneumonia. Her baby is fighting for his life as i text this. Traveling right now isnt safe. Especially with inconsiderate turds out here who care nothing about keeping others safe. Doctors are not putting the pieces together because they are taught to mask the symptoms not catch disease.

  9. Those cruise ships are a nightmare, bunch of fat disgusting tourists packed in like sardines. I always call these dirty ships “Sh*t ships”.

  10. I lived through: the age of sars, bird flu, swine flu, the Spanish flu, THE flu, Ebola and diarrhea…


  11. NBC: 3711 cruise ship passengers who have spent days sharing small spaces, food & drinks, now with 10 confirmed cases of a deadly virus that can spread from human to human undetected…

    WHO: No need to worry !!!!!!

  12. They're privileged. Imaging being able to afford a cruise, and then going for a cruise during a global epidemic! They think they're invincible!

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL-bM07bTuI
    china is lying about the deaths and are threatening people about releasing information on the coronavirus.
    This also is like contagion.

  14. Either the virus will subside into silence and escalate into a very dangerous plague or it's like having the flu and a simple vaccine will do the trick. Since a vaccine is being made in 3 months now, it's probably not going to be that bad.

  15. Remember when the Trump administration said we have nothing to worry about right before who declared it a pandemic….

  16. This is why I do not visit foriegne lands and why I do not fly or go on dumb cruises. Also 80 percent of the stupid human population selfish and arrragant.

  17. THe babylonian bankers are desperate.. they want to control currency.. but it is ending soon.. so they hype a common cold story.. and tpretend but no one cares in america anymore.. and the trick does not work.. so cnn and news spirals like winy women looking for attention.

  18. What happens if more passengers test positive for nCoV mid-way through the quarantine? Is the quarantine continually extended until nobody tests positive for 14 days?

  19. There are now 12 cases in the U.S. last night when I looked on YouTube. The only U.S. news reporting it was Yahoo finance.

  20. Possibly 30 crew members send up the bio hazard flag! And in two weeks see how many walk off there still asymptomatic. And just like staff infection in a hospital you'll never get it out of that ship. Scrap the engine and sink it to bottom. Nay just paint a new name on it the HMS Corona.

  21. Yet another reason why I refuse to take a cruise. This situation would be all my worst fears about being on a cruise, realized.

  22. Again: it's not allowed to hold the passengers hostage over this Corona virus . They have to bring the passengers ashore.

  23. Are they testing all thousands of passengers after two weeks ? Then what if only a few passengers are infected ? Are they isolating those who are not infected ??? This makes no sense !!! How did they discovered the virus on this cruise ship ? What if it is just a standard influenza ,and they have misunderstood the result as Corona virus , or what if the person has similar symptoms to something else ,like tuberculosis or bird flu ?

  24. They should be getting medication and vitamins and alot of water, to raise their immunite system as precaution. What are they doing to them just letting them get sicker in a vessel where some people have no natura light or air, making it worse.. the governmenr officials need to step up!!!

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