100 thoughts on “Trump: Coronavirus is a world problem and we need separation

  1. Why does Ivanka Trump still have at least 2 dozen patents for productd made in China, including a patent for a voting machine? Why doesn't she give up those patents. Foremost Maritime corp., the family shipping company of Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao & Trumps Transport. Sec., does business as usual with China. Viruses& Tariffs? it makes no difference.

  2. Evil Radical Obstructionist Crooked Party Circus and Fake News Demons trying to use Covid 19 to manipulate the November 3rd Trump Voters. Trump2020!

  3. Prohibition and separation can not solve Coronavirus and other external threats. Freedom to use cannabis, can cure Coronavirus and more. Check the presentation in my channel.

  4. China would not have let the coronavirus out if they didnt have the cure. Why did China release the coronavirus in the first place? Why isnt anyone asking or talking about China's involvement? Communist China knows!!!!! Who benefits????

  5. The Democrats weren't just gonna die out that easily. This is all part of the witch hunt! I can't believe they let a virus pop up to ruin Trumps legacy. Despicable.

  6. if Trumps rallies are big maybe he should get some help from AC/DC and throw a ball cause they got the biggest

  7. Here's the TRUE FACTS…
    Show Trumps tweet when this started in China. He said CNN was blowing this up way to much and their a Hoax. But YOU won't do that.
    See, if Trump would of listened to CDC telling him to prepare early for this Coronavirus and test people coming in from China when this started, we would have a jump start at containing this spread.
    CDC also warned the president to provide testing kits early so we would be able to isolate areas that become infected. TRUMP DID NOT LISTEN AND SAID IT WOULD GO AWAY.
    Now we are behind testing, behind isolating areas, behind containing this deadly virus, because Trump did not act on what he was being told by the experts. Instead, his actions where to first worry about the stock market! THIS WAS NOT A FINANCIAL CRISIS. IT'S A MEDICAL CRISIS…. Start testing people more like South Korea did so we could get a better containment on this deadly virus!!!

  8. Watch from 07:27 through 07:55.
    Does anyone remember the 'body counts' on TV news broadcasts every night during the Vietnam War?

  9. We need to decouple our economy from China.
    We need to decouple our economy from China.
    We need to decouple our economy from China.
    We need to decouple our economy from China.

  10. The real easy solution………There was one industrial product specifically created for the purpose of sterilizing surgery rooms and instruments quickly…….but it worked so well that they found it could also be used as a mouth wash .and it sold much more as a mouth wash than its original intended purpose………but now its the time to bring it back for its original use……
    The product is good old Listerine the amber type……just put on a spray bottle slightly diluted with50% distilled water…or you could use full strength spraying the air and all surfaces wiped and leave the room for a few minutes and the area is completely clear to go……

  11. HA HA HA HA HA HA! You are separating, dunce. You are separating millions from their lives with your biological attacks on the world, Captain Insano!

  12. The Irish PM Varadkar is a big loser and a globalist. What is he talking about? Relationship with the US? Varadkar is the one who wants to keep Ireland in the EU. But he is PM on call – he lost the elections and will be replaced in the near future.

  13. Remember, the Religious Right laid hands on him at the podium some time ago? They Prayed over Trump for God to bestow superhuman power upon him. Trump must prove his faith in God keeping him from getting sick and answering the prayer at his anointing, in the affirmative. God will show if he’s on trump’s side or not. With
    superhuman strength and protection he must go forward without fear, as a true believer he has nothing to fear but lack of true faith in God’s will for him. Trump must first prove his faith in having hands laid on himself.



  16. China was the epicenter of the virus. Now it has shifted to Europe. Next epicenter will be the lawless US. Massive infections and deaths you have never imagined coming your way.

  17. u need to get rid of him, america
    and i dont mean impeachement, he should be already jailed alongside with all fox news anchors

  18. Dude can't wait to vote for Trump, so excited to see the more good things he'll be doing for this Country.
    May God are Father bless him and in all he does for this Country and his personal life.

  19. What’s funnier than watching an orange man-child trying to explain science to the greatest country on earth?

  20. If ur giving people sick pay without work because of coronavirus. Can u just stop all the bills from coming in from now temporarily ? Like electric bills, water bills etc ? Would be easier for u guys. (:

  21. When the American people are more reassured by Tom Hanks then by the president of the U.S., you have a credibility problem.

  22. actually, it's already a domestic problem and it would help if we started doing mass testing. But our health care system sucks, so of course he wont mention that. We should have been testing locally over a month ago. Get ready for a rough couple of months, even longer

  23. Check in on your elderly friends, neighbors, and relatives. Make sure they are ok and have their medication, food, etc. A little love for your fellow man goes a long way.

  24. 21:45 it’s mind blowing how he can throw in a little humor and not have it feel the faintest bit of insensitive at a time like this. Trump’s sharp, I’m confident in his actions.

  25. Best POTUS ……. EVER 👍❗️
    First they ignore you,
    Then they laugh at you,
    Then (NOW) they fight you,
    Then (Nov 2020) you win,
    And keep on winning, over and over again, Keeping America Great 🇺🇸 🙂

  26. Trump takes a booming Obama economy and turned it into a recession. The coronavirus may not be his fault, but his response or lack of…is pathetic and very destructive for the US economy.

  27. Covid 19 is what it is and does not deserve the hyped up fear that a handful of corporations will make one hell of a lot of money out of along with manufacturers of face masks.
    Irish PM should have said " yes I fully endorse President Trump to be re-elected in the upcoming election in November. If by some miracle he does not win I will work with anyone who wins, after the bona fide of such a win had been established, since the only way Mr Trump could lose is if the election was rigged against him". But no, the Irish PM gives a typical politician non answer and wriggles and squirms and just behaves like a worm!

  28. Did he not identify the virus as a hoax?? When in the world did he get serious and Presidential?….Better late than never, I guess.

  29. Trump is allowing in people from the UK, which has a far higher rate of Coronavirus than many other European countries from which travel is banned. The only reason is political – he likes Johnson. This is insane, Trump has to go.

  30. Trump offered Iran assistance. What a great guy! After all the hate and bombs they throw our way, Trump cares more about innocent people than war with evil enemies.

  31. China is now using a Japanese remedy that is working, composed of zinc and some other substance. Remember COLD EASE, which was a cold remedy/cough drop in packages with all the other cough lozenges? It was a mixture of zinc and purple echinacea (a flower), and it really worked. Bill Clinton took it out of circulation during his Presidency, and I could never understand that so I chalked it up to the deep state. Well now we don't have it when we need it for this bad cold called corona virus. But there must be lots of people who remember it and used it, even though you had to pay $4.00 more for it than any other lozenge? Well, zinc and purple echinacea are flying off the shelves (on the internet) now.This is a particular kind of COLD.

  32. Zero faith in this useless fake President. The more he opens his mouth and spouts more of his lies the deeper we go into depression. This criminal administration should be immediately evicted from The White House. Assholes like Rubio and Ross Spano and Senator Scott all of Florida should resign for backing this criminal “president”

  33. This is a very wise & fast-acting (pro-active) President.
    A leader with vision keeps the followers healthy, prosperous, free & happy.
    What more could a nation's people ask for?

  34. Father God, please infect Donald Trump with the Coronavirus. After a long and painful illness where he suffocates have him expire. Then consign Donald Trump's soul to Hell were it burns in that terrible lake of fire whilst being tortured by Satan and his minions forever and ever. This we ask through Lord Jesus Christ from whom all good things come. AMEN!

  35. Thank God we have President Trump. It is so refreshing to have an honest, hard working, intelligent man at the head!!

  36. TRUMP said it was a hoax to hurt him .now the stock market is crashing and people are dying.but no crisis right?

  37. This would not be a problem if they would have ban travel from China MONTHS ago this has been going on since November or December now it’s everywhere. This is ridiculous

  38. Thank you President Trump for keeping us as safe as you can on the virus. Thank you for thinking about people that live on tips too. Thank you President for putting Americans first and our great Nation. I love you! Trump 2020, he's the greatest Presisident ever!

  39. FDR asks for community cooperation to help the needy.
    September 8, 1933
    Mr. Secretary of State, and you who are the leaders in this cause for the alleviation of human need:

    I have been somewhat occupied during the past forty-eight hours with human needs in other parts of the world, outside of our own country — occupied in the hope that the United States would not have to act outside of its own quarters, in the hope that another Republic will be able to solve its own difficulties just as we are seeking to solve our difficulties And, so, I have no set speech to deliver to you today.

    I want to talk to you very simply and very briefly in regard to what might be called "The Whole of the Picture." You are not the whole of the picture and neither am I, but the Nation is. Our task, I think, is to complete the whole of the picture and not leave any unfinished portion thereof.
    As you know, the many Governments in the United States the Federal Government, the forty-eight State Governments, and the tens of thousands of local Governments are doing their best to meet what has been in many ways one of the most serious crises in history. On the whole, they have done well. The Federal Government cannot, by any means, accomplish the task alone. The Government has, during these past months, entered into many fields of human endeavor that it has never participated in before.

    I believe we Americans do not wish to see a permanent extension of purely Government operations carried to the extent of relieving us of our individual responsibilities as citizens, and it is with that thought in mind that very early in this Administration we laid down in regard to one portion of this great picture a somewhat simple rule.

    When we came to the problem of meeting the emergency of human needs, we did not rush blindly in and say, "The Government will take care of it." We approached it from the other angle first. We said to the people of this country, "When you come to the problem of relief, you face the individual family, the individual man, woman and child who lives in a particular locality and the first objective and the first necessity are that the citizens of that community, through the churches, the community chest the social and charitable organizations of the community, are going to be expected to do their share to their utmost extent first."

    Then we come to this second need or objective and that is the participation of local government in the additional need. We demand that local government shall do its share to the utmost, and then, if that is not sufficient, if those two features do not meet the needs, we come to the next unit, the State, and if that still is not enough, if the State has done everything it reasonably should do, then obviously the Federal Government must step in, because, while it isn't written in the Constitution, nevertheless, it is the inherent duty of the Federal Government to keep its citizens from starvation. Of course, in an organization of that kind, I suppose that there is a certain tendency to feel, "If we don't do it, the Federal Government will. Municipalities or counties feel, "If we don't do it, the State Government will," or a local organization, private organization, and individuals say, "Well, if we don't do it, the municipalities will." In other words, the tendency is to put the burden on somebody else with the general thought in the back of our heads, "if we don't do it somebody else will, and, in the last analysis, the kindness of Uncle Sam will see to it that we do not fail."

    We have had a great many examples of late of areas in this country, areas which have not done their share and are coming, hat in hand to the Federal Government, and saying, "We want Federal relief." There have been States which have not done their share — states where the problems of relief have gotten mixed up with politics; legislatures that are thinking in political and not in human terms. There are municipalities which are going ahead with the spending of the taxes for political purposes and then find they haven't any money left for relief purposes.

    I am glad to say that those individual cases are diminishing in number because the people of this country understand it, and are telling the Government bodies, local or State, that they have to "play ball" and not shirk.

    There are a lot of cases which are so close to the border line of emergency that they do not belong to the normal relief problem.
    Yesterday, the Governor of South Dakota came to my office with some extraordinary pictures of farm lands where grasshoppers had devoured everything down to the roots, where there isn't anything left for man or beast to eat. There many thousands of farmers are faced not just with the temporary problem of being helped out a little here and a little there, but with the fact that neither they nor their livestock have any chance of getting anything to live on until some time next summer. There is an emergency. We are going to try to take care of it as an emergency. It comes very close to the border line — where the Red Cross has to step in because it is a real disaster.

    There are cases in some of the coal-mining sections of this country where families have been starving week in and week out over a long period of time and where the community or the State failed to do their share. These are not disasters in the same sense or with the same results as grasshoppers and floods.

    The point I want to make is this: You have a very great opportunity, not merely to keep people from starving. You have a further opportunity of inculcating the understanding that we have to build from the bottom up — not merely to supply food from the top down. There will be a tendency this year in obtaining the wherewithal for local relief for people to say, "We can't do it." I believe they can do it, bigger this year and more generously, more successfully this year than they could last. Taking it by and large, the country is in a much more hopeful frame of mind. People have more money to spend and more time in which to do it. It isn't only the fact that a great many people have already been put back to work, the fact that people of property have been getting more from rents; there are fewer defaults on bonds and mortgages.

    I believe today that you can go forth, in the spirit of the N.R.A., and work under it. You, of course, are going to work a great deal more than forty hours a week. I want to tell you that you are hereby absolved from the N.R.A. If you want to work seventy hours a week go to it. The executive branches of the United States Government, and some of the other branches of the Government also are exempt.

    I think you must go into this campaign with the right to expect greater success this year than last. Tell everybody that we are a little bit like the old railroad train that has to travel up a long grade. The first thing to do is to get that train started and the more we can accelerate the pace of that train, the more certain it is that it is going to get over the top. We have got the train started and it is running, let us say, twenty miles an hour. We must get that train to go forty miles an hour and then there is an assurance that it will go over the top.

    All of this community-chest work, all of this uniting in the cause of meeting human needs, is based on that old word "cooperation." During the War when I was on the other side, the Prime Minister of England, Lloyd George, was lunching with me at the American Embassy one day and our Ambassador said something about our cooperation in winning the war. Lloyd George turned to me and said, "You Americans are inventive; you have imagination; will you please send word back home that the British Government will offer a prize of 610,000 to any American who will discover some other word to take the place of 'cooperation'?" No one has ever won the prize yet.

    The point I wish to make is that there are a great many people in this country who are going to say, "Oh, I have given, I am helping through such and such an organization, through such and such an individual. Leave me out." There is no such thing as being left out. They can't be left out. They have to join you. Because, unfortunately, we know the frailty of a certain type of human nature that says something like that as an excuse for not doing his or her part.

    The Government cannot get along without you. The Federal, State, local Governments can't. The whole period we are going through will come back in the end to individual citizens, to individual responsibility, to private organization, through the years to come. We are going to have unemployed throughout the United States and we know it. I hope, though, the time is going to come when Government will not have to give relief. I hope the time is going to come soon, when everybody who normally wants a permanent job is going to get it. And so I like to think of Government relief of all kinds as emergency relief.

    Your work has a two-fold purpose. You are meeting the emergency and at the same time you are building for the future. Community chests are going to keep on just as long as any of us are alive — and a mighty good thing they are too.

    I tell you very simply that you have a great responsibility on your shoulders and I know that you are going to fulfill it. You are going back to your States and your communities and give them this message from me: this work is an essential part of the Government's program, the program of the people of the United States to bring us back to where this country has a right to be. So, go to it, and make a record not only of money but a record of service of which we shall all be very proud.


  40. No other president – Republican or Democrat – would have followed a "hunch" and dismissed the health experts. Trump is general is dangerous – in foreign policy and in the ballooning debt, the largest in US history – but it a crisis he is worse than dangerous.

  41. We got pro sports shutting down, colleges shutting down, etc……… Why are we not shutting down our children''s schools? That is where they are most vulnerable and most contract illnesses from their children!!!

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