100 thoughts on “Trading Halted After Stocks Plunge Following Trump’s Coronavirus Response | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. What more damage can the Moron in the WH do to help the poor he already cut food stamp he is trying to cut Medicare what will happen to the poor, get infected and spread it to others because they have nothing, no health care, not even food to stay healthy. This MF needs to reinstate the food stamp for the poor and help them get health care.

  2. The rethuglikkkans, their OWNERS and their STUPID voters who listen to CORRUPT "preachers" in middle America are FULLY TO BLAME for the BS response to this… GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB.

  3. Imagine being so vain and inadequate that you have to berate , insult and erase the accomplishments of your predecessors in order to appear better than you are , even though the outcome could result in the death of millions of people here around the world. You are indeed EVIL incarnate.

  4. What? But, it’s the best economy in history. Too bad Trumpidiots don’t own any stock. Everyone else is panicking.

  5. WOW – they are using this Conavirus hoax to cover for the coming recession which we all new was coming but they are going to create two recessions, the real one and a new one ontop of the real one! But why are the Chinese taking part in the conavirus hoax when its the fall of America and the Rise of China? LMAO

  6. Wait is trump trying to go bankrupt again? Taking the US with him? Im joking of course but its still worrying.

  7. Traitor evil Hitler trump should have RESIGNED long time ago. All signs are there everyday that Traitor evil Hitler trump is so Unfit for the job.

  8. Love it!!! The USA is a truly sick society, it worships money and will tolerate any kind of incompetence and corruption to get its hands on more and more of it. And then the day arrives when the wheels fall off, the United States, once again bought to its knees by its own greed and stupidity.
    This is not unique to Trump, it's just a continuation of American failure, he is a product of his culture as are all the rest of the charlatans that make up your corrupt two party system.

  9. Is it just me or does the stock market matter in any way,, when people are dying from a virus that this Trump administration has failed to address? I see scared people putting people over profit, not surprising at all. Think about the Trump buddies in drug companies scamming us all for $3000 test kits when the WHO offered as many as we need. Gross Negligence indeed by Trump's incompetence.

  10. We have learned one thing about the world economy….. It's fragile. Any disturbance can cause it to fail miserably. Trump has dropped the ball in handling the virus but to pin the economic downturn on him is ludicrous. We're going to be in for a tough time over the next couple of months.

  11. Hey everyone, here's a chance to blow off all that steam that's been building up since Trump was elected.

  12. The Trump Administration does not want testing on any scale because that could show a spreading of the virus. The Covid-19 virus is a Democratic hoax, remember? The stable genius in the WH has said so himself, and now Pence is controlling messaging, so it must be true for the True Savior under God, Mike Pence, sent by God himself to redeem America, is now in control. In Europe we use these kind of scenarios for burlesque comedies, in the USA they are played out for real in the real world. Who needs Netflix when you have Trump and Pence?!

  13. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what the 1% and globalism is doing to the world and to you and your country.

  14. Ah the muppet Trump was telling Americans a week ago that this was a hoax , that the 15 cases would magically disappear , that the testing was under control – OF COURSE nobody has confidence in Americas response – can i tell u from looking from overseas – you badly need a swift change to Task Force responsible to handle the crisis – keep away from Trump and his cronies and put some adults into the room – or watch the cases and deaths in the US rise and rise.

  15. The cuts started in 2018, as the White House focused on eliminating funding to Obama-era disease security programs. In March of that year, Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, whose job it was to lead the U.S. response in the event of a pandemic, abruptly left the administration and his global health security team was disbanded.

    That same year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forced to slash its efforts to prevent global disease outbreak by 80% as its funding for the program began to run out. The agency, at the time, opted to focus on 10 priority countries and scale back in others, including China.

    Also cut was the Complex Crises Fund, a $30 million emergency response pool that was at the secretary of state’s disposal to deploy disease experts and others in the event of a crisis. (The fund was created by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.)

    Overall in 2018, Trump called for $15 billion in reduced health spending that had previously been approved, as he looked at increasing budget deficits, cutting the global disease-fighting budgets of the CDC, National Security Council (NSC), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Health and Human Services (HHS) in the process.

    The effects of those cuts are being felt today. While the CDC announced plans to test people with flu-like symptoms for COVID-19, those have been delayed and only three of the country’s 100 public-health labs have been able to test for coronavirus. The administration’s request for additional funding came roughly two weeks after officials said HHS was almost out of funding for its response to the virus

  16. He’s a great president, just ask him. He nothing but a huckster, con man and fraud. Is anyone tried of “winning “ yet??? #RESIGN

  17. WELCOME TO 1987….
    Falling for cheap money is like falling for a diseased prostitute…. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CHEAP MONEY. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO REPAY THE LOAN….

  18. Everybody who this moron in chief Trump has come into contact with,or associated with is now self isolating or indicted, or is in prison. Still this genius continues shaking hands with everybody and refuses to get himself tested. Trump is a risk to public health as well aspublic decency.

  19. Trump needs to make a genius move and send out his friend Eric Prince to battle the virus. Guns fix everything.

  20. You all just need to keep your shirts on during this rough time. Maybe it’s a little too late for you to sell without a substantial lost. But if you have money, hold to it and wait out the storm then go in and buy what you want. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

  21. Come April coronavirous YOU ARE FIRED ,that's the response of the most powerful office of the world and with this the rest of the world is supposed to feel at ease,come on Mr P we live in a real world.

  22. In 2014 deagle.com said that by 2025 that the American population would get to between 60 to 80 million people

  23. I find it funny how people only see America and its one president compared to the other 175 countries and their leaders who play with the market, also. Ignorant people

  24. "But … economy is still just that, economy. Human lives have a different value altogether. Let's worry about them first." -The president of my country.

  25. How many Trump supporters are over 55 and have no health insurance???wait and see they will be the next wave of casualties.

  26. Get your money out of the banks now before it's too late!! Great depression 2 is happening right now! The virus is just getting going and look how it's going!

  27. Rich chinese Dow Jones gamers are pulling out,,,the leftovers in Dow Jones will suffer…CRAZY Trump will die painfully …this mad-dog Trump is born a very stupid LIAR..he didn't even knows that melania´s son looks like PUTIN

  28. Folks wait another 14 days until the effects of this virus kicks in … I believe Trump has been infected by the Corona Virus, (he shock hand with an infected person, Matt Gaetz got infected in the airforce one) … Trump will show himself symptons end of March

  29. Government jobs like congress and fbi should add a new question to their job applications. Are you republikkkcon? If yes then u are not qualified.

  30. Trump says he isn't concerned with the virus, and the cases will be down to zero in a couple of days, Meanwhile Mike Pence says there's been 'irresponsible rhetoric' from people downplaying coronavirus. Uh oh Mike. Don't give up your day job.

  31. Quick sell all your stock, your 1% owners are waiting to buy it back for pennies on the dollar! So many of my older friends are crying, too bad Greedy, 60 year olds should not be in the market! Once this virus passes, the market will recover quickly. Still may not be enough time to recoup, but if you're younger, BUY BUY BUY!!! As Warren Buffet says, when people get nervous, I get excited and when people get excited, I get nervous!

  32. Bail out Bail out wallstreet . 1 percenters might suffer. Don't let corporate America be responsible for themselves. Government or Federal reserve can cover your loses.More money to the top.

  33. Ahh. I love these sniveling lib comments. You keep loosing don't you. Trump 2020 will save you, then Kushner 2024.

  34. Hey Trump tell us again what should happen to a president that lets the stock market fall by…what did you say?…How many points in a day?…How many days has this happened? Tell us again how ready for anything you are. Tell us again how the dems are hurting the country. Tell us again what a stable genius you are. Tell us again how anyone can get tested. Tell us again what a great job your doing. Tell us again the call was perfect. Yaddy yaddy yaddy

  35. There are two sadder things about this. 1. This virus is going to be with us wreaking havoc (us, being the world) for a long time and I mean all the way to the end of the year. And 2. Cult45 will believe anything (even if they or their loved ones are sick) this Administration will tell them and that includes blaming Europe, China, Mexicans (of course!) for all this but not Trump. Is there a vaccine for stupidity? No?

  36. Rage quit.😠
    When you know you're going to lose dreadfully you just turn off the game.
    Wall Street acts like kids playing Xbox 😂

  37. Who cares about the market! Take care of the people for the live if god. Help them through this … physically and financially. If America can give billionaires a tax break, it can help everyone else.

  38. Honestly, i love watching these greedy baztards squirm. Now they're gonna get a taste of how the average person lives day to day, paycheck to paycheck.

  39. At 71 Trump has put my retirement funds and my life at risk. All he is interested in are the numbers that make him look good. He idiotically thinks he can manipulate them.
    That is his mental fantasy and that is his reality aka insanity. Right now the biggest threat to our nation and our well being is the POTUS.

  40. Rich people losing money 💵 put the steel wall up to stop it, don't believe what your eyes are seeing and don't listen to what your ears are hear because might be reality

  41. Today Trump stated that the market "is a lot higher than when I got here." That is total B.S. When Obama left office, the Dow was 19,827. Now it is 21,200. 7% in more than 3 years isn't "a lot higher."

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