100 thoughts on “Trump: Don’t want to say yet whether I’d pardon Roger Stone


  2. This is a corrupt investigation, what happen to the plane lots of cash to Iran. Who authorize, what happen to the no deal pay out!!!

  3. It is better to come face to face with a bear whose young ones have been taken away than with a foolish man acting foolishly.

    Proverbs – Chapter 17:12

  4. Donald Trump is a secret society member him and his family have a wealthy generation he comes from the generations of the king and queen era Donald Trump is part of the royal family Donald Trump is known to have broken our constitution of independence and has violated the privacy of all Americans

  5. What happened to the murdered of Senator Nancy Schafear in Atlanta? both shadow and deep states conniving to each other.

  6. Nobody can define what he did?! Mr. Stone lied under oath, misled the committee, forged documents and engaged in a campaign to silence the witness because he could have exposed his lies to the House Intelligence Committee. He than harassed the witness and even threatened his life…

  7. Go and vote for Trump . And don t worry because you are right .There is good and evil , left and right , for everything there is ,  it s contrary . So half of Usa are bad and half are good . It is easy to notice that people who are for Trump rejoice ,  and the others are sad and cry . It is easy to understand that when you do the right thing you are happy .

  8. CNN is a bunch of lies and all liberals want to do is accuse trump of crimes he never committed. CNN is a propaganda to end republicans dreams. Which is illegal

  9. Meanwhile in the ongoing clown show:
    "Attorney General Bill Barr told ABC News on Thursday that President Donald Trump should stop tweeting about the Justice Department because his tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

  10. Barr needs to go.! He's to slow and needs to shut his mouth and do his job! Trump has the legal right to tweet especially when 90% of FAKE NEWS is against him! Barr is turning out to be part of the deep state! Where is the Durham Report.!!! Everyone associated with Trump or his family is being raided, investigated or thrown in jail by dirty & corrupt judges while dirty Democrats, Politicians, Liberals and the Deep State get away with everything! The one sided justice system in the United States MUST be stopped at all costs.! Trump can't use the telephone anymore without being listened in on. Trumps only access to any means of communication is now by way of tweets! Barr, like it or not, shut your mouth about the President and do your job! Hay Barr, where's the FAKE whistle-blower??? Where's Hunter Bidan??? Where are the search warrants for all the dirty Democrats involved in trying to rig the 2016 election against Trump.??? FIRE BARR ASAP.!!!

  11. If you want to rewrite the sentencing guidelines, that should be done by standard means, to the guidelines as a whole, for everyone across the judicial system, not one presidential friendly defendant at a time, or through a tweet.

  12. You want to know what, the bottom line is the president can do whatever the hell he wants if it falls within his position. Let's not forget that these people were hunted down because they were trying to get to Trump. If you can lock up Roger Stone For that long for that little then what the hell are we doing with letting people like Comey and Clinton go? They should get life then.

  13. Dear Fox Viewers. I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm just curious to hear what is so appealing about president Trump for the average American? 🙂

  14. Mr President: Donald John Trump! If they Left are going to attack you, as though you pardoned: Roger Stone, why not pardon him fully! Pardon Bill Cosby too and really stick it to them!

  15. @Theresacaputo @Kim @Oprah @TomFitton @EricTrump @ParisHilton @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr name Kandy Sloan @TomFitton president Trump look up Feb 19 2019 Walmart video also Facebook someone lady in Vegas dec 15 2015 trip @Tomfitton @Theresacaputo give more information about this normal person Kandy Sloan @TomFitton president Trump promised no hospitalization no poison nothing dr Carp @TomFitton Oprah Winfrey Theresa Capito Kim Kardashian help watch ai water appear you know what happened to me Kandy Sloan behind my back Kandy Sloan]@tomfitton Let me know how Im going to help moving upgrade now to say that you know what they domestic violence people who have been arrested for their crimes behind my back Kandy Sloan]@tomfitton

  16. I call Mr President the BULL strong and is the only President that could ever put up with the enormous strain the guilty have put him through anyone else would have quit before he was inaugurated!!!! This is who we need as a LEADER TOUGH SMART AND NO BULLS%+T

  17. Roger Stone 9 years for mentioning Hillary's Emails in a tweet. Hillary should get 9 years for her criminal activity with the fake dossier and acid- washing her hard drive.

  18. Everyone prosecuted during the fake investigation that involved FBI agent’s lying should be pardoned. 🖕the democrats and DOJ.

  19. We need u mr president to pardon Roger Stone , the fbi wrongfully broke into his home 🏡 and fake news cnn got the story tiped off first. please pardon Roger Stone ,they drained his money in lawyer bills the man isn’t a threat and don’t deserve 9 years

  20. If the President wants to Pardon someone it is his prerogative and all the mouthy Democrat imposters out there need to check out what their "perfect" Presidents did along those lines.

  21. Look at our president, President Donald J. Trump always there; always there on the job. Bless his Heart. Working for the American people, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE HAS TO SAY ! Just ONE more reason why he'll be back for four more years and Making America Greater Again ! DJT 2020

  22. President Trump you have the power to put each of these Traitors in jail so stop talking about all this corruption and use your power to put them in jail! Abe Lincoln did! You can to!!!

  23. Why are you allowing the democrats and Rhinos to get away with these crimes! The President is the CHIEF! Put them in jail!

  24. God bless the righteous! God fight the evil spirits! God give us liberty! United we Stand, divided we fall! Remember that folks! The crooks the communist globalist want us divided! We must stand united to win! Individual liberty TRUMPS government control! You want government… our corrupt government to run your health care!!! Are you NUTS!

  25. Michelle Obama and her cronies in Chicago got Jussie Smollett off the hook…liberals didn't make a peep. Now they want Stone to get 9 years for lying to a bunch of liars.

  26. Stone lied to a pack of mega liars 🤔 isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? 🧐 Meanwhile Clinton lied under oath and it was no problem. PARDON STONE!

  27. People we all better WAKE UP and vote these vicious people out of office NOW! They can use their political positions to come after us for any reason at all just like the Spanish Inquisition. If they did it to Stone they can do it to you!

  28. One good thing about Trump he meets with more Foreign than just about any other president I've seen. I believe that basically they do respect him and far more that the traitors of the Democrat (never vote again) party.

  29. WOW!! Trump is in John Wayne "The Duke" mode!! Somebody just released the KRAKKEN!! He's really pissed off.
    Trump 2020!! Winning for American Patriots!!

  30. Mr. Clinton was accused of doing terrible things to women, and no one on the left cares so they don’t care what Roger did or did not do. Left, including MSM only concerned with being in charge. How does Investigating Mr. Clinton hurt MSM or Democrat party? I think when the Democrats ignore their basket’s alleged crimes, they lose more voters! 

    Mr. Biden is on public videos doing and saying horrible things, and that is not addressed by the MSM or any politicians. Why, when that is on friggin video? At least kids Temporary held in chain linked partition rooms at the borders were safe after 2016. Even that, POTUS addressed it. Something that Obama and Biden already had in place. Why didn’t the last Democrat administration stop the child trafficking to begin with?

    So glad we are getting a wall with proper entrances to enter and exit!

  31. The comb over kid .is a deviant, no wonder these hicks call him leader.and when your health cover is long gone wot you gonna do

  32. The Formal Charges: The seven counts against Stone include one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements — including lying to Congress — and one count of witness tampering in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.   ——Now we know what Stone did.

  33. President is the chief law enforcement officer of this Republic , US has 3 branches of Government in this Nation not one and he the President has the right to pardon anyone he wants to by law !

  34. Right now , the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to re-elect Donald the Magnificent , period ! Everything and everyone else can wait.

  35. If Stone is given years in his sentencing then that sets the presidente/example for the biggest hoax liars to be shut away in jail for a much longer time.

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