100 thoughts on “Trump congratulates Barr for taking control of Roger Stone case

  1. President can intervene in any federal investigation by DOJ. In fact he can end it and he can also pardon for any reason and no reason.

  2. They should let Stone be given the 7-9 year sentence and Trump can pardon him after the election. But, as soon as Stone begins serving, Barr should force Brennan, Strock, Brennan,etc to be given the same sentence.Then, Trump should never pardon them because they are absolute traitors!!!…I love my plan!!!

  3. Another year of Democrats making claims that they cannot prove. It would be nice if they could come up with some useful ideas for solving problems but that would take away from their endless whining and witch hunts.

  4. The man has every right to express his opinion, so idiots like Chucky Schumer would do well to shut their holes. BTW, federal prosecutors are some of the most unethical people that can be found in the practice of law.

  5. The unrestrained criminals are proving that if you play by the rules you lose. I wonder what Trump will have Barr do when we take his possessions under his very own civil forfeiture law?

  6. Roger Stone is Pro-God, Pro-Gun and Pro American. It's obviously a liberal socialist swear! These swamp creatures should be held accountable! 🦉

  7. Here comes the State Run media FOX for Kim Jong Trump, the American Communist dictator, who is the cause of America disintegrating because they manipulate Trump supporters with communist propaganda tactics everyday in this network. This whole network is one big huge North Korean and Chinese style form of misinformation. Communism Trumpism is finally achieved because of unsuspecting victims wanting to believe in Kim Jong Trump as a savior

  8. Schiff (like the rest of the Dems) has proven over and over again that ANYTHING coming out of his mouth needs to flushed down the toilet before it stinks up the room.

  9. Good guys with guns do not commit crimes only criminals with guns do. So for a gun crime how about a mandatory 20 years in jail without the possibility of parole. NO EXCEPTENS ! Do the gun crime and do the time !

  10. Bloody puppet show that I'm watching from Australia, blimey USA the Cabal Deep State's got your journalists and justice system by the balls. How utterly ridiculous that they should even consider a 9 year sentence, how pathetic. You yankies do NOT have control of your media or your justice system. Disgraceful. Yet another distraction perpetrated by the Deep State Cabal – look over here (not there) tactic riding on the back of that ridiculous and utterly boring impeachment sideshow. And I watch more USA news than the average American. Frankly it's more entertainment value than any politics Australia has to offer, but thank god the impeachment is over because those of us following Q already had all the news several months in advance of the rest of your population, so hearing it all a second time now it is finally produced by the MSM is boring.

  11. When you look at the charges and you realize both Clinton’s got off free with the same charges (and others) you can not help but sigh at the deep state and stand up to injustice.

  12. A first time nonviolent offender with no victim gets a nine year jail term recommendation from the feds? And after they sent an assault team to arrest him when all they had to do was call his lawyer and he would have appeared at arraignment. Give me a break. Should be pardoned. Mueller and Weissman need such treatment.

  13. You mean Schiff and Schumer want to investigate!? Noooooooooo🤪 Holy hell vote these political pain in the asses out… Or better yet, throw some charges on them. Schiff in particular.

  14. WE DON'T CARE about anything you have to Say Lil' ADAM SCHITT.. RESIGN NOW! YOU Disgrace  our Country as a person that is Suppose to be for the People….NOT running WITCH HUNTS! You are WELL Hated!

  15. come to find out the jury fore person was posting on Twitter and Facebook that she back the prosecution and was anti Trump before the trial was even over ! Another person on the jury had her husband work at the Department of Justice in the same Department as the prosecutors in the MUELLER INVESTIGATIONand she was clearly anti-trump the defense try to have her removed from the jury panel and the judge and Obama era appointee wouldn't allow it ! and another person on the jury was a heavy donor to Beto O'Rourke and was openly anti Trump and also got to sit on the jury ! Any one of the three of these is grounds for a mistrial and shows how deeply krups Democratic party members are violating the sanctity of the jury system ! This is just obscene !

  16. Fun fact: Roger Stone has a tattoo of Nixon's face on his upper back.

    And you filthy, disgusting Trumpanzees want to defend and pretend like this man is not guilty. He has corruption written all over him, literally and figuratively.

  17. Oh my goodness Schiffty schift you truly think you are above the law. your comments mean nothing. you are so full of lies but wait your day is coming. soon I hope. you are a liar, liar liar.

  18. Making up stories again Schiff, where is your EVIDENCE. again your own story, by telling the world that the President intervened. that is so false. get your evidence …. ohhhh yes, you are the evidence. shame on you.

  19. This is how despotic totalitarians behave. Trump unhinged is just going to get worse and worse as our rule of law and our freedoms are undermined. Just think: there were some GOP senators who expressed the hope that Trump may have learned some lessons from his impeachment. The only lesson he learned is that he can get away with anything. I've got 3 teenagers. I know what happens when they feel like they there are no rules that apply to them.

  20. The last time I checked it isn't the prosecutors job to pass sentencing on a conviction… that's the judges job. So why would 4 prosecutors quit before the judge even passed any sentence? Hmmm is it possible these 4 prosecutors planned their theatrics in advance? It definitely shows their loyalty to the democratic/socialist left. The real shame is that ALL the left leaning hand-me down prosecutors from previous administrations didn't quit along with them. I wonder if its too late to ask the quitters if they would take their friends with them when they go? To the 4 amigos I say good riddance, our courts are better off now that you're gone. And I won't be surprised if the law firms of Bangle, Dangle & Jangle hires these losers to chase ambulances.

  21. Lead Juror In Roger Stone Trial Was Left-Wing Former Political Candidate Who Despises Trump @t

    Another juror is married to a DOJ official who works for the division that worked to bring down Stone.

    Come on FOXNEWS — report this stuff.

  22. so i guysay that he would “take that dog away from you,” referring to therapy dog and that guy is roger stone and he is a "good guy" trump is cutting CDC founds beacause he thinks it will dissapear with the heat XD and thats a "stable genius" so big companys are payng zero in taxes and so now there is much less money coming in the goverment but more in the accouts of stock holder and thas "good for the regular american" whats next ?

  23. Just thinking the case should be dismissed considering FISA abuse but dems will run with this turn it on Trump !Muller took 2 years to investigations Now there saying the case was never a case at all because DNC FBI CIA leaked to get special council started and lied to the courts !

  24. Al didn't need protection in prison. He was still king of any block the bulls put him in…my familu KNEW AL and his brother, Bottles. This little turd AINT no Capponi.

  25. 🤬 Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and Schiff and a half dozen others lied to Congress, how much time did they get?!

  26. Oh, yeah…
    Congratulates his friend for lessening the expected sentence of another friend…
    Yep, circulate ppl, nothing to see here…
    Except a textbook case of corruption….

  27. Barr must just laugh himself silly watching pencil neck freak out knowing the hammer is coming down on these corrupt assholes like Schiff haha…..

  28. Protesting what? It was just a recommendation. No… the prosecutors are running scared because they know they are guilty of prosecutorial misconduct. Their purported response doesn’t match the claim.

  29. Barr seriously you need to start fighting back against these far left wing nuts. These people are accusing you and Trump being above the law. There projecting their own guilt. They know there guilty and we are going to expose the fakes for who they are. Draining the swampy creatures one at a time.

  30. Chucky Schumer and CrazyEyes Schiff are like those Hollywierd horror flicks that keep repeating ad nauseam. Here, however, our country's welfare is at stake (at THE stake?).

  31. Ok, Muller association, Illegal Fisa association, equals CASE THROW OUT ultimately, all after false documation is moot.

  32. This is criminal! Trump and Barr are abusing executive power. Roger stone threatened witnesses with physical harm he lied under oath and sent a picture of the judge for the case with her in crosshairs. Trump can not be allowed to do this!

  33. The President have just to be careful with these tweets There are some matters he can remain silent and let the process play itself out.

  34. President Trump needs to exercise his political power to release Roger Stone from this which hunt against him. Roger Stone gave people true news, which the MSM and those on the left hated because he was uncovering their crimes. Look at the ines accusing Roger. I am sure they have crimes that will reveal treason against We the People.

  35. Just Pardon him, that would be great for him, and for me, because I will get to see them all have a Hissy Fit once again, and that makes my day.

  36. I thought one of the reasons all you guys like Trump was because he's supposedly tough on crime.

    Roger Stone has been convicted in a US court of lying, under oath, to Congress, colluding with Wikileaks and Russia to influence your vote n 2016, and threatening a witness, all felonies and very un-American, as I'm sure most of you would agree.

    So why do you think it's perfectly acceptable for Trump to recommend a lighter sentence for Stone, or any American for that matter, convicted of 3 felonies, including Treason against the United States of America?

    That doesn't sound like being tough on crime to me.

    And it wasn't long ago when all of you wanted to put Hillary Clinton in jail for life for using a private server to send and receive unclassified emails..

    But now you want us to believe that Roger Stone, a convicted traitor to the United States of America, deserves his freedom?

    This obvious hypocrisy is the reason Trumpers will never be more than a punchline of every joke told at every water cooler across America, including the water coolers in the House and Senate, where Congressional Republicans are also laughing – at you, not with you.

    Donald J Trump – tough on crime – except when the felons were convicted of crimes while conspiring with Trump to commit other crimes.

  37. When Democracy fails, Tyranny Reigns . . . so get ready for war by Trump, he would not die, but his people will absolutely, so get ready!! He doesn’t care!!

  38. A Liar can only jail for only few months in human being court. But all Liars to be destroyed in lake of fire. Revelation 21 :8.

  39. Wow, the Far-Left is so far left that they are going in the left direction circle counter-clockwise/Retrograde of no return now. All of this far-left political whining, howling, screaming, fake-accusations and incessant complaining, pandemonium/tantrum method has finally reached the point of saturation to sickening, obnoxious and nauseating to any intelligent, sane civilized human-being. It is both embarrassing and an encumbrance upon the American people to have to deal with such. Maybe the Far-Left think or believe that if enough of them scream loud and long enough that we conservatives will just wear down and give into their desire and let them win by default? Kind of like a spoiled child dominating their parent by doing similar stressful painful-emotional methods. Too much, too many emotional outbursts has and can be used as a weapon or tool of disruption, confusion influence and control over the weak and ignorant. Demagoguery deployed at its lowest depth of social political degradation and most of our people and the world can see this!

  40. President Trump needs to exercise his Constitution right to pardon,

    and pardon Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn.

  41. This is Trump guidelines for sentencing.
    Trump and Barr are hypocrites.
    Barr needs to step down.
    NYT 5/12/17

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered federal prosecutors to pursue the toughest possible charges and sentences against crime suspects, he announced Friday, reversing Obama administration efforts to ease penalties for some nonviolent drug violations.

  42. It's good that Trump is highlighting the glaring double standard in the justice system. Trump's tweet about this issue educates the ordinary people about fairness and justice. It's good hat the 4 biased prosecutors who were exposed have resigned.

  43. When the PRESIDENT didn't come down hard on Clinton Biden Stroszk Page and the media this is what happens and as for LYING LEFTIST LIZ how can she still be running ?

  44. Hey you dumb fake nose Don lemon go back in your closet where you belong we don't want idiots like you out here fake news moron CNN is nothing but lie's after lie's I hope you people get sued so you go out of business forever the media is a disgrace of this country you are so Evil and corrupt hateful angry disgusting human being God hates liars and the media and the Democrats and some Republicans are the biggest liars and you will pay for it that is a guarantee you stupid CNN and MS NBC and the rest of the media you are a bunch of filthy rotten scum bags.

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