100 thoughts on “Tucker: Elizabeth Warren’s campaign on its last legs

  1. How great is America u have a CORRUPT Trump , Pompeo and Barr running the country and then u have a Rock Spider like Jordan in the senate Wow Trump really did make America Great again

  2. @0:50 Tucker, let's not go there. 🙄

    I despise Democrats with a burning passion, and what your facetious remark is exactly what CNN and Democrats would take stabs at Trump if there was a broke college student who gave 50% of her bank account to Trump's campaign because she strongly believed in him.

    It's not funny, it's sad. And what you're doing is pathetic CNN level type BS.

  3. Tucker's eyelids are on their last legs. Undo the tilted side droop. Just do the surgery. It's only a matter of time before the slits are vertical.

  4. LoL. Trump is destroying everyone not named Bernie Sanders. He knows how easy it will be to dispatch him in a general election.

  5. I am decidedly NOT republican, but I hate the left too anymore. However, the more I watch Tucker, the more he has the appearance of rationality. At the very least he does not insult the left for its principles (that I have observed).

  6. "Died of Wokeness"…has a nice ring to it!

    Let's make this our mantra and see if we can't bring this gift to the Left!

  7. Warren is so weak.. I'd be so embarrassed for her to be president. Can you imagine her meeting with foreign leaders? Wow. I'm so glad she's losing.



  9. I am a a liberal but she is far too woke for me and most of the democrats are as well. This is the first election in decades where I don’t know who to vote for

  10. Why reparations ???. Every descendant of every slave taken to America to work – no matter how harsh their treatment or how cruel their master -now has American citizenship and their children and generations to come in perpetuity. Those unfortunate enough NOT to be taken as a slave now live in the most appalling , backward and deprived conditions in various African countries. People who would give their right arm to have that privelege .

  11. She gave $3… Talk about being foolish. Maybe the reason she is in debt is because of foolish financial decisions like backing native American Warren. 🤣😂

  12. The maniacal mistress of manipulative marginal massage in the issues, is myopic in that she is rich, and has the most to "donate". She must be a liar who will not part with the great wealth she has panhandled from her unsuspecting contributors [the sleeping "woke"], who, in turn, may have much to lose with her. Yes, we must all go back in history to answer for those who we never knew, nor had any complicity with…if this is true, by default, we must agree that 2+ 2= 1…after all, it's not the facts that matter, but the loudest, most prevalent storyline determines what one really "believes "

  13. Bloomberg's only election platform is " vote for me so Trump doesn't get reelected.."
    Not much of a platform is it….
    Nothing about helping people
    Nothing about anything really…..
    Nothing about the economy.
    Is he on the record at all regarding anything at all.?

  14. Warren, " I promise to make my three year old grandson secretary of state….this is my promise to the American people."

  15. Warren tries too hard. She competes with the best of them at spinning. Ultimately, it’s her pity towards woman that makes her an undesirable leader.

  16. Reparations. I can't even fathom on any level how someone could think this is worth even thinking about.

    ……and I'm one that gives any idea it's due consideration.

  17. When tucker said 3 words I had a add pop up and it was trump his first 3 words in the add “Let Obamacare Implode”
    I started laughing when I heard that so true so true

  18. Well, Tucker let's just be honest.. Americans love winners, not whinny eurotrash wannabes. The victim cards might play well in some circles, leadership isn't one of them. Especially when your caught fabricating it. She's just an elitist who got rich by lying. Thought she could get to be president by doing it too.

  19. Warren: The best president broke students can throw away milk money with. You know to fight environmental racism. Whatever that is.

  20. We in Massachusetts want Warren's campaign to do better and continue on the campaign trail. ……….
    We definitely don't want her back in our state at any time soon.

  21. Whats that term for when you give someone something, and then want it back?
    The college student should have asked for her $3 back from Pocahontas.

  22. On it's last ARTHRITIC legs, or perhaps her knees and hips are phoney too!
    The icing on the cake would be if the person that gave her 3 of their last six dollars was colored. That would be totally gangsta that a white woman who posed as a minority to get ahead then takes money from impoverished non whites.

  23. It’s rare that I agree with a Fox host on anything, let alone Tucker Carlson, but he’s right on here. Warren is a 🐍. I’m a Bernie supporter so… Not a big fan of Fox News, but good job here.

  24. Gee, I wonder if the whole having a 9 year old transgender boy interview her cabinet secretary thing had anything to do with it????

  25. If she is so idealistic and need money why doesn't she sell her houses and all belongings and put HER money where her mouth is??????
    She is double constipated – in stomach and in brain!

  26. Just one more thing these progressives were wrong on. It wasn't so long ago when they were all pinning their hopes on Warren and I told the ones I spoke with she had no chance in hell. Oh, but I was wrong….

  27. I'd honestly like to come face to face with Lizzy and after staring into her eyes say "hello, is there anyone in there?" But then I know there would be an eco.

  28. someone with 6$ on the bank account is going to be giving money for a politician?! are actually thinking that i am brain damaged to believe that?

  29. To straighten all this out and get to the bottom of things, I propose a midnight encounter in the OSU showers between Gym Jordan and Roger  Stone  –  BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI!!!

  30. How do people like Warren even exist in government positions, people like warren in other countries are taken to mental rehabilitation institutions until they recover.

  31. Warren has no message. She doesn't know what she stands for because the puppet masters haven't told her yet. She opens her mouth and foolishness comes out. The woman is a real fool.

  32. You know what the camera doesn't show in those "debates/talks"? The tiny minority crowd of woke idiots being the only one's that show up.

  33. In typical form. This Socialist took half her income. Weak Socialist college student should of gave her 5 of her six. Isnt that the 90% they're running on.

  34. Just talk about coronavirus it's more interesting than what looks like an absolute victory for Trump 2020. The MSM is something else. Fox will criticize that caucuses / primaries mean nothing this early in the game and MSNBC, CBS, CNN has made Iowa and New Hampshire look like they are the epic battlegrounds for the votes of Americans.

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