100 thoughts on “What’s Next For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle After Their Final Royal Event? | TODAY

  1. Oh please stop with the drama. This news channel is part of the Rupert Murdoch Empire which Harry and Meghan are suing for phone hacking. The Court Case is still ongoing and they will pay Meghan for destroying her image.

  2. Next is Time to end the arm and hand going across the waist when you wear a suit,,,, it's so FAKE British aristocracy bullbleep. See Harry and William do it all the time. What's up with that? Should I start doing it.

  3. why did they change the procession order? They are to leave END OF MARCH. Not now. Who made that decision? That's the problem with the RF, they make awful decisions. End up with these Diana, Meghan, Fergie, Prince Andrew disasters and the countless other Royals the media does not pay any attention to.

  4. I'm not worried about this couples. They are both extremely smart. They knows how to live peacefully. In my personal opinion is I think there is a big reason why? They want to end their Royal duty and live independently. Only Harry and Meghan can answer the truth. …

  5. Petition objects to paying Meghan & Harry's security. 33.1K world wide signatures.  Here's the link, click sign share

  6. They won't last. She's all about herself. Diana would be heartbroken to know that one woman brother the relationship between her two sons

  7. Where was queen pedophile son Andrew ? who brought to biggest embarrassment to the Royal family ever Harry, Megan or Andrew??????????

  8. I think all of this royal crap needs to be dispersed, this reporter is absolutely correct, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED BEHIND THE SCENES, everyone has put their two cent assumptions about this from day one. So it would be a wonderful blessing if they just shut up and stop judging without facts and give them the peace they ask for since they’re not royal as they say anymore

  9. If the British tabloids didn’t attack them on a regular basis maybe things would have been different. The tabloids killed one princess & they bullied one out of the country haters ! 😊❤️🙏🏻

  10. Harry/Meghan you have left an Indelible mark
    on this part of your journey… Keep the armor of love and light
    never take it off.
    You both of touch the
    heats of generations,
    millions have been inspired by your faith courage and love in the
    Inspite of challenges /family or tile..
    Well done Price Harry;
    You actually operated like a wise king.. thank
    you Dutchess Meghan
    for inspiring many many
    People… tower of strength under persecution.❤️🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️🔥🔥🔥 baby
    Archie is well loved.
    Enjoy your new beginning Love/God
    Will Never Fail.❤️❤️♥️

  11. Some you can't wait to see them divorce because you don't have a life. Take your poisonous mouth off Harry and Meghan and go and work on your filthy life. You need to give and show some love. Shame on the ugly comments.

  12. Good luck to them both for breaking this outdated royal tradition who wants to be constantly hounded by the scummy media who have far too much power in this country!!

  13. Nothing is lefting in behind, life continues in a positive way at the end of the day day will always be family, and I will always love this family with tremendous and beautiful history. 🥰🥰

  14. Did I hear right? Did you just say " extraordinary ambassador's"???… are you kidding!?? That is actually funny!!! Ambassadors of what????

  15. Will someone please hand Harry his balls back before he leaves? Oh, & something to wipe the thumb print off his forehead. I used to have great respect for this guy, but, jeez … not anymore. 🙁


  17. Good riddance! The last thing the Royal family needs is to have this venomous couple in the background. The whole World admires the British Monarchy despite the failings of some members of their family, they are not perfect, but they strive to be. William & Kate, so far, are doing a terrific job. A hard working beautiful couple that one day will have an awesome responsibility, but they will have the admiration, support & love of their people. To Meghan & Harry I wish the best, but keep out of Britain! Learn to be independent without the perks that you expect from the British people. Do not steer the media interest with you shenanigans because eventually you will end like Edward & Wallis or like famous Hollywood couples that like clowns become objects of pity or derision. Your twilight years are approaching fast, Harry already looks like needing a bath, a shave & to groom the hair that soon he will not have. Your future depends only on yourselves.

  18. God bless you Meghan and Harry! You know have control of your life. Could imagine what went on behind the scene in the monarchy, how snobbish some of them were to you.

  19. Is it just me or Meghan always unnaturally grinning for cameras, reminds me of Hyenas in Animal Planet documentaries.

  20. What's next is give them what they desperately did to themselves, brit people, the monarch and the queen TURN THEIR BACKS AND STEP OUT BACK FRONT SIDE. IN SHORT LEAVE THEM ALONE. The gold digger got her intention, agenda and goal.

  21. Im very sure in a few years when the dust settles…everything will come to light. That "family" is something else.

  22. Okk la after ths day… their LAST royal duty, thy will b jus normal ppl, so STOP ALL STORIES on thm n putting up on YouTube n start treating thm like one of us = NORMAL PPL …. kepish?? 😀😀

  23. That kid need not apologize to Harry because she’s the one who encouraged it to let him hug her and Harry knows she’s that LOOSE TYPE OF A WOMAN, A YACHT GIRL!!!

  24. Racism has no place in society anymore I would say do Prince William and Kate get over yourselves we're all level at the cross so your arrogance and your hotyness and your pride and arrogance is more than I can handle

  25. Daily Mail, stop the crusade against Harry! Enough. Remember Caroline Flack or have you already forgotten? Remember the poor nurse who was pranked at the hospital or have you already forgotten? This will end up badly and you the British public and media will have blood on your hands. Stop this cruel crusade. You miserable evil bloody thirsty lot.

  26. “William and Kate barely spoke to them…..”. Actually William and Kate didn’t speak to them at all! No nod or acknowledgement, just cross, sour looking faces from the future King and Queen! Not good enough William and Kate, not Kind and certainly not polite!!

  27. A very, very bleak future. HAHAHAHA. Delights me no end. The US have moved on from Megxit. So far, SILENCE from Hollyweird. The Clooneys have gone silent. And now, with the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, what future for a most TOXIC pair?
    Who have zero to offer except to CON?

  28. They’re really look happy 😃 that’s what matters life is short people, this all shall pass this all will being a queen king will temporarily

  29. Maybe the journalists and hooligans that pose as journalists should look within their ranks and see why HArry and Meghan are so elated to leave the royal life behind. Harry spent his childhood with his mother being hounded by paparazzi even during her death…He does not want that for his wife nor his son and the racist banter echoing from the streets to the printed press is just too much for him or anyone else to handle.

  30. Royal abdication and it still runs in the family…. Look at how Prince Edward acknowledges the "next" sovereign 🙂 and his wife is NOT happy with William and Kate! Now with that said it will be something really to "report" how the Royal family responds if they (Harry and Megan) wish to return. May God Bless Her Majesty The Queen "Faith full and true"

  31. So tired of this nonsense. Canada will expect them to stand on their two feet. To respect the Queen and be grateful she has been wonderful while they showed deep disrespect to her.

  32. Hey Mr Roker! Lose the red glasses, not because they're red but because they don't fit, size-wise. Why is it so hard for TV people (news & talk) to find glasses that fit?

  33. i cant wait Megan to divorce harry and junk him and harry will be out of money all his inheritance will be stolen with Megan and run away

  34. Markle will never be a Diana – no matter how much she tries. Diana had an open and through and through friendly hear –
    Meghan is a racist (why is she only visiting and supporting black people) and is looking for her own good fortune. Meghan has the wrong mindset to be a Diana.

  35. These two should just cuddle up in Canada quietly and have a few more babies. This is their opportunity to keep a low profile as they had wished.

  36. They tried to break Meghan and BEHOLD it is Meghan who is holding the leash and dog walking this family.💯 talk about #backfired

  37. Who's sitting where and by whom. Facial expressions.
    Reading lips.
    Sounds just like
    the old Politburo in the USSR and North Korea today in trying to determine who's in and who's out.
    Who cares? There are lots more important things in life.

  38. The Queen: of the people, by the people, for the people! Harry & Megan: use the people, scam the people, dump the people 🤣

  39. I applaud the view for sharing this information and also trying to let people know really how maghan was treated in the British media. And to let people know a fraction of the treatment she received. And actually why they are leaving. No body came to her defence. I mean the British royal family or harry's only brother William. But when William was called a bully, harry was called in to defend him.

  40. this is so ridiculous that's why God is bringing judgement soon 99.9 of the population is sick with Coronavirus and who else knows what's coming next these people are celebrating like nothing is happening this is just disgusting this is what the Bible was talking about Sodoma and Gomorrah

  41. Maybe when Pierce Morgan dies…they can go back to England….because he loves to Hate Meghan and Harry…and he is a star but not in America.

  42. Don’t care, just leave with that disrespectful Cheshire Smiling wife of yours. And don’t come back, you have been so disloyal to your family. God save our queen 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸

  43. The only person I'm disappointed about is Prince William, you saw your little brother who is going through tough times and he didn't care to talked to him wow! and he's going to be a future king🤷🏽‍♀️… I still don't understand why Prince Harry decided to quit his job he has been given since childhood yes I know because of Meghan but they should have given themselves 2years or more to see if things will calm down. I guess those jealous royalties will be fighting for Harry and Meghan positions now

  44. Who else agrees??? What are you talking about about Kate and William was not apart of the procession either!!! Catch a life### What is this reporter talking about last day of being Royals Harry?? Prince Harry will died a royal!!! You people are mentally deranged.

  45. They are leaving the supa dupa Royal protocals. They're just Keepin' it Real chaps.
    Have some mercy toward them. Meghan has never made a sad face in front of cameras, not a single bit, even she may've crying inside, the way the people and media treated her.
    All the best to you two. All the best. Stay safe ❤

  46. I wonder if Harry is yet concerned about the possibility of having leapt from the 'frying pan into the fire'. He wanted freedom from the monotony of royal servitude, but it looks like his new life could be equally controlled, restrictive and exhausting. He has little direct experience of business – either real or woke – or the meaningless sales bs required to generate and sustain it. He seems unwilling to 'act graciously' any more (which won't endear him to potential clients looking for him to sell on their behalf) and appears to be overshadowed by an ambitious actor wife who, while gifted in mimic-ing other people's roles and mannerisms, is not exactly gifted with staying power, as has been well-documented. Oh dear.

  47. I suppose there is no hope we will never hear from these Shirkers again. A Council house in Middlesbroughzwould be very suitable near a Social Services office, where they could protect Archie from chid neglect.

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