100 thoughts on “Trump explains decision to call off Iran strike

  1. You did good Trump ! Human life is sacred … wouldn't have been different if it was manned though.

    Glad you Weigh the consequences…i don't care what side you're on , nobody wants another war!

  2. What a bunch of crap!

    Once again, CNN hit an all-time low in the Nielson Ratings in May,
    falling below Nickelodeon’s Cartoons, Home and Garden TV, ESPN, the
    Hallmark Channel, the History Channel, TBS, and others.

    I think using cartoon characters as anchors may be the fix. At least it
    would increase their viewing audience.

  3. What a bunch of crap!

    Once again, CNN hit an all-time low in the Nielson Ratings in May,
    falling below Nickelodeon’s Cartoons, Home and Garden TV, ESPN, the
    Hallmark Channel, the History Channel, TBS, and others.

    I think using cartoon characters as anchors may be the fix. At least it
    would increase their viewing audience.

  4. What a bunch of crap!

    Once again, CNN hit an all-time low in the Nielson Ratings in May,
    falling below Nickelodeon’s Cartoons, Home and Garden TV, ESPN, the
    Hallmark Channel, the History Channel, TBS, and others.

    I think using cartoon characters as anchors may be the fix. At least it
    would increase their viewing audience.

  5. if they attack Iran, Russia and China can exert geopolitical pressure without SUA being able to counteract. So, it also appears to be unfavorable because of the cost of war. If it does not attack Iran, it can make nuclear weapon. North Korea and Iran will be untouchable and provocative. So again negativity in consequences. So Trump try this false attack to make Iran asking for a new deal.

  6. He's such a fucking shitty Liar. He's acting like this was the reason he did it, we all know that he was initially wrong about blaming Iran but will NEVER ADMIT that he was wrong. All this is, is an elaborate fabrication just to prevent him from saying the words "I WAS WRONG"

  7. Everyone knows that he doesn't care if it was 150 or a 150 thousand Iranians. The government just finally did its job and prevented this fucking tyrant from starting world 3 on such a trivial reason.

  8. This bloody Americans think they are the king of the world. You sent a drone to spy on a soverign ctry and yet trying to act like the fate of other depends on the decisions of US. Check on your stupid behaviour. If I were UN chief, i will charge US for invading others without UN approval.

  9. It really bothers me how many news anchors unequivocally state that Iran attacked tankers, when there is currently zero proof apart from the administrations word

  10. 150 dads and moms and sons that didn't die and kids that didn't suffer god bless you trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😢

  11. How many lives will be lost in WWIII? If Trump pondered that question, maybe he would cease the war rhetoric altogether. He should sack Pompeo and Bolton and replace them with Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard. If nothing else, they're relatively young and not as repulsive to look at.

  12. what is funny is that you just called Iranian army terrorism… since when you are worried about Terrorist's life… because I am assuming that you wanted to bomb army locations and not the schools….

  13. Cuz he doesn't know what he's doing he doesn't make a final decision he acts impulsively that's not the kind of person you needed the White House you need a grown man with some kind of life experience he has none he's never done a single thing of man is called on to do he sure doesn't need to be the one to send people to their deaths even though he's already doing that at the border he's only trying to look like a tough guy when he's really a wimp

  14. If US wanted really to strike Iran they would use stealth UAV for reconnaissance instead they used the one that could easily be shut down. So it is probably the political game . Death of Mohamed Morsi can induce destabilization of Egypt and Suez canal . If there was a strike on Diego Garcia naval base by civilian plane taken over by terrorists remotely could that happen again . Gibraltar , North Africa ? US must secure new line of supply through NATO (France Italy Greece ) to Cyprus and Israel. They should not listen Tony Montana(how he looked in UN while presenting Iran nuclear threat some years ago) of Israel , Benjamin Netanyahu who wants to attack .
    It seems that some want to sacrifice air carrier and it`s fleet there maybe attacked by nuclear warhead not produced bur bought on black market. Maybe 15% could go to South Africa but others ? There is also problem what will happen with embassies and US military presence around the world if fleet is destroyed like that.
    New attack/sexual scandal on Trump looks like the one on Clinton (Lewinsky blue dress) before he ordered attack on Yugoslavia. Same brain ? If someone cannot recall if rape happened in 1995 or 1996 that is impossible because it`s traumatic experience . This looks as if it`s not really important to victim ?!?!?!?!?

  15. It is shocking that so many (without question) believe Trump's version of what happened. Trump continually prove P.T. Barnum correct.

  16. “He ask the generals” didn’t trump say he knew more than the generals. Trump followers are just inbred idiots.

  17. Just propaganda from US administration before making plot again and again and than finally to strike iran.shame on them.

  18. I wonder if the Iranians would have had the weapons to shoot down a drone without the150 billion dollars that Obama gave them.

  19. Trump trolls the liberal media and democrats again. Once again they play checkers he plays chess. Two years and they still don't understand him, lol.

  20. Worlds main problem, and they have nukes and the Samson option: https://www.youtube.com/verify_controversy?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DLVwhUeT6TDs&spfreload=10

  21. Obama stopped a war with Iran and persuaded other countries to join in and ban Iran from building nuclear weapons. Everything was fine. Next, a dumb womanizing jackass became President and stopped this agreement that Qbama made. Now we have a disaster on our hands caused by a jackass.


  23. Trump Averts WAR With Iran-GOD told him to stop sortie attack avoiding a Globalist WW3


  24. How about the fact that he made the call not to fire because he decided 150 deaths was too many? What if it was 100 deaths? Or 50? Would he have decided that was a reasonable sacrifice to teach Iran a lesson? What if those 50 people were innocent? What if they had families? The fact that the number of deaths this would incur played a part in his decision to call off the strike just goes to show where this man's moral compass is pointing

  25. I think he was more worried about Iran's response, i bet he would cry if he saw the UAE and saudi oil facilities on fire ………..

  26. They can't give credit where credit is due… I think it's only a way of making it appear that Iran Left them no choice when they do eventually escalate… . It's inevitable that they are going to invade Iran…. they're tightening up the sanctions against Iran in the hopes of a rise and revolt on the part of the Iranian people… the people of the world are being fed propaganda with a side of war… this is not Iraq or Afghanistan… The Iranian people are good people..

  27. Everything Trump is a lie everyone in America knows this . He is trying to play the hero card here. Fact is every single day 364 people are hurt or die from guns . Do you see him doing squat about trying to stop it? Americans all agree this is a one term president a vote for Trump is a vote for a criminal conman

  28. Fake news CNN are really obsessed with Russia look at the Russian Flag colours in the top left corner that is Russian colours of the flag and they put it in the bag ground to manipulate for peoples vision and brains on the Russia hoax

  29. What's worse for a US president? A narcissist or a war criminal? To most people the answer is obvious but to all the psychos out there, maybe not.

  30. Not the hot-head he was made out to be. This is not his mess at all.
    Obama gave Iran nuclear capabilities.
    Clintons gave North Korea nuclear capabilities.
    You would have to not have a firm grasp on history to twist this into trumps fault

  31. President Trump did the right thing because he is much smarter than any of these Democrats in Congress and the Senate.

  32. Made for TV. Like a super hero. Why anyone would wait until the last possible moment to think about the loss of life is beyond me.

  33. Iranian munitions were used against us in Iraq all the time by terrorists cowards. They would send kids to throw EFP grenades at us over walls ect. All of them are cowards.
    I will gladly re-enlist to kick in some teeth.

  34. We don't need a war with Iran. It's like the Saudi Arabian war with Yemen. It's all about the money not about protecting people.

  35. Isn’t it funny how Trump is now pandering to the ‘fake news’, now that he needs the Americans he has ignored for years to vote for him?

  36. In a language of politics its called a bluff
    Specially when you know the consequences of carrying a military attack where civilians becomes the victims
    As plato once said
    A man is by nature a political animal

  37. See how these people still lie about something as insignificant as him ordering the strike then calling it off? He never called the strike as far as bomb them now, it was an in the air confirmation strike which means they had a plan and were in route waiting for confirmation. You guys are fucking weirdos lol

  38. With reference to US war on Iran!

    What happens if you grow more dogs in your house for security? Those dogs will bark on all the people walking around your hose irrespective of good or bad people. Those dogs automatically try to impress the owner of the dogs and provoke him at the cost of people disturbance. It is up to the owner to take right judgement otherwise all the neighbors become rivalries to the owner of those dogs.

    Here is the same case of US and western countries, there is no difference between the dogs and military. US and western countries must remember Hitler-Germany history.

    War against Iran is not like unarmed Iraq war. As US thinks, not Iran may lose it's identity from world map, instead US may lose its world leadership and may fell in irreparable economic crisis. Prof PC Reddy

  39. Glad he called it off but he did it for his own reasons with election coming up. Makes him look good to the people. He dissed Iran in the first place, cut them off etc. We will see how this goes… Will we get another cry wolf scenario. Probably… with this WH for sure. But this is not a time to play games with Iran cause they are so not playing games…

  40. Trump filled his cabinet with all the so called tough guys like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo who wanted wars with Iran and North Korea all times. Now, when it is time to call for action, Trump shrinks from a tiger to a pussy cat. For this, Trump had truly lost his credibility. To the world, all these while his talks meant nothing more than blowing HOT air into balloons.

  41. I know you hate Trump , but don't try to make every thing ugly . I hardly ever watch CNN any more !!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. More lies from Dumb Donald. The expected casualties would have been given to him at the initial briefing. The narcissist in chief is just trying to make himself the story.

  43. Trump knew before the strike was to happen. The President always knows ALL the details. Obese, child abusing, lying, filthy pig.

  44. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Who believes this kind of nonsense? The only reason Trump delayed the war was for political expediency ONLY. He's got a re-election campaign coming up, and do you think he wants to do anything that might spoil his chances?? However, once he's re-elected, which he will be, all bets are off.

  45. Well done Trump. The CNN reporters should have complimented him to prove that they do not have an agenda.

  46. Keep a watchful eye on your sons and daughters!

    I hear that those republican child molesters and child predators are lurking around again!

    And Roy Moore of Alabama may be coming to your town!

    And when trump is around, keep your daughters far far away lest they be sexually corrupted!

    He has his predators eyes upon your daughters, not Melania!

  47. Wow. Good decision and they find a way to criticize it. Speculating instead of reporting at that. 24/7 gossip fest.

  48. He shouldn't have considered the strikes in the first place the fucking madman. He even had to be convinced not to.

  49. Sorry, dems, nobody died.  As much as you'd like to have killed 150 Iranians in the hopes of it derailing Trump's reelection, it's not going to happen.  Maybe you'll have a chance to kill Iranians, and American servicemen and women, later . .  you disgusting POS.

  50. Trump is a braggard he thouht that the iranians would run away and hise cowards bit when the c.i.a notified him that americann people was going to die and the oil from the persia n golf would be at risk and lose a lot of money and lives then he changed his mind. Bravo trump keep o n doing stupidities to keep o n laughing at you: braggard

  51. This is real leadership, he initially acted the standart way, but in the end he kept treu to his core believe and he initially was not afraid of what people would think of him

  52. That was a good decision on Trump, if it was a manned craft with passengers on it in that case it would be a different story

  53. He never had a briefing because he never intended to strike. His "story" is absolute fiction but has purpose- to appear rational-unmanned drone vs blood spilled considerate and sympathetic- how many casualties? Benevolent- calling off strikes. And finally, capable of using sound judgement and with a sense of urgency-missile launch in 30 min. Trump is a fraud. His life story is premeditated and manipulated. He's even pretended to be his own spokesperson on phone conversations with media. Who does such a thing?

  54. Trump reminds me of the British PM Neville Chamberlain -just like Chamberlain, Trump is a coward and a poor decision-maker. He'd do anything to have "peace" with a country that wants to destroy the US & Israel. his decision will not prevent a war with Iran. A war with Iran will start one way or the other and meanwhile, Trump's weakness let Iran gain more power, more weapons, and more confidence to attack the US and Israel.

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