100 thoughts on “Whitaker reacts to Ted Cruz scorching Sotomayor over court critique

  1. Love this! For too long 9th circuit Court has been running the show for the rest of the nation with their own lefty agenda!

  2. Hispanics for Trump!!! – always against ILLEGAL Immigration.

    (I capitalize "Illegal" because the Left seems to have a problem understanding the difference between "Illegal" and "Legal" Immigration).

  3. I always thought judges were to be UNBIASED and without expression of partiality….unless you're a foaming-at-the-mouth rabid, leftie scourge that is.

  4. Sweet Jesus! The juror was egregiously tainted. You got to have a new trial. But when you are a liberal activist it's ok. I don't want liberal law… I don't want conservative law… I don't want political law… I want natural law… Then, everyone is "fairly adjudicated" within the context of jurisprudence.

  5. This is why lifetime appointments should be rescindable. When we see some biased scumbag like sotomyor we should be able to have her recalled !

  6. I am very grateful to Senator Cruz for standing up to these crooked Judges. Just because they are in black robes doesn't make them good people. They have a political agenda.

  7. When Congress changed the Oaths of office for federal judges, so they can operate outside of the Constitution, what did you expect?

  8. We repudiate Sotomayor, the ever sick and absent Ruth and definitely Roberts – their alliance to criminality and deep state nobama are disgusting and have no space as members of the Supreme Court. We look forward to their investigations, prosecutions and removal. We demand justices of character, patriotic, followers of our Constitution and nothing else.

  9. Sotomayor was installed by Obama as a member of the communist resistance against the United States. Just say it and let's get on with removing them for treason.

  10. No District Judge should have the power to issue an injunction affecting any action outside that district. A District judge should be required to refer a matter to the appropriate Circuit Court where an en banc (Three judge panel) should have to rule on the case in a defined period, and that decision, if it supports an injunction, should also only be in power in that circuit.

  11. Sotomayor was not able to do the job description but yet Obama put her in the seat on what he considered a judge that would cater to the left and Obama agenda.

  12. Sotomayor is a racist! She proved that several times complaining about old white men! My father did not appreciate her stupidity!

  13. Now GOP are complaining about judges? Are you truly doing these in America? Trump has criticized a Judge solely based on race. This kind of stuff only happens in Russia and …..!

  14. I think judge Sotomayor is a leftist judge that will be against President Trump no matter what the situation is. She's a biased "Trump Hater". MAGA AND KAG 🗽🇺🇸❤️👍

  15. Go after their asses Ted Cruz. I am sick and tired of these biased judges that somehow get a pointed it's a critical positions. These people have the ability to ruin innocent people's lives. It is wrong and it is evil.

  16. I remember reading how FDR used the Supreme court by stacking the Justices to favor his socialist / communist agendas.
    Time we stack the court to reverse the damage done by self serving low life power mongers!

  17. Ok, so a biased judge (no surprise there) berates her colleagues BUT did that action by her stop anything important from taking place??
    Or is this Sotomayer thing only being newsworthy because she spoke against Trump??
    However, on the Stone case, I thought jurors (on amy case) are supposed to not know anything about the defendant and therefore should have no bias of the case.
    Based on that, Stone should get another hearing – maybe even in another country!!!
    Watch the movie 'Bernie' (starring Jack Black & Matthew McConnehy) where a case was moved to another county because of bias favorable to the defendant.

  18. She is certainly the most unqualified justice. They passed over at least a hundred more qualified judges to have the latino woman.

  19. Trump tweets: as a human being living in a country where we are supposed to have the freedom of speech, Trump absolutely has the right to speak his mind and reach his 'base' by tweets (since MSM is so biased against him).
    HOWEVER, i also sympathise with the justice department because if Barr wants to straighten out his department of idiots, the anti-Trumper's are saying Barr is only doing Trump's bidding. Whereas Barr is actually trying to do his job correctly and constitutionally (we hope).
    But – on the other hand – we all witnessed Jeff Sessions caving to the will of the Dems and anti-Trumper's so badly that we actually ended up with Rosenstein overseeing crooked Mueller.
    Soooo….. It becomes obvious why Trump feels the need to state his opinion. After all, the AG is chisen by a POTUS as part of HIS cabinet and is supposed to help the POTUS attain his agenda (within legal perimeters). Congress got far out of its authority when it insisted that every appointee swear they will not do what Trump wants them to do.
    Congress is out of control, as well as the DOJ and all the 'agencies'.

  20. Once again you have liberal Democrats bring the finger at the other side for doing what they themselves are doing and have been doing Sotomayor needs to be fired from the Supreme Court they want to say that the Republicans only want what Trump wants is that not what they did for 8 years with Obama they gave him everything they passed an unconstitutional law upon the people. It is time for globalism to be kicked out of the United States and it is time for the people to repent other saying abortion is against God homosexuality is against God

  21. Remember in a case involving a white firefighter who filed a discrimination lawsuit against the fire department she actually stated that, "It is impossible for a white man to be discriminated against."

  22. A corrupt Judicial System caused the war and defeat of the 1000 year old Jewish Culture(Book of Mormon) in MesoAmerica. They were infiltrated from within. Sound Familiar, Israel and America? Will we learn the history lesson or will we be forced to REPEAT it? Time to Wake UP, America! Sotomayer MUST recuse herself from anything Trump!

  23. Some of the judges are proactively working against the Trump presidency? Well duh… what cave do you have to have been living in for the past few years not to know that?

  24. Our justice system has way strayed from a separate but equal branch of government. The Constitution is clear and the final say, that's it. All these judges and lawyers are ruining this great nation.

  25. Let's be clear … that Judge also said Roger Stone was COVERING UP FOR THE PRESIDENT.

  26. That our legal system can just shrug off the injustice of Stone's trial only shows that justice or even a fair trial was never a key component to their procedural framework.

  27. Sotomayor has never once in her highly partisan life voted against the other democrat women on the court. She has no business talking about anyone voting their party over the constitution. She's a disgrace, and sadly only one of three partisan hack democrats on the court.

  28. You’re AMAZING !!!
    Here’s the visual fight against Americans! The Liberal judges ! And that with continuous VOTER FRAUD can shake this nation!

  29. Funny, that's the same garbage that Barr complained about on the FAKE NEWS. He got this started and the idiot left will use it now. I DON'T trust him!

  30. Cruz is on point. There are Judges who are part of the resistance. Its like on every stage there is one swamp soldier to oppose Trump. DOJ, FBI, NSA, POLITICIAN even in his Administration sent by James Comey. Sad

  31. Mr Crux you are so great. keep it up. truth will always prevail. you are correct if you want a judge to recuse him/herself. you are so smart and classy. God bless you from SA

  32. John Roberts is the worst supreme court judge America has ever had. He might as well be a low IQ liberal. He looks like one and he acts like one.

  33. When Ginsberg leaves the court it would be great and unbelievably ironic if Trump nominated Ted Cruz to replace her. Ive wanted that since Trump was elected

  34. Jesus, is that all the White House does, cry cry and cry. Everyone hates me and is tainted. That is getting very old. Maybe the courts are stopping you from doing illegal things. Just because the courts tell you what you want can not be done does not mean that they hate you, more than not it's probably because it violates someone's rights. If I was a supporter of this president, i would start getting pissed at all the excuses .

  35. The left have long used the courts to corrupt this county and its apparent now how bias judges can be – what ever happened to the blind folded lady of justice? The liberals have politicized the courts by using them when they couldn’t achieve their goals otherwise. It is they who have laid down this path of litigate till your political ambitions are achieved .

  36. Sotomayor and Kagan are 'devout' humanists, denying Natural Law. Considering that the Bill of Rights is based on Natural Law, their Oaths of Office concerning the constitution are void ab initio. If you don't believe in Natural Law, you can't take an oath to defend the constitution.

  37. Every one of these Orange Cumstain a** kissing clowns and all of you dipshits leaving comments here can kiss my A**!!!!!

  38. The Supreme Court has outlived its usefulness. It was created by the founding fathers to decide on whether matters conform to the Constitution, not to inject personal views into the mix. Sotomayor believes it is her right and duty to rewrite the Constitution so that it conforms to her own prejudices. This is why this witchy woman must go. Ditto for RBG.

  39. she is a racist bias radical leftists should be removed and I think she will be at some point in Trumps second Term cant wait until Trump replaces at least 2 more Judges in his 2nd Term possibly 3

  40. The difference in conservative and liberal judges ruling based on their political "soul" is conservatives soul rules on what the constitution actually says and liberals rule based on what they think it should say.

  41. I thought it was a rule, possibly unwritten, that judges especially supreme court types, did not comment publically on any cases current or not

  42. Sotomayer is right. The court is compromised by partisanship, and can no longer fulfill it's role in the way the founders originally intended. More than half the nation no longer has faith in it anymore. It has failed us. This is what Trump's hostile "win" has achieved – America divided and weak.

  43. Growing up in NY her name was pronounced Soto – Mayor like the elected executive of a town or City. Why is it Soto MY OR now…..Questions that make one want to say….. hmm. Tongue in cheek. What a tired joke! Beware of the so called Media.

  44. subversion
    1 : the act of subverting : the state of being subverted especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within

  45. If Trump used his Sharpie to draw a line on the top of Matt Whitaker's head, he would like just like the DICKHEAD he really is!!!

  46. Those who resist President Trump are resisting GOD'S work! Have to have spirit eyes to see the full picture! We are at the end of the age! JESUS is coming! Alleuia!

  47. The problem may be that these judges swear an oath upon wearing the robes to defend, uphold and honor the spirit of our constitution and basic laws to place their feelings outside of their courtroom. They are thumbing their noses at we the people knowing nothing will be done to correct their biased rulings.

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