100 thoughts on “Trump Vindictiveness Sends Chilling Message To U.S. Officials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Having worked in the Canadian public service all.my life I can tell you we cannot speak publically about any problems we see, or we would get fired. Complaining inside is pretty taboo as well, unles you are a doctor or lawyer who can get more freedom to writ to lobby to dissent. The limits of democracy are very clear and most people just go silent.

  2. "…career professionals who have sworn an oath the the US constitution….", blah, blah, blah, means absolutely nothing. What good does an oath means when you can get 50 senators to lie under oath before the entire world. These senators, using Gods name, lied under oath to protect damien thorn and his little black dog. These oaths and the constitution that goes with it, means nothing!! Nothing!! We are living in a lawless society led by a brain dead potus.

  3. Deary , they are out of Presidents house they are corrupted they were against him they should be sent back to Ukraine we should not allowed them to stay in America but you see they are not fired they still have a job Why ???
    They should striped them of metals and honor the vets that are fought for America / Americans came wounded without limps and they are homeless!!!!!
    Shame to all of you to support a guy that was working with the corrupted official of Ukraine
    When people will wake up ?? He Should be send back to Ukraine not reassigned to another job get rid of the venomous snakes bc for me he is a Traitor he sell his Country for 5 min fame imagine what he will do in the future !!!
    Please take care and honor our real soldiers who gave their lives for our country !!!❤️

  4. FYI…Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Zedong, Duvalier, Kim Il-sung, Pinochet, Idi Amin etc. we’re all assassinated… the list goes on! Most dictatorships do NOT END WELL!

  5. But Trump learned a lesson. 😆 Yep he sure did. That he can get away with anything and he’s protected regardless by the GOP. If a Democrat did this they’d be screaming, the hypocrisy has thickened.

  6. America loses each and every day while he’s in office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He Trashes the US Constitution And anyone and everyone who disagrees with him! GET HIM OUT!!!Keep America, AMERICA!!DUMP the trump(s)! Vote! 2020

  7. I'm betting Trump's first inclination was to have Lieutenant Colonel Vindman executed on live TV for treason until someone told him he couldn't to that.

    What was the justification for firing Vindman's brother outside of Trump's delusional impression that he can do whatever he wants because he's King of the Forest?

  8. Trump is a disaster that happened the day or night he was conceived. So those who put him in the White House bedamned u too.

  9. Retribution in the ugliest form should have been anticipated. They think they can control Trump? Joke. That is what all of them is thinking. That is how they are appeasing their conscience. The only way to tame a snake is to take away his bite.

  10. Anyone who still supports Trump HATES America. They don’t care about America or how destructive Trump is to our constitution! They only care about Trump and themselves! We must unite to terminate the rise of dictatorship!

  11. The sad part of this is the Trump loyalist don't hear anyone like Fernando Cruz criticize the president. They only listen to Trump.

  12. The worst part of this is no one in his party except Romney is willing to oppose Trump. This clearly is not the America I came up in.

  13. Vindman was removed plus his brother due to a mafia dictator decision. I observed how the Senate also knew to stay in line with their “dear leader”. Is this the last straw? Barr needs to be expelled too.

  14. GOP lost all honesty, responsibility, trust, honor, dignity and respect. It is only "hurray for Trump" and MTGA. GOP is allready gone; it is just TRUMP state. Truth doesn’t matter anymore, doesn’t count at all. Everyone who is not devoted to pres.Trump and is not at least 1500% loyal to him; must be the enemy, a Trump hater and ough to be fired. And everyone who plays his role in line with the Master Puppeteer is excused, whatever his misuse, abuse, bullying or against law, against humanity, against honor, against wisdom, against reality, against … against …. NO MATTER WHAT, there are no limits anymore.

  15. We must change the National Song. The last line of the Anthem is "And the home of the brave". Instead, America is the land of cowards from top to bottom. Americans are all talk and that's all. The beginning of end of this 243-year great experiment in democracy has come. Cowards cannot hold a democracy together.

  16. Come on why are you guys so suprised by what Trump does or is doing. Everybody knows Trump is "Stuck on Stupid and Parked on Dumb." You have to take him at face value.

  17. What is going on in this country now are we in a communist country? We are going to fire the Orange Head Hinny on November 3rd of this year .

  18. Trump Mafia Wantabe. Actually I should say instead of Mafia but Dictatorship. Because Mafia which I know first hand they don't do this. Trump is abusing his Power he is insane with what he thinks he can do. To all the Republicans you think Trump learned his lesson? Don't think he has. Trump can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Get him out of the office.

  19. Let's hope the US will be vindictive too. If not in 2021 then in 2025 if Trumps mental abilities hasn't collapsed completely by then

  20. Trump has attacked the FBI, CIA, and members of the Military. He's attacked, Judges and diplomats. He's betrayed our allies. I expect that from a draft-dodging egotistical narcissistic coward. What surprises me is his ignorant base who continues to support him. IDIOTs, simply treasonous, ignorant idiots. Karma coming for the likes of Bill Barr, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey Graham. Putin is proud of you traitors!

  21. You guys realize 70 more people are getting kicked out also right , and that they are Obama holdovers, Which in reality means they've been in these positions for 3 years to long, including vindmen. They were suppose to be replaced in 2017 , dont let the media trick you into thinking this is odd. The odd thing is Trump kept them this long and gave them a chance . Obviously the course of events show why you need to get the old out and the new in, New president…. New policy. People can't just change direction on their lifes work so they undermine the president. I suspect the leaking will end after this purge.

  22. I knew the moment you stood up for our country speaking the up most truth the president would feel some way. Thank for your service to this country. You deserve much more. Thank you and I’m sorry we have to deal with this issue with the government.

  23. A decorated military hero who was fired for telling the truth and his brother for being his brother is an ABUSE of power. This is not a president this is a TYRANT.

  24. This is what happened to people who like to stab people in the back especially a soldier who stab his Commander in Chief…insubordination, treason

  25. Trump is a vindictive child with a perverse sense of fairness. A spoilt rich kid with an only child complex. He's a real P.O.S

  26. It's is scary that no one can speak up over corruption within the government!!! What a mad man Trump is, he is beyond mad, he needs to be assessed by doctors, he's not sane and able to run the country! Is it possible that within the government someone could have an intervention with licensed doctors??? It is not going to stop, what else will happen??

  27. Congress… Please… Please do something about this out of control president! He is playing dirty obviously. There has to be something that you can do

  28. They were involved in a corrupt attempt to remove the President before the election. DEMOCRATS, have people planted all through the Government.

  29. It’s WRONG to Fire both of these ethical & revered career Professionals (Vindman). I’m shocked this isn’t on everyone’s radar, despite all the continued minute by minute’Headlines’. It’s horrible and I wish I was in politics just so I could stand up against this and try to bring to light.

  30. “They are career professionals who have sworn an oath”, that no longer has any meaning, ask any of the GOP Senators except Romney.

  31. There is an old saying in the railroad industry: "You f**k around, you won't be around." The Vindman boys are now learning what it means. Back to a tiny cubicle, with a secondhand desk and a landline phone. They aren't on the street selling pencils. But when you kick the Commander-in-Chief, you'd better have a plan to deal with his teeth. No plan? Toughski-shitski. That's Ukrainian for STUPID.

  32. Why are they still waiting to vote him out? Trump is retaliations against people's who were witnesses against him. Are people's that afraid of him.

  33. Wrongful discharge. Now how many suits are we up to that will cost the taxpayers millions because DT is a complete monster?

  34. "Nothing will happen to whistle blowers. It would be terrible if something happened to them… and their twin brother. Or their therapy dog. Just terrible. You wouldn't want that to happen? Would you?"

  35. PLLLEEEAAASSE!!! This lying inside spy for the EXTREME LEFT LIZARD FAMILIES needed to be shot as a TRAITOR to his country not hailed a hero for having any thing even mildly close to being a hero of ANY KIND! You all ought to be ashamed for pushing your garbage rhetoric down the throats of our youth!! THE 60’s came and went already. You might want to hang up the LSD now!

  36. The worse part is WE pay Trump so he can be in power, do all he does, make money while president, go on vacation spending OUR money. WE pay the coward Republicans in the Senate who betray their oath supporting this pedophile, conman Russian spy in the WH knowing he will throw them under the bus at his convenience!!!! Meanwhile WE go without health insurance!!! How many lives could be saved with the tax payers money Trump spends in one weekend in Florida??

  37. No socialist dummies, he committed a federal offense… he is lucky he did not court martial….
    This guy is a scum lying bag….the closest he ever saw combat was on TV…..hence why you guys love him….
    You only like spineless lying scums….

  38. I just realized why they are no longer saying anything in support of their staffers… because they are completely afraid of their own position.. it is cowardice over loosing their own position

  39. Profile of the Sociopath
    Glibness and Superficial Charm.
    Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. …
    Grandiose Sense of Self. …
    Pathological Lying. …
    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. …
    Shallow Emotions. …
    Incapacity for Love.
    Need for Stimulation.

  40. The only difference between Nixon and trump, Nixon with all his faults was still an American, while trump is nothing more than Russian operative trying to destroy America and it's allies from within. Trump the most unpatriotic an DUMBEST so call president to have served in the oval office.

  41. That tells you how vindictive is the president and he is telling the nation he is there to do whatever he wants… wait until he gets to pass certain laws many republicans and democrats are trying to stop him from doing? Let;s see if he passes them… What does the republicans are going to scream… In the last Trump rally several republican were saying that they hated Obama because he did not stopped 9/11 from happening.. Let's see who else they accuse from the democratic party else for their own defects and illiteracy…

  42. Obama recalled more than 70 ambassadors when he assumed office in 2009. I don't recall anyone saying anything about it. Why? Because conservatives understand that it is the presidents' purview and prerogative and even if it had been illegal, Democrats would've been fine with it when Obama did it.

  43. Don't worry the new democratic administration is going to hire all of those Trump fire back to the White House. This time the republicans are smacking any which way they want and changing the laws..Democrats are quietly observing and learning to respond later! Just remember with every law and changes to the Constitution you are defending a sitting president for 8 years only (any sitting president) . With Trump I am giving him 4 and he knows..That is why he is trying to cheat.. But it is not going to work for hundred of republican open their ayes already ! Let's see with the new changes how a sitting democratic president act.. And he be using the same laws they permitted to be passed.

  44. One of the few mistakes Trump made was to not purge our government of every Obama holdover he could on day one. The more we dig up on the Obama administration and it's sympathetic bureaucrats, the worse it stinks.

  45. How simplistic to think that career officials will report corruption knowing that they will be crucified by Trump's shameless sycophants. History will remember this time clearly and the GOP will have to live knowing that when the nation needed them most they chose to coward and side with the biggest liar to have ever stepped in th e WH.

  46. Fernando Cutz, you are a lair and part of the deep state crap. That why you no longer work there. Same with the Vindman's twins and so on . People that are getting removed are all traitors like you who sold out America for money and power. Trump is cleaning out the swamp like he promise to.
    WWG1WGA! QMap.pub (For informed people who can think.) Not for the brain dead NPC snow flake zombie crowd that can't.


  48. Fernando you say that they will uphold their oath, doesn't seem like the repubs upheld their oath during the impeachment trial. trump is not presidential at all, he is a side show, and not a good one at all. Its just like everything else he has done, a failure. trumps best asset is to find the stupid in america to believe and follow him.

  49. How is TRUMP able to fire at will
    without any reproach from the
    Joint Chiefs and generals?? How
    is he able to intervene in cases
    before the DOJ and AG.?? He has
    no business , no right whatsoever !!

  50. Meanwhile the comments section regarding Vindman over at foxnews.com is terrifying! Republicans are ready to string him up. The army can't do anything about the 50+ million people that now think he is a traitor.

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