100 thoughts on “Trump easily wins New Hampshire Republican primary


    3/3/2020 – presidential primary
    5/5/2020 – Special May Elections
    (Hamilton, Middleburg, Round Hill)
    6/9/2020 – June Primary
    11/3/2020 – November General

    Vote red

  2. Do any of u fake news cultists know what socialism is?

    Fire departments
    Social security
    Police departments
    Public libraries
    Public parks
    Public drinking fountains
    Public toilets
    Veterans affairs administration
    Roads and highways
    Public transportation
    Every branch of the us military
    Public prisons

    So ur saying u hate all that!? Wow.

    Awesome what ur doing. When u go to bed every night kissing the boots of ur bone spur of a president. Just remember this…U should care about American citizens BEFORE an orange “MAN” who is using you and laughing at u from the bank that he borrowed 2 billion from. That’s why he says he’s a billionaire. And that’s why he WONT release his taxes.

    Do ur own research. Or maybe he knows u…won’t. Cuz he called u a poorly educated base. And yes he said that. Wow.

    But even knowing that if u didn’t already know…you will still vote for him. And why? Cuz you have temporarily lost ur mind. Or maybe having him as a president in ur mind gave u permission to finally let it all loose. Hope u change for the future of our nation.

  3. REAL numbers in NH last night: Total votes cast in the GOP primary 133,000. Democratic votes cast: over 290,000 and counting. That's a MASSIVE enthusiasm gap. keep in mind Trump had a rally in NH and has been spending $$ on ads across the state. Trump will LOSE 2020-Period.

  4. So let me get this straight fox news know everything about Democrat party, but everybody else who criticizes the President they dont know what they are a talking bout

  5. More lies from fake fox news and the all white house of shame, dumpster trump poles are down across the country, in this state 41%approve 59%disapprove, can anyone tell me how is this a easy win, only way he wins if the rat Republicans, cheat, or cover up again of maybe they will do a roger stone on the ballot box and just throw all the Democrats votes out

  6. Great to see
    ☆ Republicans sticking together

    ☆ Young attractive white women being loyal to white men and the Republicans

    ☆ Yoing attractive white women having more white babies, and raised with Right wing values, God knows America needs it in order to stamp out these Racist Democrat leftists who hate white ppl

  7. On the Glenn Beck show today: Evidence concerning Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Guest Peter Schweitzer. Investigative Journalist. Investor Face ++, that Hunter Biden is paying them also to Bio-Harvest, to help China crack down on tweakers and putting them in concentration camps. Son of the sitting vice president Hunter, helps the Chinese buy the biggest Copper mind. ……….Fantastic, join the Blaze.

  8. With no other opponent I can't believe it was the victory of year. Yes trump talked to everyone there by lowering their IQ.

  9. every bastard demons wants to compete with the president, yea yea bring it on, you corrupt demons, you demons will be running with your tails between your legs

  10. Donald Zorniger
    We are … MAGA STRONG !!!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Why does trump call them "Democratic socialists"? "Socialism is merely a gateway too communism"-Vladimir lennon. Lets call it what is communists who can't get laid.

  12. Lets see how much they like trump when they find out trumps new tax bill will take away our yearly tax returns. No more year end money coming back from the goverment. He says he is gonna use that money to finish the border wall that has tunnels running right under it.

  13. You won't love him anymore if he refuses to leave office when his term is up and he can't run again, people are blinded by the economy to see why he might not be good if you still believe in a democracy

  14. Donald trump has common grief with the Dutch donald trump is confirmed donald trump is an English person who worships the queen of England scum

  15. Donald John Trump, is the President of the United States of America. Lawfully. Elected by his peers according to US Law.

    Elections are important in a Constitutional Republic.

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  16. Go and vote for Trump . And don t worry because you are right .There is good and evil , left and right , for everything there is ,  it s contrary . So half of Usa are bad and half are good . It is easy to notice that people who are for Trump rejoice ,  and the others are sad and cry . It is easy to understand that when you do the right thing you are happy .

  17. True Facts –
    The current U.S. GDP growth rate is 2.1%. GDP Growth Rate in the United States averaged 3.21 percent from 1947 until 2019.

    The national debt is higher than it's ever been $23,279,399,987,796
    and rapidly Rising. Odd, how Republicans only scream about this when a Democrat is in the Whitehouse.
    $70,689 per citizen
    $188,167 per tax payer

    Unemployment rate Dec2012 was 7.9%. The unemployment rate Dec 2016 was 4.7%.The unemployment rate Dec2019 was 3.5%. How does 1.2% change in 3 years become bragging material.

  18. We are the people's stand behind President Trump and our country ,need to investigate ,all Obama administration's CORRUPTION, and ABUSED the power ,they are make the world look at our country as the crybabies ,please ARREST all ,Trump2020, REPUBLICANS 2020

  19. REPOOPLICK Party all prosecutors should go on strike Trumps law or no law like Virg, Kentucky, Louisville, and 2018 elections you lost cry babies rep. every Trump rally Trump loses LMAO only try to cheat your re-election

  20. In my opinion, Trump is a great businessman, but he does not have what it take to be an effective leader. His prejudice toward woman and immigrant prove my point. An effective leader would looks for a way to solve the problem rather than just avoiding it. Trump policy such as the children camp is an extortion of human right for his own benefits. Some of these issues outline why Trump is an ineffective leader. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop them down below.

  21. Donald J Trumps 2020 budget proposal- 1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, 845 billion in cuts to Medicare, 25 billion in cuts to social security, 220 billion in cuts to snap food stamp program, 21 billion in cuts to temporary assistance for needy families, 207 billion in cuts to the student loan program and cuts or eliminates subsidized student loans AND 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY- We have a two-party system that serves only the wealthy and Corporations. Trailerpark republicans are such morons!

  22. Duh…. Like this is news! Fox has their nose up Trump's rear so far that it will be stained permanently brown! All four of you should be embarrassed reporting this as news.

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